11 Best Formal Careers For Typical Phlegmatics.

Which Careers Are Best For Phlegmatics?

The four basic temperaments has got innate strengths and weaknesses that are peculiar to the personality traits of everyone. And we’ll often be seen doing things according to the control and influence of our temperament on us. Thus, knowing your temperament will enable you to do what you are by making the right career choice.

The benefits of doing what you are are enormous. You’ll not only be happy in your job, you’ll also feel very fulfilled and accomplished. It’s for this reason that in today’s post, we want to look at some of the careers that phlegmatics are best suited for. First off, it’s very important we know who phlegmatics are.

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Who Are Phlegmatics?

Straight off, phlegmatics are the most introverted of the four temperaments categories followed by melancholies. They’re the most calm, quiet, gentle and efficiently-organized individuals. They’ve got numerous potentials that remains dormant and untapped as a result of their lack of self-motivation.

This post is obviously not intended to delve into some of the weaknesses of a typical phlegmatic because it’s has been extensively dealt with in some of my previous posts. Let us focus on some phlegmatic’s strengths which makes them best suited for some jobs that’ll be listed in this post later.

Like we said earlier, phlegmatics are highly introverted individuals who often keeps to themselves, but loves people to be around them. He rarely comes to meet you or perhaps initiate friendship and conversation, but he’s a very friendly and accommodating personality just like his melancholy counterpart.

Phlegmatics loves to live very serene and sedentary lifestyles, rarely gets involved in other people’s affairs unless he’s very certain he will be affectionately welcomed. He’s easily the most peaceful and likeable of all the temperaments because of his simplicity, gentleness and calmness.

Phlegmatics are also very organized personalities who likes everything to be in their proper place and position. They are very meticulously-patient, dutiful and diligent individuals, who often does their routine jobs with calmness, and without any noise and colour, just like their melancholic counterpart.

However, unlike their melancholy counterparts especially when their mood is down, phlegmatics are rarely aggressive, confrontational and contentious persons. Simply because of the fear of being in conflict with any one, which could negatively impact on their happy and relaxed mood. Enough said about the qualities of a typical phlegmatic, let’s go down to our topic of the day.

Which Careers Are Best Suitable For Phlegmatics?

Phlegmatics could do well in any job or career that directly impacts on the lives of people, requires routine and being diligent, analysis, organization and meticulous-patience. It’s basically for this reason that we choose these below careers. You could also add yours to this list in the comment section.

1. Clerical Officers:

This is one job that phlegmatics will easily do very well in, because of their love for routines, being organized and diligent with their jobs. As a clerical officer, you’ll be involved in filling documents, answering phone calls, responding to correspondence and emails, reception desk duties, data entry and any job that’ll include, and also makes the day-to-day running of an organization or a particular department in that organization very easy. As a phlegmatic, a career in clerical duties is sure one to consider.

2. Administrative Secretary:

Phlegmatics also makes very good administrators and administrative secretaries. Because of your diligence, organisational qualities, and being prompt in discharging your duties, particularly when it’s a routine. A job or career in administrative secretary is sure one of the best for you to consider. Your job is to report to your organization’s executives and managers after you’ve completed your task.

3. Book keeping & Finance:

Your organizational and managerial qualities, qualifies you to venture into a book/record keeping and finance management career. Keeping your organization’s books, finance records and information safe, is the basic task you need to perform in this career.

4. Auxiliary Nurse:

A career in a helping or auxiliary nursing will be a very attractive and great career for you as a phlegmatic. Your meticulous patience, caring and kind-hearted nature will be the main catalyst or motivation to enable you succeed in this career.

5. Personnel Management:

Phlegmatics are very good human managers. Their peaceful nature and ability to relate with everyone, rarely being in a contentious and conflicting situation with people. But often tries to pacify and easily resolve any crisis within personnels, makes phlegmatics good human and personnel managers.

6. Conflict Management & Resolution:

Phlegmatics have got the ability to mediate between two or more people who are dagger-drawn, and easily resolve the conflict, and also make peace between them. Because of their calm and peaceful disposition, typical phlegmatics are often respected by people especially when they’ve risen to a respectable status in the society. The world is presently in need of conflict or dispute managers, and those who could mediate between warring factions and engender peace. A career in conflict resolution is no doubt one of the best for phlegmatics. You could get some books on conflict or dispute resolution to sharpen your skills on this career.

7. Diplomatic Relations:

Phlegmatics will find a career in diplomatic relations very attractive and interesting. Because of their sense of humor, organized and congenial nature, this career is sure one that ranks even with their temperament. They’ll make very good ambassadors, building and initiating very cordial relationships between their country and others.

8. Engineering:

One career field that often attracts most phlegmatics is engineering. Phlegmatics often makes very good engineers, and they excel in it. Their analytical minds enables them to easily design reactors, systems and equipments to be used in processing materials. The branch of engineering they mostly succeeds in, are chemical, mechanical and electrical engineering fields. Apart from the theoretical area, phlegmatics are also very good in the field work, because they’ve got the ability to quickly acquire the relevant skill, and become very adept at it.

9. Doctors/Surgeons:

Because of their serene and sedentary lifestyles, meticulous patience, caring, disciplined and humanitarian nature, phlegmatics also makes very good and efficient medical doctors or surgeons. For they’ve got the required discipline and patience to go through the rigors of medical school, and also the skills and carefulness to practice as doctors or surgeons. Infact, there are more phlegmatics and melancholies in the medical profession than sanguines and cholerics.

10. Architecture:

Because of their analytical, creative and mechanical aptitude, phlegmatics can also do very well as architects. They’ve got the mechanical aptitude and reasonability to envision things and have a mental picture of the particular structural design they want, and put the drawing on paper. However, they may not have the capacity to bring that design to reality, they’ll be better off, hiring a choleric to do that.

11. Teaching:

This list will not be complete without adding the teaching profession. This is one career that phlegmatics are often attracted to, and they become very successful in it. Phlegmatics makes very excellent teachers because of their gentle, calm and friendly nature, plus their love for basic routines and analysis. The teaching profession is no doubt one of the best for phlegmatics. Their pupils or students will often be comfortable in their class, and also relish their lectures or tutorials because of the warm and congenial atmosphere they often create, while teaching. They’re rarely harsh, critical and impatient unlike their typical melancholy counterparts.

In conclusion, the list of careers typical phlegmatics could do well in does not start and end in this post. These careers were chosen based on the fact that they rank even with a typical phlegmatic’s temperament. Any career that impacts directly on people’s lives, requires routine and being consistently-deligent, analysis and meticulous-patience. As long as it does not require them venturing into unknown and unfamiliar territories or breaking into new grounds, and may be having them to be at the fore-front of accomplishing a task, is the best for a typical phlegmatic.

Thanks for reading. Don’t forget to leave your comments, questions and suggestions on this post. If you find this post helpful, kindly buy me a cup of coffee or support 🙏 to maintain this blog’s running cost. Thank you.



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