Sanguine-Choleric Temperament Blends Strengths And Weaknesses.

Strengths And Weaknesses of a Sanchol Temperament Blend:

It’s no longer a breaking news to say that no human being is born with just one particular temperament. We’ve all got a combination or blends of different temperaments in varying degrees or proportion. Some persons could have up to three temperament blends combined in them, but usually in different ratios. This is courtesy of our various family history and backgrounds.

The coming together of your great- grandparents, grandparents and also your parents, actually makes this a possibility. Your great-grandfather and mother could be melancholy and phlegmatic respectively. Thus, traits of melancholy and phlegmatic will no doubt be transferred to either your grandma or grandpa.

Now if either your melphleg grandpa or grandma marries someone who has got, say, sanguine or choleric as either their primary or secondary temperament. They’ll automatically pass on both the melancholy or phlegmatic traits they took from your great-grandparents and also some of the sanguine or may be choleric traits from the person they had married to your parents.

Now, you’re likely to inherit sanguine or choleric traits from your parents, plus melancholic and phlegmatics traits from your grandparents. Thus, depending on either of your parents or grandparents you inherited more genes from, you are likely to have among all these temperaments, one particular temperament that will for sure predominate others. And this will usually be your predominant temperament. While the others which may be a little proportion lower than your primary or predominant temperament, will be your secondary.

This is just a background view of the origin or how came about the twelve blends of temperaments, which everyone belongs to. It’s on this premise we’ll be looking at the strengths and weaknesses of the twelve blends of temperament. But in today’s post, and perhaps in subsequent posts about the temperament blends in the personal development category of this blog.

We shall be looking at some of the major weaknesses and strength of each of the blends of temperament. We are starting-off with considering the Sanguine-Choleric or Sanchol temperament blend.

Who’s A Sanchol?

Straight-off, a Sanchol is one of the twelve blends of temperament. This is someone who has got sanguine as their predominant temperament, and also choleric as their secondary. Sanchols are the strongest extroverts of all the temperament blends. Since both sanguines and cholerics are highly extroverted personalities, although sanguine is more of an extrovert than a choleric.

A sanchol is rarely an indoor person. They’re very outgoing and expressive people. In terms of how they’re being viewed and their general outlook on life, a sanchol is both lively as well as self-reliant. Looking at a sanchol from the leadership point of view, they’re both charismatic as well as visionary.

But will often display charisma than being visionary. When it comes to their career, a typical sanchol is both a happy-go-lucky and productive personality. But he’s more a cheerfully unconcerned individual than productive, unless the job promises to be an exciting one that gives them freedom to interact with different people.

A typical Sanguine-Choleric man:

In terms of their erotic relationships like dating or marriage, a typical sanchol is an expressive/intentional personality, but they’re often rather more expressive than intentional. He often hurriedly expresses his feelings and emotions even before he’s sure of his love for you.

It is a typical sanchol that will just within a very short time of meeting you, will rarely hesitate to start showering you with very expensive gifts and dates. Finally, when it comes to their interpersonal relationship with others, sanchols are people-oriented/self-sufficient personalities, but they are more people-oriented than self-sufficient.

These descriptions about the sanchols in different areas of life, is basically who they are in real life situations. Thus, it is based on these different areas of life we are going to be considering their major strengths and weaknesses. Quickly, let us briefly look at some of the major strengths of a sanchol, before delving into their weaknesses.

Strengths Of Sanchol Temperament Blend:

We’ll be considering the strengths of the sanchol temperament blend with respect to their career, marriage, leadership, interpersonal relationship with people, and also their general outlook on life.

When it comes to career, a typical sanchol personality is often very passionate about people-oriented careers or careers that will expose them daily to different persons and they will enjoy doing their jobs with less monitoring or supervision. Careers such as, customer service, marketing and sales rep, public relations, public speaking or any of such career that will enable them create a very convivial ambience with people, and with so much camaraderie is advantageous to them.

For their charismatic, free-spirited, lively and also people-oriented qualities enables them to efficiently succeed in these type of careers. But if the requires much attention- to details, seriousness, meticulousness, and more importantly, does not give and offer them the freedom to meet and interact with people, it’s totally boring to them.

In terms of their erotic relationship like marriage. Their very lively, expressive, vivacious, warm and emotional traits and lifestyle often makes their home a lively, fun and enjoyable one, where they often lift up the spirit of their spouse, kids and also family members with their warmth, whenever they’re around.

It’s these strengths that often helps them succeeds in marriage, barring every other weaknesses they’ve got. Sanchols are the only temperament that are very capable of frequently taking their families out for shopping, and also their spouse for some fun date moments, if they’re very proud of them.

