Melancholy’s Major Strengths And Weaknesses That Affects Them In Life.

What Are Some of The Weaknesses And Strengths of A Melancholy That Affects Them In Life?

In today’s post, we want to consider some of the main weaknesses and strengths of a typical melancholy temperament and how they often impact him in life.

First off, let us briefly look at some of the melancholy’s strengths that often help them to easily navigate through life and become successful. We will be considering these strengths with respect to their career, marriage, interpersonal relationship and leadership style.

The major strengths of melancholics that often makes them easily become successful in their career and in life, are their very disciplined, intelligent, detailed, analytical, problem-solving and self-sacrificing qualities.

Typical melancholics, just like their phlegmatic counterparts, is diligent, loyal and dedicated to his job. Two major things that often makes them exceptional at their workplace are their problem solving abilities and self-sacrificing qualities.

A melancholy, like his typical choleric counterpart is more passionate about finding a solution to problems than crying over spilt milk or dwelling on the problem. Their self-sacrificing qualities will always make them want to sacrifice their time, money, energy and or resources to make sure they solve a particular problem.

And it’s basically for these reasons that they easily succeed in any career or job that require or demands self-sacrifice, such as humanitarian services. Their typical perfectionist tendencies also drives them to making sure that everything is perfectly done.

Let’s look at a typical melancholy’s marriage. Barring some of his major weaknesses which we’ll be looking at later, melancholies are easily one of the best temperament to marry.

For they are very loyal and faithful, disciplined and very conscientious personalities, who often cares so much about their families more than anything or anyone else. When their family is fine, nothing and no one else matters.

Their natural conscientious qualities do not allow them to disappoint you when you’re counting on them. It’s basically for this reasons that most people who are married to them could easily condone or overlook some of their natural weaknesses in their marriage.

When it comes to their interpersonal relationship, melancholies are also very loyal and sincere acquaintances. But you must show them sincere and honest commitment before they will begin to take you very seriously as a partner or friend.

Their attitude or dispositions could appear hostile at first sight but they are often the most hospitable and accommodating of the four basic temperaments. However, they are rarely the one to come to you first for friendship, but often wait for you to come them.

It’s for this reason that most persons often thinks that they’re egotistic or pompous, but that’s not really the case. It is rather because they are introverts, who often likes to keep to themself, and rarely have time for others.

Lastly, melancholies makes one of the best leaders, especially when it comes to a time when leadership requires critical thinking and strategic planning, and also problem solving capacity, plus making sacrifices for the greater good.

However, no one temperament can succeed on its own in leadership. Every temperament strengths must be brought on board in different stratas of leadership. Read: The role of temperament in leadership.

Having looked at some melancholy’s temperament strengths that often helps him to succeed in his career, marriage, interpersonal relationship and leadership. It’s time we delve into some of the major weaknesses of a typical melancholy that also affects him negatively in life.

A melancholy’s weaknesses like every other temperament, do not only negatively affects his marriage but it also affects his relationship with others and his general outlook on life.

A melancholy faces more internal than external troubles with himself, which sometimes makes him lapse into a depressed mood, and which could consequently results in some ❤️ heart related problems.

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In this post, we’re going to consider some of the five major weaknesses of typical melancholic temperament, which often negatively affects almost all areas of his life.

Major Weaknesses of the melancholy:

1. Moodiness:

A melancholy is a moody individual. He’s got a very unpredictable mood swings, and his moods often fluctuates like some major currencies of the world. Very little and negligible things often gets his mood up or down.

His mood could be up this minute and he’ll be on a high that he could almost act like an extrovert, and the next minute, his mood will be totally down that he becomes very antagonistic and feel completely withdrawn from every activity. And during this time, hostility and aggression is not common for him.

A moody melancholy man:

He’s the type of person that could be very furious with those that had hurt or had altercations with him, and will sooner or later feel inner excitement immediately they give him a grin.

He could be returning from work feeling very excited but immediately becomes extremely vexed getting to his home and seeing the sitting room not well arranged or his partner not giving him a warm reception.

During this period, that his mood is down, he becomes very irascible and also feels completely withdrawn and disinterested in anything.

They’ve got two extremes when they’re cold they’re excessively cold, and when they’re hot, you can’t believe they’ve ever being cold. Another thing that often gets a melancholy moody and depressed is, when they fail to achieve their goals or plans.

When a melancholy’s goal eludes him, it will only take a patient and understanding partner, who knows how to comfort and encourage him to get him quickly out of that depressed mood, else it could degenerate into stress and manic depression.

