10 Best Careers For Typical Choleric Temperament.

Which Careers Are Cholerics Best Suited For?

The four basic temperaments has got different areas of strengths that if brought to bare on the right career, they’ll be very exceptional in their job and seamlessly achieve overwhelming success. A lot of persons are found in the wrong career and job they should not have been in, perhaps because of the unemployment rate. It’s for this reason that they feel dissatisfied and unfulfilled, since the passion to do their job with excitement is almost lacking. It thus hampers their level of productivity.

In today’s post, we want to consider 10 best careers that cholerics are best suited for, and what basic strengths qualifies or makes them to be best suitable for these careers.

If you’re taking your time to read this post, I’d want to believe that you’re already aware that you’re a choleric, and you’re also abreast of a choleric’s personality traits, strengths and also weaknesses. Thus, needless to bore you with all the nitty-gritty of who a choleric is. But should in case you need more clarification about who a choleric is, you could read some posts in various categories of this blog, or go straight to read: Major weaknesses and strengths of cholerics.

Having said that, let’s quickly get into our topic for today, to consider 10 of the best choleric temperament career strengths, and see if they appeal to you as a typical choleric.

Choleric Temperament 10 Best Career Strengths:

These careers are strictly based on who a choleric is. His strengths and personality traits, which makes him easily fitted for them, and effortlessly succeeds regardless of any obstacle or impediments.

1. Leadership:

This seems to be a career that almost all cholerics are passionate about. No other temperament is obsessed with leadership more than those who are predominantly cholerics. Cholerics are the temperaments that often loves to be in leadership positions rather than being the led. They’re often the first to stick out their necks to vie for a leadership role before any of the other temperaments will. They are natural leaders who has got flare and passion for leadership. But whether they succeeds as leaders is relative, and depending on your perception of what successful leadership means.

Some of the basic strengths that often enables them to succeed in leadership are their pragmatism, purposefulness, decisiveness, forthrightness, courage, hardwork and high productivity. If you need a very fearless, courageous and visionary leader who’s not scared of taking tough decisions in the most critical of situations, then a choleric easily typifies some of these qualities and strengths.

However, their inconsiderateness, insensitivity, high-handedness and unsympathetic dispositions towards the feelings of others, when they want to achieve or get something done that could boost their achievements while in a leadership position, is their major weakness and undoing in leadership.

If you’re a typical choleric, a career in leadership is one of the best you may want to consider. Because you’ve got some of the basic natural strengths that qualifies to be a leader. But you must learn to assign and delegate some roles to other temperament categories, and play a supervisory role in making sure everyone does their job quite well. This way, you’ll achieve effective leadership that meets the basic needs and yearnings of those you’re leading.

You can improve your leadership skill and career by going for some courses and training in effective leadership. Some of these leadership books by renowned authors and writers will no doubt also help you to advance your leadership career, and be ahead of the pack.

A typical choleric man:

2. Project Management/Supervisor:

The pragmatic and hardworking traits with high productivity, plus their love and bias for field work, makes typical cholerics to be best fitted for this job or career. Cholerics are basically the temperaments that easily becomes project team leaders or supervisors in any engineering or construction firm. Their high productivity, leadership and adeptness at skilled jobs makes them to effortlessly succeed in this career.

They often lead by example in the field, and will push members of the team to accomplish more tasks with very little time for the organization, or their clients, if they we’re hired to supervise the project. Although, they may not be excellent project manager or coordinators because this requires more than just doing field or practical works.

But typical cholerics could improve themselves in this career, by learning some project management tools and techniques that’ll help them advance in their project management and supervision career. Foundational books like the project management toolbox: techniques and tools for the practicing project manager by Russ J. Martinelli will enable you to upscale your project management skills and also become an exceptional project manager. You could also take it side by side with the PMP exam prep by Brad Thorp to help you prepare for any exam in project management.

Prospects for this career is that many industries and organizations needs to close a project and accomplish more tasks with less time. Thus, their need to hire those who can help them make that happen. As a choleric, building a career in project management and supervision isn’t a bad idea. Because you’ve got the natural strengths, skills and capacity to start and quickly get a project completed.

3. CEO’s/Business Managers:

This is another career that matches a choleric’s strengths and qualities. A typical choleric is a business oriented personality. He loves to be self-reliant and independent, thus the thought of establishing and managing his own business is usually a deliberate one. A choleric also excels when hired as a business manager to manage the day to day running of business activities and operations of an organization. He effectively oversees and coordinates the daily business activities of his or her organization and often ensures that losses are very well minimized, while increasing profits.

Their ability to set short-term smart goals, prompt decision making , and numeric ability are choleric’s major strengths that often enables them to succeed in this career. Thus, if you’re predominantly a choleric, a career in business management is one you may want to consider. Because you’ve got the requisite natural talent, skills and qualities to administer a business, and maximize profit.

4. Human Rights Attorneys:

Cholerics are human right crusaders. There’s no other temperament that’s very vociferous in condemnation of any human right abuse than typical cholerics. Eventhough they could be sometimes guilty of human rights abuses themselves, especially when attempting to have their way or may be establish their authority. However, cholerics often frowns at any act of human right abuse, and will go to any length to defend victims of abuses or the downtrodden.

Their forthrightness, and courageous lifestyle are the basic strengths that often enables them to succeed in this career and become the go-to person whenever any issue about human right abuse comes up in the court. A choleric is usually the first person to confront you with your wrongdoing, and stoutly resist and speak against any act that tends to humiliate or hurt the other person.

