7 Major Personality Traits Of Melancholies In Their Relationship.

Melancholies are one of the best temperament category whose traits are profoundly distinct and unstable . They’ve got very unpredictable and unstable character that often leaves everyone confused about their true nature. No one, apart from their spouses and kids or those who had been their acquaintances for a very longtime, can understand their real character and behavioral pattern. Melancholies have got a complicated nature that a lot of persons finds very difficult to understand.

They’re like analog computers whose results and responses changes as the input variables are altered. They may sometimes appear very calm, peaceful and quiet like phlegmatics, and at other times they’ll display a violent and aggressive attitude like cholerics, that makes you wonder if they were the same person you’ve known. It’s obviously for this reason that so many persons often finds it very difficult getting along well with them for a longtime.

However, melancholies are one of the best companions anyone can have. For those who perfectly understands them and have related with them for a while, they can attest to the fact that they’re very friendly, dependable and loyal partners who do not disappoint or betray those who are counting on them. No other temperament is more loyal and reliable than melancholies. For their conscientiousness, and perhaps perfectionism does not allow them fail those who are honest with them, and are relying on them to do the right thing.

In their relationship, melancholies are one of the most romantic and loyal lovers. Apart from phlegmatics who comes close, melancholies are one temperament that so much values their relationship, and they’re very committed to it like their lives depend on it. They’ve got the deepest feelings and emotions towards the one they love πŸ’” and find very attractive. No wonder they’re the temperament that easily gets heartbreak from a dating relationship and could feel depressed for a very longtime because of a broken relationship.

Melancholies loves deeply, but are still very rational in their reasoning, and do not allow their love to becloud their reasonability. All temperaments are jealous over their ❀️ heartthrobs, but a melancholy’s level of jealousy over their lovers is second to none. Although melancholies often hide their true feelings.

Even when they feel attracted to you, they’ll rather wait for you to make the first move or give them enough greenlight. It’s quite unfortunate that many melancholies does not know the kind of characters or personalities that suits them for marriage or dating relationship, thus they easily fall for those whose personality traits isn’t compatible with theirs.

While all temperaments has got their respective strengths and weaknesses, but there are some temperaments that are not the best for melancholies in marriage unless they’ve got other secondary temperament. Read “Best compatible temperaments for marriage and relationships” in order to discover which temperaments are more compatible.

Melancholies are one temperament that’s hard to get for a relationship since they’re introverts who are more concerned about themselves, very circumspect in choosing who they want in their life, and rarely open to talking with strangers. Thus, getting them for a dating relationship is a task you must be deliberate about. To get a melancholy for dating, especially a female melancholy, you must try to “interest her on your first date“. It’s only when you’re able to interest than impress her on your first outing that you can get her to commit to a serious relationship with you.

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Let’s consider some of the personal oddities of melancholies in their Eros relationship:

1. Moodiness:

To sound more like a broken record, melancholies are very moody people. They frequently lapse into moodiness especially when things do not work out the way they want or planned it. This moody dispositions sometimes leads them into depression and if not properly managed by their partner who’s the closest person to them, it could perhaps lead them to being manicly-depressed and consequently affects their total well-being.

When melancholies are very happy and comfortable, they could gain some weight just within a day or two, and when they’re sad and moody, loosing weight is in a matter of minutes because it will affect them to their hearts. Consequently, during this period, withdrawal from all activities and anger is the easiest thing for them. Read: “How To Overcome Temperament induced depression”. If your desire is to marry a loving and faithful melancholy, you must be in the know that you’re going to spend the rest of your life with a very moody person.

2. Nagging:

No other temperament complains and nags more than melancholies. When the lines do not fall for them in very pleasant places, the first and easiest thing for them, is to nag. Although they’ve got the ability to endure painful and adverse situations but their nagging attitude often makes some of the challenges they’re confronted with, appears seemingly insurmountable. Melancholies are solution oriented people, but they need to work on themselves in making their potentials come to reality and impact positively on their lifestyle.

Living with a nagging and moody melancholy” could be a bit boring unless they marry someone who loves them beyond their weaknesses and personal oddities. When they’re not happy about anything rather than just express their displeasure, they’ll often nag until you get pissed. If you want to marry a melancholy, you must understand that nagging is one of their personal oddity.

3. Insecurity:

Never make a melancholy feel there’s someone more important to you than themself, or attempt to compare them to someone else. For they’re very jealous individuals who feels very unsecured when they’re made to feel they’ve got a rival. Despite their inestimable qualities and attributes, melancholies still have a very poor self-esteem that often makes them feel others are better of than themselves. Telling them about someone who you probably like an aspect of their trait, already makes them feel jealous and unsecured. Thus, if you want marry a melancholy, be aware that they’re very jealous and unsecured people. Hence, do well not to compare them with anyone or make them feel there is something anyone has got that they do not have.

4. Hard To Satisfy:

Because of their perfectionist lifestyle, melancholies are very hard to satisfy. No other temperament is prone to perfectionism like the melancholies. An attitude that often makes them rarely appreciate themselves and others. For melancholies, whatever that’s not one hundred percent done, is considered an underachievement. Typical melancholies finds it difficult to appreciate their spouses if they did not do things to their own taste and standards. They love things perfectly done their own way. Unless they’ve got another secondary temperament of almost equal ratio to their basic melancholy temperament, they’ll be very critical and insatiable persons. Read some of the “Melancholies weaknesses that negatively affects their relationship”.

5. Easily offended:

Apart from cholerics who are easily prone to anger, and will often express it through verbal as well as physical aggressiveness. Melancholies are the temperament that are easily offended by very minute and negligible things which you may not even realize could get them upset. And the unfortunate thing is that they’re not as expressive as the sanguines and cholerics. Thus they’ll decide to harbor some negative feelings against you, and perhaps keep their distance from you. Joking about something that touches on their emotions, could get them upset and may decide to avoid you. One thing you can’t take away from them, is that they’re extremely very careful not to hurt or offend you. This could be the reason why they get easily offended, because they expect you to be as careful as they are.

6. Not Easily Reconciliatory:

When melancholies are offended and perhaps angry, do not think they’ll be the first to seek for reconciliation. No, they’ll not. Unless they’re sure that they’re wrong. Even in their dating relationship or marriage, whether male or female melancholy, they’re rarely reconciliatory especially if they’re not sure they’ve got any case to answer. Melancholies and cholerics are two temperaments that could carry over a quarrel with their spouses to the next day, perhaps because of their ego of not wanting you to see them to be too weak or desperate. Unless they’ve got a secondary temperament of either phlegmatics or sanguines, it will take longer than necessary reconciling with their heartthrobs after a conflict.

7. Verbal Aggression & Abuse:

While cholerics are both physically and verbally aggressive and abusive when they’re angry, a melancholy’s verbal aggression and abusiveness when he’s upset is even more painful than if he were to physically abuse you. No other temperament can be more rude and totally inconsiderate in their use of words when they’re angry than a typical melancholy. Their knife-cutting and hurtful words will leave you wondering if they actually loved you. Don’t be confused, they actually do. But their desire to make you feel their pain, often makes them overreact. So, before you decide to marry a melancholy, be aware that they’re more verbally than physically abusive

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