Melancholies ought to take their time to marry a different temperament from theirs or a combination of another temperament that will be very tolerant, complimentary and understanding, in order to have inner ☮️ peace and joy in his home, and live a healthier life.

2. Selfishness:

This is another major weakness of the melancholy temperament that always negatively affects their relationship with others. Many a melancholy are extremely selfish and self-centered, and they do not realize it, since they often confuse selfishness with being considerate.

Melancholies are no doubt very considerate of others when making decisions, and in trying to know how people feel or what they think about them, but when it comes to being selfless and preferring others first, he’s definitely not that kind of person. Self-centeredness and self love is one of melancholy’s major weakness.

When it’s pleasant and favourable, he’ll often prefer himself before any other person, but when it becomes unfavorable, he’ll usually take the back seat. Whatever decision a melancholy will take, he must have considered himself first before anybody.

A typical melancholy is a critique. He or she will often find faults in others except in him or herself, and will also criticize them over little mistakes until they begin to loose their confidence and self-esteem. The natural perfectionist traits of melancholics no doubt makes it very difficult for them to accept their faults unless they’re convinced or proven wrong beyond every doubt.

A melancholy can only release or give out anything when he’s satisfied or has had enough. Though, he’s a very loving and compassionate person, but his selfish nature often has prevailing dominance on him, which sometimes hampers his relationship with others.

3. Pessimism:

No other temperament can be more pessimistic than a typical melancholy. When things do not go or workout as he planned or envisaged, he becomes overly pessimistic and concludes about its workability.

If his initial trial fails, he gives up easily and doubts if the second will work unless he is got a different strategy or approach. Melancholics are rarely optimistic individuals, especially when they begin to concoct different negative thoughts that may be far from reality.

He often expects the worst to happen when he feels very dissatisfied and unhappy, and this consequently makes him overreact when faced with challenges or under pressure. It often demoralizes his partner or followers who are looking up to him for motivation and encouragement.

4. Poor Self-image:

It amazes me that a very personable, gifted, talented and intelligent person like the melancholy still battles with poor self-image and low self-esteem.

The reason for this may not be far- fetched, since he is a perfectionist individual who often compares his best with the worst of others, rather than compare his best with their best, and his worst with their worst, so he can appreciate himself.

A melancholy is usually by one or more percentage better his colleagues in his field, but he’s still not satisfied because he often compares his weakness with the strength of others.

And when he starts to feel somewhat under-achieved, he becomes dissatisfied with himself, which inevitably makes him feel lesser than others. A melancholy ought to know that he’s a distinct personality, and different from every other person. Thus, comparing himself with others is very irrational.

5. Hard To Satisfy:

Because of their perfectionist tendencies once again, Melancholies are extremely hard to satisfy. They always feel there’s something better than what they’ve got. Even when they’ve got the best, they still feel others have got something better than his best.

His perfectionism makes it difficult for him to have a sense of satisfaction or fulfilment, and he’ll hardly be seen given an initial commendation to those who works for, or with him if they do not perform one hundred percent.

It’s only a melancholy parent that will condemn their kids for not getting one hundred percent score, rather than first commending them for scoring ninety nine percent. But if Melancholies can learn to appreciate and applaud others for their endeavor, he’d be a much happier person in life.

How Can Melancholies Overcome Their Temperament Weaknesses?

In one of my previous post about how we can manage our temperament weaknesses. I did made it clear that one major way we can manage our various temperament weaknesses is through influence. When we often interact or relate amongst ourselves, we either knowingly or unknowingly influence one another, one way or another. And this influence often goes back and fourth.

As a melancholy, by interacting and relating more closely with a typical sanguine, who’s more cheerful, lively, charismatic, selfless and free-spirited, you’re more likely to be influenced by those strengths and qualities. While the sanguine person will become more disciplined, serious, organized, detailed and forthright.

However, there could be some initial conflicts or disagreements, but that’s actually the beauty of our diversities. But the influence will be so easy to achieve because a sanguine is easily attracted to a melancholy’s strength, and the melancholy also admires some of the qualities of a sanguine. Thus, both of them will no doubt easily influence one another with their basic strengths.

However, in addition to being able to manage our temperament weaknesses through influence, it’s important we also consider to endeavor getting rid of it or completely overcome it. It’s for this reason I’d like to recommend the Spirit-controlled temperament to you written by Tim Lahaye.

This book made a huge impact in my life, in my early years when I was battling with self-persecution and low self-esteem as a melancholy. From the spiritual point of view, this book will help you to quickly conquer your temperament weaknesses and become a better person in life.

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