6 Strategies of Living With A Cheating Sanguine Spouse.

How To Live With A Cheating Sanguine Spouse In Marriage:

In this secular world that we all live within, infidelity and extramarital affairs has become so common that one may wonder if secularism is not an incentive that promotes it. May be not, because everyone is responsible for their actions, and perhaps, it is, because it encourages the concept of a free world where every human being feels they’ve got the right to live their lives the way they want to. Thus, it’ll be very difficult to stop anyone who wilfully decided to do what they want, to satisfy their thoughts and desires. However, though extramarital affairs or infidelity in erotic relationship has become a societal ill that’s rampant and common to all human beings, because anyone could be tempted to cheat. Thus, it’s not uncommon that different persons has got what makes them vulnerable to it, and which they eventually pander to indulging in the act.

The temperaments we’re born with controls and influences everything we do, even the thoughts that preceeds our actions. It’s basically because of this reason that, every human being, regardless of their temperament will often be tempted to cheat on their spouse or partner when they get the opportunity to or if they’re frequently being overwhelmed by their personal weaknesses. However, some persons may be able to discipline and restrain themselves from commiting the act, while others would’ve succumbed to it already before they could realize it. All of our actions and inactions, wilful and unconscious decisions towards indulging in extramarital affairs are more often due to our temperaments, and what often triggers our emotional and sentimental psyche.

It’s for this reason that in today’s post, we want to consider how to live with a cheating spouse or partner with real focus on a specific temperament, that is the sanguine. You may want to ask why the focus on a sanguine. There’s no temperament that cannot indulge in infidelity and extramarital affairs, but our focus to day will be on typical sanguine spouse or partner, because sanguines have got more weaknesses that makes them easily susceptible and vulnerable to cheating on their spouse or partner than the other temperaments, particularly the male sanguines. But first and foremost, let us briefly look at what could make the other temperaments cheat, or become promiscuous and how you can live with them.

First off, let’s take a brief look at the cholerics. Cholerics are the most intentional or deliberate persons when it comes to falling in love with someone or engaging in erotic and sexual relationship, because they know what or who they want from the get go. For a male choleric to cheat or indulge in extramarital affair, he’ll most likely pander to the calm, gentle, quiet and sensual nature of a female melancholy or phlegmatic. Because he’s a very assertive, egotistic and domineering person, whose emotions and feelings often tilts towards the simple and easily subdued female phlegmatic, or the nice and reserved melancholy, and he uses both his masculine and alpha male mentality to entice her.

While for a typical female choleric, eventhough she has similar traits of her male counterpart, but she’ll most likely fall for a very handsome, responsible, coordinated, principled and Intelligent young man, who often keeps to himself or rarely has time for other females. Because she’s a queen, who falls for royalty and those who often displays some kingly attitudes or behaviours. The only way to live with a cheating choleric spouse and discourage them from that, is first, to ensure that they love you because you’ve got some of those qualities that attracts and interests them. Secondly, there should be less exposure to, and intimacy with those who has got those same qualities that triggers their love and emotional feelings.

Let’s consider the typical melancholy. Melancholies are the most faithful and dependable partners because of their conscientious nature. However, since they’re naturally nice people at heart, who do not like to be disdained or taken for granted, but likes to be considered the best of all, and treated like a king or queen. Thus, whether male or female melancholy, they will easily be emotionally attracted to very nice and kind persons, who are rarely erotically attracted to, or interested in others apart from them. For, because of their extremely jealous attitudes, someone who holds them in very high esteem and treats them as their Kings or queens. Has got good looks and conduct also possess some personable and very admirable qualities like the charisma of a typical sanguine, and the forthrightness of a choleric, will no doubt easily get their attention, which can also make them succumb or yield to sexual advances from such persons.

In order to discourage or prevent your melancholic spouse or partner from cheating on you, you must endeavor to understand what often interests them, and always behave accordingly. Good and charming smiles and a very convivial ambience also attracts them a lot to others. When you’re basically who or what a melancholy wants, and they’re often very comfortable and happy with you, then it will be difficult for them to cheat on you. And if melancholies can also refrain from being to close and intimate with nice and good-natured people, the tendency to cheat on their partner will be less palpable.

