9 Best Careers For Melphleg Temperament Blends.

Which Careers Are Best For Melphlegs?

Melphlegs are supeintroverts just like their twin, phlegmels. This is someone whose basic or primary temperament is melancholy, while their secondary is phlegmatic. For someone who has these two introverted temperaments combined in them, perhaps in a blend ratio of 60:40 or 55:45, he or she will mostly be a conservative, rarely will they be interested in what every other person does or panders to. Although, melancholies and phlegmatics seems to have some traits in common, that one may almost not be able to clearly differentiate between both of them. But these two individuals differs in many ways, especially in the way they do things, and how they relate with people. They also differ in terms of their strengths and weaknesses.

A phlegmatic is more consistent in his behaviors and attitude to issues while melancholies are very inconsistent in their character because of their mood swings which alternates between high ecstatic and low-depressed moods. Despite their friendly and hospitable qualities, melancholies enjoys living very solitary and private life, while their phlegmatic counterparts likes quiet and sedentary lifestyles, but also loves and enjoys the company of people. For a person who has got melancholy as their primary or basic temperament and phlegmatic as their secondary, there will be a little bit of stability in their calm and composed nature, and also their interpersonal relationships.

A typical phlegmatic who could be dominated and oftentimes exploited or taken advantage of, easily in his relationship with others because of his over simplicity, meekness and lack of motivation will be more vibrant, decisive and active in a melphleg. While the pessimism and unstable moods of a typical melancholy will be somehow lessened in a melphleg to make him a more optimistic person with stability in his mood. Although the weaknesses and strengths of both melancholies and phlegmatics are almost the same in some areas, but they somehow complements or make up for each other in a melphleg blend.

Melphlegs are the most educationally savvy, brilliant and intelligent of all the temperaments. There is no other temperament blends that loves books and education more than melphlegs. For the high intelligence or IQ and disciplined traits of a melancholy is combined with the efficient organized and patient nature of the phlegmatic to make a melphleg a super intelligent and brilliant personality who’s got an organized and composed lifestyle. But it’s quite surprising and perhaps very unfortunate that most melphlegs do not actually get to the zenith of their personal success or live up to their full potential because of some of the weaknesses of both the melancholy and phlegmatic combined in a typical melphleg or phlegmel blends.

When it comes to career, melphlegs are one of the most dedicated and committed people to their jobs and careers, and they diligently do their jobs with high perfection, accuracy and without noise and colour, but with good calmness and composure. In a typical melphleg temperament blend, the perfectionist,self-sacrificing nature of melancholies is combined with the patient, efficient-organized nature, keeping to work schedule and routines of phlegmatics, which enable most melphlegs to be exceptional in their career and also achieve personal career success.

But melphlegs often enjoys private careers that does not have to expose them to people or needing and relying on the assistant of others to be able to succeed, unless they’re engaged in a humanitarian services career or in a career where they’ve got something to offer, that’ll directly impact positively on the lives of people. It is for this reason that in today’s post, we want to look at some of the best careers for a typical melphleg temperament blend, and how they will advance in those careers, and reach the summit.

What Are The Best Careers For Typical Melphlegs?

Although there are many careers or jobs that melphlegs or even phlegmels could be well suited for, and do very well in, since they’re both introverts. But the ones that will be listed in this post, are those that ranks even with specifically melphleg blends. It’s very pertinent to note that eventhough both melphlegs and phlegmels could succeed in the same career fields, but there are still some basic careers that a typical melphleg will do better than a phlegmel, since melancholy is their basic or predominant temperament. Thus, it’s these careers we’re going to be considering in this post. In order to perfectly understand the importance of choosing a career that clearly suits your temperament, I will recommend you order and read do what you are by Paul D. Tieger. Order the bestseller now for an in-depth understanding of relationship between temperament and career.

Read on to discover some of the best careers for a melphlegs.

