11 Best Career Opportunities For Choleric-melancholic Temperament Blend.

Which Careers Are Best For A Cholmel Temperament Blend?

A Choleric-melancholic temperament blend personality is a person who has got Choleric as their predominant or primary temperament, while having melancholy as their secondary. For a person who combines the courageous, pragmatism, productivity and also the self-sufficiency of the choleric plus the high intelligence, detailed, analytical, enterprising and perfectionist traits of the melancholy. There is absolutely nothing this person wants to achieve in life that they cannot achieve.

A cholmel is the most competent and productive personality of the twelve temperament blends. There’s no other temperament that is more pragmatic and ambitious, and also very dogged in pursuing their ambitions than the typical choleric-melancholic blend of temperament. In terms of how they live their lives and relate with others, a cholmel is a self-reliant/intelligent person, but often more self-reliant.

When it comes to their career or job, they do not joke. They are extremely productive/result-oriented. And when it’s got to do with their erotic love life relationship, cholmels are intentional as well emotional. But they are often more intentional than emotional. They know exactly what they want.

In today’s post, we want to consider some of the best career opportunities for this temperament blend categories and why they’re best suited for these careers.

Best Careers For Choleric-melancholic Temperament Blend:

1. Entrepreneur/CEO:

When the enterprising and analytical strengths of a melancholy is blended with the productive and courageous strengths of a choleric, it certainly makes a cholmel a very capable and competent personality, whose natural entrepreneurial skills often aids him to become a successful entrepreneur if peradventure he decides to go into business. Cholmels are very business minded. Nothing excites them more than being their own boss, and also being at helm of affairs of companies or any business organization.

Their self-reliance and willingness to live an independent lifestyle actually fuels their passion for business and entrepreneurship. And they’ve got the courage, productivity, analytical and enterprising ability to innovate new business ideas, initiate and manage it untill it becomes a brand.

Not only do cholmel personalities have these entrepreneurial skills, they are also big risk takers. Cholmel blend never hesitates to invest huge money into a new business they probably do not have any knowledge about. But as long as the business has good prospect for high return on investment, they’ll never dilly-dally to go for it, and they must work hard to ensure that they achieve their goal for the business.

Therefore, if you’re a cholmel, one of the career you should probably give some consideration is business and entrepreneurship. You’ve got all the natural strengths or qualities to start, manage and grow your own business until it becomes a brand, and perhaps become the CEO of your company.

Most global business brands in the world were initiated, established and owned by choleric-melancholic blend. Because they’ve got vision, foresight, courage and enterprising ability plus their self-sufficient and independent lifestyle which basically drives their passion to become their own boss. Books like the effective CEO by Byron Morrison will enable you to improve your skills as a chief executive officer of your company. Order it now and upscale your entrepreneurial skills.

2. Business Management:

Typical cholerics or cholmel blends may not be good managers of money, time or human resources. But when it comes to business management and execution, coordinating and carrying out business activities and achieving set goals and objectives of employers or their organization, no other person better qualifies for this position more than a choleric-melancholic blend.

Cholmel sure knows how to execute, manage and move any business from stage one to stage two in just a little time, and also deliver on their goals and objectives. Their natural strength of being hardworking, productive and result-oriented plus their enterprising and can-do qualities actually enables them to easily succeed in this career.

Therefore, if you’re a cholmel a career in business management is one you’ve got to start considering, because you have the basic natural strengths and qualities that’ll enable you succeed in it ahead of others.

3. Human Right Law:

Choleric-melancholic personalities makes excellent human right lawyers. Their natural boldness and courage, forthrightness in speaking the truth at all times, and standing firm for what’s right and just, and often likes to offer him or herself to ensure that justice is done, are some of the qualities that qualifies them to be the best suitable for this career.

A cholmel is that person that could be bold enough to look into your eye and tell you that you’re wrong. Although they could be easily misunderstood by people because of their high-handed, inconsiderate and also unemotional lifestyle. But cholmels are one of the best persons who you can confide in, to fight for or with you against any act of injustice.

