Advantages and Disadvantages of Marrying a Choleric.

Pros and Cons of Getting Married to a Choleric:

There is no perfect marriage. Human natural imperfections has obviously made having a perfect marriage that’s devoid of any shortcomings or oddity an impossibility. These imperfections are no doubt embedded in the four basic temperament categories we are born with, which we clearly inherited from our parents and even more from our grandparents.

However anyone acts or behaves, and if their attitudes and behaviours are very consistent and frequent, then we could be able to trace these attitudes or behavioral patterns to one or more of the four temperaments, and this no doubt defines their personality traits.

The four basic temperaments are: Sanguine, Choleric, Melancholy and Phlegmatic. Each of these categories of temperament influences everyone’s behavioral pattern, which becomes their personality traits. They’ve also got their respective weaknesses and strengths, which are very glaring and visible in the character of individual carriers.

When it comes to marriage, the basic or natural strengths of each of them is a turn on, and could be an advantage to both the carrier of that particular temperament and also their spouse. While the weaknesses is a turn off, and a disadvantage to them both. It is important that one needs to be aware and be familiar with the weaknesses and strengths of each of these four basic temperament, so one can take the decision of tieing the knot based on informed decision.

It’s basically for this reason that in today’s post, we want to consider some of the advantages and also the disadvantages of marrying a typical choleric spouse. First off, who is a Choleric?

A choleric is one of the four categories of the temperaments. They are known and described as 🔥fire by the ancient Greek physician called Hippocrates, who strongly believed in the theory of humorism. Based on this description, cholerics are known to be very hot and quick personalities.

They’re also categorized as extroverts just like their sanguine counterparts, by a Swiss Psychiatrist, Carl Jung. Although cholerics are not as much as extroverted as sanguines, eventhough they are also outgoing persons. But they are basically more self-reliant and less people-oriented unlike their sanguine counterparts.

Like their name suggests, cholerics are very serious-minded, forceful and activity-prone or workaholic persons. No other temperament can be more ambitious, goal and result-oriented like the cholerics. His ambition often drives his passion. Cholerics do not wait to be influenced or stimulated by their environment, they often rather stimulates their environment with their ambition, goals and dreams.

No one dares stand in the way of rocky cholerics when it comes to achieving their goals and targets, else, you’ll be bruised. For they are very impatient with those who tries to slow them down. They are the most self-sufficient of the temperaments, rarely needing the approval or input of anyone to do what they want to do.

Cholerics often places high premium on hardwork and productivity, and less on talk, long-range planning and overthinking. They believe in going in there, and getting the job done. They are the most fearless and courageous of the four temperaments, who treads even where angels fears to tread on. Enough said about the attributes of typical cholerics, let’s get back to our topic for today.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Marrying a Choleric Personality:

Let’s us briefly consider first of all, the major disadvantages of tieing the knot with a typical choleric woman.

Major Disadvantages of Marrying a Choleric Spouse:

Remember, these disadvantages are not to scare you from marrying your choleric heartthrob, as this isn’t the purpose of this post. But it’s basically to highlight some of the weaknesses in a Choleric woman which in most cases are responsible for their marital crisis. Being aware of this weaknesses in your choleric spouse, which is also a disadvantage to you, will no doubt enable you to know how to tolerate or manage them.

Also remember that, temperament compatibility in marriage isn’t that couples must be of the same type of temperament or appreciate, and may be pander towards the same things. But it’s basically about what always attracts them to, and interests them about each other, that could make them be able to manage, tolerate or overlook their individual weaknesses in order to continue to relish their strengths.

Cholerics generally, both female and male shares almost all similar traits. One of the major traits of all cholerics and which could be a disadvantage to you in marriage, is that they are very domineering.

A choleric woman is a domineering person just like her male counterpart. In her marriage, she will often like to impose her own views and opinions in the marriage, and be the one to make all the decisions if she’s given the chance. This is because naturally, she’s a very decisive person with an independent mind.

One thing you must understand about choleric women in marriage is that, if you cannot subject them to your own rules, they’ll definitely subject you to theirs and make you succumb. It’s for this reason that as a man, you must be man enough to make your choleric wife pander to what you want. It’s not by being aggressive or abusive. But it is rather by being very responsible, principled, intelligent and also active when you need to be . These are the qualities that could make a choleric woman respect and submit to you.

