The Twelve Temperament Blends And Combinations.

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The Four Basic Temperaments;

In the study of temperaments and its related fields, it’s definitely a common knowledge that no individual possess just one particular temperament. Our different ancestral backgrounds and upbringing, makes it impossible for anyone to be a full-blown sanguine or choleric, or full-time melancholy or phlegmatic without combining two or more different temperament category.

This is so because, your dad could be mainly or predominantly sanguine, perhaps with another less influential and impactful temperament category, say melancholy. While your mum could be primarily a phlegmatic but also have some melancholic traits.

In this case, since both parents shares similar melancholic traits, you will naturally inherit those traits from both of them. Thus depending on either of them that you’ve got their genes transferred more to you at birth or that has got more influence on you, you’ll naturally also pick up either any of their primary temperament, which is sanguine or phlegmatic.

Moreover, you could also go past your mum and dad, and go way back to inheriting more genes from your grand or even your great-grandma and Grandpa. It’s for this reason that some person’s behavioral patterns are markedly different from those of their immediate parents.

For instance, if you’ve got some choleric traits in you, which your mum and dad never had, then one needs to look way back to any of your grand or great-grand parents, because you must have inherited the choleric temperament from either of them.

This is basically the reason why it’s important not to only focus on a person’s primary temperament alone when analyzing and discussing the subject of temperament. One needs to be more detailed in considering the blends or combinations of the various temperament categories.

In this post, we want to consider the twelve temperament combinations or blends, so you’ll have a more detailed and clearer view of your personality. And in subsequent posts and topics, we will be concentrating more on these temperament combinations or blends as they impact and influence our career choice and development, child training and parenting ability temperament compatibility in marital or dating relationships and also other topics.

I believe you will find this second part of my blog more interesting, detailed and elaborate. Since it will deal with all aspects of personality traits. Read on to discover twelve temperament blends and combinations.

Obviously, there are basically twelve combinations of temperament which all individual must belong. One will usually be predominant or primary and more pronounced and influential, while the other secondary, and less pronounced but also influential.

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Twelve Temperament Combinations and blends:

If perhaps you are finding it difficult categorizing yourself into any of the four basic temperament categories, I am very confident that by the end of reading this post, it will become a bit more clearer to you which of these temperament combination or blends describes your personality.

It’s also this aspect of temperament blends that threw up the argument that some persons believes that they are better off described as ambiverts, rather than being neither extrovert nor introvert as classified by Carl Jung, a Swiss psychiatrist.

For the twelve temperament blends, we’re going to be making more use of each of the temperaments prefixes. Sanguines will be written as, “San” and cholerics as “chol” while for melancholies and phlegmatics, they’ll be written as “Mel” and “Phleg” in that order. Sanguine-choleric are better known as “Sanchol” while choleric- sanguine are “Cholsan”.

Where “San” in sanchol and “Chol” cholsan are the basic or predominant temperament. The twelve blends of temperaments are thus: Sanchol, Cholsan, Sanphleg, Phlegsan, Sanmel, Melsan, Cholmel, Melchol, Cholphleg, Phlegchol, Melphleg, and Phlegmel. Now, let’s consider the attributes and lifestyle of the various temperament blends and combinations, and see if they describes you.

1. Sanchol:

Sanchols are the most extroverted or strongest extroverts of all the blends of temperaments, for they combined two extrovert temperament category. There’s nothing these persons does without being so loud about it, and also for everyone to see and notice them. They combine the liveliness of the sanguine plus the self-reliance of the cholerics.

You can count the number of times Sanchols are in their homes. They’re the type of people that you could visit them ten times in a day, and not find them once at home. For they are often with friends and admirers, just trying to explore the world more.

Never worry about them, for they sure know their way around. Sanchols are the type of people that are never in want of friends, if you do not come to them, they must come to you. But unfortunately, they are not real friends in the reality of what friendship connotes. They hardly stick with you to the end, thus, moving on to others should they no longer find you interesting is not uncommon for them you.

Although they are very expressive, lively, fun loving and highly spirited individuals who loves to pass on their happy and fun loving spirit to others. They often talk too much until they expose all their weaknesses for everyone to see.