When it comes to leadership, sanchols are very charismatic, free spirited, and also easygoing leaders. Though they are very much extroverted like their typical cholsan counterparts. But they are rarely bossy, forceful, high-handed and ambitious like them. Unless if both the sanguine and the choleric blends are in equal ratio of 50:50, which is very unlikely. But as long as one must be predominant, sanchols will rarely be as pragmatic, bossy, high-handed and an ambitious leader like their cholsan counterparts. They’re the kind of leaders that supervises less productive employees or subordinates. Because of their carefree nature, their employees or subordinates tends to be lackadaisical with their jobs.

Finally, in terms of their interpersonal relationship and general outlook on life respectively. The people-oriented qualities of typical sanchols, plus the convivial energy they often bring to bare, no doubt enables them easily get along with people.

Particularly those who shares in their philosophy of life, that life ought to be enjoyed to the fullest, and everyone ought not to take the things of life too serious. The general outlook on life of typical sanchols is that they are optimistic personalities. Sanchols are rarely pessimistic persons.

Expressing optimism even in the most critical of situations is not uncommon for them. They are also very lively/self-reliant. Sanchols are very lively and bubbly people and this traits makes people easily pander to them. Though they sometimes do feel that they do not need you to get what they want, like their cholsan counterparts.

But typical sanchols could easily bow to pressure should in case they can’t get it done without you or they may try to outsmart you to have their way, rather than use other legitimate ways to achieve their goals. For sanchols, nothing is too special or Important to worry about as long as it makes them feel emotionally satisfied.

Major Weaknesses of Sanchols:

Some of the major weaknesses of the sanchols will usually originate partly from both sanguine and choleric temperament weaknesses. But since sanguine is the main or predominant temperament, its natural weaknesses will be much more glaring in a sanchol temperament blend.

These weaknesses also negatively impacts his or her career, marriage, leadership, interpersonal relationship and also their personal success. Thus, we will be looking at the weaknesses of a sanchol with respect to these areas of their life.

When it comes to their career, the major weakness of a sanchol mainly affects how they do their jobs. Sanchols are carefree individuals. Therefore, they are rarely thorough nor meticulous about anything they do, including perfectly doing their job. A sanchol is that employee that will often hurriedly do his job, and begin to baffle in the euphoria that he or she has done a very great job, but they will often be corrected as many times as possible by their boss.

They could take their time to clean the office plus some other stuffs therein, but one could still find some dirts or dust during a second cleaning. Indiscipline, lack of thoroughness, seriousness or some sort of lackadaisical attitude to work, is among the major weaknesses of typical sanchols, when it comes to their careers. And this apparently negatively impacts on their jobs.

Typical Sanguine-Choleric colleagues:

As regards their erotic relationship like marriage, the major weakness that often negatively impacts their eros relationship is their lack of being sincere, trustworthy, commitment to their family (spouse and kids) and also lack of discipline. A sanchol is clever by half, especially when they want to do or achieve something sinister.

This could make them lie to members of their family until they are caught, and consequently they’ll therefore begin to loose trust in them. When a sanchol often gets away with his lies, he often considers it as smartness. When they are caught, the tendency to divert the attention of their spouse or changing the topic through their blustery and storytelling ability is not uncommon for them.

A sanchol is rarely committed to their family. For fun with friends and other admirers outside their homes often takes a better part of their time. This lifestyle often triggers suspicions, and also accusations of having extramarital affairs. Many conflicts in the home of a typical sanchol spouse, especially a sanchol husband, are more often due to lack of commitment and attention to their spouse’s needs. This no doubt often throws up some suspicions of infidelity or extramarital affairs.

Consequently, it makes their partner feel bad, bored and lonely, and they’ll have to battle with the challenge of living with a cheating spouse. Should in case this is your reality, you can read sexual betrayal sucks, but you got this by Becky Jones. Order the bestseller now, in order to learn how to overcome the trauma of being sexually betrayed by your partner.

A sanchol also lacks self-discipline. This basically affects how they raise or train their kids. No one can give what they’re destitute of. If a sanchol is not a disciplined person, it’s rare for them to inculcate discipline into their kids.

A sanchol could make a rule that all members of the family should be at home before 8p.m, but trust that they will be the first to break the rule. They could also decide or make a rule that dinner must be eaten by 7p.m, but their lack of discipline will obviously not allow them to keep to their own rule or decisions.

This habit of inadvertently breaking their own rules or even general rules, is more often than not replicated in their kids, and they’ll usually take after them, since they believe it’s normal . Lack of self- discipline has more than any other thing gotten so many sanchols into troubles, which they often find themselves having to frequently apologize for.

A sanchol’s impulsive behaviours is also another weaknesses that often causes marital crisis in their marriage. Since their emotions rather than reasoning often determines their thought line and actions, it makes them become spontaneous in whatever they do. Because of their impulsive attitudes, they’ll rarely sit down to plan with their spouse concerning the needs of the family before spending money

They could get paid by the end of the month, but rather than spend some time to plan their family’s expenses with their spouse, they could decide to start shopping from the road. This consequently leads to extravagancy and perhaps bankruptcy.

