9 Best Careers For Melancholic-Choleric (Melchol) Temperament Blends.

Which Careers Are Best For A Melchol Temperament Blend?

The high unemployment rate, and perhaps the quest for some financial gratification has made a lot of people to venture into some careers which are very much incongruous to the temperament they’re born with. Hence, the major reason why they struggle in such careers without being productive in it, neither make any substantial impact.

This no doubt often necessitates an unsatisfactory and unaccomplished feeling in the area of their career. But if everyone could have the courage to seek careers that are suitable for their personality, and also rank even with their temperament strengths, we’ll all be more productive, and have great feeling of fulfilment and satisfaction in life.

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In today’s post, we want to consider some of the best careers that a typical melchol temperament blend will be able to effortlessly flourish in, become productive and have a great feeling of fulfilment and satisfaction in life.

Who’s A Melchol?

A melchol is someone who has got melancholy as their predominant or primary temperament, and choleric as their secondary. This individual is a perfectionist-driver, an intelligent/self-reliant personality. This person is basically an ambivert, who’s both outgoing and reserved.

The high intelligence, detail-oriented and analytical natural strengths of the melancholy, plus the decisiveness, productiveness, and self-sufficiency of the cholerics are combined in them to make the melchol a very competent and capable personality.

There’s absolutely nothing that this individual wants to achieve in life that he cannot achieve, and rarely no vocation he cannot do well in. For he’s got the basic natural strengths and qualities to succeed in almost any career that requires them to work privately with their hands, and also make use of their brains to achieve personal success.

Moreover, the temperament strengths of both melancholies and cholerics also balances out or complements each other’s weaknesses in a melchol. Thus the detailed and analytical skills of the melancholy often complements a typical choleric’s impulsiveness and lack of detailed, strategic or analytical planning skills in a melchol. While the decisiveness, high productivity and self-sufficiency of a choleric balances out the indecisive, lack of courage and confident, plus the moodiness and pessimistic traits of the melancholy in a melchol.

From this overview, we can see that, in a melchol, the weaknesses of both melancholy and choleric are usually strengthened by the strengths of each other, especially when it’s got to do with career success. Making the melchol both an analytical thinker and a self-willed personality. It’s for this reason that in today’s post, we want to take a look at some of the best careers that these eminent, competent and capacity-driven individuals will be well suited for.

Best Careers For Typical Melchols:

1. Business Analyst/Strategist:

A melchol is a very enterprising and innovative personality. Thus, no other temperament has a knack for coming up with great and new business ideas more than a typical melancholy. The ability to innovate new business ideas to aid business growth, plus courage to implement such ideas and get it off the ground is fully domicile in typical melchols. No wonder some of them becomes successful entrepreneurs or CEO’s. But cholmels are better and more successful as entrepreneurs than melchols.

This is because, typical melchol could generate new business ideas, but may not have the courage to implement it, because of doubt or indecisive nature of melancholy, since it is a primary or predominant temperament in the melchol. But for a cholmel, asides having great ideas, he’s also got the courage and capacity to go all out in making it a reality since his primary temperament is choleric who’s known to be active and decisive. However, both melchols or cholmels succeeds if they eventually get anything started.

Majority of the world’s entrepreneurs, Chief executives or billionaires are no doubt either melchols or cholmels, perhaps with a little bit of charismatic traits of the sanguines, but they must have choleric either as their primary or secondary temperament, for them to have the will to start with a small business idea and be dogged about growing it into a top brand, despite all the challenges they may encounter.

The ability to innovate new business ideas, identify business areas that can, or needs to be improved in order to strengthen business processes, and to increase productivity and efficiency is the main job of a business analyst and strategist, which a typical melchol is the best person with the strength and qualities required to succeed in this career.

