4 Temperament Blends That Are More Successful In Marriage.

Which Temperaments Are More Successful In Marriage?

Have you ever wondered why some marriages succeeds in every aspect more than the other? While some marriages may be tumultuous at the beginning but later experiences more peaceful moments. Others will relish the fun, happy and peaceful moments at the early stages of their marriage but the spouses will later become very antagonistic and intolerant of each other. It might interest you to know that our temperament plays a major role in the success of our marriage. And to what extent you’ll succeed in marriage, will be dependent on your basic temperament, which influences all your actions and inactions.

Though, all human beings are created equally but we’re distinct from one another in our internal buildups and designs. This no doubt gives credence to the fact that while some persons could without so much effort and struggle, succeed in many areas of endeavors, others will find it very hard succeeding in the same areas. Our temperaments plays a major role in how intelligent, disciplined and determined we are. Notwithstanding, every temperament has got various strengths that’ll make them succeed in different fields of endeavor, and also various weaknesses that’ll tend to hinder their success.

However, different persons could succeed in various fields of endeavor, courtesy of the temperament they’re born with. But when it comes to marriage, there are some basic needs and necessities that are required to make it a success, and only but a few temperaments has got these basic necessities. For other temperaments, unless they’ve got another secondary temperament of substantial ratio, they’ll hardly succeed in marriage or perhaps struggle with it. It’s for this reason that every human being has got a secondary temperament that’s less influential compared to the first.

Different temperaments may be some how compatible for marriage, but some temperaments succeeds more than others regardless of the level of their compatibility. This is obviously because they’ve got basic strengths and qualities that makes marriage thick.

In today’s post, we want to consider the four temperament blends that if they make their strengths come to bare, they’ll definitely have a happy and successful marriage. This is not to say that other blends or combination may not succeed in marriage, but we are more interested in those that have got the capacity to be successful in every aspect of their marriage.

What’s even a successful marriage you may want to ask? Marital success could be relative to different persons. But i consider it to mean all-around success. That is, success in every ramification of the marriage. It means first of all, being compatible in terms of personality traits and also in terms of sexual compatibility. In order to boost your sexual performance, I will recommend you check out some organic enhancement products that’ll bolster your sexual performance. The promescent delay spray for men is one of such product. Order it now, to boost your sex life. You will also see reviews about the product by other customers who had bought and used the it when you click on it in Amazon store. These couples also uses their basic temperament strengths to raise kids who are well-bred. It does not mean that their marriage will be devoid of any conflict, but the couples had had a good understanding of one another’s temperament weaknesses and they sure know how to effortlessly manage and resolve their differences.

These four were chosen based on the fact that they perfectly understand one another. To better understand your spouse’s temperament, I will quickly recommend you order and read temperament God gave your spouse by Laraine Bennett. Order the bestseller now because stocks are limited. Secondly, these couples rarely involve a third party in resolving their issues, and finally they raise the most disciplined and responsible kids. They are in order of least successful to the most successful, with the first being the least among them and the last, the most successful.

Temperament Combination That Are More Successful In Marriage:

1. Phlegmatic-Choleric Couples:

This is a marriage between a very calm, quiet, gentle, peaceful and very organized personality like phlegmatic and an aggressive, domineering, self-sufficient and activity-prone personality like the choleric. In this union, a timid and fearful phlegmatic could be able to be more courageous, decisive and determined. This will no doubt enable the phlegmatic spouse to overcome some of his temperament weaknesses. The phlegmatic spouse could also use his gentleness, peaceful disposition and organization to also influence his choleric spouse and make them become more tolerant and organized.

In a typical Phlegchol marriage, too much conflicts and controversies is not expected, because the couples had before tieing the nut understand one another’s personality traits. Moreover the graciousness and peaceful nature of the phlegmatic spouse will often help to weather any storm. However, for this marriage to work well and be successful, I’ll advice the man to be the phlegmatic, while the woman should be the choleric in order to avoid making the marriage a master and servant relationship. Men are by nature egotistic, thus combining such ego with another very domineering and ego-minded temperament like the choleric, will make him overly bossy and domineering. And this will no doubt make the marriage look like a master and servant relationship if married to a phlegmatic woman.

Women are by nature more, loyal respectful and considerate. If a typical choleric woman marries a very calm, peaceful and organized phlegmatic man, there will definitely be some level of consideration and respect for him, regardless of her ego, since he’s got some of the qualities of loyalty and commitment to his home that might often interest her.

Except for the phlegmatic spouse, perhaps when he or she could no longer cope with the problems and challenges in the marriage. Otherwise phlegchol marriage rarely involves a third party before they could resolve their issues. But when the challenges had become too unbearable for a typical phlegmatic, because of their fear of facing pressures and also to probably attract sympathy, they’ll not hesitate to tell anyone who’s very close to them about what they’re going through. But if they could be more resolute and self-sufficient like the choleric’s, they’ll stand a better chance protecting and preserving their marriage and not allow a third party interference that could ruin it.

Phlegchol couples also raises some  disciplined and responsible kids. For the gentleness, calmness, meekness and efficiently-organized nature of the phlegmatic spouse will combine with the courageousness, decisiveness and self-sufficiency of the choleric to make their kids well-bred.

2. Melancholic-Phlegmatic Couples:

This is a marriage between two basic introverts. Although a phlegmatic is more introverted than a melancholy. These two temperaments are more maritally compatible if and only when they’ll not have to face any internal or external conflict. If this could happen, then they’ll relish their warmth and romance together, plus a very lovely, peaceful and harmonious relationship with not only themselves alone, but with also their kids. You can read my post on melancholy and phlegmatic temperaments marital relationship.

