Leadership Style of Choleric-melancholic Temperament Blend:

Who Is A Choleric-melancholic Leader?

Like we discussed in one my previous post about what different categories of leaders often prioritizes when they are in leadership position, where they have access to the common patrimony of the people. We did tie the priorities of different leaders to the particular temperament they’re bore with which clearly influences what they choose to do when leadership is placed on their shoulders.

We were able to state in clear terms, what each of the four temperament categories often places their priorities on, when they’re at the helm of affairs either as state governor, president or any other leadership position where the buck stops on their table when it comes to finances or having access to the financial resources of the State or Nation.

But in today’s post, and in subsequent ones, we are going to be considering the leadership styles of the twelve blends of temperament. So we would be certain about the kind of leaders that they will be, when they ascend any leadership position. Like we are already aware, the temperament a person is born with, more often than not, has a prevailing dominance and control over what he or she does in life.

It to a very large extent influences his or her actions and inactions. Even in leadership, our temperament or blend of temperament, has got considerable amount of influence on the leadership style of everyone. That is, how we lead or govern others when we are giving the opportunity to lead, especially in political leadership.

It’s for this reason I always advocate that aspiring leaders and also the led or electorates, to as a matter of urgent importance, conduct a temperament test on any leader who is aspiring to take over the leadership position of their states or country through the ballot. This is in order to know what kind of leaders they’ll be, what they’ll give priority to, and to be certain that they’re the right person for the job at that particular time.

Different times requires different type or categories of leaders with specific type of temperament or blends of it, to meet the demands of the moment and perhaps salvage a particular situation. There are times that it’s a charismatic and highly-spirited sanguine that will be the best person to be leader, inspite of his very undisciplined and carefree nature. It could also be a very decisive and fearless choleric that is needed as a leader at a particular time, despite his high-handedness and also despotic style.

Sometimes, it could be an intelligent, detailed, analytical and conscientious melancholy that is the best person to take over a particular leadership seat, regardless of his moody nature and perfectionist tendencies. And despite how sluggish, indecisive, unmotivated and passive a phlegmatic may be, it could also be his calmness, gentle and quiet plus efficient-organized nature and disposition that is much required to weather the storm at a particular boisterous moment.

Knowing what each temperament brings on board in their leadership role, will enable us to make the right leadership choice, and enthrone those who has got what it takes to confront the challenges of the day and give us good leadership that we deserve. It is for this reason that we want to start off by considering the leadership style of typical choleric-melancholic blend.

The Leadership Style of Typical Choleric-melancholy Temperament Blend:

Apart from the cholsans and sanchols, who are loudly active, the cholmels or their melchol counterparts are easily the most quietly active persons who has got less time for talk or horseplay, but more time for work, activities and achieving their goals. Cholmels are goal oriented personalities, they do nothing without having a specific goal or target in mind, and they must by all means accomplish those goals.

This among other reasons, is to enable them to further massage their already egotistic nature and also to be seen as the boss. You may not know exactly what a typical cholmel leader intends to achieve at the beginning of trying to initiate a new project or policy, and he’ll rarely share it with you, not even with his lieutenants, until he’s done.

He’s the most ambitious leader, rarely satisfied of his achievements but often craves for more. And no matter how lofty and seemingly impossible their ambitions may be, he often work very hard and smart to achieve it. They’re persons who succeeds where others had failed countlessly.

When he tells you that, it is possible, it can done. Do not doubt them, for they must ensure that they get it done by whatever means possible. For typical cholmels and perhaps their melchol counterparts, their word is often their bond. They do it exactly the way they have said it.

When they want to achieve something especially their predetermined goals, no one dares stand in their way, for they’re very impatient with anyone who attempts to slow them down or become a clog in the wheel of their progress. Else, you would be getting their backlash and firm resistance.

Cholmel leaders do not bother about who is with or against them when it comes to achieving their goals. And they’ll not hesitate to do away with you or even step on your toes, despite the extent of your relationship with them or how important you think you are to them.

