Best Melancholy-Choleric Blend Compatible Temperament In Marriage.

Who’s A Melchol Blend Best Compatible With In Marriage?

We’ve previously looked at the typical melchol temperament blends in terms of their careers, and we listed some of the careers that they’re best suited for and which ranks even or conforms to their temperament strengths. In this post, we’re going to be analyzing the melchol personality with respect to their emotional and sentimental traits and lifestyle, with our main focus on the temperament blend that will be best compatible with them for marital relationship.

It’s my hope that at the end of reading this post, you’ll be able to know some of the emotional responses of a typical melchol, what often attracts them to, and also interests them about others, and finally, the best person that will complement them in eros relationship like marriage. As a quick reminder, melchols are ambiverts. That’s those who are neither introverts nor extro- verts, but they’re intermediate.

They’re both reserved and outgoing. Just as they are intelligent/self-reliant individuals in terms of their lifestyle and general outlook on life. But when it comes to their sentimental psyche or maybe, falling in love, they’re both sensitive/intentional. And it’s basically from this perspective that we’re going to be considering them.

Sensitive/Intentional Melchol Temperament Blend:

For a melchol, the high sensitive nature of the melancholy is combined with very intentional character of the choleric to make a melchol sensitive/intentional personality when it comes to their love life. For someone who’s both sensitive and intentional, loving someone so dearly or falling in love will usually take quite sometime. Thus, will never be at first sight, not even after your first date with them.

For the high sensitivity of a typical melancholy plus the very intentional nature of a pure choleric in a melchol, makes it almost impossible for them to be head over heels in love with you at just a quick glance, nor even after a first quality date or outing with you.

Typical Melchols In Fun Date:

However, very little things could trigger their love and feelings, but it is rare for you to know what those are, and when they had actually fallen in love. But when they do eventually fall in love, you’ll not be able to fathom the intensity of what they feel for you, cause they’re rarely expressive about it. But be rest assured that they feel more emotional about you on inside than they appear to be, outward.

These persons, though very sensitive emotionally, and their feelings could easily be turned on, but they sure do know when to give you their heart or commit to a serious relationship with you. For they are idealistic in nature, and believes that love is better shown or expressed when it is deeply rooted in the heart. Thus, taking their time to be sure if what you feel for them is real and deep, and if they can entrust you with their love, is not uncommon for them.

For a female melchol, taking her out on a quality fun date, buying her very expensive gifts or spending so much on her, will not be enough to get her to commit to a serious relationship or fall in love with you. Eventhough it may trigger their sentimental psyche that they may want to consider your benevolence and also your convivial energy towards them. But beyond all that, they’re basically looking at how real you are, and the depth of love you’ve got for them.

Thus, buying them expensive gifts and spending some time with them, while also doing the same for others, will hardly make them take you seriously. Eventhough they may not tell you about it, but know that you can’t get their undying love or have them to commit to a serious relationship with you. For they are extremely jealous persons who likes to be adored and treated very special, like a queen.

While for the male melchol, it’s easier for him to be emotionally attracted to you, and fall in love with you than his female counterpart. But falling in love or being emotionally attracted to you is just a side of the coin, the other side is getting him to commit to a serious relationship, this actually takes time.

For the male melchol is a highly sensitive and very intentional person. He does nothing without first of all planning it ahead of time, and if possible have a backup plan that will enable him to quickly expel potential dangers or unforseen circumstances.

Thus, in as much as he loves you and feels attracted to you, he also needs you to without hesitation, reciprocate that love, so he doesn’t feel despised, or taken for granted. The moment he starts feeling this way, the tendency towards concocting some negative thoughts that maybe, you’re ignoring them because of another man. That feeling they’ve got for you, gradually dies off, and he’ll immediately press the exit button.

He knows what he wants, loves dearly and passionately also, but needs that love and passion to be reciprocated. He hates comparison and being taken for granted. If you want his undying love, then you must show him that you value and appreciate him for who he is. That way, you’re rekindling and reigniting his love and passion for you that’ll make him commit to a serious relationship with you.

