How To Turn Your Temperament Strengths Into A Profitable Venture.

Every temperament has got different strengths that can be maximized and leveraged on, to become a self-made billionaire. More often than not, the quest of getting a job and get paid by the end of the month actually hinders most persons from attaining the acme of financial success they’re meant to attain in life, and also keeps them perpetually under economic slavery.

Every human being, courtesy of the temperament they’re born with, has got some basic natural strengths that can be refined and turned into some personal profitable career or venture. However, not everybody may be able to turn their temperament strength into a very profitable personal career and become self-made billionaire, but you could at least, maximize those strengths to the point that you’ll become the go-to person in that field and also the most sought after, by big brands.

Most of the world’s billionaires, both present and past identified their basic natural strengths, built on them and punched to the level of those strength even sometimes above their weight, to get to where they are.

It’s for this reason that in today’s post, we would be considering one or more major innate strengths of the four basic temperaments that can easily be maximized and turned into a very profitable, and also highly rewarding career or business venture. Without much Ado, let’s get quickly started:

Best Profitable Career or Venture For Sanguines:

First off, who’s a sanguine? A typical sanguine is the most extroverted of all the temperaments. He’s easily the most expressive and outgoing of all the temperaments. His charismatic, highly-spirited, and people-oriented qualities plus liveliness often endears him to so many people.

None other temperament is more outgoing and people-oriented more than sanguines. He often finds his meaning in life being with different persons, where he could fully express and showcase his typical charismatic, flamboyant and highly vivacious lifestyle.

No wonder they’ve got a lot of friends and admirers. Even those who may not like him at first, because of his lifestyle, later tends to pander to his way of life and take him for who he is.

A sanguine uses his natural charisma, ebullience and storytelling ability to capture the attention of his friends, admirers and anyone around. He finds no difficulty doing this because that’s his innate temperament ability and strength. Now, for a person who typifies or has got these strengths and qualities, which career do you think is best for him? Read on to find out:

A sanguine could do many things and be successful, but such things must be people centered, for them to be happy and not bored. But among all other things a typical sanguine can do, the best of them all is, salesmanship. It’s in sales and marketing that the core strength of sanguines lies, and they could turn this strength into a very profitable venture or career that’ll yield them so much financial benefits.

If you look well in the world today, both on the internet and offline, you’ll discover that sales and marketing is easily one of the lucrative business, because big brands and businesses are looking to attract more customers and clients, and increase their ROI. Who best can help them achieve this?

It’s a sanguine, who has got the word- of-mouth, marketing skills and ability to convince someone who’s not even crippled to buy clutches, before he could realize that he doesn’t have any need for it. It’s even more beneficial and advantageous if he’s a sanchol of 60:40. That is, someone who combines a sanguine and choleric temperament of 60 to 40 percent ratio. With this person, you should expect a very high and an exponential increase in sales and turn over.

As a sanguine, salesmanship is one of the best areas you could build your temperament strength around, and turn it into either a personal business venture by establishing your own marketing firm, and get big brands and organizations outsource their marketing and sales jobs to you or you get hired by them and paid very hugely for their high ROI.

To improve and equip yourself with modern sales and marketing skills and techniques, I will recommend you read speak to sell by Dan Kennedy, a Harvard business school teacher, and also a renowned author of numerous sales and marketing books. The book is available on Amazon online store. Order it now because stocks are limited.

Best Profitable Venture or Career For Cholerics:

Cholerics are the second extroverts of the temperaments after sanguines. But unlike sanguines who are people- oriented and often desires to always be around people just to bluster about themselves, cholerics on the other hand, are not the most congenial of persons, rarely needs your approval or conviviality to move on with their lives.

Though a very charismatic person like his sanguine counterpart, but he’s a highly motivational and assertive individual who nothing else matters to him apart from achieving his goals. Cholerics are goal and result-oriented persons. Don’t give them excuses, they need results.

He’s a very courageous, confident and fearless driver who can tread on paths where even angels fears to tread on, and often succeeds where others had failed. His opinionated and dogmatic lifestyle often makes him run roughshod over those who does not seem to pander to his opinions, and he’ll not hesitate to cut-off ties with them.

There’s no other temperament that places premium on hardwork and productivity more than cholerics. They’re very hard-working and highly productive individuals, whose hard- work usually pays off at the end of the day. Cholerics are very self-sufficient personalities, rarely needing anyone to pursue and achieve their goals.

He’s a visionary. He can envision his own empire, and work tirelessly to achieve it. If you need a hard-working and highly productive person who can give you quick results, you should probably consider a choleric as long as he’s fully aware of the task before time, and given the freehand to operate.

Having known who a choleric is, it’s time to we consider his core strength that he can leverage on, for a very profitable business venture or career.

A typical choleric man:

Which profitable venture do you think is best for choleric? Read on to find out:

For someone who typifies the innate strengths and qualities of courage, doggedness, productivity and self- sufficiency, I believe the best career or venture that’ll be highly rewarding and profitable for him is financial investment in business. Founding and establishing a business is one of so many cholerics greatest strength.

When I look at the personality traits of majority of the world’s billionaires like Elon Musk, Donald Trump, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Tim Cook, Richard Branson and other successful business people in the world, I can see some cholerics qualities in them, and they must have choleric as their basic or at least secondary temperament. They’ve got two common qualities, which are vision and courage. These two qualities are key to becoming a very successful entrepreneur.

