13 Best Careers For Melancholic Temperament.

Best Careers For Melancholies:

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In today’s post, we’ll be considering thirteen careers that melancholies are best suited for. These careers were chosen not because they’re the only ones a melancholy could be successful in, but because they’re the ones that mostly match his strengths, and he’ll without so much effort, succeed in it and become the best in that area.

It’s important to quickly state that melancholies could actually adapt, and work well in any career field if they learn on the job, and they’ll become very efficient, as long as it does not involve sales and marketing careers. Let’s briefly look at who a melancholy is.

Who’s A Melancholy?

Straight off, a melancholy is an introvert, the second introvert of the temperaments after the phlegmatics. He’s a highly disciplined, intelligent, detailed, analytical, self-sacrificing and enterprising personality with an uncommon desire for perfection in anything he does. He’s that individual that has a knack for accuracy and perfection.

He’s got very high standards, and often wants everyone to meet up that standard. Failure to achieve that, makes him feel underachieved. Which could also trigger his moodiness and unsatisfactory feelings. Melancholies are very self-sacrificing persons. They could sacrifice their time, resources and energy to ensure that everything is perfectly done to satisfy you.

No other temperament is more self- sacrificial than typical melancholies, for they love to please everyone and make sure that they’re satisfied and comfortable, eventhough they may be a bit stubborn and recalcitrant.

They sometimes appear to be self sufficient like their typical choleric counterparts. But their extreme consideration for others, and also eager to know what they think or feel about him, creates in them a tendency towards pandering to the opinions of people about them which no doubt makes them loose a bit of their self- confidence.

Moreover, despite their personable and very admirable qualities, typical melancholies are very moody and somewhat shy people. Most of the melancholy’s basic temperament weaknesses are usually self induced because of their tendency towards perfectionism.

When things do not go as they planned or envisaged, they become very pessimistic and moody. For typical melancholies, little things could easily get their moods up, and very negligible things could also bring it down. Enough said about some of the attributes and idiosyncrasies of melancholies. Let’s get right back to our topic for today.

Which Careers Are Melancholies Best Suited For?

Melancholies, because of their natural intelligence and intuitive ability, they can succeed in any career that require creativity, brain work, innovative skill and ability to think outside the box to generate solution to a problem.

They are more theoretical in nature than practical, and most of their theories more often than not, leads to a practical solution. It’s for this reason that in today’s post, we want to consider thirteen careers that are best compatible with typical melancholy’s natural strengths, and which he’ll not struggle much to succeed in, and also be exceptional at.

1. Business Management/Analyst:

Melancholies are rarely business founders unlike the cholerics. But their enterprising nature makes them discover new business opportunities, and analyze business areas that needs to improvement. while their very organized and managerial ability is their basic strength that enables them to be able to efficiently manage a business until it becomes a top brand.

He often employs his creative and innovative skills and ability to ensure a business beats the competition and becomes appealing to everyone. Their tendency towards perfection is another major strength that often wants to make them deliver the best product or service to consumers.

A melancholy is a very meticulous person that does not want any error or complain about whatever he’s presenting to the public. He definitely wants to be the best at all times. Thus, if you’re a melancholy a career in business management and analysis, is sure one of the best you might want to consider.

Because you’ve got all the managerial skills and basic qualities required to grow and nurture any business into a brand. There are so many prospects in this career. You could get hired by new, small and medium scale business owners, and even top companies and brands to further manage and expand their businesses.

2. Humanitarian Services Career:

Melancholies are described as earth. Very hospitable and accommodating personalities. Thus, because of their conscientious, self-sacrificing and the desire for everyone to be comfortable and happy. They could go any length to ensure that people gets solution to their problems and feel better. They sometimes do not appear hospitable and friendly from a distance, but a close interaction and relationship with them, proves them to be very caring and hospitable people, who wants to make life better for others.

It’s for this reason that careers in any humanitarian sector is one of the best for predominant melancholies. Some careers in health care services, social welfare, dentists, doctor/surgeon and any of such career that often directly impacts on the well-being of people, is one of the best for a melancholy. His major strength that’ll enable him to easily succeed in this career, is his humanitarianism and self-sacrificing nature, with the passion to make everyone feel happy and alright.

