How Your Temperament Can Help You Succeed In Your Marriage and Relationship.

Your Temperament and Choosing The Right Partner.

Temperament is everything about you as an individual. Your whole attitude, demeanor, actions, reactions and the totality of your being, all depends on your inherent and innate temperament. Hence, we cannot overstate the importance of, and the role temperament plays in making some lifetime decisions. In choosing a lifetime career, partner, raising a home, aspiring for a leadership position requires we are conversant with our personality traits and the temperament we are born with in other to make the right decisions. However, in this post we’re going to focus on using our temperament to choose the right lifetime partner, and succeed in our marriage and relationships.

Temperament plays a big role in helping to choose the right partner for marriage and relationships. If only we’re aware of this from the outset, we would have recorded at least 70 percent success rate in our journey to get hooked with someone for a lifetime relationship. The high rate of divorce in the world today, are not really because the couples never loved themselves, but it is because there was no proper understanding of their individual temperaments with its associated strengths and weaknesses. When you know your temperaments, and its inherent strengths and weaknesses, and you also understand your partner’s temperament with the strengths and weaknesses associated with it, then you can be able to decipher correctly if he or she is the right person you want to spend the rest of your life with. A lot of persons enter into relationships and marriage without knowing what they want. They do not know their temperament, neither do they understand the personality traits of their partner, and soon after they get into the relationship, their marriage hits the rocks. They begin to put up unnecessary reasons, compatibility issues and blame games. There’s no other better reasons for most divorces other than lack of understanding of both temperaments and their associated weaknesses. Before going into a lifetime marital relationship, you must know precisely what you want and the kind of home you desire. You must take an introspective study of your temperaments and understand its strengths and weaknesses. Then, you must also take time to study your partner’s temperaments and grasp its underlying strengths and weaknesses, then factor it into the kind of home you desire and see if he or she possess the traits it takes to achieve such a home.

It will be almost impossible for a predominantly sanguine and melancholy temperaments to live together in harmony because one is unserious and undisciplined about almost everything, while the other have unstable moods and gets easily irritated. They do not match, except they possess other temperaments that can make up for their weaknesses.

Sanguines are also superextroverts, free-spirited and fun loving individuals, who enjoys spending more time with people outside than in their homes. This attributes makes them likeable, especially by the opposite sex, hence they easily find themselves engaging in extra-marital affairs. While melancholy on the other hand, are introverts by nature, who are jealous and meticulous about everything, they like to get all the attention and commitment from their partner at all times, which a sanguine husband or wife may not be able to cope with. At other times when a melancholy is depressed or sad about an incident, he or she needs someone who soberly feels his or her pain and not someone who’ll just laugh over or lightly esteem it. But if both are blended with other temperaments, they can learn to accomodate each other.

Like temperaments are also not adviceable in marriage relationships, because both will often clash especially during conflicts, and run roughshod over each other, unless they’re blended with other personality traits. In other to make the right choice when choosing a life partner, you need to study the temperaments of your supposed partner to know if he or she fits into your plans.



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