Best Temperament Compatibility At The Workplace.

Which Temperaments Are More Compatible Working Together?

I’ve worked with different categories of persons and have also encountered different temperaments in the course of my job. Thus, I discovered that some temperaments are very satisfied and comfortable working with each other to achieve a common goal while others do not blend or get along well with one another. You may also have had this experience. There are people you often enjoy working for or with. And there are others you often feel very unexcited and uncomfortable working for or with them. It’s not really that you enjoy getting along with some persons so easily and find it very difficult getting along with others, that’s on a lighter perspective. It’s rather for the fact that that your temperament and personality traits are compatible with theirs. Now, let’s consider the temperaments that are more comfortable, and fancy working together at the workplace, especially when it’s got to do with a project where both individuals are required to work in synergy to achieve a common goal for their organization.

1. Sanguines and Cholerics: These two temperaments are not so much compatible working together at the workplace, particularly when it’s required of them to work together in carry out a task for the organization. For a sanguine’s indiscipline, playful and lack of seriousness to work will often irritate a hard working, activity prone, productive and goal-oriented Cholerics. The only area these two individuals could be compatible, each of them diligently doing what they love doing and play their individual roles is in starting and growing a business. A choleric is an initiator and a productive personality, he could initiate a business idea, and have it promoted and marketed by a sanguine, while handing it over to a melancholy or phlegmatic to run or manage. Cholerics and sanguines partnering to grow a business and have it publicized often becomes successful.

2. Sanguine and Melancholy: These two individuals are the least compatible of all the temperaments. They’ll find it extremely difficult to blend and work together to deliver a project or achieve a common goal for their organization. They’re always antagonistic to each other, and will often bear inner resentment against themselves. Nothing irritates a melancholy more than a sanguine’s impulsiveness, lack of discipline, unserious and playful attitude at a time when he needs him to be diligent and serious. He’ll not hesitate to verbally attack and become critical of him. A sanguine is also bored by a melancholy’s love for details, long range planning and perfectionist tendencies. These two are not friends and hardly will you find them getting along, unless the sanguine has a secondary temperament of either a choleric or phlegmatic.

3. Sanguine and Phlegmatic: They could easily get along in the workplace, each of them having their job description well spelt-out, but not in the area of doing a project together and achieving the organization’s goal within a stipulated time frame. They may not be antagonistic to each other, they rarely are, but a sanguine’s lack of commitment and discipline and a phlegmatic’s lack of motivation and fear of facing pressures and criticism will often hinder their success. They may blend very well in other areas, but surely not in painstakingly working together to achieve their goals.

4. Choleric and Melancholy: At first, these two individuals could run roughshod over each other and will sometimes clash because of their egos. But sooner or later, they’ll realize that they actually need one another to succeed. A choleric’s high-handedness bossy and domineering attitude will often piss-off his melancholy partner. While the melancholy’s love for detail, long range planning and perfectionist tendencies will often get a choleric very uncomfortable. But when a melancholy’s intelligence and foresightedness has been able to help them avert a major mistake in the course of the project or help them hit a milestone or breakthrough, then a choleric will begin to realize how important he is to him and become appreciative of him. These two often learns to respect and appreciate one another after disagreeing initially with each other in many areas. Subsequently, they’ll enjoy working together for the purpose of achieving a common goal and objective. A Choleric respects a melancholy’s intelligence, commitment and attitude to work. While melancholies often admires and respects a choleric’s courage, hardwork and productivity. Cholerics and melancholies are very compatible and efficient at the work- place and also in executing any project, they must first of all learn to understand themselves and give one another the time and space to do their jobs.

5. Cholerics and Phlegmatics: These two are the most compatible of all the temperaments, they can be trusted to work together to achieve a common goal and objective without any antagonism. Although, a choleric could sometimes push or even yell at their phlegmatic counterpart if they perceive sluggishness or delay from the phlegmatic in carrying out his duties. But a phlegmatic’s gentleness, graciousness, calmness and simplicity will always help to weather any storm that may arise. Cholerics often fancies working with a phlegmatic more than any other temperament, because they’ll always have the luxury of making decisions and deciding should be and what should not, and phlegmatics have no qualms with that. However, they’ll in no time attain mutual respect for one another. For a choleric will appreciate and respect his phlegmatic partner’s brilliance, analysis, commitment and loyalty. While a phlegmatic will often fancy and respects a choleric’s courage, fearless, hard working and decisive nature.


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