If you’re a choleric reading this post, I’m sure you can attest to the fact that you’re a very courageous person, who is very vociferous and forthright at not just condemning acts of human right abuse, but could also take action in defending victims of abuse. Thus, a career in human right attorney is sure one of the best for you. And you’ll no doubt succeed in this career because, you’ll combine verbal aggressiveness and details of the law to defend your client in court.

5. Military or Defense:

A career in the military or the defense arm of a government is no doubt one of the best for typical cholerics. This is because the military is a career that requires bravery, high-level discipline and endurance to be successful. There is no other temperament that has got enough of these three qualities more a choleric. More importantly if you’ve got melancholic as your secondary temperament, then you will combine high intelligence, analytical and also strategic planning to become a highly successful military personnel.

Thus, if you’re a predominant choleric a career in the military and defense is one you should consider going into, because you’ve got natural strengths to easily adapt and succeed in it.

6. Marketing:

Brand or business marketing is also another career that anyone with a predominantly choleric temperament will definitely succeed in, without so much effort. This is basically because as a typical choleric, your lifestyle and the way you package yourself in the public is in itself a form of marketing. A lot of people often looks up to the cholerics for approval, because they perceive that their lifestyle and way of doing things is uncommon, thus, the best.

Majority of celebrities, public figures, or influencers are cholerics or at least they’ve got choleric as their secondary temperament. And it’s for this reason that they’re often hired by big brands and organizations to promote and or market their brands. However, they did not just became celebrities and influencers overnight, they must have discovered that they’ve got the basic natural strengths, thus developed it and worked on themselves until they were able to hit the limelight.

Therefore, if you’re a choleric or you discover that people often admire you and wants to copy your style, perhaps your dress code, hairstyle and the way you do things, and you’re bold, rarely shy or feel guilty about yourself. Then you’ve got to develop your unique style of marketing career. Cholerics have a unique marketing style, either by the way they talk and convince people to buy into whatever they recommend or propose, or simply by the way they appear. In all, people often tends pander to what cholerics recommend at the end of the day.

7. Production or Manufacturing Engineers:

Although, cholerics are rarely detailed and analytical personalities, thus they are rarely drawn to careers in the engineering sector and may find it difficult to succeed as design engineer in any field of engineering. Cholerics works better in the practical aspects of engineering, which is no doubt the main reason they often succeeds in field work.

One branch of engineering that often interests them is the construction and civil aspect of engineering. They enjoy construction a lot, but rarely designs the roads, bridges or a very complex structures. Therefore, when it comes to bringing a product or equipment design to reality, a choleric is the best person that could easily interpret the drawing and design made by typical melancholies and phlegmatics, and make it become a reality.

Therefore, as someone who has got choleric as your basic or predominant temperament, a career in production related engineering field, construction where your ability and skillfulness to quickly interpret a design or drawing and produce exactly what the design says or suggests, is possibly the best for you. You could work as technician or craftsman, and perhaps become a supervisor or foreman.

8. Politics:

Politics is another career that appeals to many cholerics, because they’ve got the courage and charisma to stand before the crowd and speak up their minds. Naturally, cholerics are crowd mobilizers, and they often gets the attention of the crowd more than any other temperament. When its got to do with political campaigns, there’s no other temperament that’s capable of mobilizing a mammoth crowd and woo them to his side with his speech better than cholerics.

In his political campaign speeches, he’ll combine facts and details, plus verbal aggressiveness to defeat his opponents. His campaign will not be complete without pointing out the errors and failures of his opponents in order to endear himself to the masses. I honestly think that the former president of the United States, Mr. Donald Trump is an example of a politician with choleric temperament.

For it could only take someone with a choleric temperament to consistently pull enormous amount of crowd in all his political rallies, and sometimes ideologize his supporters with some of his extreme ideologies, regardless of all of his obvious and glaring flaws. Cholerics have got the word-of-mouth, motivation, courage and charisma to sway a large number of voters to their side in a political campaign.

Therefore, if you’re a choleric, a career in politics is one you might want to consider or give a thought about. You have all it takes to pull through and become a successful politician, since you already have those who panders to your ideology and philosophy.

9. ICT Related Careers:

Cholerics are technologically savvy personalities, who are always very passionate about the latest gadgets, computer and any other technological products in town. They’re one among the first to test or try out any latest product and innovation in technology and will not hesitate to recommend it to anyone. The choleric’s knack for ICT often propels them to undertake careers and courses that are related to the sector.

Some of the careers in ICT that often interests them are cyber security, tech writing, application and software development, programming, website development and computer science. Any section of the ICT career field that requires skill and adeptness without so much details and analysis, but aims to solving ICT related problems is best for you as a choleric.

10. History And Diplomatic Studies:

There’s no other temperament that keeps and remembers history more than typical cholerics. He is that kind of history teacher that’ll remind you exactly what happened thousands of years ago, and will relate or connect it to the present. His love and passion for history makes him to be extremely diplomatic in his thoughts, ideas and reasoning. Little wonder he could excel in diplomatic relationships and courses despite the fact that he’s got the least interpersonal skills.

Cholerics are sure good historians, and it’s for this reason that they enjoy teaching the subject, eventhough they are rarely attracted to the teaching profession. But if you need a good an efficient history teacher, who will make you understand and appreciate the importance of history, cholerics are sure one of the best.

Conclusion, cholerics sure have enormous strengths and qualities that makes them easily succeed in many career fields. And the list of careers that they could succeed in, does not start and end with these ten alone. However, these ten were chosen for the reason that they matches a typical choleric’s natural strengths and the type of career or job they do pander to. Any career or job that requires leadership, business, practical skills and motivating people to take action are best for people who has got the predominant choleric temperament.

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