Therefore as a person who’s primarily melancholy by temperament and choleric as your secondary, a career as a business analyst and strategist is one of the best you should consider getting into, because you’ve got the basic natural strength and capacity to succeed in it. Your natural analytical, detailed, intelligent and enterprising qualities as a typical melancholy plus your decisiveness and can-do-attitude of the choleric, enables you to be an excellent business analyst, and may be a successful entrepreneur if you decide to start your own business.

2. Law/Legal Advocates:

The adeptness of melancholies in law and justice plus the detailed and very analytical way they analyze the law, combined with the courageous and forthrightness of the cholerics, in the defense of what’s right and just makes melchols good lawyers/legal advisers and advocates. Therefore, as a typical melchol, a career in law is one of the best career you should consider going into, because you’ve got the necessary and basic temperament strengths to succeed in this career.

3. Consultancy services:

A melchol is both a perfectionist and a driver. He’s a very competent, capable and capacity-driven personality who knows his onions in his field. Typical melchols are usually the best in their field, because they combine the high intelligence, perfectionism, analytical and detail-orientedness of melancholy with the productivity, self-sufficient and pragmatism of the cholerics to thrive and excel more than others in their field.

Thus, a career or Job in any field that they’ve dedicated so many years of practice would’ve made them garner more experience in that field of endeavor to become a consultant. Any one could become a consultant in a particular field after many years of practice. But for a melchol, his knack for being detailed, analytical and love for perfection in anything he does, which are basically the temperament strengths of melancholies, plus the practicality and productive nature of cholerics, makes him a consultant of high repute in less than no time.

Thus, as a melchol, who has garnered some years of experience in any particular field of endeavor, starting a private career in consultancy services where you could be consulting for individuals and organizations, is sure one of the best career for you. You could become a medical, engineering, business, marketing and even a media consultant or consultant in any field that requires improvement, upscaling and troubleshooting to discover a particular defect, where your natural intelligence, expertise, innovative skills and ideas will come to bare in recommending a solution that works.

4. Market Research Analyst:

The ability to gather statistical data, conduct qualitative and quantitative market research campaigns, monitor and also predict sales and marketing trends with the overall objective of innovating new ideas for effective marketing campaigns in order to increase turnover, sure requires the analytical, detailed and innovative skills of the melancholy combined with the high productivity of the choleric.

A typical melchol is a very good researcher of new ways to do things for an overwhelming success or higher productivity. If you need someone who can analyze sales and marketing trends, innovate new ways of doing business, and also come up with new marketing strategies that will help organizations better package their products and services for a very good performance in the market, then a melchol perfectly fits into that.

As a melchol, a career in market or business research analysis is sure one of the best you should consider going into. You’ve got the basic natural skills to succeed and outperform others in this career. You could be hired by top business organization as a researcher or business and market analyst. You can also operate as an independent or private researcher or analyst, and be a consultant to individual business owners and big organizations.

5. Advertising Managers:

Although melchols are not that good or proficient in person to person and word-of-mouth advertising and also marketing, but they often makes good and excellent advertising practitioner. The creative, analytical thinking plus writing skills of melancholy combined with the choleric’s ability to motivate, compel and make anyone become interested in what they endorse, sure makes melchols excellent marketing and advertising gurus.

The ability to develop new advertising strategies and ideas, create catchy ad headlines and copies from a business, sales and technical perspectives, and also implement those strategies for an increased sales, no doubt requires the creative and analytical minds of the melancholy plus the productive and pragmatism of the choleric. Melchols are efficient advertising or marketing managers. They’ve got the sensitivity to read into the minds of people and decipher what they want, and they’ll most likely pander to.

Thus, creatively and strategically crafting advert copies that’ll suit their interest, is a no brainer for melchols. Advertising and marketing managers also gives marketing and advertising ideas to organizations on better ways to advertise and increase sales so as to maximize profits. Therefore, if you’re a melchol, a career in advertising is one you should consider going into. It’s a very lucrative career, since business organizations are often eager to boost sales, either products or services, and maximize profits.

