Personality Traits of A Sanguine Spouse In Marriage.

What Are Some of The Behavioral patterns of A Sanguine Spouse In Marriage?

One of the major causes of problems in marriage or marital conflicts, is lack of understanding of personality traits of different temperaments, and also the inability of couples to tolerate one another’s idiosyncrasies.

These personal oddities could also be considered as their temperament weaknesses, especially for couples of different temperaments. Since they do not understand what influences one another’s behaviours or why they act the way they do.

Being aware of the personality traits of your spouse, which is influenced and controlled by the temperament they’re born with, will no doubt help you to understand why they behave or act the way they do. So that, rather than get overly pissed and intolerant of their attitude, you will be able to better manage their weaknesses and perhaps help them to overcome those weaknesses.

It’s for this reason that in today’s post, we want to look at the personality traits of a sanguine husband or wife in marriage. So that you’ll be aware of the traits and behavioral pattern they will carry over to their marriage, and also if their lifestyle will reasonably complement yours, such that it could make you want to spend the rest of your life with them.

It’s my hope that at the end of reading this post, you will be able to know and decipher who a sanguine spouse is. Their attributes and personal oddities in marriage. You’ll also be in a better position to decide if a sanguine is who you’d love to tie the nuptial knot with, and if they actually complement your temperament weaknesses.

A Typical Sanguine Spouse’s Traits In Marriage:

We’re going to look at these traits of a typical sanguine spouse in terms of their emotional or sexual responses, doing house chores, child training, money or finance management, and also if they’re better off a career or business persons.

It’s also important that we note that both sanguine wife and husband or any of the other temperament for that matter will possess some similar traits or behavioral patterns in different areas of life, except in some few cases, which we’ll also highlight in this post.

First off, let’s briefly remind ourselves once again of who a typical sanguine is. In order to set the background or basis on which we are going to be considering the personality traits of a sanguine spouse in marriage.

Who Is A Sanguine?

Sanguines are the strongest extroverts of the four basic temperaments. They are described as air, by an ancient Greek physician, Hippocrates, who believes in the theory of humorism.

The personality traits of the sanguines fits perfectly this description. Because like air, sanguines are very free and pervasive personalities. No one loves freedom and also being left to express their flamboyant and exuberant traits and lifestyle more than a sanguine.

They are free, fun-loving, easygoing and highly-spirited individuals who could lift up your spirit with their liveliness and fascinating storytelling ability. A sanguine is that person that has got neither permanent friend nor enemy.

For, they do not have the heart to bear grudges or animosity against anyone for too long. Neither do they have the patience nor consistency to maintain a long-term relationship, without getting bored. Unless it gives them options and varieties, and basically satisfies their emotions.

Most of their actions, reactions and behaviours are impulsive. Therefore, making them more superficial than profound in character, since they do not carefully plan or think through before embarking on them.

Sanguines are highly emotional and sentimental persons. And no one loves to enjoy themselves and relishes good and happy moments with others more than typical sanguines.

These persons are happy-go-lucky and very excitable individuals. Whatever that takes away their happy mood or seem to override their emotional ecstasy will no doubt immediately trigger their quick and very explosive outburst, which wanes as soon as they remember their next fun and happy moments.

Let’s look at the typical sanguine spouse’s marital and family life.

A Sanguine Spouse’s Marital And Family Life:

Typical Sanguine Spouse’s.

A typical sanguine husband or wife is a very romantic and fun person to be with. When they’re happy and excited in their home, they’re the most loving, romantic and very hilarious persons who loves to make their homes lively and fun-filled with their fascinating storytelling ability.

When a sanguine husband is happy or excited, overly expressing it through taking their spouse out on fun dates, especially if they are really proud of showcasing her to everyone, or taking their family for shopping or for some fun moments is not uncommon for them. But when their emotions are undermined, they will not hesitate to yell in quick and explosive anger, and which also easily wanes immediately after that moment.

Sanguines are very expressive people. Whenever they are around, everyone must notice them or be aware of their presence. They are rarely secretive persons. And nothing seems to be so much important to them, thus they do not take anything too seriously.

