5 Best Careers For Predominant Sanguine Temperament+Relevant Books.

Typical Sanguine Lady:

Best Careers For Typical Sanguines:

Based on the requests and queries I often do get. Today, we’re going to be considering five best careers that suits a predominantly sanguine personality so you will become aware of the best career path for you as a 70 or 80 percent sanguine temperament.

As a typical sanguine, you may be asking which career is best for you, or which career path should you take in life. Don’t worry, I will show you five careers that suits, and best describes your personality as sanguine, and also recommend books that’ll enable you to improve, and easily advance in these careers.

Asking this question, is a clear signal that you already know who you are, and makes me believe that I’m talking and making these recommendations to the right person. Thus, needless to bore you further with the nitty-gritty of who a sanguine is.

Of course, if you’re a regular on this blog, you should by now know who a sanguine is. But for the benefit of first timers or visitors to this blog, and also perhaps as a reminder, I think it is important we summarize and remind ourselves of who a sanguine is, once more.

Straight off, sanguines are described as air, they are free and ubiquitous personalities. They’re superextroverts and the most outgoing of all the temperaments. They’re very lively, expressive, charismatic, fun-loving, highly-spirited and people-oriented individuals, who could make you relish every minute spent with them, with their fascinating storytelling skills and ability.

A sanguine is never shy or too timid to talk to anybody, and they’ll usually be the first to initiate a conversation. This character makes them easily attract friends and admirers who will perhaps spare some of their time to give them audience. There’s no other temperament that often attracts the attention of people more than typical sanguines.

Thus, for someone who epitomizes these qualities, what careers do you think is best him or her? It is a no brainer that careers that often brings them face to face with people, people- oriented careers are the very best for sanguines. And they usually excel in such careers more than others.

As a sanguine, there are many other things you could do, but it’s obviously in a career that makes you interface with people, that your strength lies. And you will no doubt effortlessly succeed in these careers and reach the top. While other temperaments may struggle to adapt or seamlessly do the job, you’ll never struggle in these careers because your primary temperament makes you a better fit for them.

You’ve got people-oriented qualities, charisma and word-of-mouth to talk and convince anyone about anything, and make them actually buy into what you’re proposing, especially if you’ve got choleric as your secondary temperament.

This post will cover five best career opportunities you could venture into as a sanguine, the prospects in each of these careers, and books you could order online to enable you improve your natural skills and strength, and consequently advance in your career until you reach the top. Natural skills and talents alone may not suffice, in this modern times, you need to refine and unleash them for an outstanding success in these careers.

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Let’s get started looking at these careers one after the other:

Five Best Careers For Predominant Sanguine Temperament:

As a sanguine, there are a quite a good number of jobs you may be successful in, as long such jobs and careers gives you the leverage to meet and interface with different people. But the below 5 careers were chosen based on the fact that they’re formal in nature, highly profitable with prospects and you’ve got the natural strengths already, to easily adapt and succeed in these careers, courtesy of the temperament you’re born with.

1. Sales And Marketing:

For any predominant sanguine, the first career that should easily come to mind and which you should seriously consider is sales and marketing. This career is one of the best for you, and not just that, you’ll feel very fulfilled and happy as you see your turnover and increased figure leads in sales.

As a sanguine, you’ve got the word-of- mouth, charisma and congeniality to meet and talk to anyone and convince them to buy a product or patronize a service, which other temperaments may find it difficult to do.

Converting your audience to buying customers is not such a difficult task for you. Your core strength in this career, is your friendliness, the warm and convivial atmosphere you create with your audience. Which thus gives them the passion to listen to you.


The strategy you need to apply more in order to overwhelmingly succeed in this career is, make friends with people and build relationship before you sell to them.


As long as new businesses keeps springing up, existing business and brands wants to increase their clients and customer base, and get higher Return On Investment (ROI), these career is sure not going away anytime soon. You could be hired by emerging, existing and already established brands to help them attract more clients and customers and increase their ROI.

You could also start your own sales and marketing firm, and have these new businesses and brands outsource their marketing jobs to you. This is one career you’ll definitely find very attractive as a sanguine.

Below are some of the books you could order online to improve and advance in this career. I’ve reviewed these books and I’m recommending them based on my conviction that they’re the best in helping you to navigate through this career. You can also see other reviews by Amazon customers who had bought and read the books by clicking on each of them, so you’ll make an informed decision.

. The 1-Page Marketing Plan by Allan Dib.

. The book on sales and marketing by Ashley Wilkes Webber.

. Speak To Sell by Dan Kennedy.

. HBR’s 10 Must Reads For Sales And Marketing Collection.

Order any of these four books now, if you’re considering a career in sales and marketing. Also know that Amazon has a 30 days window of opportunity to return any product you’re not comfortable with, with full refund.

