Best Temperament Compatibility For Marriage And Relationships.

First off, it’s important to state that the temperaments that we will be considering to be best compatible for marriage, are not just about their compatibility in terms of traits, likes or behavioral patterns. But also in terms of their sexual compatibility and how they reacts to one another’s emotional moments on bed.

Fulfilment of basic marital sexual obligations to each other is a key aspect of marriage that spouses of different temperaments must not neglect, and each party owes the other a duty to make them sexually satisfied. Thus, every normal or healthy person should have no problem fulfilling that obligation.

But should in case this particular area is threatening your marriage, don’t allow yourself to be deprived of the opportunity of living a happy and fun-filled marital life with your temperamentally compatible spouse because of your inability to perform your marital sexual obligation.

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How To Know If He or She Is The right Person For You.

Temperament match!


Getting the right partner!

Apart from social and environmental influences, temperament has the most profound influence and control over the behaviour of any human being. However a person behaves or acts, such actions and behaviours can be traced to the temperament they’re born with. Temperament is the traits you were born with, as a result of the genes you inherited from your parents and grandparents during your conception. How you drive, work, shop, read, cook or relate with people, and also with your kids and spouse. Also in leadership, how you lead others and the kind of policies you initiate, and virtually everything you do in life owes its origin to the temperament you’re born with.

If you are conversant with the four basic temperaments you can almost tell exactly a person’s traits and the temperament category they belong just by watching at their attitude and how they do things.

We’re different human beings in our making and design, and majority of these individual differences stems from the temperament we’re born with. To know more about the basic temperaments and also give yourself and others a brief temperament test, I’ll recommend you order read: ‘Why You Act The Way You Do’. By Tim Lahaye. This book guarantees you an in-depth understanding of the four basic temperaments an their inherent strengths and weaknesses.


A lot of challenges exists in human inter-personal relationships, but these challenges would have been nipped in the bud and relationships becomes more seamless and peaceful if we had more understanding of different temperaments and their inherent Strengths and weaknesses.

There are four basic temperament categories and each of them has its own peculiar weaknesses and strengths. Our inability to come to terms with the fact that these weaknesses and strengths exists and they originates from a person’s temperament and also have the courage and willingness to tolerate one another and manage these weaknesses, and also maximize their strengths is the reason for so many soured, boisterous and unhealthy relationships.

Similarly in marriage, temperament plays a very vital role in not only forestalling marital conflicts but also safeguarding it against physical abuses and perhaps, divorce. So many marriages and dating relationships are often ridden with problems and challenges because the couples or partners don’t seem to understand the temperament of each other, and the respective weaknesses associated with them. Little wonder at every moment, they get so easily irritated by the attitude of one another and in a little while, they become so bored and unhappy in the marriage or dating relationship, and consequently bring in incompatibility issues as a reason for divorce.

Incompatibility isn’t really the reason for divorce, but it’s clearly a lack of understanding of their individual temperaments with it’s innate and peculiar strengths and weaknesses, and also the ability to tolerate and manage these various weaknesses, is obviously the real reason. But for better understanding of your spouse’s temperament, I will recommend you order and read the temperament God gave your spouse by Laraine Bennett. Order the bestseller now, to quickly understand your spouse’s temperament and how both of you will be able to maximize your strengths, and also manage your weaknesses.

Some temperaments are more compatible with others for their to be harmonious and peaceful marital relationships or successful erotic dating which ought to culminate in marriage. It is also for this same reason that some persons will tell you that they’re happy working with this person but finds it very difficult getting along with the other. Now let us consider the various temperaments that are best compatible. Read: Best motivational book on temperament compatibility in marriage and enhance your marital life.

What are the best temperament combination for marriage?

There are four basic classes of temperaments as described by an ancient Greek physician, Hippocrates, who believed in the theory of humorism. He divided all humans into air, 🔥 fire, earth and water. The four basic temperaments are: Sanguine, Choleric, Melancholy and Phlegmatic. Sanguines and cholerics are described as air and fire respectively. While Melancholies and phlegmatics are earth and water in same order. However, an individual could have a combination of two or more of them in varying proportions, but there must be a dominant one, which is their primary temperament. Read: Twelve Temperament Blends And Combinations.  In order to discover the various compatible temperaments for marriage, I’ll recommend you order and read know yourself through the four temperaments by Conrad Hock or read on:

Sanguines and cholerics are classified as extroverts, while melancholies and phlegmatics are introverts as stated by a Swiss psychiatrist, Carl Jung.

