How Cholerics Can Improve Their Interpersonal Relationship Skills.

How To Build Your Interpersonal Relationship Skills As A Choleric:

Human interpersonal relationship is a basic factor that’s very necessary for human coexistence. It’s important to help team members and colleagues to work seamlessly together in achieving a common objective without rancour.

But it’s quite unfortunate that so many persons lacks this basic skill or quality that often engenders peaceful coexistence among human beings. No wonder their relationship do not last, or it’s always encumbered with a lot of conflicts and contentions.

The lack of interpersonal relationship or poor Interpersonal skills among humans can easily be traced to the temperament we’re born with. The four basic temperaments has got different levels of interpersonal skills, and they often relate differently.

While some temperaments possess very excellent Interpersonal skills, and they can relate perfectly with anyone for a long-time, others are simply unrelatable. Thus, they’ve got poor Interpersonal relationship skills.

Example of such temperament, are those that are predominantly choleric temperament. Cholerics have got the least human Interpersonal skills. For their domineering and egocentric nature often makes it difficult for them to maintain a longterm peaceful relationship.

It’s basically for this reason that in today’s post, we want to consider how cholerics can improve their human interpersonal skills, and also build a long-term relationship with others.

First off, who’s a choleric? A choleric person is a quick-tempered person. He often finds it very easy to make decisions for himself and for others. Always trying to lord his opinions on others is not uncommon for him. And he’ll not hesitate to ride roughshod over, or be antagonistic to anyone who does not seem to agree or pander to his decisions and opinions.

He often likes to call the shots, and to always be seen as the one in charge. This lifestyle no doubt makes him to be extremely domineering and high- handed in his dealings with others.

He loves power, and could be very intoxicated by it. His leadership style could also be despotic, rarely allowing others to have an opinion in a matter that they ought to have a say in.

He’s very quick-tempered. A table- pounder, chest-beater and a verbally abusive person, who could throw all caution to the wind and create a scene, should decisions not go his way.

If not combined with a more calm and less aggressive second temperament like the phlegmatic or melancholy in very substantial amount, he will be a highly controversial and canterkerous person, who could become a terror to everyone.

This natural lifestyle or personality traits of typical cholerics makes it very hard for them to maintain a cordial and peaceful relationship with others without trying to dominate or impose him or herself on them.

How Can Cholerics Improve Their Interpersonal Relationship Skills?

First off, cholerics must understand that everyone is distinct in their own way. And also, that all temperament categories is very important, and they have got specific role to play for our mutual benefits and realization of some set objectives.

Even if cholerics are self-sufficient and competent personalities, a time always comes when they cannot, but must need the ideas, opinions or even the services of the other person to be able to achieve their own goals and objectives.

Therefore, cholerics should endeavor to sometimes listen to others, and give everyone the opportunity to share or air their thoughts and opinions on issues, since no human being can be omniscient in knowledge.

I understand the fact that as a typical choleric, poor human interpersonal relationship skills is one of your main weaknesses which you definitely need to work on if you must maintain a healthy long-term relationship. How do you manage or overcome this basic weakness?

Influence is basically one of the best way to achieve this. You deliberately need to allow yourself to be positively influenced by the strengths of other calmer, considerate and also less aggressive temperaments.

As a typical choleric who’s extremely quick-tempered, high-handed and intolerant of others. You definitely need to relate more closely with persons of predominantly melancholy or phlegmatic temperaments.

By always relating with these category of persons, and making them your closest ally, you tend to become more attracted to their basic temperament strengths. Which will certainly result in positive influence to whittle down the negative effect of your weaknesses on you.

Influence is a very powerful tool in human interpersonal relationship. And to tap into the strengths of other temperaments, you must endeavor to figure out the strengths and qualities you admire in the other person, and allow yourself to be influenced by those strengths.

Conclusively, every human being has got some natural weaknesses that are associated with the temperament they are born with. And for predominant cholerics, poor human interpersonal relationship skills is one of their main weaknesses. But following these few tips will help them to manage this weakness, and subsequently improve their interpersonal skills.

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