A Choleric-sanguine Temperament Blend Major Strengths And Weaknesses.

Major Strengths and Weaknesses of a Cholsan Blend of Temperament:

Today, in continuation of our series of posts about the twelve temperament blends. We shall be considering some of the typical Choleric-sanguine or cholsan temperament blend strengths and weaknesses, which no doubt often impacts them both positively and also negatively as they go through life. It is my wish that at the end of reading this post, you will be able to distinguish clearly between some of the major strengths and also weaknesses of sanchols, and those the cholsans.

Sanchol and cholsan temperament blends has got similar strengths and weaknesses from both the sanguine temperament they had inherited and also from the choleric temperament they had no doubt also inherited from their parents, grandparents and even their great-grandparents.

But the basic difference between both of them is, which of the temperament predominates the other, or which of them comes first. If peradventure the sanguine temperament comes first as the basic temperament, it is expected that its weaknesses or strengths will be more visible or domineering in a typical sanchol. And if also, choleric is the basic or primary temperament we obviously do not need a soothsayer to tell us that the weaknesses or strength of the choleric will be more glaring in a typical cholsan personality.

It’s basically for this reason that in today’s post, we want to consider the major strengths and weaknesses of a typical Choleric-sanguine personality blend, so we can properly categorize a person to be either sanchol or cholsan based on their individual weaknesses and strengths in different areas of life. Let’s go!

Who’s A Cholsan?

A cholsan is one of the twelve blends of temperaments. It is someone who combines or blends two extroverted temperaments of the choleric and the sanguine into one. With choleric as their basic or primary temperament, and sanguine as their secondary.

The cholsan personality, will often be influenced by both the choleric and the sanguine temperament in them, but usually at varying proportions or degrees. The choleric being the basic or primary temperament will for sure have a more profound influence on a cholsan than the secondary sanguine temperament.

Like we earlier established that both the cholsan and the sanchol are very or highly extroverted personalities, although the latter will undoubtedly be much more an outgoing and lively person than their cholsan counterpart because of their people-oriented and fun loving style.

The cholsan will also be much more forceful, domineering and assertive than their typical sanchol counterpart since the choleric temperament is an embodiment of all these traits. The cholsan is a more serious person, and they’re often taken more seriously by others than their typical twin sanchol who are as not as assertive as they are and rarely mean what they say.

Like the typical sanchol is a funky, fun loving, highly-spirited and jolly-good- fellow person. Their typical cholsan counterpart is a serious, disciplined, and highly motivated individual, who has got less time for fun and pleasure.

But the two main similarities between both of them is that, they’re extremely charismatic and impulsive persons. No other temperament blend among the twelve blends of temperaments that’s more charismatic and also very impulsive than sanchols and cholsans.

For they’ll often be seen taking actions or doing most things without first of all adequately planning for it, which more often than not results in failure in the end. Let’s get into the meat of today’s topic, to discuss some of the major weaknesses and strengths of the Choleric-sanguine temperament blend.

The strengths and weaknesses will be considered with respect to the typical cholsan’s interpersonal relationship, career or job, marriage, leadership and their general outlook on life, that is, how they view and visualize life in general.

Strengths and Weaknesses of the Cholsans in their Interpersonal relationship with others:

Cholsans have got the least human interpersonal relationship skills when it comes to relating with others. And this no doubt counts as one of their main weaknesses in terms of building and sustaining a peaceful and cordial relationship with others.

It is not for the reason that they are inferior persons or they’re too shy to relate or interact with others like the phlegmatics, infact they’re one of the most charismatic persons. But they’ve obviously got the least interpersonal relationship skills because of their very domineering and inconsiderate lifestyle.

Cholsans are highly opinionated and assertive persons, who stubbornly do hold on tenaciously to their own ideas and opinions to a very unreasonable extent, unless they have been proved wrong beyond every doubt or they’ve failed very glaringly. Next to them in this regards are cholmel or cholphleg counterparts.

What do you expect from a highly egotistic and narrow-minded person like the cholsan, who often believes that he knows it all. Thus, will rarely pander towards other person’s ideas and opinions?

Cholsans are highly domineering and forceful persons. They enjoy making decisions for themselves as well as for others. And they’ll not hesitate to ride roughshod over anyone who disagree with their decision or opinions, if may be they’re the person in charge.

For you to be in a peaceful and cordial relationship with a cholsan blend, you must always be willing to pander to what he or she wants. It’s basically for this reason that they like working or relating with the phlegmatics, since they often have their way with them.

But for other temperaments like the predominant sanguine or melancholy, the relationship will no doubt be full of crisis and disagreements initially until they begin to understand and influence each other. It could also be that sometimes, there may not be any room for such understanding and the relationship will terminate in serious conflicts or disagreements.

The cholsan’s strength when it comes to their interpersonal relationship is that, they’re highly motivational, very influential and persuasive persons. A typical cholsan is a charismatic, if not the most charismatic of the twelve blends of temperaments. Thus, being very influential, persuasive and also motivational is a natural lifestyle that is often common for them.

It’s basically for this reason that they easily succeeds in sales and marketing plus branding careers. If you need an efficient sales and marketing person or someone who could use his or her personality style to influence others and make them take the action you want them to take then, a cholsan is the best person to hire. Because they’ll guarantee you very high conversion rate.

Eventhough typical cholsans are not good team players, but they’ve got the charisma, persuasive, motivational and assertive skills to influence the team and achieve a goal or target. Let us consider the cholsan temperament blend with respect to their careers or how they do their jobs.

Strengths and Weaknesses of the Cholsan in their Career or Job.

