Two Predominantly Sanguine Temperaments In Marriage.

A marriage relationship between a predominantly sanguine couples is one between two highly extroverted individuals. And in this union, the home is completely abandoned and left to rot. It’s like a well furnished apartment that is not maintained and overtime everything inside begins to deteriorate.

Sanguines are superextroverted individuals who derives pleasure in being with people all the time, and this often makes them spend more time outside their homes. Any activity that will make a sanguine not to be in the company of people or deny him access to meet different persons is totally boring to him, because nothing else gives him excitement and satisfaction other than to be found in the company of people where he’ll have the opportunity of displaying his exuberance. Though, an enjoying and enjoyable, happy, fun-loving and highly-spirited individual, who’s not only always happy and excited for himself alone, but also passes it on to others and lifts up their spirit whenever he’s around. However, he is definitely not a good home builder.

The home of a sanguine couple is like a city without a wall, anyone comes in and goes out without rules or restrictions. The kids are usually left on their own without adequate care and attention, since their parents are too busy out their giggling and amused with friends. A Sanguine wife or husband comes back home in high-spirit and so much excitement of having satisfied his or her exuberance with the fun of meeting different people, and passionately wants to electrify the home with the same fun and excitement by making the kids and either of the partner forget the boring moments he or she was away. But rarely do they notice how dirty and unkempt the home is, nor remember to ask the kids about their studies. On arrival at his home, it’s all fun, happy-happy and enjoying moments for him, eat, sleep and the next day, he’s off to work, business or hanging out with friends to continue his blustery lifestyle.

Except for some little discomforting moments from outside or within the home that triggers his quick, shallow and explosive ire, the home of the sanguine couple is most times fun-filled and somewhat peaceful. However, the major weakness of the sanguine and which often negatively impact on their children, is lack of discipline. A sanguine is a very undisciplined individual, he’s so undisciplined to the point of unreasonableness.

No wonder he hardly succeeds in life, because he would have used his mouth to talk the success into reality before getting to work for it. He can manoeuvre his way through college but often fails in marriage, particularly in raising disciplined kids. He may also fail in his own business, since he abhors daily routines and record keeping, and does not have the consistency and patience to nurture the business. And he’ll likely fail in his career except it gives him the leverage to always meet and interact with different persons.

Of all the Temperaments, sanguine couples usually raise the most undisciplined kids. Sanguine parents tolerates and condone a lot of things from their kids. Since they do not allow anything to get in the way of their happy and excited mood, if disciplining the kids will get him depressed or unhappy they’ll rather pamper them than wielding the stick or employing any form of disciplinary measure. They’re the type of parents that will promise to discipline a child as soon as they’re back home but because they’re usually not resolute in their decision, they soon forget on arriving the home or deliberately change their mind in other not to terminate the happy and fun mood. They may lash out vociferously at their kids but rarely do they inculcate any iota of discipline in them, and the kids grow up to become familiar with their idiosyncrasies.

The sexual lifestyle of the sanguine couple is rather impulsive, it is usually not planned or deliberate. Sex for the sanguine is all about pleasure and fun. Eventhough they’re the most adventurous when it comes to sex, but rarely do they deeply enjoy it or get satisfied like the melancholy and phlegmatics. Though very explosive personalities on bed that screams to high heavens during sex, but that is all and it never really goes beyond that moment.

Another important negative traits of the sanguine temperament, which adversely affects their marriage is “insincerity”. Sanguines are hardly faithful and sincere people, even in their marriage. They must always find an excuse to cover up their little sins and exonerate themselves. They often exaggerate everything and always get away with it until they’re caught. They lie until their partner and kids begins to notice how dishonest they are.

They may appear glamorous and attractive in their dressing, but sanguines have the most dirty and poorly organized home. For when do they have the time to check when last they cleaned their home or even notice how dirty the home is, since they spend a better part of their time outside.

There’s no temperament without its own weaknesses, and there are no perfect marriages. But before you make that decision of marrying a similar primary sanguine temperament like yourself, you need to weigh the strengths against the weaknesses and decide if you’ll be able to cope. Two predominantly sanguine couple could build a good home only if either of them have a blend of melancholy or choleric temperament of equal ratio, else it isn’t adviceable for them to go into marriage.

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