Sanguines are superextroverts. They spend more time outside their homes with friends and admirers than in their homes. The sanguines has a natural and an unusual capacity for enjoying themselves and also passes this fun-loving spirit to others. He lifts up the spirit of everyone he relates with, through his or her exuberant and blustery conversations. They are fascinating storytellers, who makes you relish every moment you spent with them. These attitudes and lifestyle makes them get along easily with people.

They are the class of temperament that are never in want of friends. Even their spouses, including their kids enjoys a sanguine’s warm, lively and ebullient nature whenever they’re at home.

However, inspite of the lively, warm, and fun-loving nature of the sanguine, their major weakness is lack of self discipline and control and also making decisions based on feelings rather than reasoning. The sanguines lacks discipline which also affects their attitude to things. They show so much unseriousness to almost every thing, since they allow nothing to come in between their cheeriness. Sanguines hate routines and details, so any job that requires routine and detail and will not allow them be with people totally bores them. These attitude and lifestyle obviously affects their marriage and relationship, especially in the area of raising very organized and disciplined kids and also given directions in the home.

I’m certain the best temperament that will be compatible with these categories of persons are: a sanguine man or woman getting hooked to an organized and dutiful phlegmatic spouse, in order to instill discipline in the kids and also keep the home organized. They’ll succeed in marriage since they’ve got qualities and strengths that often attracts both of them to each other. But I’ll advice the man should be the sanguine with another secondary temperament, while the woman be the phlegmatic, since women are more responsive and committed to the needs of their family. Read: Sanguine and phlegmatic temperament in marriage. However, sanguines can marry any of the temperament, even a nagging and highly disciplined melancholy. But I’ll advice the sanguine spouse to strike a balance between having fun and attending to their domestic or family needs and responsibilities.

Cholerics are easily the second most extroverted of the temperaments after the sanguines. But unlike the sanguines, cholerics are very hardworking, disciplined, decisive, vibrant and self-sufficient individuals. Being opinionated, high-handed, aggressive and also inconsiderate of the feelings of others are part of their major weaknesses. They always find it very easy, and often enjoys making decisions for themselves and for others.

These temperament loves work and are always prone to activities. Work for them is primary, and all other things secondary, including their families. They often stimulate their environment with their visions, ideas and goals. One thing that interests cholerics is leadership. Cholerics are natural leaders. Vibrant, competent, decisive, pragmatic and self-sufficient individuals who does not allow adversities or challenges decide their fate.

Cholerics are fearless and are not frightened by adversities of any kind. They are the most confident and pragmatic of all the temperaments and are capable of achieving whatever they set out to achieve. Their doggedness and steadfastness makes them succeed where others have failed. They are very hot, quick, practical, strong-willed, active and dogged personalities.

However, inspite of all these desirable qualities and attributes, cholerics have the least developed emotions and emotional responses of all the temperaments. They do not easily empathize with others nor do they naturally show compassion. They are almost often embarrassed and disgusted by the tears of others and sometimes insensitive to their plights. Some of their personal oddities makes them ride roughshod over others should they not agree with their opinions.

In their homes, since they have more time for work and activities, their partner will often lament and always complains about their lack of commitment and insensitivity, and their kids often feels abandoned. But Cholerics have a way of always justifying their lack of commitment and insensitivity to the needs of their families. They justify it by lashing out vociferously with the fact that they provide everything the family needs, without any recourse to the fact that his family equally needs his affection.

I suggest the best temperament that will be compatible for them in dating or marriage, is one between a choleric man or woman and an understanding and loving phlegmatic or melancholic spouse. Read: Choleric and Melancholy Temperaments in marriage. A typical sanguine is not the very best for them unless the sanguine has got another secondary temperament of either melancholy or phlegmatic. Both spouses will later blend and have a meeting point at some point in their marriage. A partnership of Choleric and melancholy spouses who clearly understands their individual basic strengths and weaknesses and are willing to maximize their strengths and play down on their weaknesses will always make an unbeatable partners.

Melancholies are easily the second introverts of the basic temperaments after the phlegmatics, and are also the richest of all. They’re very intelligent, gifted, self-sacrificing and detailed individuals with passion for perfectionism.

They’ve got a very sensitive emotional nature. Very faithful and dependable partners, who do not easily go for friends, but waits for friends to come to them. Melancholies do not go to meet people but they want people to come to them and show seriousness and commitment, before they can take them seriously and commit themselves to a serious relationship.