When it comes to their career or job, I often refer to cholsans as productive/ enthusiastic personality. It is for the simple reason that the choleric person is very productive, and when blended with a sanguine who’s enthusiastic, it makes the cholsan both productive as well enthusiastic persons when its got to do with career or carrying out their daily work activities.

A choleric-sanguine personality are work and activity-prone persons who often enjoys working outdoor either independently or with a team where they’re usually the leader or center of activity. Unlike their typical sanchol counterpart, who is a happy-go-lucky person that likes some bit of fun and play while also doing their job, typical cholsans rarely has time for any kind of fun moments until they are done with their jobs.

In terms of the cholsan’s weaknesses when it comes to delivering on their job, is that typical cholsans like their sanchol counterparts are usually not strategic about carrying out their task. Thus, effective and strategic planning before embarking on any job or task is really not a thing for them.

Thus, it’s not uncommon for them to encounter some difficulties in course of doing their job or perhaps, having their deliverables fraught with many mistakes. For they inadvertently want to quickly complete a task, and move on to something else asap.

Another weakness often associated with cholsans and even sanchol blend is, doing their jobs haphazardly. Since they are not detailed nor thorough in their approach to things, the tendency towards doing a perfect or even near- perfect jobs is often rare for both of them. It is for this reason that there are some very sensitive or delicate job that cholsans or sanchols are not the best persons to handle them.

Finally, in terms of a typical cholsan weakness in his career. Like we stated at beginning, cholsans are rarely good team players. Unless the job is one of those that could make them work so independently with very minimal or no supervision, or perhaps they are made to head or lead the team.

Typical cholsans will often run into conflicts and disagreements with their team mates or supervisor. This is because they are very self-reliant persons, who often believes that they know better than every other person.

Let’s look at some of the strengths and weaknesses of a typical cholsan from the perspective of their relationship, marital or erotic love relationship.

Strengths and Weaknesses of a Cholsan in their Eros Relationship:

In terms of their erotic relationship like dating or marriage, I described cholsans as intentional/emotional kind of persons. But they are often more intentional about who they want to date or marry, than being so much emotional about them.

Typical cholsans may not have got so much love to burn or shower on their loved ones or heartthrobs, but they’re obviously caring, and also passionate about them. Cholsans, both male and female enjoys taking responsibilities for their loved ones. Thus, they could work to ensure that they provide for their needs.

Another very good quality or strength that cholsans have got, which also no doubt makes their spouses or dates to easily fall in love with them the more is that, they’re so much proud of their heartthrobs and likes expressing their love for them in every public places where they’ve got the opportunity to, eventhough they may not do the same in their private homes.

Just like their sanchol counterparts, it is not uncommon for cholsans to kiss and give good treat to their loved ones in public places, create a frenzy and camaraderie atmosphere with them to the admiration of everyone around. But will retire to their houses and not make such treatment come to bare.

The major weaknesses of cholsans in their erotic relationship like marriage is that they lack empathy, giving more or adequate attention or commitment to achieving their goals than to their loved ones. Like their typical sanchol counterparts, who their enjoying and fun lifestyle with friend and admirers often takes better part of their time. But for the cholsans, their jobs, work and other outdoor activities are often the bane of their erotic relationship.

Next to the cholsans in regards to this attitude are the cholmels. For them, it is almost difficult to remember the last time they gave their heartthrobs a kiss in private. For soon after the kiss on the alter on their wedding day, and perhaps their honeymoon, they soon forget about romance. For work and activities, and achieving their career, business or money goals often takes the place of commitment or attention, and romance.

It’s also not uncommon for cholsans to be very vociferous in lashing out at their loved ones in quick, explosive outburst, that they work very hard to provide for their needs and those of the family, and what more do they want. Without also realizing that they equally need their love and attention. It’s for this reason I’ll recommend you order and read how to deal with a choleric husband by Claire Robin. To learn more about how to handle your choleric spouse.

Let’s briefly consider some of the strengths and weaknesses of cholsans with respect to their leadership style.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Cholsans in Leadership:

When it comes to leadership, i refer to cholsans as a visionary/charismatic personality. Cholerics are visionaries, while sanguines are very charismatic persons. Thus, a typical cholsan will be a visionary as well as charismatic leader.

Cholsans have got the vision, passion and courage to do and achieve very big and uncommon things, plus the charisma to persuade and make their subjects and followers pander to what they want while they’re in leadership positions. This no doubt makes them to be able to pool the crowd to their side and have followers who believes so much in their capacity.

However, their major undoings in leadership, which is also as result of their weaknesses is that, since they’re rarely detailed and strategic persons, but rather very impulsive persons, who often talks and does things as his feelings and emotions directs and not according to facts and reasoning. The tendency towards offending people by his speech, or starting a project and not completing it, or perhaps doing a very poor job is very palpable.

It’s basically for this reason that a typical cholsan could easily find his or her way into leadership and be at the helm of affairs because of their very courageous and charismatic qualities, but they will rarely come down from that leadership position with their head and shoulders high, since they would’ve betrayed the trust of lots of persons in one way or another.

Conclusively, the cholsan’s general outlook on life or their philosophy of life is, achieving your goals, dreams and aspiration, it doesn’t matter how you achieve it, as long as you did. They do also believe that they’ve got all it takes to be the best, be with the best or get the best, whether they do merit it or not is immaterial, just be it, be with it or get it.

Feel free to post your comments, questions and suggestions on this topic. If you find this post helpful, kindly buy me a cup of coffee or support me to maintain this blog’s running cost.



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