These two temperament categories shares almost similar qualities except that melancholies are more detailed, down-to-earth and are perfectionists. Secondly, melancholies have a more complicated character that’s very difficult for any other person to easily comprehend apart from their spouse and kids, or someone that’s closer to them. However, phlegmatics are more consistent in their character than melancholies, since the latter has got different mood swings.

The Melphleg couples are compatible for marriage in many areas. Although they’re not the most compatible since both of them battles with shyness, fear and also lacks the courage and decisiveness to confront certain unfavorable times. These weaknesses are usually exposed when they begin to encounter some very challenging situations either from within or from without.

In this union, the intelligence of the melancholy plus their disciplined, and self-sacrificing nature is combined with the phlegmatic’s calm, peaceful and organized qualities to make the melphleg’s marriage quite successful. Because of their introvertedness and unexpressive nature, a third party interference is limited. They’ll rarely tell anyone what’s going on in their marriage. The phlegmatic spouse may out of their inability to withstand pressures or just to attract sympathy, let those who are very close to them become aware of it. But a melancholic spouse on the other hand, is very intelligent and disciplined enough to not bring in any third party, but they believe they can resolve whatever it is. And yes, they actually can because they’re by nature solution-oriented individuals.

In the area of raising kids and being sexually compatible. Melphlegs are so much sexually compatible, especially in a very peaceful and also serene atmosphere where both are very happy and excited with each other. Their sexual desire and passion for each other will be ignited. These couples also raises some of the most intelligent, disciplined and extremely organized kids, but they’ll battle with fear and lack of confidence.

3. Melancholic-Melancholic Couples:

Some of the basic qualities that could attract melancholies to themselves are qualities of loyalty to one another, mutual love and respect for each other, being emotionally sensitive to the feelings of one another, mutual commitment to their family and kids and probably their intelligence. These couples are compatible in many areas and they’ll relish their togetherness in marriage if they choose to tie the nut. However, their personal oddities and temperament weaknesses of nagging, moodiness, selfishness and perhaps pessimism will be a clog in their will of progress.

Although, it’s adviced for people to marry opposite temperaments they’re compatible with, in order to avoid having the weaknesses of a particular temperament become so embedded and overwhelming. However, there are still some similar temperaments that finds themselves worthy enough to get married because they’re often attracted to their basic qualities and strengths. One of such temperaments are the melancholies. Read my post on: two predominantly melancholic couples in marriage. I may condone or understand melancholies tieing the nuptial nut together, but will find it very awkward understanding the rationale behind two sanguines, or two cholerics and perhaps two typical phlegmatics marrying each other.

When two predominant melancholic temperaments gets married, they’ll live their lives as if they’re the only people existing on the earth, because they usually mind their business and do not have time for any other person apart from themselves. In this union, third party interferences is almost eliminated. Rarely would you see melancholies complain to anyone about their spouses. They often learn to keep their secrets intact. It’s for this reason that most persons often envy them and decides to keep away from them.

Melancholies are very personable and admirable persons when they’re very happy and excited. So the best time that they’re sexually compatible with each other and will relish their fun and emotional moments, is when they’re happy and elated. But aside this, their sexual urge or feelings will be totally dead. These couples also raises the most disciplined, intelligent, detailed and organized kids, but who may battle with low self-esteem or poor self-image.

4. Melancholic-Choleric Spouses:

I consider these two couples as the most successful opposite or dissimilar temperaments in marriage. Because they face all their challenges and problems, and would had understand their individual weaknesses early enough in the marriage. These two couples may appear to be maritally incompatible, and not many could fathom how a seemingly quiet, gentle and may be naive melancholy is able to live with a very aggressive, fearless, canterkerous and boisterous choleric. But these two understands themselves better than anyone else, and they’re fine with each other. You may read my post on: choleric and melancholy temperament marital relationship.

First off, for this marriage to work well, like the phlegchol couples, I’ll advice that the man should be the melancholic spouse while the woman be the choleric. Although melchol couples usually faces much conflicts at the early stages of their marriage but they later becomes love birds to the admiration of everyone. This is why if a melchol marriage can last the first five years, then trust that it will definitely last a lifetime.

Both of them are usually attracted to their individual strengths and sterling qualities, and are often intrigued by those admirable qualities. A choleric spouse will usually be attracted to her melancholic spouse’s comportment in public, and his intelligence, loyalty plus commitment to her and the well- being of their family. While a typical melancholy spouse will honestly be attracted and appreciative of his choleric spouse’s courage, boldness, hardworking and their self-sufficient nature.

In this union, third party interference is totally kept at bay or completely eliminated because these couples so much understands themselves and are also loyal to each other. A choleric is too busy and often sees it as time wasting telling anyone about their marriage when they can decide on what to do and advice themselves appropriately. While a melancholy is disciplined and intelligent enough to keep their private life private, and make decisions for themselves where necessary. These couples seems to be bonded to each other, because no one is more important to a choleric other than their heartthrobs, and nothing else is more important to a typical melancholy more than their marriage and family.

Melchol couples are no doubt sexually compatible especially when they’ve both achieved their goals and are very happy with one another. They also raises the most disciplined, intelligent courageous, hardworking and very responsible kids who are easily feared or respected by other kids.

Conclusively, different temperaments may be attracted to each other in eros relationships like marriage. But while some could be successful to an extent, others are more and overwhelmingly successful. And the four temperament blends I’ve listed above are those that I consider to be more successful in almost all aspects of their marital and family life.

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  1. Wow! What a nice piece of relatable information. I and my husband perfectly fits into the last category. I’m a choleric and he’s a melancholy, and we both understand each other and appreciates our individual strengths. Thanks for throwing more light on this. I will be making a little donation as my way of supporting you. Thank you for sharing.



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