1. Educationists:

Melphlegs loves education, and they are keen and passionate about any form of education. Thus, whatever that’ll help to improve and advance education is of utmost importance to them. Therefore a career in education is one of the best for a melphleg. It is important to state that education isn’t just about teaching as a profession, it far goes beyond that. Teaching is only an aspect of education, and a typical phlegmel will rather make a better teacher than melphlegs. But a typical melphleg as educationists, will use his creativity, detail-orientedness and analysis to bring in innovations and policies that’ll revamp the educational sector, and make it more qualitative and attractive. It’s for this reason that a career in education will no doubt be a good one for you as a melphleg.

You could use your knowledge, ideas and experiences to advance theories that’ll enhance and promote learning for the good and well-being of society. As an educationist, you could be a consultant, school administrator, educational books author, or a policy formulator in the educational sector. There are numerous prospects in this career, plus educationist are always respected anywhere in the world, since they help to shape society, and advance courses that improves the educational standards of any society. Therefore as a melphleg, a career in education is one you should consider because it ranks even with your blend of temperament, and you’ve got all it takes to become an educationist per excellence.

2. Humanitarian Services:

Any career in the humanitarian sector that tends to serve, uplift and improve humanity, perfectly suits a melphleg temperament blend. For a melancholy is self-sacrificing individual who loves to sacrifice his time, energy and also resources to Improve the well-being and living standard of others. Some careers in the humanitarian service sector are: doctors/surgeons, social welfare and rehabilitation officers, nursing, health officers, midwifery, paramedics, nutritionist, emergency response personnel, local and foreign aid workers etc. Any career in this sector that aims to help people live a better life or improve their livelihood and living conditions is easily one of the best for melphleg blends.

The conscientious, accommodating and hospitable nature of melancholies plus the meek and kind nature of the phlegmatic, will make a melphleg succeed in any humanitarian career more than any other temperament blend. The world is presently in need of more melphlegs to handle more of it’s humanitarian crisis in different parts of the world. Especially in this era of pandemics, more humanitarian personnels are clearly needed to serve humanity, and there’s no other blend that’s best suited for this purpose more than melphlegs. Thus, as a typical melphleg, a career in the humanitarian sector is easily one of the best you should consider.

3. Philosophy:

The majority of the world’s greatest philosophers like Plato, are melphlegs or they must at least have melancholy as their primary temperament. This is because melancholies are thinkers. The ability to use logical thinking and reasoning to establish certain facts and truth that one believes in, is no doubt borne out of detailed, analytical and forthright nature. Philosophers seeks knowledge, truths, facts and certain ethics, and often lives by those facts that they believe in. Trying to win arguments with their knowledge of certain truth, facts and ethics, and also wants everyone to live by them, is often their main objective in life.

The forthrightness, analytical and detailed mind of typical melancholies, coupled with the efficient-organized traits of phlegmatics, basically makes melphlegs very great philosophers. Therefore, as someone who has got a melphleg temperament blend, career in philosophy is no doubt one of the best you should consider. This career fits very well with your temperament, and you could become one of the greatest philosopher. There are also numerous career prospects for you as a philosopher. You can work in almost any organization as a result of your forthright, strategic and analytical thinking skills and ability.

4. Scientist:

Science is also one of the best career that typifies a melphleg temperament blend. For they love questioning the existence of things, experimenting, conducting research and also using the result of their research and the evidence gathered to make hypothesis and also tests them, in order to bring about or formulate theories to share knowledge. Typical melancholies and phlegmatics often thrives in science careers. Thus, a combination of these two temperament blends, will for sure make melphlegs great scientists. The problem-solving, analytical minds and also detailed skills of melancholies, plus the meticulous-patience of the phlegmatics makes melphlegs easily succeeds in science, and also become great scientists if they’re deliberate about it. Therefore, as a melphleg, don’t study science with only the aim or mindset of becoming an engineer or medical doctor, you could also choose to be a scientist and come up with proven theories that doctors and engineers will apply and reference when they practice their profession.

