Major Weaknesses And Strengths Of Cholerics That Affects Them In Life.

Choleric Temperament Major Strengths And Weaknesses.

Every temperament has its own peculiar strengths and weaknesses. And as the strengths enables us to succeed in relevant fields of endeavor in life, so also the various weaknesses will always attempt to scuttle our success. In marriage, couples could pull their individual temperament strengths together to build a happy family and have a successful marriage. However, their individual weaknesses will always be a major source of conflicts in the marriage. But it’s important you’re aware of the temperament weaknesses of your spouse so that you’ll be able to better manage them.

In this post, i want to share with you five major weaknesses of the choleric, that’s always the source of conflicts in their marriage and interpersonal relationships. But before then, let’s briefly look at some of the choleric’s major strengths in relation to their marriage, career and leadership.

The major strength that often counts for the cholerics in their career is, their can-do-attitude. A choleric is not afraid of taking on very difficult task that other temperaments may not want to embark on. For they’re very courageous, fearless, hardworking and very productive personalities. It’s basically for this reason that they’re easily made to head any leadership position that requires going to the field to carry out some practical tasks and accomplishing major goal at their workplace.

When it comes to marriage or eros relationship, cholerics strengths often lies in their ability to go out and work very hard to provide for the basic needs of their families. Being very decisive, plus giving guidelines and directions in the home for everyone to follow is also another strength of many cholerics. Most kids who were raised by choleric parents are often aware of what’s expected of them ahead of time.

In leadership, if you need a fearless courageous, resolute, visionary, and productive leader who’s not afraid of taking very tough decisions, and also prompt in decision making, then a choleric typifies these qualities. And it’s basically for this reason that they love to be in leadership positions, where they could easily accentuate these basic qualities and strengths. Nevertheless, the same way no temperament can succeed on its own in leadership without the input of others, cholerics will also have to work with other temperaments who shares in their visions. Read: The role of temperament in leadership.

Having looked at some of the major strengths of cholerics with respect to their career, marriage and leadership style. It’s time we consider some of their weaknesses that often affects them negatively in life, especially in their marriage or erotic relationship and also their interpersonal relationship with others.

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5 Major Weaknesses of Cholerics That Negatively Impacts Their Relationship

1. High-handedness:

A choleric is a very forceful and pushy personality when it comes to getting something done or accomplished. No other temperament can be ruthlessly more forceful and overly ambitious than a hot choleric. He is a very hard-working, productive and capable individual, who does not have time for frivolities or horseplay. He loves work and activity, and this makes his partner complain often of neglect and abandonment, but he’ll lash out at them, and justify it with the fact that he’s working to provide everything that the family needs.

He’s a very ambitious person, who does not leave room for any act of unserious or non-chalant attitude when it comes to achieving his goals. For him, work time is work time, it’s no time for jokes or being emotional. In marriage, he’ll often drive his partner crazy with his high-handed and over burdening lifestyle, all in a bid to meeting his target. He could decide to make a rule that everyone must cut down their meal ration by a quarter, just so he could save more money to accomplish his personal project.

He could also make his partner work longer hours than is necessary, in order to meet his goal for the day. His frequent and inadvertent trampling on the rights of others, particularly his spouse, often breeds conflicts in his marriage, which negatively affects it. But if he can put the rights of others into consideration before doing anything, he’ll have less crisis in his marriage and less conflicts with people.

2. Hard To Please:

This is another major weakness of the choleric temperament. A Choleric is very hard to please, eventhough he feels contended and satisfied with what you’ve done, he will still find it very difficult to commend or applaud you. He often believes commending or applauding you, will make you feel too important, and you become complacent about your job. He is the type that will hardly applaud and compliment their partner for looking beautifully dressed, despite the fact that he admires them. Cholerics ought to know that people working under or with them, particularly their spouse, looks up to them for approval, and if they can develop the attitude of commending or applauding those working for or with him, it will definitely spur them to do more and better.

3. Unsympathetic:

Amongst all the temperaments, a choleric has the least developed emotions. He’s a very callous and unsympathetic person, who often finds it difficult empathizing with others, and deeply feel their Pains. The tears of others often drives him berserk, and he finds no justifiable reason why they should cry. He is the type of individual that is not patient enough to empathize with their partner and console them during their moments of grief, not because he’s a wicked person, but that’s just their nature. He will often be seen angrily yelling at them for being so inconsolable. But if cholerics can be a bit more patient in commiserating with those who are grieving or ❤️ heartbroken, he’d have a happier and peaceful marriage or interpersonal relationship.

4. Making Unilateral Decisions:

Cholerics are very determined and decisive individuals. They love to make decisions for themself as well as for others, and this attitude sometimes does not go down well with the people they’re supposed to work side by side with. In marriage, they love to be the boss, and the one making all the decisions in their home, without deeming it necessary to seek the input and opinion of their partner. This often breeds inner anger in their partner and consequently leads to conflicts, especially when their unilateral decisions does not yield the desired succeess. Cholerics needs to realize that marriage isn’t a master- servant relationship, but a mutually symbiotic relationship. Thus, they must make deliberate efforts in carrying their partners along in every decision making, in order to have a ☮️ peaceful and successful marriage.

5. Inconsiderate:

All the weaknesses of the choleric from number 1 to 4 are hinged around lack of consideration for the next person. However, being overly or excessively considerate of others is also a form of weakness. But cholerics must endeavor to strike a balance between considerate and total lack of consideration for others if they want to have a ☮️ peaceful relationship or marriage. I will advocate for them to be moderately considerate of others, in order to build a more peaceful and harmonious relationship.

How Can Cholerics Overcome Their Temperament Weaknesses?

In one of my previous post about how to manage the weaknesses associated with our temperament. I made it clear that influence is one of the major way we could be able to manage our temperament weaknesses. When we always interact and relate with other persons whose got a temperament different from ours, we unknowingly influence each other with our basic temperament strengths and qualities. As a typical choleric, by relating and interacting more closely with a typical melancholy, despite how assertive and domineering, you may be, you’ll no doubt be gradually influenced by their strengths and qualities. And the melancholy or perhaps phlegmatic will also become influenced by your courageous, decisive, dogged and self- sufficient qualities. This helps to balance and augment our individual strengths and weaknesses, and also shapes our character.

However, in addition to managing our temperament weaknesses through influence, it’s also important that we consider permanently overcoming or getting rid of them. It’s for this reason I want to recommend the Spirit controlled temperament written by Tim Lahaye to you. This book made a huge difference in my life, in my early stages when I was battling with low self-esteem and self-persecution. From the spiritual point of view, this book will quickly help you to get rid of these weaknesses, and you’ll for a fact become a better and more refined choleric.

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