Melchols In Marriage and Family Life:

Like we stated earlier, melchols are both reserved and outgoing persons. These people sure knows when to be in their home with their spouse and kids, and also when to be out there with others. They often know how to balance work, career and achieving their personal goals, and spending time with their families. But since melancholy is their first temperament they’ll often have more time for their family than any other person outside their home.

It’s a typical melchol that after the days work activities outside their home, they’ll prefer to stay and spend the remaining time with their family, than visit a friend or be in company of people. Apart from a Cholmel who comes a bit closer, no other blends of temperament is more passionate and protective of their families, and also loves meeting all their family’s needs than melchols, especially a melchol husband.

Melchols loves to take responsibility in their homes. Although they may not be as decisive, bossy, domineering and high-handed as their cholmel counterpart, but melchol are no doubt very resolute, responsible and also responsive to the needs of their kids and spouse. For typical melchols, once their immediate family is fine and comfortable, then nothing and no one else matters anymore. For their family is placed far and above every other thing or person.

It’s a melchol spouse that, though not a very lively person, or someone who could give you a grin from a distance or maybe appears to be warm and friendly, whether in their home or outside their home. But the convivial ambience they creates when they’re happy and excited, or if peradventure they decide to engage in a horseplay with their spouse and kids, it often gets everyone in their home enthused, and they’ll definitely not hold back their admiration for them.

Melchols have got so much love to burn for members of their family, especially for their spouse and kids, but they’re rarely expressive about it. And this consequently gets their partners confused if they really love them. They actually do, and they’ll usually demonstrate it through their commitment, loyalty, sacrificing their time and resources to making sure that their family is very comfortable, and also in being highly defensive and protective of them.

However, despite the melchols very personable qualities, but the frequent moodiness, selfish and pessimistic behaviours they often display, is a major recipe and catalyst for marital conflicts in their homes. Melchol are very moody persons. Very little and negligible things could get them upset, and get their mood very low, that you could wonder if they were the same person that was excited a while ago.

They could be returning from work with the excitement of having had a very nice working day, wherein all their goals were accomplished, but on getting to their house, and seeing the sitting room and bedroom not well tidied, and everything not in there proper place and position, or maybe their partner not giving them a warm reception. That alone could turn them off, and mร ke them become sad and moody.

A Typical moody Melchol Man:

The reason for this, is not far-fetched. Their perfectionist tendencies which is as result of their first and dominant melancholic temperament makes them hold the belief that everything ought to be perfectly done, decently and in order too. They also expects everyone to be perfect, just the way their personality suggests. It’s also this belief and thinking that often makes them appear selfish, because they do not consider the fact that humans are imperfect beings.

It’s a typical melchol spouse that will find it difficult acknowledging and accepting his or her fault, unless he or she is convinced and proved wrong beyond any doubt. Because in their own eyes, they’ve done the best, thus, cannot be faulted. It’s for this reason that a typical melancholy or blends of melancholy temperaments are often adviced to marry those who perfectly understands their personality traits and mood swings in order to avoid frequent marital conflicts.

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I seriously believe that melancholies, and more importantly melchols, are the temperament that should have a reasonably long dating relationship before tieing the knot, so each partner will better understand the other, and see if they’ll be able to cope with their weaknesses.

In terms of fulfilling their marital sexual obligations, barring any health or sexual challenges, melchols has got very active sex life and lives a healthy sexual lifestyle. Sex time for them is a special and enjoying moment. But if you’re finding it difficult fulfilling your sexual marital obligation to your spouse or last longer, I’ll recommend you order the promescent delay spray for men in order to boost your libido and also last longer on bed.

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Melchols love their room and bed to be neatly dressed and arranged. Cool and perfumed room with coloured lights on, actually turns them on. They are somehow shy or perhaps egotistic, so you’ll need to sometimes be the one to initiate or create that atmosphere for their sexual urge to be triggered, and be effectively sustained.