Eventhough they may also be guilty of similar injustice and ill-treatment of others themselves, which they often do not see from that perspective, but they are easily the first to speak up against it, condemn and also stand up against anyone perpetrating such act.

And they are also that human right attorney that’s very much adept with the relevant sections of the law, and vociferously uses it to defend victims of human right abuse or their clients in court, while using every detail and also sighting various logical instances to convince the judge, then employing verbal aggression against the culprit and their defenders in court.

It’s basically for this reason that a lot of cholmel joins or forms NGO’s and different advocacy groups in order to fight against injustice and any form of human right abuses. Therefore, as a choleric-melancholic blend, one of the best career you should probably give consideration to, is a career in human right law. You may also join or maybe register an NGO for the defense of the rights of people. You’ll get fulfillment and satisfaction in this career, since it ranks even with your temperament strength.

The major prospects in this career is that human right abuses are rampant these days, thus so many victims are looking for human right attorneys to fight their course in the courts. You could also get a lot of support and perhaps sponsors from individuals or donor agencies across the world for your NGO or group against human right violations.

4. Defence and Military:

One of the career that often attracts so many predominant cholerics is the defence and military career. Because of their fearless, courageous and also invincible character, they no doubt become very successful military and security personnels. The main job of all the military architecture of every country in the world, is to defend the territorial integrity of their country against enemy attack.

This no doubt requires intelligence gathering, detail-orientedness, being analytical and courageous. Therefore, anyone who’s willing to join or take up a career in the military needs to have all these qualities in order to be successful. There’s no other blend of temperament that naturally embodies these strengths and qualities more than a typical cholmel blend.

When the fearless and courageous qualities of a typical choleric is well blended or combined with the high IQ, detailed and analytical qualities of a melancholy, it makes the cholmel best fitted for this career.

5. ICT:

Apart from a sanguine who comes close, there’s no other temperament that loves, appreciates and also takes advantage of any latest technological advancements to improve themselves more than typical cholerics. The other temperament would wait until it goes viral before they could begin to see the necessity of it, and perhaps begin to take advantage of it to better their lives. But a typical choleric is easily the first to become aware of any latest technological gadgets and softwares, and would’ve experienced it, even before others gets to know about it.

It’s basically for this reason that they become so adept and very proficient in the use of any latest ICT- related facility. And when the choleric quality of being visionary and foresighted is blended with the intelligence, creative and analytical ability of a melancholy, it makes a choleric-melancholic blend to be an accomplished and fulfilled ICT personnel.

Therefore, as cholmel, a career in any ICT-related field is one of the best for you. Careers in Cyber security, app & software development, programming etc are some of the careers in the ICT sector you should consider. Foundational books like cyber security career master plan by Gerald Auger will definitely enable you to jumpstart your career in Cyber space security.

6. Civil/Construction Engineering:

This is one aspect of the engineering careers that typical cholerics seems to be attracted to. And because of their secondary melancholic temperament, they make efficient road, bridge and any kind of construction or physical infrastructure design engineers, who will become very meticulous about any small details and would deliver a quality error-free project deliverables.

Choleric-melancholic personalities are rarely office persons who sits in the office to do administrative works. Because of their pragmatism and also passion for working with their hands, they often enjoy being in the field all the time. It is basically for this reason that they often visits the construction site to see what’s going on, and you’ll find them giving directives and asking questions about the job eventhough they aren’t the site engineer.

Thus, if you’re a choleric-melancholic blend of temperament, construction or civil engineering career is one of the few courses in engineering you should consider, because you’ve got the natural strengths, skills and also passion for the career that will enable you to succeed overwhelmingly in it.

7. Political Science:

Choleric-melancholic temperament blends rises easily to become effective and famous political leaders that their followers often admires their courage, and looks up to them. Cholerics are natural or born leaders, who loves to ascend any leadership position where they will be the person in charge and making all the decisions. They’ve got charisma like their typical sanguine counterparts, and also courage and motivational ability and skills to pool so much crowd towards their side. It’s mainly for this reason that they often thrive in the political arena.

