4 Best Depression Management Books For Melancholies: +Practical & Scientific Steps & Guides.

Best Books On Depression Management For Melancholies:

The lady in the picture above is a 47 years old chartered accountant who until her death, worked with one of Nigeria’s telecommunication giant, Globacom. According to sources close to her and family members, she had been battling with depression for so many years. She’s often lately found alone after she broke up two of her dating relationships last year.

On 27th May 2022, she was found dead in her residence after drinking a portion of pesticides. What could be the reason why such a beautiful lady with all her riches, decides to take her own life? The answer is definitely not far-fetched, Depression. Depression is a mental health situation that easily affects the mind, and it’s often caused by so many predisposing factors.

Should in case you quickly want to just get these books, here they are:

10 Best-Ever Depression Management Techniques:
Retrain Your Brain: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy In 7 Weeks:
Getting it done when you’re depressed:
Unfuck Your Brain: Getting over Anxiety, Depression, Anger, Freak-outs, and Triggers with Science:

There are numerous books on depression management. However, a whole lot of them are very theoretical. But the above 4 books gives you a practical as well as scientific method of managing and overcoming this mental health situation.

I’ve reviewed them personally, and they’re simply the best when it comes to managing depression. You can also see reviews by other persons who had also bought and used them to get out of depression by clicking on each of them on Amazon online store.

In one of my previous post on how to overcome temperament-induced depression, I did state how our basic temperaments predisposes us to being depressed, and some temperaments are easily prone to depression than others. One of such temperament that often relapse into a depressed state, are the melancholies.

Other temperaments could sometimes feel a bit depressed, but not quite as often as a melancholy will, and could dwell in that state for a longer time.

It will be very difficult to see a typical sanguine who loves to enjoy life to the fullest being depressed, unless when his feeling is undermined, or he’s not allowed the freedom to express his exuberant and effervescent lifestyle the way he wants. But sanguines are rarely depressed, because they must always find a way to enjoy and make themselves happy regardless.

Cholerics are very self-sufficient and goal-oriented people, thus depression is rarely path of their lifestyle. Rather than feel depressed, it’s easier to for them to pound the table, and walk out on you when they feel dissatisfied. But they will often look for how they can achieve their next goal.

For phlegmatics, they do sometimes feel depressed, but not as often as the Melancholies. Theirs is usually as a result of not being appreciated or recognized for their kindheartedness and good nature, especially when they feel they deserve it, or perhaps when their loved ones do not give and show them good enough attention and commitment. But rarely do they dwell in a depressed state for a longtime.

Melancholies are the temperaments that are more often susceptible to depression. They frequently lapse into a state of depression, and could dwell in it for a long time until someone is able to uplift their mood again.

A depressed melancholy man:

When a melancholy feels depressed, some of the signs they often display are: withdrawal from activities, often keeping to themselves, antagonism, aggression, self-pity or persecution and sometimes overreaction over certain negligible issues.

It’s basically for this reason that all melancholies are adviced to marry or date someone who understands their mood swings, and also sincerely loves them for their qualities. Else, they’ll frequently lapse into depression and which will affect their mental health and reasoning.

When a melancholy is depressed, being very moody and morose is not uncommon for him. And not until their spouse or partner gives or shows adequate concern, it could get worse and further lead to manic-depression. At this point, the thought of taking ones life is very very likely.

What Are Some of The Causes of A Melancholy’s Depression:

A lot of things could make typical melancholies feel depressed. Let’s quickly look at them:

1. Poor self-image:

When a melancholy begins to rate or think him or herself very low before others, loosing their self-confidence is not uncommon for them, which consequently results in self-pity or self-persecution. Most melancholy kids or young adults often feels this way.

2. Pessimism:

Most melancholies are pessimistic. Especially when things do not go the way they thought or planned. This makes them become overly critical and pessimistic about almost everything. It also makes them often lapse into a depressed mood, unless someone is their to encourage them.

3. Their Perfectionist Tendencies:

When a melancholy does not achieve or get things one hundred percent done or completed as he planned or envisaged feeling very underachieved isn’t uncommon for them. This could also make them become depressed. I think melancholies ought to learn to appreciate themselves more, and be less critical.

Other factors that could also make a melancholy become depressed are: heartbreak from a dating relationship unsupportive spouse or partner, and perhaps public humiliation either by verbal abuse or disdainful treatment by a friend or loved one. Phlegmatics could also feel depressed as a result of all these. But melancholies often gets overly affected by them, and could remain in that depressed mood for a longer time.

How Can Melancholies Manage or Overcome Depression?

Depression can be manage and even overcomed, if you’re deliberate about it, and willing to take some practical steps. It’s for this reason I want to recommend four books that’ll help you to better manage and overcome depression in no distant time.

This books are practical nature and some have got a scientific approach, taking you on a step by step guide to managing and perhaps overcoming depression. They’re the best in terms of depression management. Written by various authors who are expert in human psychology, depression and anger management.

Here they are once again:

10 Best-Ever Depression Management Techniques by Margaret Wehrenberg.

Getting It Done When You’re Depressed by Julie A. Fast.

Retrain Your Brain: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy In 7weeks by Seth J. Gillihan:

Unfuck Your Brain: Getting over Anxiety, Depression, Anger, Freak-outs, and Triggers with Science by Faith Harper.

I’ve personally reviewed the books, and I’m making recommendations based on my conviction that they’re the best that’ll get you quickly out of depression. You can also see reviews by other Amazon online customers who had bought and read the books, so you’ll be able to make an informed decision.

Thanks for reading. Don’t forget to leave your comments, questions and suggestions on this post. Thanks you.



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