As a choleric, you’re a very fearless and courageous person, taking some financial investment risks is not uncommon for you. It’s only a typical choleric mind that can take the risk of huge financial investment when he’s not one hundred percent sure of his success. But he’s got enough courage and optimism that’ll motivate him to persistently fight on, until he achieves his targets.

Thus, if you’re a typical choleric or you’ve got a blend of cholmel, cholphleg or cholsan temperaments,, I think you should consider starting your own business. Especially businesses in sectors that impacts on people’s daily life. One sector that often interests you is the tech sector.

It’s for this reason I’ll recommend you read Digital Africa by Jesper Drescher. A tech entrepreneur who has got experience, and has established numerous businesses in the tech sector in sub-sahara Africa. Order the bestseller now if you’re passionate about starting a tech based business, because stock are limited. But to improve your business skills and discover seven business opportunities you could venture into. I’ll advice you read business skills all-in-one by dummies. To discover several business areas you can invest in.

Best Profitable Ventures For Melancholies:

Now we come to the second category of the temperaments, which are often classified as introverts, since they are indoor persons who are more often than not concerned about themselves, and rarely outgoing.

Melancholies are the second introverts of the temperaments after the phlegmatics. Melancholies are highly disciplined, intelligent, detailed very analytical and self-sacrificing persons with perfectionist tendencies.

No other temperament is prone to perfectionism more than a typical melancholy. For he’s got very high standards and accuracy on almost everything. If it’s not top-notch or best quality, he’s rarely attracted to it. His high standards and perfectionist traits sometimes drives everyone berserk, but melancholies cannot be satisfied unless they add their perfectionist touch to something.

Detailed planning, analytical and strategic thinking, sometimes over- thinking before embarking on any project are some of the characteristics of many melancholies. None other temperament is more detailed and analytical, and honestly likes long range planning than melancholies. For his perfectionism often makes him want to get all facts and details before getting anything one hundred percent done.

Other important qualities of the melancholic temperament is that they’re very enterprising and also self-sacrificing. A melancholy could sacrifice all his time, resources and energy to ensure that everyone is satisfied, or to satisfy those who had given him a task to accomplish. He’s also a very enterprising person, who could come up with numerous and fantastic business ideas, but he often delays taking action in starting the business, sometimes because of doubt and fear of failing.

But rarely do melancholies fail in their plans, because they often take adequate time to prepare, plan and strategize on how to go about getting their goals accomplished. But doubt is often most melancholies greatest undoing in life. Having said this, and having known who a melancholy is. Which career or venture do you think will be best profitable for them.

A typical melancholic man:

Melancholies are gifted and talented enough to do quite a number of things and be successful. But honestly, considering some of the melancholy’s basic natural strengths and qualities of self-sacrifice, love for details, enterprise, analysis, critical thinking plus his perfectionism.

I feel these qualities and strengths will be good and highly efficient for production & manufacturing or a service business. As a melancholy it’s in a service or manufacturing and production and perhaps a packaging business that your perfectionism will be very necessary.

You should avoid a retail business, but focus more on service business, since you’ve got the passion to make your clients feel happy and satisfied. Thus, as a melancholy, you should consider using your temperament strength to go into a manufacturing or a service business.

Arts and crafts making is another very good and profitable venture you could consider going into, because of your perfectionism and high accuracy. I’ll recommend you read manufacturing mastery by Rebecca Morgan. She’s one of the most successful women in manufacturing business in the world. This book will equip you with good and requisite skills in manufacturing business. Get it now through the above link, because stocks are limited.

Best Profitable Ventures For Phlegmatics:

Phlegmatics are the most introverted personalities of all the temperaments. They’re the most gentle, quiet, calm and easygoing individuals who are easily and more often, dominated by other temperaments in their erotic or interpersonal relationships.

They’ve got a natural affection for people, and also relishes when they’re around them, especially very lively and expressive people like sanguines. But rarely do phlegmatics be the first to initiate a relationship or establish communication, sometimes because of their shyness or fear of being let down. However, they’re easily the most congenial and compassionate of all the temperaments, who often shows sincere love, compassion and care.

If you’re looking for the most patient, organized, diligent and consistent folk who keeps to routines and does what is expected of him or her, slow and steady without noise and colour, you can count on a typical phlegmatic. For they’ll give you just exactly what you want no more, no less.

Unfortunately, many phlegmatics rarely achieves personal success on their own without being pushed or forced to take action because of their lack of self-motivation. However, most of them do rise to management and executive levels in their career or job because of their commitment and dedication to their jobs. But hardly will you see a self-made billionaire phlegmatic.

A typical phlegmatic man:

For the will to take action when it matters and be productive is basically lacking. Though a very hard-working, loyal and diligent employee who’ll do his job with calm and composure without offending anyone, an attitude which makes them easily likeable at the workplace. But phlegmatics finds it very difficult achieving personal success asides their paid job or career.

I honestly believe that phlegmatics can utilize their strengths and turn it into very profitable business ventures by being private nurses, consultants, tutors or any service business or jobs where they could be hired for their expertise.

They could also go into a retail business. Because, keeping and maintaining daily sales record is one of their basic qualities. Learning arts and crafts making is also another area phlegmatics could channel their basic strengths, since they’re close to being detailed, analytical and accurate like their melancholy counterparts.

Conclusively, every temperament has got some basic natural strengths that if identified, harnessed, refined and utilized, no one will be looking for a paid job anymore. Because these strengths can be converted to a highly rewarding and profitable venture.

Thanks for reading. Endeavor to leave your comments, questions and also suggestions on this post. If you find this post interesting, kindly buy me a cup of ☕ coffee or support me to maintain this blog’s running cost. Thank you.


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