How To Maximize Your Temperament Strengths For Career Success.

To sound more like a broken record, different temperaments has got peculiar strengths that serves or suits various career purposes, and also weaknesses that tends to hinder the actualization of such purposes and intents if allowed to holdsway. If you’re conversant with the various temperaments and their peculiarities, you’ll agree with me that the strength and weaknesses of a sanguine are quite different from those of the choleric. And also the melancholy’s strengths and weaknesses differs from those of the phlegmatics, despite the fact that they belong to the same extrovert and introvert categories respectively. However, there could be some similarities in their individual strengths and weaknesses depending on their proximity to each other.

Do not also forget that an individual could have a combination of two or more temperaments embedded in them, if this happens, they’ll naturally possess a combination of both the strengths and weaknesses of all those temperaments combined in them, which will usually be in varying proportions. This will be a topic for another day. But in today’s post, we want to look at how to maximize your primary temperament strength to achieve success in your career. First of all,

What Is Career Success?

Career success simply means to attain financial stability while doing the job that makes you happy and feel very fulfilled. When your job makes you feel elated and accomplished that you desire to get stuck with it, it clearly means that job concurs with your personality or temperament. The question then is, how do you attain financial success and stability in your career doing what you love? This is clearly what this post is all about. To tell you how to maximize your basic or primary temperament strength to achieve career success and become financially stable.

If your primary or basic temperament is sanguine or choleric, melancholy or phlegmatic, there are core strengths that are predominant in each of them that could be harnessed and also maximized to enable you become exceptional in your career regardless of the fact that you could possess other secondary strengths. Without much ado, let’s consider:

Different Temperaments And Their Primary or Basic Strengths:

A sanguine is a superextroverted personality. He’s the first extrovert of the temperaments. He’s an outgoing and very expressive individual who does not find it difficult making new friends and wooing people to himself with his liveliness, charisma and blustery. No other temperament has got enough charisma to burn more than a typical sanguine. He’s got all it takes to make anyone relish every moment spent with him. Although some temperaments like melancholies and cholerics seems to be averse to his lifestyle, but sooner, they’ll begin to condone and accept him for who he is.

A sanguine is a fast-talker, very good commentator, ebullient and warm personality who often lifts up the spirit of anyone he comes in contact with. With these traits and qualities, he could be easily described as a people-oriented individual. Since he embodies these nice people-oriented qualities, a sanguine’s primary or basic strength is naturally founded in communication and salesmanship.

Cholerics are the second extroverts of the temperaments after the sanguines. Although not as lively, ebullient and warm as the sanguines but he’s also an outgoing, expressive and very competent personality. Cholerics are serious-minded, hardworking, active, dexterous and determined individual, who do not give up until they achieve their personal goals and desires. A choleric’s level of practicality and pragmatism is second to none. No other temperament can be more practical and pragmatic than him.

Although, cholerics are not easily drawn to details, overthinking, long range planning and analysis. But going in there, and getting the job done is their main slogan and core mandate. Their self-sufficiency, bossy  and domineering dispositions makes them love and easily gets attracted to leadership with practicality. The core strength of cholerics is obviously in leadership, construction and also vocational capabilities.

Now we come to another category of individuals, which are the introverts.

Phlegmatics are superintroverted personalities. They’re easily the first introvert of the temperaments. They are extremely quiet, gentle, gracious, calm and composed, and efficiently- organized individuals. They love people and often desires to maintain a good relationship with them and also be in their good books. Phlegmatics do not like being at loggerheads with anyone. They’re like oysters, who are excessively and overly conscious of their safety and security. Venturing into unknown territory is an uphill task unless they’re guaranteed of their safety and security.

Phlegmatics are pressure absorbers and also diffusers. Engaging in routines and living very sedentary lifestyle makes them feel comfortable. Interpersonal relationships, human and resources management, the application of theoretical knowledge for practical use, organization and any career that requires meticulous patience and routines are some of their basic or core strength.

Melancholies are the second most introverted temperament after the phlegmatics. Although, they share some similar traits of the phlegmatics, but unlike phlegmatics, melancholies are very inconsistent in their attitude and behaviours, perhaps because of their mood swings which alternates between high-ecstatic and low- depressed moods. They’re very gifted, talented, naturally intelligent, self sacrificing and perfectionist persons, who are very critical of themselves and others. They’ve got passion for details, strategic and analytical thinking. Melancholies do not do anything without  a detailed plan and analysis. No other temperament can be more detailed and analytical than a melancholy.

His curiosity and perfectionism often makes him ask too many questions that sometimes bores others, or throws them off-balance. Although, he’s not easily drawn to leadership or being at the forefront, but he loves the behind-the-scene roles and doing all the critical , strategic and analytical thinking. He’s more of a theoretical than practical person. His level of self sacrifice and commitment to a course he believes in, is second to none. No other temperament comes close to a melancholy’s level of  self-sacrifice. For the melancholy, any career that requires brain work, intelligence, analysis, self sacrifice, problem solving and perfectionism is their greatest strength, and that’s where they’ll derive enormous joy and fulfilment in life. Now, let’s consider how to maximize your temperament to achieve success in your career.

Maximizing Your Basic Temperament Strengths For Career Success:

There are no hard and fast rules to harnessing and maximizing your primary temperament strength for career success and financial stability. The rule of thumb here is “practice makes perfect”. To become perfect at what you do, the generally accepted truth is that, you ought to consistently practice and improve yourself in that thing. You’ve no doubt inherited some of these strengths at birth, courtesy of the basic temperament you’re bore with. Having inherited them, it’s very unwise to sit back and relax without utilizing them or perhaps use them in very disorderly and outdated manner that does not bring any substance to you personally or impact positively on your career.

For instance as a sanguine, instead of building and improving on your natural eloquence and salesmanship ability by enrolling in some effective communication and customer service or relationship courses to further enhance and maximize these strengths, you decide to always engage it chit-chatting, irresponsible and unnecessary communications  which clearly does not add any value to your life and career. this books on effective communication will help you to sharpen your communication skills and become more efficient.

Similarly for typical cholerics, there are also books on leadership that you could read to improve your natural leadership ability and become an effective leader. For melancholies and phlegmatics you also need to identify your basic temperament natural strengths and Improve on them. Rather than waste your natural temperament strengths indulging in frivolities or things that rarely impact positively on your life or career, or perhaps allow them remain dormant in you without any deliberate effort towards improving on them. It will no doubt always keep you on the same level in your career. But in order to get to the acme of your career and achieve financial success and stability, you need to find a way of harnessing these natural strengths and qualities you’ve got and make them come to bare on your career. This is the only way you can maximize your basic temperament strengths for career success and attain financial stability.

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