Another disadvantage of marrying a choleric, whether male or female, is that cholerics are rarely apologetic. Do not expect that your choleric wife or husband will easily own up to their wrongdoing, and therefore say, “I am sorry”. Even if they’ve accepted their wrongdoing, being vocally apologetic about it isn’t a thing for them. They’ll rather prefer to do it through another means. Either by showing you some nice attitudes like caring, getting you some gifts or perhaps for a choleric woman, just filling sober and lonely, and expecting you to be the first to come to her isn’t uncommon for them.

The third disadvantage of marrying a choleric is, lack of attention. Just like their sanguine counterparts, typical cholerics, particularly male cholerics or choleric husbands has got little attention for their spouses. But unlike the sanguines whose flamboyant and exuberant lifestyle is responsible for this. For cholerics, work and activities is usually the bane of their not giving adequate amount of attention to their spouse and members of their family. Thus, if you are planning to marry a choleric especially a typical choleric husband, just be aware that you won’t be getting enough of his attention and time. Because immediately after your honeymoon, his job, work and other activities will often take the place of romance and intimacy.

Lastly, another disadvantage of tieing the knot with a choleric is their, scary aggressive attitudes when they fail to achieve their goals or meet their target. Cholerics are easily the most ambitious and result-oriented of all the temperaments. Thus, nothing else matters to him anymore when his goals eludes him. When this happens, he’ll put up a very morose and scary looks, and could be very aggressive during that moment. You definitely need to figure out how to relate with him at that very unfavorable moment. Books like how to deal with a Choleric husband by Claire Robin will help you to figure out how to live or deal with your choleric spouse.

Let’s now quickly consider some of the major advantages of marrying a typical choleric spouse.

Advantages of Marrying a Choleric Spouse:

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Now we come to some of the benefits or advantages you’ll get tieing the nuptial knot with a typical choleric. Straight off, one of the major benefit or advantage of marrying a choleric is that, they do not take the back seat when it comes to being responsible in paying the family bills. Both male and female cholerics do not shy away from this responsibility. They often work very hard to ensure their family is well provided and catered for. And their ego plus self-sufficiency makes it very hard for them to beg or seek for anyone’s help or assistance, thus their independent lifestyle. They will rather work hard to meet their basic family needs.

The next advantage of getting married to a choleric is that, they’re very much protective of their families. Apart from a melancholy, there’s no other temperament that’s more passionate about, and protective of their family more than a typical choleric who’s in love, values and cherishes his or her family. A choleric woman especially, often protects her family the way a mother hen protects her chickens against any invader or intruder. If you hurt a typical choleric’s child, then be certain you’re already in for a serious showdown with her. There aggressive and pugnacious lifestyle makes people become scared of them, and could even decide to keep their distance from them.

Another advantage of marrying a choleric is that they are business minded persons. In these days of high unemployment and scarcity of jobs, marrying a business minded choleric is one of the major advantage. Typical cholerics are successful entrepreneur who manages and also runs their own business. Therefore, giving them that leverage to attend to the basic needs of their families.

Courage and fearlessness is also another major benefit of marrying a typical choleric. Both male and female cholerics exudes these qualities. If you need a very courageous and also fearless person, who is not afraid of taking on difficult task and challenges in marriage then, a choleric perfectly fits into it. Cholerics have got a never say never spirit. They do not succumb to pressures or back down when it becomes tough. You can count on a choleric to stick with you during your trying times in marriage as long as they love you, and you’ve proven to them to be worthy of their trust and commitment.

The last, but not the least advantage of marrying a choleric is that, cholerics are very proud of their heartthrobs or spouses. No other temperament is more honestly proud of their spouses and heartthrobs in public places more than typical cholerics. A choleric wife who’s in love, often loves to showcase her husband to everyone, and she is rarely shy or apprehensive about it. She’s unconcerned about what you think or feel about their public show or display of love & romance towards their heartthrob. Eventhough she may not display exactly the same romantic attitude in the home, but often wants her man to do that.

Choleric wife and Phlegmatic husband:

Conclusion, like I clearly stated at the beginning of this post, temperament compatibility in marriage isn’t that couples must be of the same kind of temperament, or like and dislike the same thing, they must not even act or behave the same way. But it is rather about knowing those strengths and qualities in others, that often interests and attracts you to them, which could make you to easily manage, tolerate or overlook their weaknesses. The four temperament categories has got their respective weaknesses and strengths, which are inherent. And it’s these strengths and weaknesses that determines each person’s personality traits. Thus, knowing the personality traits of each temperament category, will enable you to know whether they will be an advantage or disadvantage to you in marriage or not.

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