How A Sanguine’s Temperament Weaknesses Impacts His Success In Life.

The Sanguine’s Temperament Weaknesses That Negatively Impacts His Success In Life:

The four basic temperaments which are consequent upon the genes that were unconsciously transferred to us during our conception way back from the days of Adam, the first man that lived on earth, to our forefathers, and now to our contemporary parents has no doubt got various weaknesses and strengths which are inherent in them.

Therefore, we can unequivocally say that temperaments are inherited trait or behavioral patterns, which came as a result of the genes we clearly took or inherited from our parents, and even more from our grandparents and also great-grandparents.

They often influence our attitudes and behaviours in almost all areas of our lives. Whether it’s in our relationship with others, attitude to work, career, business, marriage, how we do things and perhaps, to what extent we could be successful in life can also to a great extent be influenced and determined by the temperament we’re born with.

To know more about the four basic temperaments and also the twelve blends of temperaments, I would like to recommend you read why you act the way you do by Tim Lahaye. This book will give you an insight and also an in-depth knowledge about the four basic temperaments, and the twelve temperament blends, since it was first discovered by Hippocrates, an ancient Greek physician who believes in the theory of humorism.

It is pertinent for us to know that each of these four basic temperaments has got various weaknesses and strengths that are innate and inherent in them, thus cannot completely be eradicated. Eventhough some societal influences, education and parental upbringing may attempt to change or tweak it a bit. But the temperament we’re born with, rarely changes, as we’ll often be seen yielding unknowingly to some of its influence and control on us.

The various strengths and weaknesses of each temperament impacts us both positively and negatively. It is likely that strengths of each temperament will often have a positive impact on the carrier, while the weaknesses will also impact them negatively.

Similarly, when it comes to success or being successful, perhaps in a career or endeavor one decides to venture into. As these temperament strengths enables us to easily navigate our way through the paths of life, and become successful in those endeavors, so also the weaknesses are always around to hinder us, and keep success very far away from us.

It is basically for this reason that in today’s post, we want to start with considering the major weaknesses of the sanguine temperament that could hinder them from achieving personal successes or getting to the zenith of success in their life’s endeavors, and how they’ll be able to triumph over their weaknesses and be successful.

Sanguine’s Major Weaknesses That Tends To Hinder Them In Life:

The 3 major weaknesses of the typical sanguine, which militates against his personal success in his career or other personal pursuits and endeavors in life, are firstly, Lack of discipline, secondly, his Unserious attitude in almost everything, and finally, his spontaneous or impulsive lifestyle.

One major weakness that’s inherent in a sanguine temperament is lack of self-discipline or self-control, and the carrier of this temperament will no doubt often exhibit some traits of indiscipline in every areas of his life, perhaps unknowingly.

The sanguine is an overindulgent and over-enjoying person, thus whatever that will make him subject himself to strict rules and principles, and maybe deny him of his freedom to enjoy life and live their exuberant lifestyle is no doubt often considered as inimical to them.

The sanguine is a very lively and also highly-spirited personality, who loves to explore and relish life to the fullest, usually in company of his friends and admirers. Therefore, whatever that’ll deprive him of his freedom to freely express himself, is often considered as a threat to their happiness. And they do not hesitate to resist it, in order to continue in their fun and merry mood.

No one loves and enjoys freedom more than typical sanguines. They like to create a convivial atmosphere, and be in a mood of camaraderie with friends and admirers in order to fully and adequately express themselves, and display their flamboyance and exuberant lifestyle.

Lack of discipline and self-control is no doubt the bane of the success of so many sanguines. It has undoubtedly hindered some of them from being successful in anything they had begun and some from getting to the heights of success they are supposed to get to in life.

This is obviously not surprising, for indiscipline is the greatest enemy of success. And more importantly, there is a price that must be paid for anyone to achieve success, and life has given us two way to pay for it.

It is either you deliberately pay the price for it today through hardwork and discipline, while denying yourself of all other comforts, in order to gain or achieve success tomorrow.

Or you can decide to delay paying the price and relish all the good moments now, thus sacrificing hardwork and discipline, and pay dearly for it later. In a matter of achieving success in life no one can eat their 🍰 cake and have it.

But typical sanguines often chooses to eat their cake today, relish all the good moments now, and defers paying the price for success today, through self- discipline and hardwork, which they more often than not ends up paying dearly for tomorrow.

Unless the sanguine is blended with another more self-disciplined and also temperate temperament in very good and substantial amount, the typical sanguine personality will most likely fail in life.

Similarly, the typical sanguine’s very unserious attitude and lifestyles often makes him to easily trivialize and take for granted almost everything, apart from his fun and enjoying moments. Even some of the things he should’ve taken very seriously that could have probably open him up for success are also taken for granted.

