How Melancholies Can Overcome Moodiness And Become More Cheerful

How To Overcome Moodiness And Be More Cheerful As A Melancholy.

Moodiness is a state of being sad or unhappy. It is common for humans, despite the temperament category they belong, to be in an unhappy mood sometimes particularly when our emotions or feelings is somewhat undermined.

However, some temperaments are more prone to being moody than others. And they also frequently or intermittently relapse into a sad and unhappy mood, perhaps sometimes unknowingly to them.

People of melancholic temperament category are the most vulnerable to a moody state, and they frequently get moody and depressed more than any other temperament.

Because of their mood swings which often alternates between high and low moods, it’s not uncommon for them to get easily excited this minute over little things, and become extremely pissed and irritated the next minute over a very inconsequential thing.

A typical melancholy could get really excited by just a grin of surprise after an initial misunderstanding, and also becomes extremely irritated because you pressed the toothpaste tube from the middle instead of the bottom.

They could be returning from work feeling very happy and excited having met their work goals and targets for the day, but on getting to their house, and seeing the sitting room not well arranged or their spouse not giving them a very warm reception, that feeling of excitement immediately evaporates, thus, paving the way for moodiness.

Apart from their spouses and kids or those who has been their friends and acquaintances for a very long time, no one can understand a melancholy’s mood swings better. They’ve got two extremes.

When they are calm and cool it is usually extreme, such that you could mistake them for phlegmatics. And when they’re hot, you can’t believe that they’ve ever been cool, and they will react very violently like cholerics but more mean and callous.

However, melancholies are naturally nice and kind-hearted persons. They are usually described as earth. And like the earth, they’re very hospitable and accommodating. But you need to treat them with care and caution so as to avoid experiencing their wrath.

Despite all of the melancholy’s very fine and personable qualities, one of the major problems they’ve got, and which no doubt negatively impacts their relationships, whether erotic or interpersonal, is their moodiness and loss of excitement.

It’s basically for this reason that in today’s post, we want to look at how we can help melancholies to manage and also subsequently overcome this social situation, and become a more cheerful person.

Without further ado, let’s get right into the meat of today’s post. How can melancholies overcome moodiness and be more cheerful?

First off, for anyone to surmount a problem or overcome a challenge, one must first of all identify the source of that problem or know the nature of that particular challenge.

It’s for this reason that we’ll first and foremost pinpoint the root causes of a typical melancholy’s moodiness, and what factors often activates their moody state.

Major Causes of Moodiness In a Melancholy:

There are four main root causes of moodiness in a melancholy. And for them to outgrow the social situation, they must be deliberate about dealing with the below predisposing factors.

1. Perfectionism:

Melancholies are perfectionist. There is no other temperament that’s got a knack for perfection in every areas of their lives more than melancholies.

Because of their high standards and perfectionist tendencies, when they fail in their quest to get anything one hundred percent completed, or you fall short of their standard, feeling underachieved or shortchanged isn’t uncommon for them. And this often triggers their moody state.

Melancholies are the temperament that often forgets that words like “mistake” and “imperfections” are usually associated with humans. Thus they always expects perfection from you in your dealings with them. And failure to achieve this, will make them become overly critical of you.

It’s a typical melancholy parent that could feel deeply moody because his kids failed to turn up one hundred percent score in school, rather than first of all show some gratitude, and appreciate the kid for getting ninety nine percent.

Melancholies often expects perfection in your relationship or dealings with them. Inability to get things hundred percent done or do things their own way, often activates their moody state or disposition. Thus, perfectionism is one of the root cause of melancholy’s moodiness.

2. Self-Criticism:

There’s no other temperament that often battles with Self-Criticism and persecution more than melancholies. For it’s not uncommon for them to overly critic and condemn themselves should they fall short of their own self-imposed standard or perhaps fail to achieve their plans.

They could criticize themselves until they become manic-depressed. This often makes them look very moody and morose, and perhaps lead them to quick anger and physical aggression.

3. Worry and Anxiety:

Melancholies are worrier and very anxious persons. Next to them are the phlegmatics when its got to do with worrying and being anxious.

Typical Melancholies often worries about everything little thing. From worrying about the known to the unknown is one of melancholy’s main weakness, and it is also one of their main source of moodiness.

Because they often fixates their minds on a particular thing, or expects that something happens in a particular way they envisaged, getting extremely worried and anxious is very palpable.

Melancholies ought to realize that nothing can be achieved by worrying or being anxious. Infact worry and anxiety has never solved any problem neither does it empty today of its challenges. They should endeavor to make Phillipians 4:6 as part of their daily living.

“Be careful for nothing, but in everything by prayers and supplications with thanksgiving, let your request be made known unto God”. Phillipians 4:6.

4. Poor Self-esteem:

It’s amazing that a temperament as naturally gifted and endowed with very personable qualities as the melancholies still battles with low or poor self-esteem.

Melancholies are very emotional and self-conscious personalities. Therefore because of their perfectionism, and often trying to pander towards the opinions or thoughts of people about them. This often makes them have a feeling of inadequacy.

Just like their phlegmatic counterpart, melancholies often likes to please and satisfy everyone, and also loves to be approved of them. This attitude no doubt makes them inadvertently loose their sense of dignity. Thus, making them have a feeling that others are more important than themselves.

When melancholies begins to have this feeling of poor self-esteem, the tendency towards moodiness will become very intense.

Melancholies ought to know that they are as unique as anyone. Infact, the most gifted and talented of all the four basic temperament categories. Thus, there’s no point trying to compete or compare themselves with anyone else.

How Can Melancholies Overcome Moodiness?

In trying to overcome moodiness and be more cheerful as a melancholy, you must be deliberate about guarding against these four factors that often predisposes you to being moody. You must learn to take life very easy, and always realize that not everything in life will always go the way you’d want it to, no matter how hard you try.

I understand that being relapsing into a state of moodiness frequently as a typical melancholy, is a weakness that is associated with your temperament. It’s for this reason I’ll recommend you order and read the Spirit-controlled temperament by Tim Lahaye.

Order the bestseller now, for from the spiritual point of view, this book will aid you to become a more refined melancholy. And will also show you some fruits of the Spirit you’d need to live a more happier life.

Being happy as a melancholy is no doubt something you must be very intentional about. You must choose to be happy in life no matter what the circumstances are. No one can do that for you. Never allow the shortcomings of others or their personal oddities to ruin your life and deprive you of your happiness.

You deserve to be happy. And you also deserve to live a happy and fulfilled life no matter what any does, says or thinks about you. It’s your basic right. And no one has the right to take that away from you.

Thanks for reading. Endeavor to leave your comments, questions and suggestions on this post. If you find this topic helpful, kindly buy me a cup of coffee or support me to maintain this blog’s running cost. Thank you.



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