The same way a typical sanguine husband or wife often expresses their love to their spouse and kids when they’re in a happy mood, is the same way they could also be quarrelsome and loudly abusive when they are angry, without minding or caring a hoot about who else is out there listening to them.

A typical melancholy or phlegmatic spouse may feel shy or uncomfortable about what people will think about them should they hear them engaging their spouse in a loud exchange of abusive words. Therefore, they will rather do that in a very low tone.

But never will a sanguine spouse consider or care about what anyone thinks or feels about their verbal outburst and abusiveness. For their intention is to just get it off their minds immediately, and satisfy their emotions.

However, sanguine husbands often likes their families to be very happy and comfortable. Thus, providing them with everything to keep them happy and comfortable isn’t a big deal for them. This is so that they could have the liberty and equanimity to indulge in some pleasurable and fun moments with friends and admirers outside their homes.

Nevertheless, sanguine husbands needs to make enough money to be able to provide for their families and also indulge in their flamboyant and exuberant lifestyle, if they really want to be happy in marriage.

No other temperament makes their spouse and kids miss them and feel very lonely and bored when they are not around more than a sanguine husband. For, he rarely spends quality time with them in his home, but loves to spend more time outside his home with friends and admirers where he could accentuate his vivaciousness and exuberance. If he’s got something more interesting that often takes him outside, then be sure you’ll rarely see him in the home.

He’s that man that loves to be in very convivial mood with everyone within the neighborhood. Loves to greet all his neighbours, and everyone they come across as they walk down the streets. A typical sanguine man or woman is basically a people-oriented person. Therefore, he often finds his meaning in life when allowed the freedom to interact and relate with others.

For a typical sanguine wife, just like the sanguine husband, is a very loving and caring person to their heartthrob. She’s highly emotional, outspoken and very expressive of her love towards the one they truly love. Mrs. Sanguine is a very lively, lovely and enjoyable wife. Fun to be with. With her, there is never a dull moment in the home.

She knows what’s best for her hubby and kids, does everything to make them look the best, so they will be admired by others. There’s nothing a sanguine does without being loud about it, and with the intention of doing it for people to notice and eulogize them. Therefore, a typical sanguine wife loves her home to be the talking point of everyone.

When it comes to domestic activities, especially keeping the home clean and tidy. Sanguines usually have the least clean and organized home. Rarely do they spend enough time to thoroughly do housekeeping, keeping the home well arranged and organized, and everything in their proper place and position. Since they often spend better part of their time outside their homes.

Even when sanguines do some house cleaning or domestic chores, it’s often erratic, and haphazard, because they are neither detailed nor thorough in anything they do. It’s mainly a typical sanguine that could dress very neatly and gorgeously, to attract everyone’s attention, but their home is never as neat as they appear in public. This is because sanguines often does things for show-off, to be admired by others, and not because that’s who they really are at home.

Sanguine’s Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyle:

When it comes to sexual activity and satisfaction, sanguines are sexually active. They enjoy sexual pleasure and are often sensual when it comes love making. Their adventurous lifestyle often makes them use new methods and styles to keep their heartthrobs or spouses sexually attached to them.

Nothing triggers a Sanguine’s sexual urge and also arouses them more than some little sensual chitchats, a very warm emotional mood and foreplay. Once a typical sanguine starts to feel emotionally attracted or be in a very convivial mood, it often triggers their sexual feelings and urge for sex.

However, since sanguines are more impulsive than deliberate persons, thus, their sexual lifestyle is also more spontaneous than Intentional. They could suddenly develop some sexual feelings, that could make you wonder if they actually planned having sex.

It’s important to note that denying a sanguine their sexual desires when they need it, is a recipe for negative reactions and misbehaviors that may lead to marital crisis in the home. This is particularly for a female sanguine spouse. While for a sanguine husband it could lead them to cheating on you, since they must find a way to satisfy their emotional urge and desires.

Parenting and Child Training:

Apart from a phlegmatic who comes close, sanguine parents are usually the permissive type of parents, who often pampers their kids to the extent that they could become very unruly and undisciplined.