Typical Sanguine-Cholerics in fun mood:

Another weakness that works against sanchol’s marriage is their exuberant lifestyle. No other temperament likes enjoying themselves more than the sanchols. Apart from affecting their dating relationship or marriage, this lifestyle also affects a sanchol’s ability to manage their finances.

For their exuberant lifestyle could make them expend so much money on having fun, and on less important things like their shoes, clothes and wristwatches, when they’ve got more pressing needs in their family. This is just so they could please friends and admirers, as at the time their family has needs.

When it comes leadership or being at the helm of affairs, a sanchol’s happy- go-lucky, carefree and easygoing traits makes them appear to be very unserious leaders. This lifestyle often negatively affects their efficiency in leadership, by making them very ineffective and unproductive leaders.

Because of their unserious and happy-go-lucky lifestyle, they’ll rarely push or ensure everyone adequately does their jobs, neither do they have time to review, appraise, or perhaps take stock of everyone’s performance in order to improve productivity

Their overindulgent and carefree lifestyle often makes their staffs or subordinates become complacent with their duties. And when they do discover that things aren’t working well, or the organization is loosing in many areas, the tendency towards a short, quick and explosive outburst is not uncommon for them.

Finally in terms of their interpersonal relationship and general outlook on life, a typical sanchol is the most outgoing and flamboyant person. They’ll not hesitate to be the first to establish a relationship or conversation with you. If you do not come to them, they will come to you, especially if they’re interested in you.

But they’re rarely friends-in-deed, in the real sense of what friendship is about. Sanchols often finds it difficult sticking with a particular person for so long. For they love flashy, exciting and interesting things. Thus, if you’re not glamorous in your dressing, or they no longer find you interesting enough for them, they easily get bored of that relationship, and will choose to find that excitement somewhere else.

Sanchols are the least persons to rely on, during the time of your need. Although they’re not stingy persay, they could also easily empathize with you. But their shallow and artificial character plus unserious attitudes, will definitely make them not to see the necessity of sacrificing for you at that difficult time, unless they’ve got something they’re looking forward to getting from you. Sometimes they can help or assist you, but with a reason. Which is basically to bluster about themselves, and earn your respect.

Although sanchols appears to be very friendly and easy to relate with. They are not egotistic when it comes to rallying your support or being the first to come to you for relationship unlike other temperament blends.

However, they are rarely unassuming. It’s basically for this reason that they could bluster about their achievements, just so you could compliment and eulogize them.

Their flamboyant and effervescent lifestyle often makes them want to do big things, so that you will notice and recognize them. Failure to notice or take cognizance of their achievements makes them feel bad and perhaps move on with the perception that you’re inferior to them or envious of them. Most things typical sanchols does, is mainly to attract attention to themselves and earn some respect, accolades and compliments, particularly from those who who do not pander to what they’ve got.

Sanchols are also the most optimistic of all the temperament blends. For they don’t like to worry much about anything that’ll affect their happy and excited mood. Therefore, expressing optimism in almost everything, even in the most unlikely of situations that merely expressing optimism may not change.

This is because tasking their brains to come up with a plan or some practical solutions to achieve their goals is an uphill task for them. Sanchols rarely stresses themselves that much for anything. They often believe that, if it cannot come naturally to them, by chance or luck, neither will it come by stressing or tasking their brains.

How Can Sanchols Overcome Their Weaknesses?

In one of my previous post about managing temperament weaknesses. I stated that influence is one of the best way anyone could be able to manage their temperament weaknesses. As a sanchol, you’ve got to first of all identify these basic weaknesses that are associated with your temperament blend, then finding other blends of temperament that has got the strength you lack, will help you to better manage these weaknesses. Since you lack discipline, self-control and serious attitude to work.

Plus, you’ve also got some impulsive and exuberant traits, which has no doubt negatively affected your financial success, and also lack of commitment, sense of responsibility to your family or any other weakness that often negatively impacts you in life.

The best temperament you should be close to, and often relate with, is someone who has got melancholy as their predominant temperament. For a melancholy is the direct opposite of you, and you’ll both influence each other with your basic temperament strengths.

Beyond managing your temperament weaknesses through influence, it’s also important you think of how you can permanently overcome them. It’s for this reason I want to recommend you read the Spirit-controlled temperament by Tim Lahaye. Order the bestseller now. Because from the spiritual point of view, this book will show you how to quickly get rid of these weaknesses, and become a more refined sanchol.

This book was very instrumental in helping me to overcome some natural weaknesses of low self-esteem, self-pity and self-persecution, when I was growing up as a young melchol. And I strongly believe it’ll do the same for you. Order it now, read, and follow all the scriptural guidelines in the book.

To download, and read or listen to your favorite books on any device, sign up for Kindle Unlimited Membership Plan.

Thanks for reading. Don’t forget to leave your comments, questions and suggestions on this post. If you find this post helpful, kindly buy me a cup of coffee or support me to maintain this blog’s running cost. Thank you 😊.



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