Phlegmatic Temperaments Marital Relationship.

Predominantly Phlegmatic Couples Marital Relationship: Phlegmatics are quiet, calm, gentle, easygoing and never-get-upset individuals. They rarely hurt people and do not like to be hurt at all. Whatever that will engender conflicts and controversies between them and anyone will be totally avoided, even if it will take sacrificing their right. It isn't for the reason... Continue Reading →

Marriage Of Two Predominantly Melancholic Couples.

Predominantly Melancholic Couples Marital Relationship: We've looked at a marriage relationship between the two extroverted temperaments of a sanguine wife and sanguine husband, and also between a choleric husband and his choleric wife. It is time to consider what a marital relationship of the two introverted temperaments of a melancholy husband with his melancholy wife,... Continue Reading →

Two Predominantly Sanguine Temperaments In Marriage.

A marriage relationship between a predominantly sanguine couples is one between two highly extroverted individuals. And in this union, the home is completely abandoned and left to rot. It's like a well furnished apartment that is not maintained and overtime everything inside begins to deteriorate. Sanguines are superextroverted individuals who derives pleasure in being with... Continue Reading →

Predominantly Choleric Temperaments In Marriage.

Predominantly Choleric Temperaments in marriage. A marriage between a Predominantly Choleric temperaments is a marriage between two extroverted individuals. This marriage will likely not work unless either of the choleric couples have got a blend of either melancholy or phlegmatic of almost equal ratios as their secondary temperament. For a Choleric is a bossy, high-handed... Continue Reading →

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