For typical phlegmatics, a phlegmatic is the most calm, quiet, gentle and meek of all the temperaments. They often keeps to themselves, but also loves the company of people. Thus, both male and female phlegmatics will most likely be emotional towards those who are often committed to them, shows them enormous care, attention and empathy. Being very lively, warm, complimentary and fun to be with, also trips them. No other temperament loves attention, care and being eulogized or praised more than phlegmatics. Cheating on you, or may be having an extramarital affair with another person will be easier if your character does not make them feel valued and appreciated, and they find someone else who makes them feel this way, either through some subtle flattery or deception. Thus, in order to prevent and discourage your typical phlegmatic spouse or partner from cheating on you, you need to be more lively, romantic, warmth and be vocal about appreciating and also complimenting them. But most importantly, avoid exposing them to those who are ready to give them a dose of care, attention and perhaps compliments, else you might be loosing them unknowingly to those people.

Finally, let’s consider the sanguines, who are the main temperament we’re focusing on, in today’s topic, since they’ve got more weaknesses that often makes them vulnerable to cheating on their partner and having extramarital affairs.

6 Ways To Live With A Cheating Sanguine Spouse:

Although, it will be difficult to stop or totally prevent a cheating spouse or partner from cheating, especially when they’ve found something that attracts and interests them in others. These six strategies may not totally stop or prevent a typical cheating sanguine spouse from cheating, but it will go a long way to curtailing or even discouraging them from such lifestyle or attitude. These strategies and tips are based on a sanguine’s personality traits, and what could be an antidote to some of his excesses. A sanguine, particularly a typical male sanguine, is a very promiscuous and randy person, and because of his lack of discipline and self-control, he will more often than not, fall frequently into the temptation of cheating on his spouse or having extramarital affairs if he’s not caught. And since he is also a very lively, warm, flamboyant, exuberant, people-oriented and outgoing person that loves to spend more time outside his home. What are some of the strategies you could adopt to live peacefully with him?

1. Ensure They Love You:

I’ve always adviced people that, in as much as they want to marry or date who they love, they should endeavor to ensure that their better half has the same amount of love for them also. This is because you could be able to vouch for yourself about being sure of the depth of love you’ve got for them, but it’s often difficult for you to be able to see through their heart to know how much they love you, until they begin to display it by accepting to take some responsibilities for your sake. Thus, the first and foremost thing you need to do in order to live with a cheating sanguine spouse, or any of the other temperament for that matter, is to be double sure of their love for you. If they really love you, and never wish to leave you because you’ve got some basic innate qualities and strengths that interests them, then every other challenge in your marriage or dating relationship can be handled and possibly overcomed with time. When your sanguine spouse or partner loves you so dearly and passionately that they do not want to loose you, notwithstanding their promiscuous lifestyle, the next strategies will work to a very large extent in discouraging them from cheating on you and you’ll still have them to yourself.

2. Insist On Going Out Together For Some Fun Date Moments:

A sanguine is a fun and bubbly person who loves to enjoy himself, party and have fun to the fullest. More often than not, he does it in company of his friends and admirers, whether they be male or female, outside his home. One thing you should not do as someone who’s married to a typical sanguine, is to allow your sanguine spouse to get used to always having fun alone or in company of his friends and admirers without you. For when he finds more happiness and fun outside his home, then it’s most likely you won’t be getting enough of his time. I can without any doubt say that the docility of most women who are married to a sanguine spouse had given their sanguine husband or partner the leeway to do whatever they like. Typical sanguines have little to no self-control or self-restraint, so whatever you allow them do, will no doubt persist until you begin to stand up against it. Thus, insisting from day one, that you go out with them on some fun date moments, which they’ll not object to, if they love you, sends some messages to them that they’ll not be getting it the way they want to everytime, and they’ll get used to it eventually. This will also discourage some secrect admirers who’re willing to engage in illicit affairs with them. Insisting on going out for some fun date moments with your sanguine spouse or partner is one of the surest strategy you could adopt to live with a cheating sanguine spouse.

