Top 4 Sales And Marketing Softwares For Different Temperament In Business.

Best Sales And Marketing Softwares For Your Business:

As a follow-up to my previous post on 5 best sanguine temperament careers, I highlighted five major careers that best suits people with predominantly sanguine temperament. Among those careers, one of them is marketing and sales, because of the typical sanguine people-oriented qualities.

But in today’s post, we’re going to be reviewing best 4 sales and marketing softwares that not only Sanguines, but every business owner could utilize to make their sales and marketing duties or campaign very easy and effective.

These softwares could be installed in your computer and used to monitor and track your sales, create effective marketing plans, could also serve as a guide for new business starters, used for presentations and also help you to maintain good customer relationship.

I’ve personally tested these softwares, and I’ll show you some of the pros and cons in each of them, so you’ll be able to make an informed decision on the best one that suits your need. You can also view reviews by other Amazon online customers who had bought and used them, before you finally decide on which of them to buy.

Remember, Amazon also gives you a 30 days window of opportunity to return or exchange for another one, with full refund in case of a return, if you’re not very okay with the product.

Having clarified that, let’s get started looking at these softwares one after the other.

Top 4 Sales And Marketing Softwares For Business Owners:

1. Marketing Plan Pro 6.0.

2. Palo Alto Business Plan Pro 2006.

3. Palo Alto Business Plan Pro Premier 2007.

4. Cashfootprint Point of Sale Software.

Let’s consider the pros and cons of each one of them:

1. Marketing Plan Pro 6.0:


Fine and effective tool for outlining your marketing plans.

-Creates a solid marketing plan faster.

– Comes with a free book on effective marketing plan.

– Very easy to install and use.

– Requires a key to access. Ensure to demand for the key.


– Does not install on Windows 8.

– Documents are formatted in HTML. You must edit the HTML code to make changes.

You can check out for more reviews or order it here.

2. Palo Alto Business Plan Pro 2006:


– Saves as you type, and comes with numerous examples.

– Great for writing marketing plans.

– Step by step guide to starting your own business.

– Good for practical presentation/PowerPoint presentation.

– Good for budget planning and business forecast.

– Great for Adobe Acrobat resolution.

– Great for exporting into Microsoft Excel in good format.

– It has forecaster tools, which let’s you drag charts and values without any need to manually enter values, like sales projections, expenses etc.


– Not the best for exporting to MS word for charts and images.

– Cannot edit a PDF document unless you’ve got an Acrobat writer.

It requires an activation code to open. But you can always demand for it.

You can see more reviews or order the product here.

3. Palo Alto Business Plan Pro Premier 2007:


– Good for planning and organizing your business.

– Comes with a free online webcast classes with complete and in-depth analysis.

– You can participate in virtual online class via your smartphone. You can also hear others, and ask questions in real-time.

– Great for organizing your tax payments.

– It comes with dozens of pre-loaded templates for business.

– It’s easy to install and use.


– Your business must be medium or large scale to be able to use the preloaded templates.

You can see more product reviews or order it through this link.

4. Cashfootprint Retail Point of Sale Software:

– Nice, very cheap and easy to use.

– Extremely versatile point of sale.

– Tracks inventory really well.

– Very easy to input sales records.

– Provides detailed and informative sales report.

– Good customer service in case of any challenge.


Requires MS SQL installation process. You can research on this or get someone who technologically savvy to install it for you.

You can view the product and see more reviews or place your order through this link. But you need to order it fast because stocks are limited. The product is in very high demand.

These are the four best sales and marketing softwares every business owner needs to install in their computer for ease of running their business and achieve maximum result. Hurry up and place your order because these softwares are in high demand.

Thanks for reading. Don’t forget to leave your comments, questions and suggestions on this post. Also share your experiences if you’ve used any of these softwares. Thanks.



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