How To Have A Happy And Funfilled Marriage.

As a result of my experiences and also because of the niche I write about. I’ve heard various complains from different couples and also intercepted various posts and messages on social media groups, about couples being bored and unhappy in their marriage. These complains triggered the need for me to write on this topic to help them navigate through the rough pathways of marriage, so they could have a fun-filled and happy marriage regardless of their temperaments. When fun and happiness is lacking in any marriage, then it’s as good as dead.

It’s rather unfortunate that a lot of couples are enduring their marriage, especially in this part of the world. Marriage is not meant to be endured, but rather to be relished by both couples. But some persons, for fear of divorce and perhaps the stigma that often comes with it, decides to remain and endure it. How long will you continue to endure and always get yourself emotionally depressed? A lot of couples are clearly unaware of how to spice up their marriage and make it to be more fun, eventhough they had a wonderful and fun-filled dating experiences together. Read on to discover how to have a happy and pleasurable married life as couples. There are things you could do to make your marriage fun and lively.

First and foremost, let’s look at some basic factors that could take away fun and happiness from any marriage.

There are some basic factors that can expel fun and happiness in marriage. Topmost among them is, personality traits differences or incompatibility in temperament. When couples are not compatible in terms of personality or individual traits, then that marriage is dead on arrival. Every temperament has got its own peculiar weaknesses and strengths, but when a person’s weaknesses is to the extent that you do not consider their strength or there’s nothing that interests you about them, or perhaps seeing their weaknesses makes you trivialize their strength, then there’s no point getting married to them. Everybody has one particular thing that keeps them interested in someone regardless of other weaknesses they might have, but if as a couple you couldn’t find anything that interests you in your spouse or their weaknesses for you gives you so much concern that you cannot consider them for their strength, then you’re obviously with the wrong person. And as long as the marriage continues, you’ll be bored and feel perpetually unhappy.

Apart from being sad, it could also lead to serious conflicts, and most times, battering or physical abuses. Other factors that could also deny couples of having a fun-filled and happy marriage could be financial challenges and perhaps some external interferences. In this modern time, finance is, and will continue to be a major challenge in many marriage, and it’s capable of causing sadness and boredom in marriage if not properly managed with maturity and mutual understanding by the couples. Also allowing friends, relatives, family members and others to interfere so much in the marriage could also hinder the bond and intimacy couples are supposed to share in marriage, and subsequently make the marriage uninteresting. These are some of the basic factors among others that are capable of taking cheeriness and fun out of marriage.

How can couples have a fun-filled and happy married life regardless of their individual temperaments?

Apart from the sanguine, no other temperament is capable of always initiating happy and fun moments. But everybody cannot be sanguine, infact some persons are very far from being sanguine because they do not have any trace of sanguine traits in them. But who says it’s only sanguine couples that can have a happy and fun-filled marriage?

Apart from cholerics who has the least developed emotions of all the temperaments, unless raised by loving choleric parents or trained with love, every other temperament are capable of having a blissful and pleasurable married life, even an unemotional choleric, when they marry someone they’re attracted to. Even introverts like a very quiet and calm phlegmatic or a moody melancholy can make fun and happiness in their marriage a lifestyle if they want to.

It’s quiet unfortunate that most couples, immediately after their honeymoon they seem to forget everything about fun and going out to have very good time together. They begin to concoct all forms of flimsy and opaque excuses why they can no longer go out together to have fun. No wonder their marriage becomes very boring to both of them, since it lacks spice, fun and flare.

Every human being is exuberant by nature. Because we all love pleasures and having quality fun and happy times once in a while. The fact that some tends to pretend about it or do not think it’s necessary does not mean they do not relish those moments. Some of these little things we often neglect are really what is needed to spice up our marriage and make it lively and fun. This is typical of predominantly phlegmatic and melancholic couples. Little wonder they feel easily bored and depressed in marriage.

Melancholic and Phlegmatic couples, either married to each other, or to other temperaments should endeavor to make out time for quality outing to have fun and discuss other matters. There could be some issues that may not be easily resolved in the bedroom, but going out on a date together could resolved them easily, and increase the bond and intimacy in the marriage.

For couples to have a fun-filled and blissful married life, they also need to sometimes, do some interesting things, and surprise one another. Doing the same things everytime and always getting the same result could be very boring at times. You need to spice up your marriage with some surprises. Getting your spouse a gift when they least expect it, playing fun games together taking them on a date or for shopping when they do not envisage it, or attending to some domestic chores as a man when she considers it to be strange are some of the ways you can lighten up your marriage and make it more fun.

Lastly, who says couples can’t do some 🐎 horseplaying in their homes? Most of the things we often take for granted and consider to be puerile are really what makes marriage thick. Playing and exercising together in the home as a couple creates bond, intimacy and passion for each other, and also make your marriage fun and lively. Don’t be a burden to your spouse, rather always create an atmosphere that’ll engender fun and excitement.

These are my little thoughts on how couples can have a happy and fun-filled marriage. Feel free to add yours in the comment section for others to benefit. Thanks.



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