For what could one expect from a parent who lacks self-discipline and control? Who is overly self-indulgent, and rarely knows how to control him or herself when its got to do with having fun and some pleasurable moments.

Sanguine parents are very negligent in terms of training and also instilling some form of discipline and values in their kids, unless they’ve got a second more disciplined temperament. They either over-pamper their kids or just decide to trifle and overlook their misdemeanors, even when it’s glaring.

Typical sanguine parents rarely wield the sticks or use any form of punitive measures to correct the misbehaviors of their kids. As long as they are in a very happy and excited mood, they wouldn’t want anything to cut short such mood and affect their emotional ecstasy. Thus, the tendency to become permissive about the wrongdoings of their kids will be very palpable.

Even when a sanguine parent feels bad and very enraged about their kids misbehaviors, he or she could only loudly express their displeasure in very quick and explosive outburst, which usually ends there. This is because they’re not disciplinarians, and are never thorough in whatever they do, unlike their cholerics and melancholic counterparts who are serious and extremely disciplined persons.

However, sanguine parents among all the temperaments usually has the best and freest relationship with their kids because their kids are not afraid of telling them anything or opening up to them. And the sanguine parent is also rarely shy of teaching or engaging in some discussions with their kids, which a melancholy and phlegmatic may be shy or feel uncomfortable about, or a choleric may not have the time to discuss and share with them.

Nevertheless, kids raised by sanguine parents have got the least self-control and self-discipline, since they were raised by very permissive parents who are naturally undisciplined, thus cannot inculcate this virtue in them.

Sanguines needs to marry other more disciplined, reserved, down-to-earth and detailed temperament in order to complement one another’s strengths and weaknesses.

Sanguine’s Money Handling and Finance Management Ability:

A typical sanguine is not a budget conscious individual. Their impulsive or spontaneous lifestyle and way of doing things makes it impossible for them to plan their expenses nor have a budget for whatever they want to spend money on.

Apart from cholerics who comes close and who’re also big spenders, typical sanguines have got the least finance management and money handling ability. Never allow a sanguine to be in charge of purchases or managing money. For it’s either they spend on what’s not necessary at a particular time or they overprice, just to display their flamboyant lifestyle.

It’s for this reason that a predominant sanguine spouse often goes broke or bankrupt because they rarely plan before spending their money, neither do they deliberately make conscious effort to save for the rainy days.

Which Is Better For A Predominant Sanguine: Business or Career?

Unless it’s a career that often exposes a sanguine daily to different persons, and must not require meticulousness, detail-orientedness, so much analysis, and routines that does not give them the freedom to freely meet and also interact with different people, where they could express their liveliness, a sanguine is better off a business than a career person.

For their charismatic, highly-spirited and people-oriented qualities makes a typical sanguine a successful business person. Who could use these qualities to woo clients and customers to his business or market his products and services very efficiently.

A typical sanguine overwhelmingly succeeds in sales and marketing jobs or careers, or any other career that often brings them face to face with different people. Else, they should rather go into a product or service business. However, sanguines should consider hiring a typical melancholy or phlegmatic personality for keeping daily business records and accounts, while they concern themselves with marketing and sales.

In conclusion, a knowledge of the personality traits of the four different temperaments will enable us to make the right decision about who to tie the nuptial knot with. It will also help us to figure out the temperament that’ll best complement ours, in every facet of our marital journey.

In today’s post, we’ve considered a typical sanguine spouse, and their areas of strengths and weaknesses in marriage. One thing you should know is that, getting married to a sanguine, you’re basically marrying a happy-go- lucky individual, who rarely takes things too seriously and could joke about almost everything.

Thus, if you’re a very reserved and disciplined person, like a melancholy or a serious-minded choleric, then you’d have to learn to manage or adjust to the lively and flamboyant, and perhaps unserious or carefree lifestyle of your sanguine spouse, in order to have a happy and healthy marital life.

Thanks for reading. Don’t forget to leave your comments, questions and suggestions on this post. If you find this post helpful, kindly buy me a cup of coffee or support me to maintain this blog’s running cost. Thank you.


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