If peradventure his able to initiate or start something today that could be worth-while and of immense value to him tomorrow, but lack of seriousness could make him easily loose focus and not be consistent in following through because he’s an enjoying person who does not like stress.

Because of the unserious attitude of a sanguine, a lot of persons rarely takes him seriously thus they’re not likely to entrust him with very important and serious things, eventhough they have had a longterm relationship with him.

Sanguines are no doubt very warm and lively persons, who often creates a very warm and friendly relationship with others. This congenial lifestyle of the sanguines makes people pander to them, and easily give them attention, but they rarely do involve and trust them with very serious matters.

Unseriousness and indiscipline has made so many sanguines loose some valuable opportunities to become rich and famous. Apart from making the sanguines unable to start and initiate something that could be of value and profitable to them in future, nor have the courage to pursue their dreams. It also makes them not to be consistent in, and committed to pursuing their dreams. Thus, keeping success very far away from them.

Impulsiveness is easily another major weakness of persons belonging to the sanguine temperament category. A typical sanguine is a very impulsive person. Apart from the cholerics who comes close, no other temperament can be more impulsive than a typical sanguine.

The sanguine’s spontaneous way of doing things often makes them make so many costly mistakes which more often than not results in their failure. Typical sanguines makes decisions and does things on impulse, as their feelings and emotions, rather than reasoning suggests, and which they end up regretting.

These are the three main weaknesses of the sanguine temperament which makes it difficult for them to achieve personal success in life. Let us quickly consider how a typical sanguine can manage these weaknesses in order to become successful in life.

How Sanguines Can Manage Their Weaknesses And Achieve Personal Success:

In one of my previous post about how we could manage our temperament weaknesses, I stated clearly that, one of the ways that we could be able to manage our temperament weaknesses is through influence.

As we often relate and interact with one another, influence is exchanged unknowingly amongst us. And before we could realize it, we’ve picked up some of the traits and behaviours of that person we’re fond of. In electrical sciences, when two opposite charges are brought in contact, they exchange electrons, thus producing current.

Similarly in human interpersonal relationships, we are naturally likely to be influenced by the lifestyle and attitude of the person we often relate and interact with, either positively or negatively, which no doubt forms our character subsequently. Whether to be influenced by their positive traits, which are their strengths, or by their negatives, which also represents their weaknesses, is our decision to make as humans.

In a nutshell, as a sanguine, relating and consistently interacting with a more disciplined, focused, serious and detailed temperament like the typical or predominant melancholy will for sure enable you to manage your basic temperament weaknesses overtime. Eventhough both of you may likely disagree initially, which is the beauty of our diversities. But this influence will be possible, and will also go back and forth, since both of you are often attracted to your individual strengths.

Another way you can manage your temperament weaknesses as a typical sanguine, in order to be successful is to be deliberate about what you want, about your goals and dreams.

Without a clearly defined goal, and knowing exactly what you want, the tendency towards derailing or loosing focus will be very palpable. It is for this reason that you’d want to be very certain about what you want, so that regardless of your weaknesses, you could still work towards achieving your dreams, and also take advantage of any opportunity that’s in line with your dreams.

Finally, in as much as influence could be well enough exchanged as we often relate with one another, thus helping us to better manage our temperament weaknesses. It is also important that we think about how to permanently overcome these weaknesses, in order to open ourselves up more for greater and overwhelming success.

Since temperament is a natural trait, which we inherited from our ancient or forefathers down to our present day parents, as result of the genes that were transferred to us by them. Since after the fall of man, these negative traits and oddities were passed unto us as the Adamic nature, also known as the human nature. It is therefore impossible to separate temperament weaknesses from the Adamic nature after man fell, and also the strengths before the fall of man.

Therefore, in order to permanently overcome our temperament oddities or weaknesses, one must also look at it from the spiritual point of view. It’s basically for this reason I would like to recommend that you order and read Spirit-controlled temperament by Tim Lahaye. This book was very much helpful in making me to realize who I am, and the major weaknesses associated with my temperament and how to overcome them.

As a Melancholy-choleric or melchol blend, who was battling with low self- esteem and anger, discovering this book made huge impact in my life. It was a huge turnaround for me, as I was able to overcome majority of my temperament weaknesses, and now a better melchol, who’s irradiating all the strengths of the melchol blend of temperament. Order this bestseller now, in order to learn how to conquer your temperament weaknesses from the spiritual angle.

Thanks for reading. Feel free to post your comments, questions and suggestions on this topic. If you find this topic helpful, kindly buy me a cup of coffee or support to maintain this blog’s running cost. Thanks.



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