How Phlegmatics Can Improve Their Parenting And Child Training Capacity.

Temperament And Child Training: Shop Amazon - Create an Amazon Baby Registry Parenting and child training has become a very big societal challenge in modern times, and it's evident and visible in the lifestyle of young kids who are growing up. There have also been numerous blog posts and very interesting reads about parenting and... Continue Reading →

How Your Temperament Influences Your Sexuality.

Temperament & Sexuality: The same way temperament naturally influences the character and behavior of different persons, which always makes them act, react and behaves differently, in similar way it affects and influences the sexual responses and behaviours of every individual. Temperament is the genotypical genes you inherited from your forbears. It's in the blood, thus,... Continue Reading →

5 Major Strengths And Weaknesses of Phlegmatics.

Typical Phlegmatic Temperament Major Weaknesses And Strengths: A typical phlegmatic lady: First off, let's consider some of the phlegmatic's temperament strengths that enables them to navigate through life and succeed in their marriage, career, leadership and interpersonal relationships. Phlegmatics has got some strengths and qualities that often enables them to succeed in various fields of... Continue Reading →

How To Discover The Temperament You’re Born With.

Every discussion about temperament and it's influence on everything you do in life, and also how to leverage on it to better your life and develop yourself personally will be a futile effort if you do not know the primary temperament you're born with. Temperament is an uncommon and unfamiliar subject to most persons in... Continue Reading →

How To Choose The Right Soft Skills That Suits Your Temperament.

In the medieval times before civilization, humans found it difficult distinguishing between hard and soft skills, both were lumped together, thus, consequently affected excellence and productivity. But when humans began to evolve and were becoming more civilized, more persons are now finding it very easy separating both. In modern times, organizations do not only lay... Continue Reading →

Melancholy’s Major Strengths And Weaknesses That Affects Them In Life.

What Are Some of The Weaknesses And Strengths of A Melancholy That Affects Them In Life? In today's post, we want to consider some of the main weaknesses and strengths of a typical melancholy temperament and how they often impact him in life. First off, let us briefly look at some of the melancholy's strengths... Continue Reading →

Major Weaknesses And Strengths Of Cholerics That Affects Them In Life.

Choleric Temperament Major Strengths And Weaknesses. Every temperament has its own peculiar strengths and weaknesses. And as the strengths enables us to succeed in relevant fields of endeavor in life, so also the various weaknesses will always attempt to scuttle our success. In marriage, couples could pull their individual temperament strengths together to build a... Continue Reading →

Your Temperament And How It Affects Your Interpersonal Relationship.

Temperament And How You Relate With People. Temperament affects virtually every aspect of our lives. Among other influences, temperament has the most profound and overriding influence on who you are, what you do, and how you do them. It does not change, it follows you all through life and you'll be seen yielding to it's... Continue Reading →

What Is Temperament? And Where Does It Come From?

Temperament is a general word for the personality traits you're born with. It starts from from the process of your conception to when you took your first breathe at birth. It is the genotypical traits you inherited from your forbears. These genes were transferred to you during conception from your great-grandparents to your grandparents then... Continue Reading →

5 Major Weaknesses Of Sanguines That Negatively Affects Them In Life.

What Are Typical Sanguine's Major Weaknesses That Affects Their Marriage? The different temperaments has various weaknesses and strengths that are peculiar to them. And as the strengths of each of them tends to help us succeed in different fields of endeavor, so also the weaknesses are there to negatively impact us if not properly managed.... Continue Reading →

7 Mistakes You Often Make In Relationship That Comes Back To Hunt You In Marriage.

Relationship Mistakes That Comes Back To Hunt Us In Marriage: Dating or erotic relationships, though some religious 🏫 school of thoughts are averse to it because it has been abused overtime. However, it is supposed to be a time for two different individuals of opposite sexes who had found themselves worthy of being together, getting... Continue Reading →

How Your Temperament Affects Your Public Speaking Ability.

Your Temperament And How You Speak To The Public. At some point in our lives, everyone would get the opportunity or be confronted with a situation where they'll have no choice but to be the person to speak to others. Thus, if you've not started preparing yourself in building and improving your self confidence, you... Continue Reading →

How Your Temperament Affects Your Leadership Style.

Your Temperament And Leadership. In my previous post on "The Role of Temperament In Leadership", i did assert that different leaders with a specific temperament are needed at different times to solve a particular problem or achieve a specific objective. And no two individuals can lead in the same way or achieve the same goals... Continue Reading →

Best Temperament Compatibility For Business Partnership.

Which Temperaments Are More Compatible To Partner In Business? To achieve maximum success in area of endeavor in life, where you'll need to work with others to realize your goals, one must be circumspect in choosing the best person possible that will seamlessly work in sync with you, so both of you will be able... Continue Reading →

How Your Temperament Will Help You Achieve Your Marital Dreams.

What Do You Want From Your Partner? A lot of persons have so many dreams of the kind of partner they'd love to spend the rest of their life with, the kind of marriage, family and kids they'd love to have. But more often than not, these expectations and dreams never becomes a reality because... Continue Reading →

How To Interest A Choleric On Your First Date.

Getting A Choleric To Say "Yes". Have you ever wondered why some persons finds it very easy to get a lady on a date and immediately after their first outing together, they start getting along and commit themselves to a dating relationship? While others finds it very difficult getting the same lady to go out... Continue Reading →

8 Best Digital Careers For Melancholies and Phlegmatics In 2022.

Best Digital Careers For Melacholies and Phlegmatics. Technological advancements and innovations has no doubt created so many digital opportunities for a whole lot of persons. Many careers and jobs had been automated out of existence, and increasing number of persons has had their jobs taken over by AI's and some digital trends. Gone are the... Continue Reading →

Melancholy and Phlegmatic Temperaments In Marriage.

Marital Relationship Between a Melancholy and a Phlegmatic Temperaments. This is a relationship between two introverted individuals, since they both possess almost similar strengths and weaknesses. Except that the Melancholy's mood swings could sometimes lifts them to a height were they could act like extroverts or make them completely withdrawn and unexcited, while a Phlegmatic... Continue Reading →

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