5. Engineering:

There’s no other temperament that often makes very efficient engineers more than a person who has got a blend of melancholy and phlegmatic temperaments. Both melphlegs and phlegmels makes very good, efficient engineers. For they’ve got the detailed and analytical minds, plus high level IQ to quickly conceptualize ideas, and apply it to real and ideal cases. From being design engineers to bringing their designs into reality, melphlegs have got the natural strengths and capacity to be very good engineers. If given the right and requisite training, and with basic and sound engineering knowledge, background and also experience, melphlegs will be very efficient engineers. Some of the best engineering fields they could do very well in, are chemical, mechanical, electrical, petroleum, petrochemical and any engineering field that’s got to do with design and production.

6. Statistics:

Because of their analytical, detailed and strategic planning skills, melphleg makes extremely good and excellent statistician. The ability to collect, analyze and interpret data either from, on or offline sources or through research which enables the decision- making process of an organization or for planning purposes, is no doubt a core strength of typical melphlegs. The application of statistical methods and models to real world problems and challenges is also another job description of statisticians that typical melphlegs will not find cumbersome. Thus, if you’re a melphleg, a career in statistics is one of the best you should consider going into, because, it for a fact conforms to your temperament strength.

7. Research and Development:

Because of their passion for solving problems, detailed and analytical skill and ability once again, a career in research and development is another career perfect for melphlegs. Most melancholies are highly ambitious persons who loves to make positive impact with their intelligence and knowledge. Thus the need for them to research about some of the problems confronting humanity, or a business organization, and carry out detailed research in order to find a solution to those challenges.

There’s no other temperament that often enjoys this career more than a melphleg. For the innovative ability, solution and also detailed oriented traits of melancholy, combined with the patient, calm and very organized qualities of a phlegmatic, plus the ability to work remotely, often makes melphlegs easily succeeds in this career. As a melphleg, a career in research and development in various fields of endeavors, is one you should also consider. You can work in any organization, since your results and innovations will be necessary to make adjustments and improvements in those areas, and perhaps solve a particular problem.

8. Criminology & Crime Detection:

The study of crimes, and detecting crimes is one of such careers that are perfect for melphleg blends. Their high IQ, analytical, natural intuitive ability, makes them perfectly fit for this career. It’s for this reason that they also do very well in psychology and reasoning. As a melphleg these are some of the basic natural talents and skills you need to succeed in a crime detection career or criminology and you’ve got them in you already. With some professional training and hands on working experience, you’ll be an exceptional crime detector.

9. Business/Financial Analyst:

Because of their innovative and high analytical ability, plus their finance management, planning and handling skills, melphlegs often finds it very easy to identify business areas that can or needs to be improved, in order to increase efficiency, productivity and also maximize profits. These skills also enables them to easily analyze the financial flows, statements of an organization in order to evaluate investment opportunities.

Creating a financial model for any potential investor to find profitable investment opportunities, and recommending financial investments opportunities to individuals to take advantage of, is also part of the job description of a business/financial analyst. They also assess the stock market, analyse the performance of stocks, shares and bonds or other types of investments, and advice accordingly. These are basically the duties of a business and financial analyst. And no other temperament blend that perfectly fits into this career more than a typical melphleg. Therefore as a melphleg, a career in business and financial analysis is also one of the best you might want to consider.

Conclusion, the list of careers that melphlegs could do very well in, does not start and end with this post. But as a melphleg, these 9 are some of the best you might want to consider if you’re at a crossroads as to which career is best for you. However, any job or career that requires creativity, innovativeness, high intelligence, detail-orientedness, being analytical, self-sacrifice, problem-solving and sometimes working privately is no doubt the best for you.

Thanks for reading. Don’t forget to leave your comments, questions and suggestions on this post. If you find this post helpful, kindly buy me a cup of coffee or support me to maintain this blog’s running cost. Thank you ๐Ÿ˜Š.



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