Sanguine-Melancholy Best Compatible Temperament In Marriage.

Who’s A Sanmel Temperament Blend Compatible With In Marriage?

In my last post, we did list 10 careers that sanmels are best suited for. This is based on the fact that a sanmel is a very lively, happy and an enthusiastic person when it comes to doing their jobs. But in today’s post, we want to look at a sanmel from the perspective of their sentimental and emotional psyche, with emphasis on the best temperament or temperament blend that’ll be compatible with them and also complement them in marriage.

It’s my hope that at the end of reading this post, you will be able to decipher who a sanmel is, in terms of their eros love life, know the kind of person they often panders to, what triggers their emotional responses, and finally the temperament that’s best compatible with them in marriage. First off, who is a sanmel when it’s got to do with romance and falling into erotic love relationship.

Who Is A Sanmel?

When it comes to romance and erotic love relationship, a sanmel is a very expressive/sensitive personality. What do I mean? For a person who has got sanguine as their first or predominant temperament, and also melancholy as their secondary, in very substantial amount say 60:40 or 55:45 blend ratio. This individual will no doubt always display the traits of both the sanguine and melancholic, but their sanguine character will be more domineering or predominate their melancholic traits, since it’s by a little percentage greater than their melancholic blend.

Thus, sanguines being described as air meaning that they are lively, free and ubiquitous . While melancholies are also often described as earth. Which means hospitable, accommodating and sensitive. Therefore, for a typical sanmel who combines the personality traits or characteristics of sanguine and melancholy. In terms of their eros love life or erotic relationship, they’ll be best described as both expressive and sensitive personalities.

A typical sanmel lady.

The sanguine being a very expressive person, will overly be expressive of their love, thus they will bring to bare some love expressions on their erotic relationship. While a highly sensitive and sensual melancholy, will for sure bring high sensitivity and sensuality into their eros relationship. Therefore typical sanmels in erotic relationship like marriage, will be both expressive of their love, as well as being sensitive emotionally.

All temperament categories or blends of temperaments are emotional, but no other temperament blends comes close to the emotional responses of sanmels and melsans. This is simply because typical sanguines and also melancholies are highly emotional people. Therefore, when these two dissimilar temperaments who are extremely emotional are combined in one person, what do you think will be the result? Your guess is as good as mine.

Sanmels In Erotic Relationship:

We want to consider the categories of persons that sanmels are emotionally attracted to, in a dating relationship and also how they usually behave in such relationships. Both female and male sanmels may have got, and also often displays some similar traits or behavioral patterns in different areas of life. But when it comes to erotic love relationship their approach prior to falling in love and the way they usually expresses their love could be somewhat different from the other.

For a female sanmel, though a very lively, funky, caring, loving and also very expressive personality when it comes to erotic dating. But she sure knows what she wants and also who she wants to date. They could be in a state of conviviality and caramaderie with every male colleague or friends around, since she’s a very lively and funky person. But when it comes to deciding on who to date or tie the knot with, she sure knows the best person for her.

A female sanmel being a fun loving and lively person, she could easily become interested about going out with you on some fun date moments, like club, party and also making her feel your swagger and your fun-loving lifestyle. She will no doubt appreciate you for your liveliness, the positive vibes and convivial energy you often bring to bare on your friendship with them.

But don’t think those will get her to commit to a serious eros relationship with you. Why? Let’s look at this way. Do you get overly excited and often in admiration of what you can do for yourself, or over what a lot of persons can do for you? Of course, No. Most persons do not admire or get easily excited about common things they could get easily, no matter how nice and exciting it may be. But they love, admire and appreciates extraordinary and very rare and unfamiliar things.

It’s basically for this reason that a female sanmel may appreciate and feel very good about your liveliness and outgoing lifestyle, since she’s also a lively and fun-loving person. But it’ll not really suffice to make her commit to a serious dating relationship with you. Because she can also do that for herself or has got other male friends who could also do the same.

She could relish the fun and outing moments with you to the extent of even having intercourse. But when it comes to being seriously in love with you, that could make her to consider tieing the knot, be sure that she will think twice about it. It’s basically for this reason that they could have so much fun with some outgoing and fun-loving male friends, but they’ll end up marrying a very reserved and less outgoing men.

Sanguines are the smartest of all the four basic temperaments, and when that temperament is combined with an intelligent melancholy, it will make a sanmel or melsan to be overly smart and intelligent persons who usually knows what they want but can decide to just play along with you. Thus, the moment they see what often interests and ravages them about a particular person, they’ll not hesitate to go for it.