3. Dress To Attract Or Seduce Them.

It’s amazing that a lot of people thinks dressing to seduce or attract the attention of their spouse, especially in the home is immoral. That reasoning or mentality is warped. For a typical sanguine, whether male or female, is often intrigued by flashes of beauty, glamorous and gorgeous dressing. When going out on a date with them, dressing very elegantly such that it attracts the attention of others toward them, makes them feel very excited and increases their inner ego. While in the home, dressing in a seductive way, immediately turns on their emotional feelings. A sanguine rarely has control over his feelings and emotions, therefore little things often triggers their sentimental mood and feeling. Thus, in order to live with a cheating sanguine spouse and make him have less desire for, or to admire others, dress to impress or attract him for he panders to flashy and elegant things.

4. Call Him Frequently:

Frequently calling your sanguine spouse especially when he’s in some fun moments outside the home in company of his friends admirers, actually does three things. Firstly, it distracts them from any motive or plans to cheat, since the scenario or atmosphere will most likely not be too favourable for them to engage in it. Secondly, it makes them feel very important. A sanguine is an egotistic person who likes to feel too important and be noticed by people. So calling him frequently when his admirers and friends are with him, often makes him want to prove to them that he’s a very important person to you, hence the reason for your frequent calling. And thirdly, it makes their intending illicit lover to become uncomfortable about going ahead with them. These are the 3 things that calling your sanguine spouse countless times when on a fun date moments with others can do, and which will also discourage them from freely engaging in extramarital affairs.

5. Speak up Against Their Attitude:

You see, one of the many reasons why so many persons suffers in marriage and become lonely and bored is often because they refused to speak up or perhaps they’re afraid of speaking up against some of the attitudes of their spouse that they’re not comfortable with. For a typical sanguine spouse, if you fail to speak up in condemnation of their behaviours, they’ll never stop. Not when they easily gets away with their wrongdoing, therefore making them believe that you’re not smart enough to catch them. A sanguine is a very smart person, therefore when they often get away with cheating on you, they view it as being smart, and will also see their illicit lover whom they had cheated on you with, as their conquest. For he’s someone that loves to have fun, rarely taking having sex with different persons as something one should attach much seriousness to. But when you speak out to stoutly condemn their attitude and lifestyle, it sends shivers down their spine, and they’ll begin to readjust themselves, since they now realize that you’re aware of what they are doing. And moreover, since they do not also like to bear pressure or whatever that’ll make you and them feel unhappy or sad. Therefore, the likelihood of them trying to please you by readjusting to what you want is not uncommon.

6. Threaten Divorce or Break Up:

There’s no other temperament that understands the carrot and stick approach more than a sanguine. Thus, since they’re happy-go-lucky and very ecstatic people, therefore attempting to wield the stick after dangling the carrot before them, and if perhaps they had enjoyed the carrot enough to know what it tastes like, they’ll for sure not want to experience the stick because of the pain and sadness it’ll most likely cause them. Therefore, for a typical sanguine to adjust his or her lifestyle to what you want, or for them to curtail their cheating lifestyle, a carrot and stick approach is necessary to make them weigh their options. If they’re passionately in love with you, such that they do not want to loose you, threatening them with divorce or break up should they continue with their cheating lifestyle is one of the surest way of making them to adjust.

Conclusion, sexual betrayal or having extramarital affairs and relationships is rampant nowadays and common to all temperament categories, especially when some of the qualities and acts that often wakes up their emotional and sentimental psyche is triggered. But for a typical sanguine, cheating or indulging in extramarital affairs is more like a routine because they’ve got more weaknesses that makes them easily susceptible to the act. Sexual betrayal actually hurts especially when it’s done by a supposed loved one or heartthrob. It’s for this reason I will recommend you order and read sexual betrayal sucks, but you got this by Becky. Order the bestseller now in order to learn how to overcome the trauma of being sexually betrayed.

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