One thing you should know about the melchols is that, they enjoy sex a lot and are also sexually active. Thus, a novice spouse whenever it comes to fulfilling marital sexual obligation is totally boring to them. Sensuality and acting in a sexually intriguing way, quickly turns them on, and increases their urge. However, melchols, or any melancholic blend for that matter, must be in the right mood for them to freely perform their marital sexual obligation. Else, there’s no amount of seduction or allurement that’ll make them jump on it.

Which Temperament Is Best Compatible With Melchols For Marriage?

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Having seen who a melchol is, who do you think will be the best compatible spouse for them in marriage? It’s very important to note that temperament compatibility in marriage isn’t about couples being of same temperament or compatible in likes and dislikes, it is far from that.

It is basically about possessing the qualities and strengths that often attracts them to each other, and also interests them well enough, such that they could be able to either manage or tolerate their individual weaknesses. Marrying someone who has got a different temperament from yours will ensure that the weaknesses of the same temperaments will not fully holdsway in your kids, plus there will be varieties of traits with different temperament strengths in the home.

For typical melchols, any of the twelve temperament blends may be good for them in marriage depending on the primary temperament of the other person, the ratio of combination, and also what they find interesting and appealing.

But honestly speaking, the best temperament blend that will best complement a melchol in marriage is, either a 60:40 or 55:45 cholphleg or sanphleg blends. That’s persons who has got either choleric or sanguine as their primary temperament and also phlegmatic as their secondary, in the ratio of 60:40 or 55:45.

A melchol and cholphleg or sanphleg couples complements one another in many fronts. For a melchol, who is a bit shy, less outgoing and sometimes low in confidence, is usually attracted to the courageous, decisive, dogged, daring, productive and self-sufficient strengths of a typical choleric.

While the highly-spirited, warmth, very lively, congenial and also the charismatic nature of the sanguine is interesting to a melchol. And clearly, a secondary phlegmatic temperament in both cholphleg and sanphleg blend will ensure stability, a peaceful and very organized home in a marriage of any of these different temperament blends or combinations.

A Typical Melchol Husband and Sanphleg Wife:

Moreover, a typical melchol who may be less outgoing will definitely not find it too challenging if the couples needs to go out daily to fend for their family, since both cholphleg and also sanphleg are outgoing. While melchol spouse could be a career person who sits in the office, a typical cholphleg and sanphleg spouse will do better in business or any job that requires that they must connect with people.

A melchol and cholphleg or sanphleg marriage complements one another’s strengths and weaknesses. For the pessimism, low-confidence and also low self-esteem, plus moodiness of the melchol is often balanced by the qualities of courage, confidence and self-sufficiency, plus the happy, lively and charismatic nature of the choleric and sanguine respectively. While the choleric and sanguine spouse also appreciates the melchol spouse’s trait and qualities of loyalty, commitment, finance management, discipline and intelligence.

In terms of raising kids, a melchol and cholphleg or sanphleg marriage also produces and raises the most versatile kids. Because of the melchols spouse high discipline, intelligence and also a sense of responsibility, plus the happy and lively nature of the sanguine, and also the courageous, competence plus organized lifestyle of both choleric and phlegmatic respectively. Kids who were raised by a combination of these temperament blends in marriage will no doubt be disciplined, intelligent, organized, courageous and also happy and lively kids.

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Conclusively, different temperament blends could marry any of the twelve blends of temperament. But when it comes to temperament compatibility in marriage, one must consider the blends that often complements their strengths and weaknesses in many areas. Remember, compatibility isn’t necessarily about being of the similar temperament with your spouse, but it is rather about looking for those basic qualities and strengths in their blends of temperament that often interests you, and attracts you to them.

It is basically for this reason I want to passionately appeal to you again to order and read the temperament God gave your spouse by Art and Laraine Bennett. This book will enable you to know how you and your spouse could live happily together, maximize your strengths and also be able to manage your weaknesses, regardless of the fact that your temperaments are different from each other.

Thanks for reading. Don’t forget to leave your comments, questions and suggestions on this post. If you find this post helpful, kindly buy me a cup of coffee or support me to maintain this blog’s running cost. Thank you ๐Ÿ˜Š



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