6. Manufacturing and Processing:

The perfectionism and passion for quality and standard, combined with high productivity and entrepreneur mentality of the cholerics often makes melchols become attracted to a career in manufacturing, production and processing. No other temperament loves perfection and accuracy more than melancholies. When this quality is combined with the desire to be a productive entrepreneur like a typical choleric, it transforms the melchol to a manufacturing and production conscious person.

The ability to generate manufacturing and production ideas, plus the skills it requires to process raw materials into finished products of high standards, and packaging same in very attractive way, sure requires the enterprising, analytical and detail-oriented nature of the melancholy, combined with the decisiveness, productive and courage of the choleric to succeed in a career in manufacturing and processing.

As a melchol, you’ve got all of these basic qualities in you. Therefore, a manufacturing and processing of raw materials into finished and useful products careers, is one of the best you should consider going into. It’s basically for this reason that typical melchol could do very well in chemical or process engineering, or any engineering field thats processing and manufacturing based. With good engineering background, melchols makes very efficient production and process engineers. In order to perfect your manufacturing skills, I want to recommend manufacturing mastery by Rebecca Morgan. Order it now, it’s one of the bestseller that’ll boost your manufacturing skills and competence.

7 Acting/Movie Directors & Producers:

This is another career that melchols are very well suited for. Acting is one career that many melancholies thrives in, despite the fact that they’re introverts, but they’re exceptional actors while on stage. The natural creativity, detailed and analytical abilities of the melancholy combined with the active and productive nature of the choleric, makes melchols excellent actors, as well as efficient movie producers and directors.

Typical melancholies often tends to become different persons on stage, such that you could think that they’re extroverts. But as soon as they get off stage, they will revert back to their introverted nature. As a melchol, a career in acting or a movie director and producer is one you should consider going into. You’ve got the necessary natural talent to excel in this career. But to sharpen and also improve your skills in acting, I will recommend you order and read the new business of acting by Brad Lemack. Order the bestseller now, it will enable you to advance your acting acting

8. Arts and Crafts Making:

The perfectionism and high mental accuracy of the melancholy combined with the productivity of the choleric, makes melchols very good Craftsmen of high repute. One thing about these temperament blends is that they love to have their own brand, and having their own unique products to be very different from others, is one of their greatest passion that enables them excel in craft making.

Therefore, as a melchol, arts and craft making is of such informal career you should give a thought about getting into, and turn your skills and unique products into a profitable money making venture. You’ve got all the necessary basic and natural talents that’s required to become a successful craftsman.

9. Sports Coaching:

A melchol will easily succeed in any career that requires strategic and analytical thinking capacity, being able to easily identify or spot an error or a defect and also have the courage to effect changes immediately. Thus, when a career requires brainwork, creativity, strategic and analytical thinking and decisiveness, then a melchol is the best person for that job or career.

I’ve taken a critical look at the traits of some of our best and most successful coaches in the world, both in history and contemporarily, especially in football, i can without any doubt say that, they’ve got some melancholic and choleric traits, because they’re thinkers and strategist, who are also not afraid to effect changes where it’s necessary. It’s basically for this reason that some coaches succeeds in this career better than others.

Therefore, a career as a sports coach, strategist and perhaps being the think-tank person, who’s behind the scene of success of any organization, is sure one of best for you as a typical melchol. You don’t need to be a sports person or footballer to become a good coach, even if you’ve never been one, but you’ve got the intelligence, plus the creative and analytical mind to succeed as a coach or manager of a small group that will accomplish a specific task.

Conclusively, the lists of careers that melchols can succeed in, does not start and end in this post, they’re enormous. But as long as such careers requires creative and analytical thinking skills, being detail-oriented, productivity and a decisive ability, then a melchol will effortlessly thrive in it, because those are the career fields that his basic natural strengths and qualities will be fully accentuated for high efficiency and productivity.

Thanks for reading. Don’t forget to leave your comments, questions and suggestions on this post. If you find this post helpful, kindly buy me a cup of coffee or support me to maintain this blog’s running cost. Thank you 😊.



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