They’re easily the most charismatic and expressive personalities, and because of the little choleric traits in them, they could be a bit convincing, somewhat disciplined and decisive. They often express a very shallow, quick and explosive anger whenever their feelings or emotion is taken for granted or undermined.

However, sanchols are the best persons to be close to whenever you feel bored or depressed, because they will lift up your spirit easily with their hilarious and storytelling ability.

2. Cholsan:

Cholsans are easily the second most extroverted individuals. Unlike their Sanchol counterparts that are very lively, cherry and hilarious, and also desires to pass on this happy mood to others, cholsans are very extremely assertive and domineering in all their relationships. They often acts like they are the boss.

Although, they do not talk too much like the Sanchols, but their speeches are very weighty and taken more seriously. They are never interested in noticing you or being mindful of what you think or feel about them. They simply live their lives like you’re not existing.

Cholsans do not bother so much about keeping friends, except you’ve got something they’re interested in, since they often feel very confident about themselves. Their glamorous and also vivacious lifestyles, plus their assertiveness makes them easily noticed.

Being irascible, controversial and aggressive when things do not go their way is not uncommon for them. They’re rarely emotional people, but because of the little sanguine traits in them, and if they also feel somewhat attracted to you, they could have some deep emotional feelings towards you, which could also evaporate the moment they perceive any kind of unserious attitude towards them.

3. Sanmels:

These are those who combines the warm, lively, ebullience and charisma of the sanguines with the emotional nature and analytical mind of the melancholy. The Sanmel is a very loving, friendly and emotional person who does not like to see people in pain.

For he could abandon every other thing to cater to their needs. They’ll encourage and lift up your spirit with their seasoned and gracious words. They easily let go and forgives those who hurts them without bearing any grudge against them. If they must react, they must do it immediately or else, forget about it.

They are sociable persons, who loves to relate with everyone. Their sense of humor, with their analytical and warm speeches makes people love to be friends with them. The happy and free spirited nature of the sanguine often stabilizes the melancholy’s tendency towards being moody.

4. Melsans:

Melsans are very gifted and talented people, especially in music and arts. They’re the most emotional of all the sanguine temperament blends. They are very simple and good-natured personalities, who are easy to get along with, but they’re often the most misunderstood individuals because of their unstable behavioral patterns.

Melsans could become so emotional that they’ll cry and shed tears, and at other times, they could become very angry, aggressive and unsympathetic, especially when they’ve been stressed more than they could bear.

Though they’re very friendly, approachable and unassuming, but they’re not crazy about having too many friends. Melsans easily gets depressed, but the little sanguine in them makes them get over it very easily. They take friendship and relationship more seriously than Sanmels.

5. Sanphleg:

Sanphlegs combines the liveliness and humorous nature of the sanguine with the calm and organized nature of the phlegmatics. They’re outgoing and social individuals who tends to always bluster and talk about what they’ve got, even when it’s unwarranted. Trying to stop them from blustering about their achievements often makes them feel you’re envious of or inferior to them.

Although not easily prone to anger and aggression, but sanphlegs could bear some negative thoughts and ill-feelings about others, which could also make them keep their distance from them. However, sanphlegs are outwardly nice and kind individuals, showing so much good traits and empathy. But more often than not, does most things just to be seen by people and to also get their love and accolades.

6. Phlegsan:

Phlegsans are very calm, congenial, humorous and unruffled individuals who are very easy to relate and get along with. They’re very cooperative, diplomatic and people-oriented personalities, who loves people and also desires to be loved by them as well. However, phlegsans do not like to be despised.

Their inferiority and poor self-esteem makes them do everything possible for you to notice them, and also compliment them. When you refuse to recognize or take notice of what they’ve got, they’ll become very upset and probably bear some inner resentment against you. No other temperament can be more timid and feel very unsecured than phlegsans, especially when they’re not accorded the needed recognition.

7. Cholmel:

Cholmel are very disciplined, decisive and determined individuals. There’s absolutely nothing these individuals want to achieve that they cannot achieve. For they combine both the practicality and productiveness of the cholerics with the intelligent and analytical mind of the melancholy. They’re obviously not much crazy about keeping friends, because they’re very self-sufficient personalities, who believes that they’re very competent and capable enough to get things done themselves, and obviously they are.