Thus for a female sanmel, despite the fact that she’s a very lively, fun-loving and very expressive of their love like their male counterpart if they really love you. But they rarely consider another person who is also outgoing, lively and a jolly-good-fellow like themselves, as the best person to give their heart to, in a serious dating or erotic relationship and marriage.

It’s for this reason that it will be very rare to see a sanguine getting married to another typical sanguine or sanmel blend marrying another sanmel, not even other similar sanguine blend of temperament getting married to each other. Even if that happens, that eros or marital relationship will no doubt be fraught with conflicts, and it will be devoid of tolerance, since no one likes to see their weaknesses being replicated in another person.

A female sanmel will therefore be more passionately attracted to, and interested in a very reserved, less outgoing and responsible person. Who will be very caring and loving, supportive and also responsive to her needs and that of her family. This is who she would commit to a serious relationship with, and overly express her love and feelings for.

Typical sanmels in erotic love relationship:

For a typical male sanmel, also a very friendly, lively and expressive person like his female counterpart. But if he’s the one doing the wooing or chasing, eventhough he believes that he can relate and get along well with anyone and still achieve their goals, despite your initial negative and discouraging attitudes.

But arguing with him on almost all issues, always wanting to make him know that you’re also knowledgeable and sophisticated, being excessively demanding on every outing, without also contributing much, and perhaps being in a friendly mood with every male colleague or contemporary, is a major turn off for him. Although, he may not be that bold and courageous enough to tell you to your face, but be rest assured that he’ll tell others about it in a very demeaning manner that’ll definitely make them regard you as an uncultured person.

Male sanguines are those who are jealous about their heartthrobs but sees nothing wrong with wooing and even having intercourse with other people’s heartthrobs. Infact, if maybe he succeeds in snatching your date or having a sexual conquest of her, he enjoys it, and often sees it as being smart and a display of his masculinity. When this temperament is blended with another jealous temperament like the melancholy, it makes the male sanmel to be overly jealous and also protective of their lovers.

Another very important personal oddity of sanmels you must be aware of, is that they’re very critical of other people. The moment they notice and observe a particular traits or lifestyle from you that they’re not comfortable with, and they deem to be somewhat appalling, and which could also elicit some kind of negative thoughts about you in others. Sanmels will always capitalize on that to criticize you, and will not hesitate to use it as a talking point to castigate you before others, especially in your absence. Sometimes they do it just to make themselves feel good, and for people to see you as a profane person, and see them to be very nice persons.

Over-familiarity also makes many sanmels to easily loose interest in someone or something, and could also make them behave irrationally. When a sanmel is used to your particular way of life that’s not so interesting to them, the tendency towards feeling dissatisfied and disinterested in you, which could make them misbehave or act irrational, is very palpable. This traits is not peculiar to sanmels alone, but to all blends where sanguine is the predominant temperament. It is for this reason that for a male sanmel to remain attracted to you, they must find your character very appealing and interesting.

A male sanmel could fall in love with, date, and even tie the knot with any of the four temperaments or blends of temperament, except a sanguine or someone whose main or predominant temperament is sanguine. Like their female sanmel counterpart, the male sanmel are also very expressive of their love. They never pretend or try to hide their emotions or feelings of love towards you. Rather, they must do everything to lure you into what they want. They do this by buying you some expensive gifts and taking you out on fun dates. These persons have got taste, and eyes for good things.

The moment they feel comfortable with, and also attracted to you, even without being sure of their love for you or how you feel towards them. Showering you with expensive gifts and taking you out for quality fun date moments is not uncommon for them. But do not be excessively or overly demanding on such outing or dating moment or act as if you’re very much sophisticated than they are, else they could become very apprehensive of you.

Dressing glamorously moderate, being a bit quite and calm but knows when to engage them in intelligent discuss and conversations, and also being a little bit reserved and domestically savvy actually turns them on. Each of the four basic temperaments has got what turns them on, interests them about others and often attracts them to others.

It’s basically for this reason that you need to understand the four basic temperament categories, and their personality traits. Because of this, I want to recommend know yourself through the four temperament by Fr. Conrad Hock. Order the bestseller now, for, it will enable you to figure out who you are, and the personality traits of different temperaments in marriage or marital relationship.

Sanmel’s Marital And Family Life:

Let’s briefly consider the marital and family life of a typical sanmel wife or husband. Both sanmel husband or wife are generally highly emotional people. They’re often driven by their emotions since they often allow their emotions rather than reasoning to precede or determine their actions. A sanmel wife or husband will always allow their feelings and emotions to influence their decisions rather than look at issues dispassionately.

A typical sanmel wife or husband could get really emotional because their spouse failed to give special treatment to their friends or family members, rather than look at their reasons for that. They would’ve also negatively reacted or overreacted to the perceived mistake or unconfirmed misbehaviors of their spouse before realizing that they were too hasty in judging them.

