5 Important Questions That’ll Help You Discover Your Soulmate.

How To Know Your Soulmate:

The first and most important step to a successful marriage is identifying and knowing that person that you’ll be capable of spending the rest of your life with in a marital relationship. Else any mistake made at this crucial point of deciding on the right person to tie the knot with, will definitely come back to hunt you. It’s basically for this reason that I want to show you five most important questions you must ask yourself when contemplating on making that lifetime decision about that person you’re probably having some feelings for.

I’ve discovered that for most persons, when considering marrying someone or getting into an erotic relationship that could perhaps culminate in tieing the knot, the hardest part isn’t having enough options to choose from, but knowing the right person that suits them. Some persons actually have their priorities misplaced, and they more often than not, makes decisions about who to marry based on those misplaced priorities. While others do not even have a clue about what they want. Thus, making the wrong marital choice is not uncommon for them.

A lot marriages had no doubt hit the rocks because of not asking the right questions and not knowing what one wants, which consequently leads to making the wrong choices. Therefore, the aftermath of these wrong choices in marriage are basically loneliness and boredom, regrets, unhappiness, extramarital affairs and perhaps, in the end, divorce. Most spouses are actually the architect of their own failure in marriage. Perhaps because of lack of experience, desperation, ignorance and may be thoroughness in scrutinizing your ideals and values.

It’s basically for this reason that in today’s post, we want to consider five most important questions you need to ask yourself before making up your mind about marrying that person. Eventhough it’s necessary to keep you bonded together, but when it comes to marriage and spending your entire life with a particular person, love alone will not be enough to keep you happy and satisfied, without some necessary ingredients that makes it thick. Thus, do not dwell in self-deceit about love, because it could be some fantasy or infatuation and never the real thing, which you could end up regretting later. Even God regretted making man later, when he realized that what he expected from him, and what he wants from man isn’t what he got Genesis 6:5.

Therefore, in the journey of marriage, rather than put love in front or make it a priority in deciding who to marry. Look out for those basic ingredients that often triggers love. So that when love is fully and finally released, it’ll have a lasting and enduring impact in your marriage or erotic relationship. If those basic things that often makes love thick are lacking, then it’s very likely that you’re fantasizing or riding on infatuation. We’ll be considering these basic factors that often triggers love in five different questions. If you can answer an emphatic YES, to all these five questions, then you are definitely on the right path in your decision about marrying that person, and it’s likely that’s your soulmate. But if you answered No, to any one of them, then you need to perhaps begin to reconsider your decision. The five questions are:

1. Do You Feel Emotionally Attracted, But Unemotional About What You Expect From Them?

2. Do They Interest Rather Than Impress You?

3. Do You Consider Their Strengths To Be Complementary To Your Natural Weaknesses?

4. Can You Live With, or Manage Their Weaknesses Because of Their Natural Strengths?

5. Do You Wish Your Kids Possessed Their Kind of Strengths and Qualities?

If you can answer YES to the above questions, then you’ve found the right person or a soulmate that’s worthy of tieing the knot with. Let’s consider each of these questions one by one.

1. Do You Feel Emotionally Attracted, But Unemotional About What You Expect From Them?

Loving someone is basically about having a strong feeling for them or being very emotional towards them. However, our emotions could be very misleading at times, and may becloud our sense of judgement and reasoning to the point that we could mistake it for love. Infact whenever there is an ongoing battle between our emotions and reasoning, emotion often prevails in the end. A lot of persons no doubt had allowed emotions to ruin their erotic relationship, since they made their lifetime marital decision based on feelings rather than reasoning. More often than not, when you make any decision according to how you feel towards a particular person, the likelihood of making a mistake is not uncommon.

A lot of persons are so blinded by their feelings and emotions towards a supposed heartthrob that insisting on what’s right and demanding for the least moral rectitude is an uphill task. Because of the fear of perhaps loosing them, or getting them upset, they’ll rather decide to condone their bad behaviours and personal oddities, and hiding under the blanket of love. That is not love. It’s fantasy or infatuation. For love is courageous and forthright. It is knowing what you expect from your potential spouse and insisting on them meeting your minimum desires and expectations without trying to grandstand or pretend about it.

When on a journey of discovering your soulmate, apart from feeling very emotionally attracted to them, it is equally important that you’re also unemotional about what you expect from them. Thus, the first question you should ask yourself is, do I feel emotionally attracted to them, and not being too emotional or allowing my emotions to becloud my sense of reasoning about my expectations from them? If you can answer YES, to this question, then you’re on the right track to finding your soulmate.

2. Do They Interest Rather Than Impress You?

When you impress someone, you’re basically getting them for a short time but when you interest anyone, you’re getting their commitment for a very long time relationship. For someone who impresses another person, is like a magician, because you will have to often come up with new tricks to keep them interested in you. But a person who interests someone is a like a good painter, who paints beautifully that you’ll always admire their painting skill whenever you see them. Every temperament category has got what often interests them about others. It’s possible that what a sanguine might find interesting, isn’t what a choleric might pander to. Similarly, it’s also very possible that what might interest a phlegmatic might not be interesting to a melancholy.

