20 Best Digital Careers For The Four Temperament Categories.

In one of my previous post about best digital careers for melancholies and phlegmatics, I highlighted some basic digital careers that melancholies and phlegmatics will appreciate in 2022. But in today’s post, we want to take it a step further by considering more digital career prospects, 5 each for the four basic temperament categories in a digitalized world like ours.

Technological advancements has no doubt made it imperative for anyone who wants to advance in their career and also appreciate the innovations in technology, to choose a career in the digital space, or better still find a way to become a bit more technologically savvy, irrespective of the career field they’re into. This is because a lot of jobs have been automated out of existence, and most likely, more jobs will be run, as some are presently being driven by superb technological innovations. One of those that could easily come to mind, is the proposed metaverse, where humans will be represented by avatars, and made to function more like in virtual reality world.

Having said this, some of us could be doing very well already in different careers that suits our temperaments. But the challenge is how we can make our knowledge of technology and the internet come to bare on those career or perhaps synchronize those careers with technological improvements. As we acquire degrees from various universities for different traditional courses, we must also make deliberate efforts in becoming very adept at various skills or career fields that are not only very profitable but are also technologically based, especially in this digital age. It’s for this reason that we want to look at some of the major careers that all temperament classes or categories will be best suited for.

However, any temperament category could be successful in any of these careers and become very efficient at it. Since all it requires is, discipline, concentration and patience to master a skill. It’s for this reason that, in this post, you could perhaps see some temperament categories sharing similar careers, since they’ve got the basic traits or qualities to quickly learn the nitty-gritty of such career and become proficient at it within a short time. Nevertheless, our focus is to list these careers with the basic strengths of each temperaments in mind, and in order of priority.

Best Digital Careers For Sanguines:

The sanguines are people-oriented and charismatic personalities, who thrives more in such careers that often tends to bring them closer to people. As a sanguine, you do not like routines that deprives you the chance to meet different persons, or careers that requires so much discipline, details, analysis, organization and carefulness, eventhough you admire these qualities. Some digital careers you can start considering in a digital world are:

1. Social Media Marketing:

As a typical sanguine, you’ve got the charisma and word-of-mouth to pass your message across to anyone and communicate very succinctly to make people believe in, and patronize any product or service you recommend. A very important aspect of the internet you could leverage to effectively do this, are the various social networking sites. Creating a Facebook page, an Instagram account, a Twitter lists, a Whatsapp group, and also having an account in all the major social media platforms, will enable you to quickly build connections with people and efficiently market your products and services to them. You could build a career in social media marketing by getting some relevant books that will enable you advance in this career field. Social media marketing is sure one of the best for you as sanguine in this digital age.

2. Video Marketing:

Sometimes as a sanguine, you may want to better express yourself and have your audience connect more with you so they could feel your swagger and razzmatazz while selling something to them. This is why you’ll require a career in video marketing. You need to learn how to use some social networking video platforms such as, YouTube, to effectively do all of your marketing stuffs.

3. Influencer Marketing:

As a sanguine, you’ve got lots of fans who can’t wait to cash in on any post from you on social media or whatever product you recommend because of your people-oriented qualities. This is why a career in influencer marketing is perfect for you. You could get hired by big organizations or they could seek your endorsement to promote some of their products or services and get your fans to patronize them, while you get rewarded handsomely for it.

4. Public Speaking/Power Point Presentation:

In this digital age, speech presentation rarely comes without showing your audiences some graphical and also pictorial presentation. As a sanguine, you’ve no doubt got an excellent oratory, but that’ll not suffice in this age an time without being adept at PowerPoint presentation. You’ve got to improve your public speaking skills through learning how to make use of basic knowledge of computer, such as PowerPoint in presenting a speech that your audience will appreciate.

5. Webcast/Podcast Making:

As a typical sanguine, you’re a very good orator, who could make anyone listening to you become so interested in your speech. You’re more adept at speaking and communication, rather than writing. It’s for this reason that a career or skill in webcasting and podcast making will be not just a very profitable one, but very fulfilling as well. You could use your webcast and podcast to get your thoughts and opinions to your fans and followers, popularize yourself, and also market your products and services to your audience.

Let’s consider some digital career prospects for cholerics.

Best Digital Careers For Cholerics:

6. Social Media Influencer:

Cholerics are very hard-working, productive, courageous, smart and self-sufficient personalities, who are very fast in learning any skill and also becoming very efficient in it. They are the temperament that often push for change, and could mobilize people for revolution, while spearheading it. Some of the digital careers they’ll be best suited for are:

As a choleric, you’re by nature a leader. A natural motivator, mobilizer and influencer. You could use your courageous and fearless nature to influence, motivate and mobilize people for a common cause and purpose. People often looks up to you for approval, and also admires your boldness and courage. It’s for this reason that starting a career as a social media influencer, in which you could use your social media accounts and platforms to influence, inspire and mobilize people, and also stamp yourself as an authority in your niche, is such a very good one. You’ll get recommendations and endorsements deals and most likely, some supports from different organizations and brands.

7. App & Software Development:

Your fast learning ability at anything that requires skill and practicality, plus your high level productivity is no doubt a boost to choosing a career in apps and software development. You could focus on developing various apps and softwares to solve some of the major problems people may be confronted with. Go learn the skills required to build an application and software, and take your career to the next level.