When the predominant choleric is blended with the strategists and also detail-oriented melancholy, it makes a typical choleric-melancholic blend of temperament to overwhelmingly and effortlessly succeed in the political science career. Think of any famous political scientist or politician who is very active and vibrant, has achieved political greatness through effective leadership eventhough could be very controversial. They obviously must be typical choleric-melancholic or maybe Choleric-sanguine blend.

Therefore, if you consider yourself to be a choleric-melancholic or melchol blend of temperament, a career in political science is one of the best you should consider because you will no doubt make a good political scientist.

8. Security Expert/Consultant:

Whether it’s the conventional security or online security, like Cyber security. Choleric-melancholic temperament blends are easily one of the best when it comes to expertise in security and also crime prevention. The astuteness, courageousness and fearlessness of the choleric when combined with the intelligence and foresightedness of the melancholy, no doubt makes the typical choleric-melancholic blend an efficient security expert/consultant.

Therefore, as a choleric-melancholic temperament blend, you could find a career in either digital security or as an expert in conventional security an interesting one. You could become a private security consultant to so many organizations if you’ve got experience in any security arrangement. Careers in security has so many prospects. In these days of so much insecurity both on and offline, so many private and public organizations are in need of security experts and consultants to help them protect their business.

9. Project Management/Supervision:

Like I stated earlier, typical cholerics are always attracted to field works. They rarely pander towards office or administrative works or duties. It is for this reason that a career in project management and supervision is one of the best you may want to consider as a typical cholmel temperament blend.

Cholerics may not be good or efficient managers of resources but they are no doubt very efficient and productive personalities when it comes to project delivery. However, when the choleric is blended with a typical melancholy temperament who’s more managerial in nature, it definitely makes cholmel temperament blend a very effective project manager. But you must learn some project management skills or just enrol for a project management course in order to improve yourself in this career.

10. Marketing Consultants:

The marketing career is also another very important career that a cholmel will succeed seamlessly in. A Choleric is an efficient marketing personality like his sanguine counterpart who is also very good in sales and marketing. But the difference between both of them when it comes to marketing is that, while sanguine uses their word- of-mouth to convince unsuspecting persons, cholerics on the other hand often markets and advertises by being what or who they want to market or advertise to you.

Sanguines believes that with their mouth and the convivial energy they often bring onboard, they could get anyone to pander towards what they are proposing, even when they may not have made use of, or experienced it. While cholerics do not need to say a word to you at first, but do believes in looking or maybe making use of what they want to sell or market to you. He believes in attracting your attention first of all to themselves by looking conspicuous before they’ll talk to you about their proposal.

Cholerics have got all the marketing strategies in order to get the attention of people to themselves, thus making them to become interested in what they are proposing. When it’s blended with a creative, intelligent and also enterprising melancholy, the cholmel will become an efficient marketing and sales consultant. Books like the 1-page marketing plan by Allan Dib will help you to improve your skills in sales and marketing.

11. Acting:

Choleric-melancholic temperament blends makes good actors and actress especially when it comes to quality action movies, where their very quick and active natural strengths will come to bare in their action movie acting career. Although cholerics may not be that creative enough to bring natural creativity into their role.

But when blended with melancholic temperament in substantial amount, it enables choleric-melancholic blend to make their natural creative ability come to bare on their acting career. It’s basically for this reason that a career in acting, especially when it’s got to do with action roles in a movie is one of the best for a cholmel blend.

Conclusively, there are numerous careers that a competent and capable choleric-melancholic temperament blends can be very successful in. But such careers must make them feel independent and self-sufficient where they could be allowed to make some decisions for themselves and work productively. The above 11 careers are some you should consider going into as a choleric-melancholic blend.

Thanks for reading. Don’t forget to leave your comments, questions and suggestions on this post. If you find this post helpful, kindly buy me a cup of coffee or support me to maintain this blog’s running cost. Thank you.


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