Cholmel are very unemotional people, who do not care about anything or anyone else, other than achieving their goals. No other temperament can be more prone to anger, hostility and aggressiveness than a cholmel. Do not try to engage them in argument, unless you’re sure of your facts. For they’ll make a mincemeat of you with their verbal aggression and attention to details. The moodiness of a typical melancholy is often stabilized by the optimism and courageousness of the choleric, making the cholmel a goal oriented personality.

8. Melchol:

Melchol is a highly disciplined, very detailed, analytical and perfectionist personality. They could establish their own enterprise or project and run it competently and efficiently without noise and colour. There’s no vocation melchols can’t succeed in. Like their cholmel counterparts, melchols are not so crazy about friendship, but they often value genuine relationship añd are friends with those who aligns with their serious, disciplined and visionary lifestyle.

They could lapse into depression, but not as much as the other blends of melancholy, for the melancholy’s mood swings is usually stabilised by the melchols determination and self-will. Both melchols and cholmels combines the hard to satisfy tendencies of the melancholies and difficult to please nature of the cholerics, making them both very uncomplimentary persons.

9. Cholphleg:

Cholphlegs are the most subdued of all temperament combination of the extrovert category. The hot, quick, active, decisive and determined traits of the choleric combined with the calm, gentle and organized nature of the phlegmatics, obviously makes the cholphlegs to be balanced in their lifestyle.

They do not at first gets easily interested or attracted to anything or anyone, but they’re very deliberate, decisive and determined to walk all the way to achieve their goals, and stick to what they believe in. They appear to be very balanced and organized in all they do. And rarely do they overflog issues or do more than what’s expected of them. The fearful, docile, sluggish and lack of motivation of the phlegmatics is often offset by the courageousness, forthrightness, decisiveness and determined nature of the choleric in a cholphleg.

10. Phlegchol:

Phlegchols are the most active of all the phlegmatic blends. However, since phlegmatics are the most calm and cool of all the temperaments, a combination of phlegmatic-choleric or phlegchol will be lukewarm. Their lifestyle will often work on inertia. They’ll be very reluctant individuals, unless they’re pushed, motivated and set rolling. And when they start rolling, they’ll continue like a roller- coaster until they get to where they want to be.

They’re very friendly and organized persons in public, who do not like to embarrass themselves or anyone. They’re also easily attracted to, and interested in people, but often loves to be noticed and appreciated by them. If they feel despised, they could withdraw themselves. Phlegchols do not go where they’ll not be recognized and appreciated. This is often because they’re highly competitive people who love to feel important and also be well- spoken of by others.

11. Melphlegs:

Melphlegs are extremely intelligent, analytical, detailed, gifted, talented and meticulous individuals who do combines the analytical perfectionist tendencies of the melancholies with the calm and efficiently-organized phlegmatics. Melchols are personable and self-sacrificing humanitarians, who desires and loves to see people happy and comfortable. They’re very friendly and hospitable. The most dependable and loyal of the blends of temperaments.

However, melphlegs do not come to you, unless you come to them first. Which often makes people feel they’re too egocentric or proud. They’re the blend that often battles with poor self-esteem or image because of their perfectionism. No other temperament blend is often more susceptible to long depression than the melphlegs. Despite all of the melphleg’s desirable and inestimable qualities, he still has a very poor and inferior view of himself, always thinking that his best isn’t good enough, and others are better of than himself.

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12. Phlegmels:

Phlegmels are often the most subdued of all the temperament blends and combinations. For they’re the most quiet, calm, gentle and gracious of all. They’re rarely aggressive, hostile and angry. The fear of getting into conflict or contentions with anyone makes them become overly conscious of what they say or do, and also their safety and security. Which often makes them easily taken advantage of, or subdued.

Phlegmels are the most emotional introverts temperament blends, since they’re easily drawn to self-pity whenever they’re hurt, bored or feel depressed. They’re very organized and meticulously patient personalities who loves routines, and does their jobs calmly and efficiently.

However, phlegmels often battles with shyness, lack of motivation, indecision and fear, which negatively affects their success in life or hinders them from reaching the heights they’re expected to reach in life. Though not a hostile, aggressive and contentions individual but phlegmels could bear some inner anger and resentments against those who hurts them.

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