5 Self-reliant Careers That’ll Make Sanguines Become Their Own Boss.

Best Careers That Could Make Sanguines Self-employed:

In these days of high unemployment rate, and perhaps scarcity of jobs. It’s important that we must begin to look beyond working for someone or for some big organizations to creating job for ourselves and become self-reliant or Self-employed.

It’s quite unfortunate that in this age and time, most young school leavers and graduates still think that the main reason for acquiring formal education is so they’ll be able to get some white- collar jobs which are non-existent.

The main reason for acquiring formal education isn’t just about getting a white-collar job or pursuing a formal career in some companies or very big organizations. But it’s rather about exposing some hidden potentials in you that you could unleash to become very competent in what you do, open up a wide variety of opportunities to you, that you could take advantage of in creating your own world.

It’s for this reason that in this post, and also in subsequent posts, we want to consider some careers for each of the four basic temperaments that if deliberately considered could make them become Self-employed and also self-reliant. But in today’s post, we’ll be considering some careers that best describes the sanguine’s personality, that they could venture into, and become self-reliant.

There are numerous benefits of being Self-employed. Firstly, you’ll become your own boss. Secondly, you will be financially independent, and lastly you’ll also have the opportunity of creating jobs for others. So many persons have become entrepreneurs and CEO’s through self-employment.

They never had to wait for any white collar job which are non-existent by the way. But they were deliberately determined about being self-reliant, started very small, and worked very hard until their business became a brand. Thus, if you want to become self-reliant, you must be deliberate about creating job for yourself, and start thinking like an entrepreneur.

The following careers that’ll be listed in this post are those that ranks even with the sanguine’s temperament strengths, very profitable, and easy to setup and manage, if taken advantage of. In other words, these careers can be run and managed like a business until they can become a global brand. Let’s quickly look at them one after the other.

Best Self-reliant Careers For Typical Sanguines:

Remember, these careers are chosen based on who a sanguine is, and some of the strengths that’ll enable them to effortlessly succeed in them. However turning your career into a business, or managing a business is another different thing entirely, that no doubt requires skills and competence. You may not exactly have to go to Harvard business school, but you sure need to acquire some business skills and competence to be able to turn you career into business and also manage it efficiently.

1. Promotion/Marketing and Sales Agency:

Based on the fact that a sanguine is a very charismatic and people-oriented personality. Thus, going into a self- reliant career in marketing and sales is very adviceable and profitable as well. Registering a business name with the objective of promoting and marketing other people’s businesses, and also helping them to generate six figure leads is sales, is no doubt very profitable. Marketing/promotion and sales are one career you can turn into a very profitable business and become your own boss, rather than wait to be hired or employed by manufacturing and service business organizations.

The business prospects in this career is that a lot of manufacturing and service business organizations are looking to make their products and services go viral, and get to the least person on the street, and even to the remotest part of a region. And these organizations are willing to outsource their marketing, promotion and sales plans to other agencies for effective marketing, in order to achieve high sales and turnover.

As a typical sanguine, you’ve got the charisma, people-oriented qualities and word-of-mouth to help businesses and organizations achieve their goals and objectives of efficient marketing and sales. Therefore, establishing a promotion, marketing and also sales agency as a sanguine is no doubt the best decision you could make. And it’s also one of the best self-reliant career you can venture into.

2. Public Relations and Marketing:

In similar way to helping businesses to market and promote their goods and services through your promotion and marketing agency. Public relation and marketing is a way of laundering people’s image, or maybe the image of a particular organization that has lost credibility, and bring back people’s confidence to it.

PR marketing is the process of selling or marketing a particular person or organization to the public, in order to get the support of the public, and also repose their confidence in such a person or organization. Thus, as a typical sanguine, you’ve got the oratory, word-of-mouth and also the communication ability to woo anyone to believe in what you’re trying to sell to them. These strengths are basic in helping you to excel in this career.

You can also decide to start a Public relations and marketing agency by registering a business name with the main objective of standing in the gap between a person, group of persons or an organization. You could be hired by individuals and political parties for image laundering, especially during the period of elections, to woo people to their side. You could also be hired by organizations for positive publicity or to bring back their lost credibility.

3. Travels and Tours Agency:

As a sanguine, you love adventures. Travelling and taking tours, making new friends are part of your lifestyle. You’re the first to become more vast and conversant with a place before any other person. Therefore, starting a travel and tour agency, where you book flight and organize travels or tours to different countries, states or regions for people is no doubt one of the profitable self-reliant career you could convert into a business.

This business has got great prospects, because a lot of people loves visiting different places and traveling to many different countries around the world. Some of them have never been to this places before, hence they need more guidelines and informations about those places before going there. They sometimes also do need someone to plan and arrange for their travelling, and also advice them appropriately about those countries.

As a sanguine, who may be more vast and may have got more experiences about these places because of your adventurous and vivacious lifestyle. No other person is better qualified to guide intending visitors to those places more than you. Travels and tours agency are in more demands now than ever before, because a lot of persons are increasingly visiting and going to unfamiliar countries for which they’ll need some guidance.

4. Hospitality and Recreation Business Center:

Since you’re a people-oriented person who loves to make everyone feel very relaxed and comfortable, with your charisma and ebullience. Going into a hospitality and recreation business as a sanguine will be a very good one for you. You don’t need to have so much money to go into this business, all you need is a little space or small piece of land and make it look very cozy and attractive.

People often loves to chill and relax in a very serene and beautiful area after the days work and activities. Thus, if you’ve got a small piece of land, or a little space preferably in a not very much noisy environment. You could develop and make it more beautiful, and equipped with some recreation facilities, and people will pay you to relax and make use of those facilities.

A lot of persons have come to own very big hospitality business like five star hotels and big recreation centers through starting a small event and relaxation center. And since you’re a sanguine who knows how to attract people’s attention, you’ll not struggle to make it in this business.

5. Showbiz and Entertainment:

This list will not be complete without talking about entertainment and showbiz. As a sanguine, you’ve got passion for entertainment, either you are the entertainer or you’re being entertained. You love to make people feel happy and comfortable. If this is your passion, then starting a showbiz, entertainment and also event center business is no doubt one of the most profitable self-reliant careers you can turn into a business.

You could start your own music and video production studio, video game center, comedy club, shows and event centers, where people could come in and get entertained. People loves to be entertained, and this is basically the major prospects in this career. When you’ve got such a business outfit, you could also enroll other young and upcoming entertainers into your business organization, and mentor them while charging them a little fee.

Entertainment and showbiz are very big business in the world right now. Because people loves to have fun and enjoy themselves, perhaps because of some very unfavorable situations and circumstances a lot of persons are going through, hence the need to chill out and relax somewhere, and forget about those unfortunate moments.

In conclusion, every career has got a business prospect that could make anyone become self-reliant if they’re very deliberate and determined about becoming their own boss. For a typical sanguine, these five are the ones that readily and easily comes to mind considering a sanguine’s very people-oriented, flamboyant and vivacious lifestyle. You could also add yours, that is other careers that has got some business prospect you think a typical sanguine could venture into and become self-employed in the comment section below.

Thanks for reading. Don’t forget to leave your comments, questions and suggestions on this post. If you find this post helpful, kindly buy me a cup of coffee or support me to maintain this blog’s running cost. Thank you.


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