8. Computer Programming:

Cholerics are technologically savvy individuals because of their passion and interest in it. Thus, coding in basic programming languages and writing instructions that computers will understand and also be able to execute, in order to perform a task or solve a particular problem, is sure one of the best digital career for you.

9. Cyber Security:

In these days of database hacking and internet fraud, a career in cyber security is sure one of the best digital career anyone could consider. Any of the temperament categories could be a cyber security expert, but some temperaments like cholerics and phlegmatics will be faster in learning the skill because of their dexterity and love for practicality. A melancholy could also do well in cyber security because of their intelligence, problem solving skills, analytical minds, and their detailed orientedness, but they’ll need more time to acquire the skill.

10. Tech Writing & Support:

A choleric is usually the first among all temperament categories, to test and get acquainted with any new digital products because of their quest to use the latest products in town, and also their sophistication. Next to them are the sanguines. Thus, a career in tech writing and support, in which you could teach people, and also show them how to make use of the latest digital products through writing some manuals and handbooks, or starting a tech blog, is no doubt a profitable digital career you could consider.

Let’s consider some of the best digital careers for the introverts:

Best Digital Careers For Melancholies:

11. Digital Marketing:

Because of your intelligence, creative writing skills and your ability to read the minds of your readers, who may later become your loyal customers or clients. A career in digital marketing as a melancholy wouldn’t be a bad idea. However there are various areas of digital marketing. You could decide to focus on copywriting, social media marketing, content marketing, email marketing and perhaps search engine optimization. Digital marketing is the process of leveraging on the internet to market and advertise your services or products, through creating content that’ll compel your readers to take action.

12. Website Design:

Website design is another career in the digital space you may also want to consider going into. This is because you’ve got the creativity, perfectionist tendencies and your passion to give people the best, and make them feel very relaxed and comfortable while surfing the web. You can venture into a career in website design, and help people build a user-friendly blog and websites.

13. Data Analysis:

This is no doubt one of the most profitable digital career in this digital age. Data analysts are often sought after by big organizations, to enable them get and compute online data about how people are interacting with their business, and what demography they ought to target. As a melancholy, you’ve got to the analytical and also the problem solving skills to go into this career, and also proffer solutions to challenges that’ll help businesses and organizations to improve their productivity.

14. Blogging:

Still on your creative writing ability, detail-orientedness, and your passion to impart knowledge through writing, a career in blogging will no doubt give you an edge over others. You could consider starting a blog on your areas of expertise or something you’re very much passionate about and carve out a niche for yourself in the blogging world. Other digital products you can also integrate into your blogging career and make money are, e-books publishing and podcast making.

15. Research and Development:

As a typical melancholy, you’re a solution-oriented personality. You love solving problems, and you’re also creative enough to think outside the box and come up with a solution. This could make you go the extra mile to making sure you get a particular problem solved. Research is one sure way to innovations and development. You could also consider a career in research, since you’re a very detailed, analytical and perfectionist individual who’s very meticulous about almost everything. You could perhaps think of a particular sector that’s been very challenging for people, and carry out a thorough research on it, then make your findings and proposals public online. Research is sure one of the best career you’ll find interesting in this digital and information age as a melancholy.

Best Digital Careers For Phlegmatics:

16. Virtual Assistant:

Typical phlegmatics are very diligent in their routine duties, and are more organized than all the other category of temperaments. Thus a career in virtual assistant, in which your job description and functions will involve scheduling appointments, travel arrangements, scheduling and organizing virtual meetings, making phone calls and also managing email accounts, is what you’ll definitely find very attractive as a phlegmatic.

17. IT Management:

Information technology management is another career a typical phlegmatic will find very attractive. Because of your administrative and managerial ability, you could administer and monitor an organization’s IT systems such as: hardwares, softwares and networks. And also focus on making sure that information systems operate more efficiently, with a view to helping staffs and personnels work better.

18. Computer Aided Designs:

As a phlegmatic, you’re a meticulously patient individual with fast learning ability, and also your love for skill and practicality. Because you often first have a mental picture of what you want to do, it’s for this reason I want to recommend a career in computer designs. Using a computer to design very complex facilities, such as plant equipment, buildings and all other construction projects. A career in computer designs is sure one of the best for you.

19. Website Design:

As a phlegmatic, just like your typical melancholy counterpart, you’ve got an analytical thinking ability and your love for organization, and also being very efficient in what you do. This basic qualities qualifies you for a career in website design. In which you’ll be able to design website and blogs that are user-friendly for all visitors. Web designers are sought after by individual website owners and organizations who wants to optimize their sites and make it more user-friendly. Thus, this career is such a very profitable one you can venture in, and maximize your income.

20. Virtual Teaching:

As a typical phlegmatic, you love to teach and impart knowledge, and also because of your unique calm, gentle, organized and interpersonal skills, you often find the teaching profession very attractive. However, in this digital age, the teaching profession has taken a new dimension, in which you do not need to physically be with your students or audience. It’s for this reason that a digital career in virtual teaching will be profitable for you. You’ll need to learn the basics and skills involved in organizing an online or virtual lessons.

Conclusively, different temperaments could succeed in any digital career, and even in the 20 we’ve listed above. However, these ones were listed and recommended based on temperament strengths of different temperaments, and their individual personality traits.

Thanks for reading. Don’t forget to leave your comments, questions and suggestions on this post. If you find this post interesting, kindly buy me a cup of coffee or support me πŸ™ to maintain this blog’s running cost. Thank you.



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