3. Manufacturing and Production:

Because of a typical melancholy’s high accuracy and perfectionism. A career in manufacturing and production business will be an exciting one for them. Melancholies are often happy and feel very accomplished when people find their products to be nice and useful, without any complain.

A typical melancholy’s high degree of accuracy and perfectionism enables them to produce or manufacture quality and top-notch products that’s irresistible in the market. He’ll often bring his analytical and detailed oriented skills and qualities to bare on producing quality products, and also packaging same in a manner that you will find very appealing.

Therefore, if you’re a melancholy that is looking for a career that’ll make you self-reliant and employed, I think you should consider going into production or manufacturing business. But you need to learn some manufacturing skills and techniques before getting started in this career. It’s for this reason I’ll recommend you order and read manufacturing mastery by Rebecca Morgan. Order the bestseller now to improve and update your manufacturing skills.

4. Design Engineers:

Melancholies are rarely practical people like i earlier stated. They’re more of theoretical. Thus, field work may not be their ideal career path. However, the ability to be able to come up with a practical design solutions that’ll be executable in the field or brought into reality is where their basic strength lies. With a very good background in mathematics and science, melancholies could become very good design engineers.

They’ve got the intelligence, analytical and detail-oriented skills and qualities to succeed in this career. Some of the engineering field you could decide to go into are, chemical, mechanical, electrical and any career that’s design related engineering field is sure one of the best for you as a melancholy. You will be very good in troubleshooting, and developing a workable solution for industrial equipment and complex production facilities failure, if given the right training in engineering.

5. Finance and Banking:

Apart from a phlegmatic who comes close, no other temperament is more competent in banking, and finance handling, planning and management than typical melancholies. Because of their intelligence, numerical and also management skills, career in banking and finance is one of the best for a typical melancholy. For he knows the right investment opportunities that’ll bring a high Return on Investment.

Business financing and management isn’t a big deal for him. For his natural intuitive ability, and analytical skills makes it easy for him to forecast the financial market and know when and where to invest in, financially. As a melancholy, finance and banking is one of the few careers in the social sciences field you could go into, and become very successful.

6. Economics:

Next to banking and finance career, Economics is another career in the social sciences field that a melancholy will find very attractive, and also thrive in. For a melancholy’s love and passion for production as well as the equal distribution and consumption of goods and services qualifies them for this career.

Their ability to analyze economic trends, and decide on the right products and services for a particular season, and also the quantity of what to produce to match the growing demand for it. With also the view to boosting the economy and shoring up leakages where necessary.

Coupled with their managerial acumen, makes melancholies best suited for this career. Melancholies are very good managers of the economy. For their strategic planning and analytical thinking skills and qualities makes them effortlessly excel in this career.

7. Lawyer/Solicitor:

Law practice or being a lawyer is one major career that typical melancholy finds very attractive and interesting. Their high intelligence, analytical and detail-oriented skills makes them very qualified for this career. Melancholies are very adept at the law.

These basic natural qualities and strengths often enables them to perfectly defend their clients in court and also be able to convince the judge and the court with the details of the law over a matter.

If you are basically melancholy, who’s contemplating if the law profession is good for you or not because of your introvert lifestyle. It’s actually one of the best career you could consider because you’ve got all it takes to be a very successful lawyer or attorney.

8. Writing and Authorship:

A melancholy’s creative writing skills and abilities absolutely qualifies him as an author. Many very popular and renowned authors in the world are melancholy by temperament, or at least, have got it as their secondary temperament. Writing is an art. The ability to create contents or write books that people will love to read, requires creativity and intelligence.

So, if you’re a typical melancholy, you need to figure out what you’re so passionate about, that could be of immense help to people, and turn your creative ability into a profitable career in writing. You can write and publish motivational and self-help, fiction and non-fiction books.

You can also create your own blog or website and publish your passion online. Writing and authorship is one of the lucrative career you should consider going into as a melancholy because you’ve got the creative ability and good writing skills to be a prolific writer and author.

9. Research and Development:

A career in research and development is sure one of the best career that melancholies often succeeds in. A melancholy is a solution-oriented individual, who often likes to proffer solutions to a problem than complain about it. Your natural analytical and innovative ability absolutely qualifies you for a career in research and development as a melancholy.