It’s basically for this reason that you need to discover what often interests you about others. What qualities and strengths that are in others as a result of their temperament blends that you find very interesting. You need to find out, so you’ll be able to know what’ll always keep you interested in them. Whatever traits or attitudes that often interests you about the other person, is no doubt what’ll keep you attracted to them without feeling bored. Thus, in order to discover your soulmate, the next important question you’ve got to ask yourself is, does their traits or character interest me enough that I don’t get bored with them? If you can say emphatic YES, to this question, then you’re on the right track of discovering the right partner you should spend your life with.

3. Do You Consider Their Strengths Complementary To Your Basic Temperament Weaknesses:

The four basic temperaments have got strengths and weaknesses that defines our personality traits as individuals. Identifying and knowing everyone’s temperament that we relate with, plus their innate strengths and weaknesses puts us at a vantage position in taking the right decision about who we want to be part of our life. However, there’s no way you’ll be able to discover some of the weaknesses and strengths that are associated with the temperament you’re born with, if you don’t know your temperament blends. It is for this reason that’ll recommend you order and read why you act the way you do by Tim Lahaye. Order the bestseller now, it’s one of best books that’ll help you to figure out the temperament you’re born with, with its inherent strengths and weaknesses.

After figuring out your temperament strengths and weaknesses, the next thing you ought to look for is, which of the other basic temperaments or blends of temperament that has got strengths that are complementary to my weaknesses, and vice versa. It’s in understanding your weaknesses that you’ll be able to know who has got the strengths and qualities, courtesy of their temperament, that complements or offsets your weaknesses. Does your potential spouse’s strengths complements and makes up for your weaknesses. If you can answer YES, in the affirmative to this third question, then you’re clearly on the right path on a journey of discovering your soulmate.

4. Can You Manage Their Primary Temperament Weaknesses Because of Their Strengths?

Alongside the strengths of different temperaments, also comes various weaknesses that are associated with such temperament. A typical sanguine temperament weaknesses and also their typical choleric counterpart temperament weaknesses are often easily visible. While the temperament weaknesses of typical melancholies and phlegmatics could be a bit remote unless you get a bit closer to them. It’s absolutely possible that as individuals we could find the weaknesses of a particular temperament much more irritating that we cannot manage them, and perhaps find the weakness of another, less irritating that we may be able to manage their weaknesses, since we find their strengths much more attractive and interesting.

It’s basically for this reason that beyond focusing on just the strengths of those we’ve got some feelings for, we should also endeavor to be aware of their weaknesses before we finally make that decision of tieing the knot with them. A lot of persons only sees the strengths of those they’ve got strong feeling and emotions for, and often decides to marry them based on those strengths alone, without really knowing their weaknesses, and if they will be able to live with, or manage those weaknesses in the long run. Little wonder their erotic relationship and early part of their marriage may be very sweet, but after some months or years into the marriage, it gets very soured and bitter. The simple reason is because those strengths we’re not Interesting and ravaging enough to make them overlook or manage their weaknesses. Therefore, the fourth and important question you ought to ask yourself in order to be able to figure out who the right person is for you is, can I tolerate or manage their basic weaknesses because of their strengths?

5. Do You Wish Your Kids Possessed Their Kind of Strengths?

It’s pointless having strong emotional affinity for someone who you do not desire to have kids who have got their kind of strengths. What’s the purpose of being emotionally attracted to, or loving someone who you don’t desire that their strengths be replicated in your kids? It’s needless, since whether you like it or not, we must definitely reproduce ourselves with our basic temperament strengths, and also our weaknesses fully embedded in our kids. It’s basically for this reason that you’d want to be double sure of what you want and expect from the other person before you finally decide on getting into marital relationship with them.

It’s important to note that one of the ways to be sure that you deeply love someone in an eros relationship is when you’ve got the desire to see their temperament strengths and qualities replicated in your kids. You often wish to raise kids that have got those strengths and qualities that attracted you to them. This desire alone could keep you persevering and remaining in the marriage regardless of their weaknesses. Therefore, you need to ask yourself if you wished that your kids possess the kind of strengths and qualities they’ve got. If that’s your wish, then you’re clearly on the right track to discovering who the right person is, to tie the nuptial knot with.

Conclusion, marriage is a lifetime journey, and knowing and discovering the right person to embark on this journey with, is the panacea to a lasting and successful marriage that’ll eventually lead you both to a fulfilled and accomplished destination. The above five question will definitely help you or at least put you on the right pedestal to discovering who that soulmate is, that you’re capable of embarking on a lifetime marital journey with.

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