Melancholy-Phlegmatic Best Compatible Temperament In Marriage.

Who Are Melphlegs Compatible With In Marriage?

Melphlegs are one of the twelve temperament blends. People with this blend are described as supeintroverts since they combine the two introvert categories of both melancholy and phlegmatic. Where the melancholy is their primary or predominant, while phlegmatic is considered to be their secondary temperament that could be less influential compared to the basic melancholic temperament.

Their twin are the phlegmels. In this blend or combination, the individual will have phlegmatic as their primary or predominant temperament, and melancholy as their secondary. That being said, let’s get right back looking at the melphlegs, which is our focus for today’s post.

Who Are Melphlegs?

Melphlegs are once again those who has got melancholy and phlegmatic as their basic or primary and secondary temperament respectively. These are rarely ambiverts, but they are rather pure introverts or you could call them supeintroverts, because they merge two introverted temperaments.

This merger or combination could be in varying proportions, perhaps in the ratio 60:40 or 55:45 but they’re rarely equal. Because the first is usually dominant and has got overwhelming influence on the traits and behaviours of the individual.

Concerning who a Melphleg is, though we could consider them in terms of their career and how they do their jobs at the workplace, in terms of their interpersonal relationship with others, their behavioural pattern, and also their general outlook on life. But for the purpose of this topic, we shall limit ourselves to considering them only from the perspective of their marriage and marital relationship.

For someone who belongs to the melphleg temperament blends, this person will combine high sensitive emotional nature of the melancholy plus the congeniality, very deep and unexpressed love of the phlegmatics. Melphlegs are very loving, caring and passionate about their families.

There’s absolutely no temperament category that’s very much passionate and enthusiastic about their families more than these blends. You’ll often find them in their homes playing with their kids and making sure everything is very well arranged and organized. If you need a dutiful partner in the home, who is domestically inclined, melphlegs just like their other twin, phlegmels fits in perfectly.

Despite their selfish and stingy nature, especially when they do not have more than enough money or other resources, a typical Melphleg husband will often sacrifice for the well-being of their families and ensures everyone is happy in the home. While the melphleg wife will be willing to manage the available little resources, and still keep their home organized and afloat.

Because of their frugality or prudence in management of little resources, melphlegs both male and female, maintains the least budget in their homes and easily manages any harsh economic reality or recession.

No other temperament blend is more conscious of finance planning and budgeting before spending a dime than melphlegs. For they must first have a detailed plan of whatever they want to buy and also carefully think it through before they finally make up their minds. They’re rarely impulsive buyers unlike their sanguine and choleric counterparts.

Barring any circumstances, melphleg spouses are the most dependable and loyal partners as long as they’re happy in their marriage. Their calm, quiet, peaceful and respectful nature often endears their spouses to them, but they could be very stubborn, daring and heartless if pushed to the wall or has had enough.

Nevertheless, they are the most hospitable and accomodating of all the blends. And perhaps, the most patient human beings. Rarely hostile and aggressive, but could easily be taken advantage of, because of their simple and easygoing lifestyle. But melphlegs are the most stubborn and recalcitrant of the twelve blends.

However, the expression, “once beaten twice shy” actually typifies the lifestyle of a melphleg. If you hurt or took advantage of them once, you’ve automatically become an enemy that must be avoided, or be very careful with. They may not be vocal about it, but be rest assured that you will be treated like a social leper.

Many melphlegs enjoys their marital relationship more when they’re very happy and comfortable with their heartthrobs. And it’s usually during their happy and excited moments that their real sexual emotional nature will be accentuated. For fast sexual improvement and to last longer, I want to recommend promescent desensitizing delay spray for men. During this time, their happy and excited mood will rub-off on everyone in their home.

These people have got double mood swings, high-ecstatic and very low- depressed moods. During their happy moments, they’re extremely excited and any little act of kindness could trigger their ecstasy, and they’ll be the most amazing persons to relate with.

But during their depressed and sad moments, it will be very difficult trying to pacify them, because they often feel deeply hurt to their bones. Thus, transfer of aggression, inner angers and withdrawal from their daily routines and activities is not uncommon for them. At this time, they’re the least person to relate with.

Despite all their very personable and peaceful qualities, melphlegs often finds it difficult to manage unpleasant situations especially when created by their loved ones. Because of their perfectionist tendencies, which is characteristic of their predominant melancholic side, melphlegs expects you to perfectly understand them, and avoid any action that’ll be detrimental to them, without realizing the fact that humans are imperfect beings.

The perfectionist tendencies of typical melphlegs often creates some crisis in their homes. It often makes them feel that they’re infallible, and will hardly admit it when they’re wrong, except when they’re convinced beyond every doubt. It’s basically for this reason that melphlegs are often adviced to marry those who understands their mood swings, and also loves them beyond all their weaknesses.

