Sanguine And Melancholy Temperaments Marital Relationship.

Sanguine and Melancholy Temperaments in Marriage.

Melancholy wife and Sanguine husband.

Now, it is time we consider a marital relationship between an extroverted temperament like the sanguine and an introverted temperament like the melancholy. This is a union between two opposite temperament. It is often adviced to consider tying the knot with persons of opposite or dissimilar temperaments in marriage in order to bring fun and flare, plus make the marriage a bit more interesting.

But a marriage between a typical sanguine of say, 70 percent and a pure melancholy of same percentage will be somewhat ill-advised, unless either of them has got another secondary temperament of almost the same ratio or proportion. Particularly, if the sanguine spouse has got phlegmatic or maybe choleric as their secondary temperament in a ratio of 60:40 or 55:45.

Characteristics of Both Couples in Marriage:

For a typical melancholy’s natural and unbridled perfectionist tendencies, meticulousness, long time planning, too much love for attention to details, plus their frequent mood swings will always be a problem to their sanguine spouse.

While the typical sanguine’s lack of commitment and giving attention to their families, impulsive behaviours, unserious lifestyle and undisciplined nature will no doubt always drive their melancholic partner berserk. These two couples always battles with the problem of incompatibility which sometimes leads to marital conflicts and physical abuse.

A pure melancholy is often irritated by the sanguine’s lack of discipline, organization, attention to details, impulsiveness and their unorganized disposition in public. And he or she will not hesitate to become irritated, aggressive and abusive of them. While a sanguine is easily bored by a typical melancholy’s perfectionism, too much details, long time planning and his or her frequent moody and nagging attitude.

Another thing that deeply hurts and angers a sanguine more in their marriage with a melancholy spouse, which could also easily trigger crisis in the home and may eventually lead to physical and verbal abuse from both couples, is a typical melancholy’s hurtful and abusive words when they’re moody or angry.

There’s no other temperament that can be more hurtful and abusive with words when they’re angry more than a typical melancholy. For you’ll often see them say things that may get you thinking if they actually loved you. Even a hot and quick tempered choleric does not come close to an angry melancholy’s verbal abusiveness.

However, melancholies loves attention and being committed to, because of their extremely jealous. Treat them like your king or queen then, you’re sure of earning their undying love.

Melancholies cannot withstand being humiliated, disdained or disrespected whether in public or private or be compared to another someone else, especially by their supposed loved one or spouse. One personal oddity of the melancholies is that they often wants everyone, especially their spouses or confidants to genuinely feel their pain when they’re sad.

When they are unhappy and moody, everyone must be in a sober mood and do not try to make jest of their situation or perhaps trivialize their predicament, which a sanguine may not be able to always put up with.

A melancholy’s over-protective and jealous attitude towards their partner is also another factor that could ruin their marriage. No temperament can be more jealous and protective of their ❤️ heartrob than a melancholy. They cannot stand the sight of seeing their partner in an emotional or romantic scenario with person’s of the opposite sex. Even though they may not physically become violent about it in public, be rest assured that hell will let loose in their home.

A sanguine who’s a superextrovert and an outdoor individual, who likes to be in the company of both male and female friends or has a career that frequently exposes them to persons of the opposite sex, will find it very hard coping with a jealous melancholy’s love for attention and commitment.

When melancholies are sad and moody, trying to pacify them quickly by saying hilarious things or getting them expensive gifts, which a typical sanguine will easily do, without really deliberately first of all feeling their pains, will not suffice. Sometimes, it could aggravate their ire. But when you first genuinely feel their pain and show a little soberness while trying to lift up their mood, that’ll get them up their feet faster.

Typical melancholies inadvertently makes a mountain out of a molehill in their homes whenever they feel very moody and depressed. They often read meaning into everything and becomes deeply paranoid, the very moment they begin to concoct various negative ideas and thinking patterns. During such moments, a happy and enjoying sanguine may no longer be able to bear his or her peity attitude, which may eventually trigger their short, quick and explosive outburst.

Melancholic Strengths:

However, melancholies are the most intelligent of all the temperaments. While sanguine’s are the smartest and cunning. Being a very intelligent and meticulous personality who always takes time to study anyone and can preempt them much more their spouse.

Melancholies more often than not always have their way with whatever they want to do without being caught. Their opinion is always respected by their partner, because they must give them cogent reasons why it should be done the way they want it.

Melancholies are always respected by their partner because of their self- discipline, intelligence, self-sacrifice conscientiousness and commitment to their family. Apart from a phlegmatic who comes close, melancholies are the most committed to their family.

Their immediate family is everything to them. Once their family is fine and comfortable, nobody and nothing else matters to them anymore. When they are happy and elated, they’re the best companion anyone could have and everyone around them will share in their ecstatic mood. Even their wife and kids cannot hold back their admiration for them.

Marital Sexual Attitudes:

A melsan or sanmel couples sexual relationship could be very boring and sometimes exasperating. For what sexual pleasure and excitement could one expect from couples who often experiences more nagging and very conflicting times in their home than very peaceful and loving moments? Melancholies nags more than any other temperament, particularly if married to a sanguine whose attitudes and lifestyles are very incompatible with theirs.

Therefore, creating a favourable atmosphere for their emotions to tilt towards having sexual intercourse will be almost impossible. Moreover, melancholies are very deliberate about having sex with their partner, unlike like the sanguine who’s very impulsive about it.

But if their mood is down, and the environment is not favourable enogh for them, it affects their sexual libido and urge. When a melancholy is sad and moody, no amount of sexual advances and appeals will make them jump on it, untill their mood is up again.

Parenting and Raising Kids:

Sanmel or melsan kids are loving, charitable, respectful and very emotional. And if the melancholy temperament in them is of greater proportion than the sanguine or the melancholy father or mother has a greater influence on them, they’ll naturally be very disciplined and intelligent kids.

These two couples could build a better and very ☮️ peaceful home, if only the sanguine husband or wife will possess a secondary temperament of maybe the phlegmatic or choleric, like 60:40 or 55:45 ratio. The sanguine should also realize that their melancholic partner needs more of their attention and commitment, and also to be more responsible and responsive to their family. While the melancholy spouse should be a little bit more tolerant and cheerful.

This will help them to complement each other’s weaknesses in the family and also live up to their basic marital and domestic responsibilities to one another. It should be noted that the major cause of conflicts and perhaps divorce in a melancholy and sanguine marital relationship is usually the challenge of compatibility in traits and lifestyles.

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