These temperament category are very loyal partners and they’re the most dependable of all the temperaments. Their perfectionist and conscientious nature do not allow them look down on others or let them down when they’re counting on him. They do not like to seek for leadership positions but likes behind the scene roles and playing all the strategic and critical thinking roles. Their love for details is second to none. They could perhaps be comfortable with routines, only if it gives them something new to think about.

While the cholerics wants to get the job done at least up to seventy percent, and move on to other things asap. Melancholies needs all details before they can get it one hundred percent perfectly done, which is often their benchmark and anything short of that, makes them feel under achieved.

They love deeply, but also have a strong desire to be loved by people also. However, they often finds it difficult expressing their true feelings since they feel more emotions than they appear outside.

The major weakness of the all melancholies is their low self-esteem and characteristic “mood swings”. It’s surprising that people with such high IQ still suffers from low self-esteem. The melancholies often suffers this because of their perfectionist tendencies. His persistent mood swings sometimes lifts him to heights of ecstacy that cause them to act extrovertedly, and during this moment that they found themselves in that excited mood, people around them feels very happy and elated being with them, including their spouse and kids. At other times when their mood is down, they become very morose and depressed. During this downward moment, withdrawal and antagonism is not uncommon for them.

A typical melancholy wife or husband may be returning from work feeling very excited, on getting to their 🏠 homes and seeing things not well organized and everything properly kept in their rightful place or their spouses not giving them a warm reception, could cause their mood to change and they become violent and antagonistic and look very morose. Consequently nothing interests them anymore, until those things are fixed and their mood will be lifted again.

The best marriage match for this category, should be a melancholy man or woman and an understanding choleric who appreciates their nice qualities, or a simply calm and gracious phlegmatic who has got some choleric or sanguine qualities, who perfectly understands and knows what they want. Read: Melancholy and Phlegmatic Temperament in marriage. Melancholies should always marry those who understands their mood swings, and has got the traits and qualities that interests them.

The only predominant temperament that could marry a melancholy, and they’ll be able to blend very well and later make great couples after the first five years of their marriage, is a loving choleric. Else, the other temperaments must have a secondary temperament for the marriage to work well.

Now, let’s consider the phlegmatics. Phlegmatics are the most introverted of all the temperaments.

They’re calm, gentle, gracious, quiet and organized individuals. They’re the easiest people to get along with and also the most likeable of all the temperaments because of their calm, gentle, quiet and gracious nature. You can spend years relating with a phlegmatic and never see him or her get angry. This is just their nature. They are so quiet, calm and unruffled that they never look agitated no matter what the circumstances are.

The phlegmatics are so consistent in what they do, but never seem to go beyond what is expected of them. This categories do not lack friends, because they enjoy people being with them, and they’ve got a natural sense of humor. They are very gifted people, with a good retentive mind, but they do not put their gifts and talents to work. In their marriage and may be relationships, they’re very loving and attracted to those who shows them enormous care, commitment and attention.

Inspite of the phlegmatics sterling qualities, their major weakness, is docility and lack of “motivation”. The phlegmatics tends to become or are spectators in life since they do not like to get involved in any activity they’re unfamiliar with, because of their fear of the unknown. Their innate lack of motivation and determination often hinders them from achieving more than they could actually achieve in life. Phlegmatics finds it difficult to stick to their decisions but changes them with circumstances in order not to get themselves unhappy.

A typical phlegmatic wife or husband may get upset with the misbehavior of their kid and could resolves to discipline them, but soon back tracks from that decision just seen the tears of the child. While a choleric or melancholy will never allow the tears to deter him from disciplining the child. Lack of motivation and determination of the phlegmatics are their greatest and main undoing. The best temperament match for the phlegmatics in a dating or marriage relationship is one between a phlegmatic man or woman and a loving choleric or melancholy spouse with little sanguine qualities in order to augment things in the marriage. Read: 4 Temperament Blends That Are More Successful In Marriage.

However, phlegmatics can marry any of the temperament as long as they’re happy in the marriage. But the weaknesses of indiscipline and lack of motivation will be so much visible in their kids if they marry a typical sanguine. Conclusively, Cholerics must learn to balance work and commitment or sensitivity to the needs of their families if they want to have a very peaceful and happy home. 

Different temperaments can marry each other as long as they’ve got another secondary temperament that’s less influential to their basic temperament. It’s a matter of understanding their individual temperament strengths and weaknesses and how they can manage those weaknesses and maximize their strengths for the success of the marriage. It’s for this reason I recommend you read best motivational book on temperament and marriage. Purchase the book on Amazon store. It’ll enable you to better understand your spouse’s temperament plus know how to live in peace and harmony with one another. You can also click on the links below to quickly get the books on Amazon store.


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