How To Build Your Career And Remain Relevant At The Workplace.

In one of my previous post on “How To Choose The Right Career That Suits Your Temperament“. I did highlight the importance of choosing the best career that’s in-sync with your basic or primary temperament. The main reason being that, so you do not have to be clumsy or mechanical about doing your job, and perhaps loose interest in it subsequently. Being in the right job or career invariably means being in one that’s somewhat in conformity with your temperament strength. Which you’ll be able to carry out seamlessly without having to struggle much with it. It will not only make you feel accomplished, but you’ll also derive joy doing it always, inspite of the meagre pay you may be getting from it at the moment.

However, apart from having the right job or career that aligns with your basic temperament strength, another important thing you also need to be conscious of, is its sustainability and retaining relevance in it at the place where you work. This is obviously what today’s post will be about.

A lot of jobs in present times have been automated out of existence, no thanks to some advancements in technology. More persons are also realizing that they’re gradually becoming irrelevant at their place of work, or their skills and what they are offering the organization is almost becoming obsolete and no longer fashionable. If this describes you, then you’ve got to be smarter, and take this post very seriously.

As technology is advancing, industries and organizations are becoming more tasking and demanding so much from their employees, so they can increase productivity, maximize opportunities and achieve their organizational goals and objectives. Needless to bore you with the various careers that different temperaments are best suited for, as that has been discussed to an extent in my previous posts. By now, you should have an idea of your primary or basic temperament category, and the best career you’re best fitted for.

In this post, let’s consider 3 key ways to improve in your career and retain relevance at your workplace. Without much ado;

Three key ways to improve yourself in your chosen career and remain relevant:

1. Be innovative:

At some point in your career, your skillfulness and adeptness in the way you do your job and how fast you deliver will be called to question. For a fact, nowadays, it no longer takes a week or probably two to send letters to anyone, nor does it take days for anyone to get emails sent to their mailbox. Things are seamlessly done these days in just a matter of minutes and hours, and in most cases, in a matter of seconds due to innovation and advancements in technology. The way industries and organizations carried out their operations a decade or two ago is very different from the way they’re presently operating in this twenty-first century courtesy of technological innovations.

As technology is improving and keeps advancing in many areas, so also a lot of organizations are expecting much from their employees in keeping up with the times. Therefore, if you want to always remain relevant in your career at the workplace, you must choose to keep track of the trend and move along with it.

Having chosen a career you’re very comfortable with, and which also ranks even with your temperament or personality strength, the next thing you’ve got to do , is to keep improving in it and always make yourself very relevant. Innovation is one key way to achieve this.

Doing a particular thing the same way for years cannot guarantee you a different result. You need to innovate and device new ways and means to become very exceptional at what you do, particularly in your career. You don’t need to wait until you’re caught up with necessities before you’ll begin to think of catching up with present realities. On your own, you need to come up with new ideas and better ways to perhaps, do your job faster, achieve accuracy, improve customers and clients satisfaction, and finally increase productivity.

2. Sharpen Your Basic Hard or Soft Skills:

Growth is a basic necessity for every human being. Infact, it’s one of the major evidence or characteristics of any living organism. Thus, remaining or confining yourself to preliminary or basic level of your hard or soft skill is an anathema. There’s no skill in the world, whether hard or soft that’s static. As technology improves, the lifestyle of people also changes and adjusts to it. In similar way, industries and organizations adjusts their policies and standards to catch-up with present realities, to enable them maximize their opportunities.

Every skill must have at one point or the other been upgraded or improved upon to meet present needs and challenges. As a typical sanguine, who one of your main soft skill is in the area of communication. There are faster, better and more refined ways you can communicate with people, clients or customers to make them take the action you want them to. It’s for this reason that there are courses in effective communication you could undertake, in order to sharpen and broaden your natural communication ability.

There are also leadership courses and trainings you could enrol yourself in, in order to develop and improve your leadership skills and acumen as a choleric who’s born a leader. Similarly for all melancholies and phlegmatics, your analytical and also problem solving abilities, and your management and organizational skills respectively could also be sharpened and used effectively to deepen the success of your organization. Don’t remain or confine yourself to a particular level when you’ve got what it takes to do better and improve yourself. Always endeavor to better your skills and improve on it, so you can remain relevant in your workplace.

3. Research:

This is one of the major ways to make yourself relevant and indispensable at the workplace, and always be ahead of others in your field. A lot of persons often thinks research is only done by scientist in the laboratory. And some also believes in going around to get offline feedbacks or people’s opinions about an organization’s products or services. This could also qualify as a form of research. However, you could also become a private or independent researcher in your career to discover something new about it that’s yet to become a public knowledge in your field.

Gathering data and information on the internet in various aspects that relates to your career, and also compiling and documenting them for future use or reference, is a research. By conducting a research in your career to discover ways to enhance it, and make it more solution-oriented, will enable your organization solve some present challenges, or be at a better position to tackling future challenges. Research will always give a clue to what one should expect in any sector or field. For instance, big data and data analytics are now trending in most big organizations in the world, as they’re now the go-to methods for gathering statistical data and informations. Industries and organizations analyze and utilizes these data gathered online about how people, customers and clients are interacting with their businesses, and what they expect from them going forward. This could not had been possible were it not for research. Because some years back, they only depended on online surveys and offline feedbacks that do not give them accurate results to get these data and informations, and which most times lowers their productivity.

Thus, in your career, there could be something that will become the next big thing or the “cream de la cream” for your organization in the future, and only a research will help to demystify it today. So get down to work and begin to gather those data and information about your career and make yourself indispensable and relevant at your workplace.


Thanks for reading through my post. Endeavor to leave your comments, questions, and suggestions on this post in the comment section.




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