They are the most self-sufficient and independent of all the temperament blends. They often believe that they can succeed and get the job done with or without the support or approval of anyone.

And yes, they more often than not can, because they’re very confident, competent, hardworking and very productive individuals. Although so many persons tends to become very critical of their leadership style, but they do not fail to take cognizance of their achievements, and also applaud them for it when it matters.

Cholmels are the most hardworking, very active, pragmatic and productive leaders. They are the type of leaders that rarely sits back in their office and wait to get report from their staffs or lieutenants. They often love to be in the field to see things for themselves.

They are very effective and influential leaders, who their staffs and all other subordinates knows exactly what they want and what is expected of them ahead of time. Their staffs also knows that they’ve got to work very hard in order to please them or be shown the exit door.

A typical cholmel leader will never hesitate to show you the exit door if you are lackadaisical with your job, less hardworking and productive. It is for this reason that anyone who work for, or with him often tries as much as possible to be seen to be doing their best in order to please him.

Cholmel leaders are the most decisive, fearless and courageous leaders. They are very undaunting in taking on big and difficult tasks, and also prompt in taking decisions when it matters. It is inconsequential to them if everyone agrees to, and backs their decision or not, as long as it pleases and aids them to achieve their goals and objectives.

However, they could pander towards a more superior opinions and ideas that comes in the form of suggestion rather than compulsion. A Cholmel leader often likes to be seen to be in charge. Thus, he’ll not hesitate to ride roughshod over anyone who tries to disagree with him or compel him to accept his ideas and opinions.

Let’s look at some of the things that a typical choleric-melancholic leader often prioritizes, and considers as his major achievements in a leadership role where he has access and control over the financial resources of his state or nation.

A Choleric-melancholic Leader’s Priorities In Leadership:

Like I stated clearly in my previous post about what different leaders prioritizes when they’re in leadership. I made it clear that a typical choleric leader likes big things. He wants to be identified with all the big projects and achievements in leadership.

He could initiate so many gigantic projects at the same time, but rarely completes any. He could also make several promises but will often fail to fulfill majority of them. Apart from his close associates, worker’s needs and welfare packages, incentives to boost the morale for work, and also prompt payment of workers salaries and wages are rarely priorities for a typical choleric leader.

However, when these choleric leader has a secondary temperament of the melancholic category in substantial amount, say 60:40 or 55:45 blend ratio it makes the cholmel leader to become more purposeful and productive, and bringing in a little bit of perfectionism and human face into their leadership style.

Nevertheless, for a cholmel blend of temperament, since choleric is their first or predominant temperament. Thus, their greatest achievement in leadership, which they also consider as priority and place it far and above every other thing, is infrastructural development of physical projects.

A typical choleric-melancholic blend will rarely pay much attention about improving the standard of living of the people, workers welfare packages, creating jobs and perhaps improving the economy unless if he’s business- minded. These are not really his core areas that he gives priority to, when in leadership.

But when it comes to building some physical infrastructures like roads, bridges, railways, airports and any other physical gigantic projects from the scratch, they are sure the best. Another area they also do very well in, is defense and security in order to scare away perceived enemies from their territory.

The cholmel leader likes to be linked and identified with gigantic projects and buildings or some revolutionary changes during their leadership era. They love to make impacts, and leave behind legacies that will be extremely difficult to erase. Hence, their very pragmatic and productive mindset.

I describe the choleric-melancholic or cholmel blend of temperament as a visionary cum strategist, when its got to do with leadership. Because they combine the visionary character of the choleric, plus the strategic skills and ability of the melancholy.

A typical choleric-melancholic leader could be a much better leader if he can put some human face into his leadership. He’s got all the qualities of a good and effective leader, but needs to be more considerate of others and the people he is leading. It is basically for this reason I want to recommend you order and read the book, From temperament to character as choleric or choleric-melancholic leader. This book will enable you to improve your leadership skills and become a more virtuous leader.

Thanks for reading. Don’t forget to leave your comments, questions and suggestions on this post. If you find this topic helpful, kindly buy me a cup of coffee or support me to maintain this blog’s running cost. Thank you!



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