It’s in the home of a melphleg that some things that are as negligible as seeing the rooms not well arranged and everything in its proper place and position, or their partner not living up to their standards could result in little crisis or misunderstandings.

A typical melphleg parents will often criticize and condemn their kids for failure to bring home one hundred percent score, rather than first of all compliment and appreciate them for getting ninety-nine percent.

This often lowers the morale of their kids and makes them grow with very poor self-image and low self-esteem. Melphlegs ought to endeavor to be less critical of themselves and others, and be more complimentary, in order to be able to build the confidence of their kids.

I understand that you are a very intelligent, detailed and also very analytical person as a melphleg, but you must realize that not everyone can be like you, and no human is perfect. This will enable you to easily condescend to others and be less critical of them.

Let’s consider the best temperament that’ll be compatible for melphlegs in marriage.

Who Are Melphlegs Compatible With In Marriage?

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For someone who is very sensitive emotionally, has got high perfectionist tendencies, tendency towards being frequently sad and moody, rarely the outgoing type and more often than not, battles with shyness, poor self- esteem and perhaps self-persecution amidst all of the personable qualities Who do you think that they’ll be best compatible with for marriage? Read on to discover the best temperament blends for them in marriage.

For someone like a melphleg who is a superintrovert and has melancholy as their predominant temperament. The best person for them will be someone who’s totally opposite of their type of blend, and must understand them well enough, appreciates them, and also are very much attracted to their strengths rather than concentrating so much on their weaknesses.

The three temperament blends that I will recommend here for marriage, for every melphleg are one, a Cholsan. That’s someone who has got Choleric as their predominant temperament and sanguine as their secondary. The second is a Sanmel of 55:45 percent ratio, that is a sanguine of 55 percent temperament ratio and 45 percent melancholic traits. And lastly, a 50:50 which is rare or 55:45 percent Sanchol blends. These are the three different blends that a typical melphleg could consider for marriage.

This is because for a melphleg who is a typical introvert and more often an indoor person. Therefore, marrying another indoor person will definitely not augur well for the entire family, especially in situations where they’ll need to go out there to look for a job or hustle to feed their kids and take care of the family responsibilities and needs. But if either of them has got a well paid job, then there may not be much problem in terms of finances and taking care of family bills.

However, there will be prolonged unresolved marital conflicts, the marriage will be lacking in fun and flare, except when they’re happy with one another and lastly the weaknesses of both parents will be very much embedded and visible in their kids.

It’s basically for this reason that people are often advice to marry persons whose temperament are a bit different from theirs in order to bring in variety of traits, engender fun and flare, and to avoid the weaknesses of a particular temperament to be very much visible and glaring in their kids.

If you look at the three temperament blends I recommended above, you’ll observe that apart from a Sanmel who’s an ambivert, that is, in between extrovert and introvert, the other two are pure extroverts. And barring any ugly or unpleasant situations in the home, a melphleg marrying any of those blends, will no doubt have an all-around successful marriage.

This is because a melphleg spouse will often complement their Cholsan or Sanmel and perhaps Sanchol partner in the domestic and indoor duties, while the later will often be more in charge of outdoor activities.

Secondly, since melphleg are often shy people, sometimes battles with lack of confidence, low self-esteem, and may be moodiness plus self-persecution. Marrying any of these other three blends will help them better manage those weaknesses through influence. And it’ll also enable their kids to be somewhat confident, charismatic and social. Similarly, because of also the influence of melphleg spouse on them, their kids will be extremely intelligent, disciplined and organized.

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Conclusion, temperament match or compatibility in marriage does not necessarily mean that spouses must be of the same temperament before they can have a successful marriage. It basically means identifying what often interests you in the other person that you often admire, and very much complementary to your weaknesses, and which could make you tolerate or manage their weaknesses.

It’s for this reason I will recommend you order and read temperament God gave your spouse by Art and Laraine Bennett. Order the bestseller now, it’ll help you to better understand your spouse’s temperament and how both of you can pull your strengths together and manage your weaknesses.

A melphleg will be best suited for any of the three temperament blends listed here, and will be more happy, plus feel fulfilled and accomplished in marriage as long as there’s enormous commitment to them and each party plays their marital role to the success of the family.

More importantly, melphlegs getting married to any of these temperament blends, will sure have a successful and happy marital relationship, since both sanguines and cholerics are often attracted and appreciates a typical melancholy and phlegmatic’s nice and admirable qualities, while melancholies and phlegmatics are also enthralled by the charismatic, self-confidence and courageous traits of both sanguines and cholerics.

In terms of their personal weaknesses, the choleric and melancholy aspect of a cholsan or sanchol, and also melsan will enable sanguines to be a bit more serious and disciplined, while still making their marriage fun, lively and an enjoyable one.

In every aspect of their marriage, these couples have got traits that are complementary enough to each other’s needs and deficiencies. Thus, they’ll seamlessly live peacefully and harmoniously together.

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