A typical sanmel wife:

Like their melsan and perhaps their other melancholic blend counterpart, sanmels are emotional to the extent that they scrutinize every action or behaviour of their spouse, in order to be sure that such actions does not undermine their feelings or emotions. When it comes to raising their kids, their emotions and also undisciplined lifestyle, will rarely allow so many sanmels or any other predominant sanguine blend for that matter, to caution and discipline their kids, especially their most favorite kid.

They are passive parents, who usually hesitate wielding the sticks or mete out any form of discipline on their kids, eventhough their misbehavior is so glaring. However, when they’re fed up with their attitude, the tendency to publicly and vociferously lashout at them in quick and explosive outburst is not uncommon for them. But this does not really change anything, since sanguines are not tough or thorough persons.

Thus, the kids grow up being used to their superficiality. It’s very pertinent to note that kids who were raised by typical sanmel, sanphleg or phlegsan parents have got the least fear, respect or regards for their parents. This is because no form of discipline, strong values and character were inputted in them while growing up.

Sexual Attitudes of Sanmels:

Both male and female sanmels are emotionally and sexually active. Both of them loves sexual pleasures and fun moments on bed. Sex time for them is fun-time and pleasurable moments. During sexual intercourse, the sanguine aspect of a sanmel will bring in adventure and attempting new and unsual things, while the melancholy part will often make their sensuality and passion come to bare, to bring about sexual satisfaction.

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Who’s A Sanmel Compatible With In Marriage?

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Having known who sanmels are, and the kind of traits and things that often interests them about others and also appeals to their emotional psyche. Who among the four temperaments or blends of temperament do you feel will be more compatible with them, and also complements them in their marital relationship, also considering some of their weaknesses.

It is very important that we remind ourselves again that, temperament compatibility in marriage isn’t that couples or lovers must be of the same or similar temperament. But rather about having strengths and qualities that they find very interesting and admirable in each other. Which could also make them overlook, manage or tolerate their individual weaknesses.

For more about temperament our compatibility in marriage, I want to recommend you order and read the temperament God gave your spouse by Laraine Bennett. This book will help you to understand your spouse’s temperament and how both of you can use your temperament strengths to your advantage without allowing your weaknesses holdsway in your marriage.

For a typical sanmel the temperament blends that will be compatible with them in marriage and which will also very much be complementary to their weaknesses are, either a phlegchol or melchol. Since a sanmel is a lively and intelligent person, and when it comes to their erotic dating relationship or marriage, they’re both expressive as well as sensitive.

Thus, getting married to a phlegchol who’s very organized and self-reliant. And erotically, they’re very emotional as well as intentional persons. Thus, this will make a typical sanmel and phlegchol marital relationship to be balanced in every aspect of their marital and family life. The sanmel spouse will bring to bare liveliness and comfortability in their marriage, while phlegchol will bring stability, organization and domestic savviness in the home.

Typical sanmel wife and phlegchol husband:

Similarly, a sanmel tieing the nuptial knot with a melchol, will also create a very loving and organized home. This is a home where both spouses are very passionate about each other. They’ve got mutual respect for one another, and perfectly understands themselves and what each other’s preferences are.

However, for this marriage to work very well and not bedeviled with too much conflicts, the blend ratio of the sanguine to melancholy in a sanmel must be at least 60:40 or 55:45. This is in order to make the sanguine balance spending time with friends or staying outdoor, and having more time for his or her family, plus showing enough commitment to them.

Nevertheless, a marriage between a sanmel and melchol will work and be successful, because a sanguine is often attracted to a melchol’s intelligence, moderation, discipline, commitment, loyalty and faithfulness. And it’s these strengths or qualities that could make a typical sanmel love, respect and be very passionate about their melchol spouse, and also overlook or tolerate their weaknesses. While a melchol is also attracted to a sanmel’s emotional responses, liveliness and free plus charismatic traits, but will not hesitate to speak up against any of their shortcomings.

In terms of child training and raising kids. Sanmel marrying a phlegchol will raise very lively and intelligent kids if they inherited more genes from their sanmel parents. And also very organized and self-reliant kids if perhaps they took more genes from their phlegchol parents.

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Similarly, if peradventure a sanmel marries a melchol, apart from having lively and intelligent kids, they’ll also raise very disciplined, serious and hardworking kids. Generally, sanmel marrying either a phlegchol or melchol, they’ll raise very versatile kids who are complete in every area and ramification of life.

Thanks for reading. Don’t forget to leave your comments, questions and suggestions on this post. If you find this post helpful, kindly buy me a cup of coffee or support me to maintain this blog’s running cost. Thank you.

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