You can identify a particular problem, do a whole lot of research about it and finally innovate and come up with a solution that will be widely acceptable. You’ve got the intelligence, detailed and analytical skills which are necessary to enable you succeed in this career as a silent achiever.

10. Teaching:

A career in teaching is one of the best that melancholies will definitely be successful in, because they’re so detailed and analytical, and often likes to make everyone understand their point of view. However many melancholies do not find the teaching career very attractive, thus may find it difficult excelling in it.

This is often because a melancholy’s perfectionist nature and very high standards, makes them become very impatient with those who cannot easily meet up with their standards, plus they do not also enjoy any job or routine that doesn’t give them a new thing or challenge to think about.

For it’s not uncommon for them to easily criticize you, and become very bored and also irritated if you find it difficult to understand them or move at their own pace. They could criticize their pupils or students until they become uncomfortable being in their classes.

But if they’ve got sanguine or may be, phlegmatic as their secondary temperament. Then, they’ll be much better at the teaching profession. A melsan or melphleg temperament blends, often makes the best teacher.

For they’ll combine the analytical traits of the melancholy plus the liveliness and storytelling ability of the sanguine or the congenial, calm and patient nature of the phlegmatic to make pupils and students relish their classes.

Therefore, if you’re a melancholy that has got sanguine or phlegmatic as your secondary temperament, then you should start considering a career in teaching.

11. Songwriting/Music Composer and Orchestra:

This is one of the informal career in the entertainment industry that typical melancholies often finds very attractive. Their creative ability is the biggest strength that often makes them succeed in this career. Many songwriters, orchestra and music composer are melancholy or have at least got melancholy as their secondary temperament.

For it’ll take a melancholic creative mind to craft and write a song, and compose it in a way that makes sense to people, and also sounds melodious.

Those who aren’t born with this melancholic music qualities actually struggles in music career and they eventually give up. Because they lack the creativity to consistently write and produce songs that sounds very melodious or melancholic in nature.

Apart from songwriting, melancholies are also music performers. They sing and perform their own songs to the admiration of the crowd, that they could experience some goosebumps, or become extremely emotional.

Therefore, if you’re a melancholy, songwriting, or music composer, orchestra and perhaps a music performer is one of the best informal career you’ll do very well in, without much struggle.

In order to improve your songwriting skills, i will recommend you order and read the art of songwriting by Ed Bell. You could also get 100 careers in the music business. You order the bestsellers now, because they’ll help you to improve in your music career and become a better musician.

12. Acting:

Strange as it may sound, but stage acting is yet another career in the entertainment industry that often interests a whole lot of melancholies. Being a shy introvert, you’ll think that melancholies can’t be successful in the acting career, not really. They’re sure one of the best when it comes to stage acting.

Typical melancholies are dramatist. They could dramatize on stage that you’ll begin to feel the reality of what they’re acting. Their creative and analytical qualities are the main strengths that enables them to quickly interpret any role given to them and act it like its real while on stage.

When they’re on stage, you’d think that they are extroverts, but immediately they get off from stage, the quickly revert back to their introverted melancholic state. Acting is one of such career in entertainment that melancholies often do very well in.

In order to improve your career in acting as a melancholy I’ll recommend you order and read the new business of acting by Brad Lemack. This book will help you to easily advance your career in acting.

13. Arts and Crafts Making:

Finally, arts and crafts making is also another career in the informal sector that’s very suitable for melancholies who wants to be self-reliant and self- employed. There are many crafts that you could decide to choose from as a melancholy.

Visual arts, weaving, lace making, furniture, wood and metal works, sculpture, knitting, decoration, fibre and textile making, leatherwork, paper crafts, etc are some of the arts and crafts you could turn to your career.

All these products are in high demand these days. Your very high accuracy and perfectionist style, are your basic creative talent qualifies you to be very successful in this career. You need to take advantage of a career in art and craft making, and see your creativity come alive.

Conclusively, the lists of careers that melancholies could succeed in are numerous, and does not start and end in this post. A melancholy can do very well in any career, as long as such careers requires high intelligence and creativity, and also working remotely on their own with less supervision. Melancholies can actually thrive in it.

Thanks for reading. Don’t forget to leave your comments, questions and suggestions on this post. If you find this post helpful, kindly buy me a cup of coffee or support me to maintain this blog’s running cost. Thank you 😊.


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