2. Entertainment ( Acting & Music):

Careers in the entertainment sector, particularly comic acting and music, is also another career path that’s very attractive to sanguines. Most sanguine finds careers in the entertainment industry very intriguing.

Since you’re naturally an outgoing and people-oriented personality, who loves to make and see people happy, and also make them feel your style or persona. Succeeding in this career will not be an uphill task for you. You could leverage on this strength to go into the entertainment industry and prove your worth.

However, as a sanguine, you’re not a good songwriter or music composer unless you’ve got melancholy as your secondary temperament. But I’ll show you a book you could use to improve your songwriting skills.


As long as human beings likes to be entertained, feel relaxed and happy, a career in the entertainment sector is sure one lucrative career that’ll never go away.

Some of books that’ll aid you to advance in this career are:

The Business of Acting.

The Art of Songwriting.

100 Careers In The Music Business.

The Art of Voice Acting by James R. Alburger.

Order these books now on Amazon online store to help you advance faster in your career in the acting and music sector. Stocks are limited!

3. Public Relations & Marketing:

Sanguines often makes excellent public relations, branding and also marketing officers. Because of their ability to relate well with people and use their oratory and sugar-coated tongues to launder the image of anyone or the organization they work for.

If you’re a typical sanguine or you’ve got sanguine as your predominant or primary temperament, I think you should consider starting a career in public relations and marketing.

You’ll effortlessly succeed in this career since you’re already a people’s person and you’ve got the charisma and word-of-mouth to make people believe in what you endorse and propose.

Career prospects:

You could get hired by top brands and organizations to help launder their image, and market their brands. Even politicians could hire you for image laundering and marketing.

If this career resonates with you, and you’re considering a career in public relations and marketing, I think you’ll find the following books appealing and interesting for advancement in your career.

Modern Guide To Public Relations by Amy Rosenberg.

8 SECOND PR: New Public Relations Crash Course by Liz H. Kelly.

A Professional And Practitioner’s Guide To Public Relations by David Michaelson.

Order any of the above books now on Amazon online store, in order to excel and advance in your public relations and marketing career.

4. Public Speaking:

Every successful motivational public speaker must have some sanguine traits in them. It’s either their primary or secondary temperament is sanguine or they must have learn the art of public speaking by reading some motivational and self-help books on public speaking.

As someone who’s predominantly sanguine by temperament, you’ll no doubt be head and shoulder above the pack in your public speaking career. You’ve got oratory, charisma and also fascinating storytelling ability to wow your audience and make them keep listening to you without getting bored or tired.

A career in public speaking as a sanguine, is certainly one of the best. You could get hired by individuals, companies, top brands and business organizations to speak in their shows, seminars and exhibitions.

You could also be hired by political parties during political campaigns to woo supporters. Selling yourself or your own products through speaking to the public will also not be a huge task for you. Some of the below books will help you to improve and develop your public speaking skills and ability.

Speak With No Fear by Mike Acker.

Speak So Your Audience Will Listen.

Order these books now, they’re simply the best to build your confidence and advance in your public speaking career.

5. Customer Service Relationship:

No other temperament knows how to woo, attract, and relate with clients and customers that’ll make them keep coming back to patronize a business more than typical sanguines. Being a natural people-oriented personality, puts them ahead of others in this career.

As a typical sanguine, attracting new customers, keeping existing ones and building a longtime relationship is one of your core strength, and you’ll derive fulfilment meeting, interacting and relating with different customers to make sure they’re satisfied.

There are various prospects and opportunities in this career. Because companies, brands and business organizations are always looking to hire the best person that can attract new customers and clients to their business, and also build and maintain relationship with existing ones, in order to keep them coming back.

Thus, as a typical sanguine, you’re the best person that perfectly fits into this career because of your cherry, lively and people-oriented qualities. Thus, you’ll definitely not find it difficult relating cordially with every client and customer.

The below books will help you to build on this natural strength, and no doubt, also improve your customer relationship management skills.

Customer Relationship Management by Roger J. Baran.

Customer Relationship Management by Michael Pearce.

Order the books now on Amazon online store and take your customer relationship management career to the next level.

Sanguines are one of the most versatile persons on earth. They know how to navigate their way through life in a bit to getting what they want. They can succeed in any career, provided such career is one that’s not boring and often brings them face to face with people, so they’ll be able to freely showcase their lively and effervescent lifestyle. It’s for this reason that I’ve listed the above major careers that they’ll effortlessly excel in and reach the top.

Thanks for reading. If you find this post helpful, kindly buy me a cup of ☕ coffee or support me to maintain this blog’s running cost. Thank you 😊. Don’t forget to leave your comments, questions and suggestions on this post.



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