Advantages and Disadvantages of Marrying a Phlegmatic Temperament.

What are Some of the Major Advantages and Disadvantages of Marrying a Typical Phlegmatic Temperament?

The phlegmatics, just like all the other temperaments, has got some strengths and weaknesses that often impacts all areas of their lives either positively or negatively. Be it in marriage, career or jobs, leadership, lifestyle, and also in their interpersonal relationship with others.

Although phlegmatics are the easiest temperaments to relate and get along very well with, because of their very calm, quiet, easygoing and also their outward peaceful disposition. Which consequently gives most persons the impetus to often want to take undue advantage of them.

A typical phlegmatic could be calm and quiet, rarely aggressive despite the circumstance and hardly gets into conflict or confrontation with anyone. However, phlegmatics are the most pretentious or perhaps opportunistic of the four temperaments. Sorry, if that hurts you as a phlegmatic. You don’t need to be, because this is just you, and everyone needs to understand that.

Asides the melancholies, phlegmatics feels more deeply hurt but they often conceal it, and sometimes pretend not to be hurt, for the fear of getting into conflicts with you. But one thing you must know is that, phlegmatics often bears inner anger and resentments, and could also have some bad feelings and negative thoughts against their offenders. Which could last for as long as they haven’t got the opportunity to pay you back in your own coin.

This attitude is no doubt the bane of so many phlegmatic’s interpersonal relationship, since you may not know when they’re really happy or sad with you, even at a time you feel that they ought to be very unhappy, rather they still find a way to conceal their real feelings and emotions.

Phlegmatics are the most reserved of all the temperaments. They often hide a lot of things in their mind, and you may never know exactly what they feel or think about you until the very day they will have the opportunity to recount all your deeds towards them.

Though a naturally calm, quiet, gentle and peaceful person, who often likes to display outward good deeds and nice attitudes, so he can be eulogized and accepted by everyone. But typical phlegmatics often bottles-up or hides a lot of things in their mind, that are more often than not, negative about those who seems not to see or notice their good deeds.

One thing about phlegmatics is that, they often go with the belief that their natural peaceful, gentle, and also calm appearance, plus their good deeds, is enough to make everyone pander to them and really appreciate their nice qualities. Thus, anyone who does not seem to notice and appreciate them for these seeming nice qualities, is no doubt being considered as unfriendly.

Like their perfectionist melancholy counterparts, most phlegmatics often believes that, because of their gentle, calm, peaceful and maybe organized qualities, which they love to always display in public, they are innocent, and cannot be faulted or maybe held responsible for any breakdown of their relationship. And this attitude could be worsened if they are often surrounded by persons who makes them believe that they’re perfect and faultless.

Therefore, they may not be receptive to any criticism as long as they’ve got people who makes them feel that they are perfect. Unlike their melancholy counterpart, who’s very conscientious and sometimes forthright, and rarely panders towards people’s opinions about them, and perhaps would have criticized themselves if peradventure they’re faulty.

But typical phlegmatics would rarely realize or accept the fact that they’re faulty as long as they’ve got persons on their side who keeps eulogizing them. It is basically for this reason that most phlegmatics are gullible, and easily deceived by sycophants, since they enjoy being surrounded by people, especially those who often sings their praises or applauds them for everything they do.

You should also be aware that typical phlegmatics, though a naturally kind, gracious and respectful person, but could be very stubborn and callous. Just like their sanguine counterparts, phlegmatics often displays their nice qualities just for people to see and eulogize them. Most persons rarely blame the phlegmatics for any conflict or misunderstanding between them and other persons, since people are naturally attracted to their peaceful, gentle and calm dispositions.

No other temperament loves being praised or appreciated for their good works and nice qualities more than typical phlegmatics. Failure to notice or appreciate them for their seeming nice dispositions, already makes them feel very bad, which could also make them begin to nurture some negative feelings about you. Let’s quickly delve into our topic for today.

In today’s post, we want to consider the typical phlegmatic temperament from their emotional or sentimental lifestyle, like their marriage or maybe erotic relationship. We want to focus on the advantages and disadvantages of marrying a Phlegmatic personality. So you will be aware of some traits to expect from your phlegmatic spouse.

Disadvantages of Marrying a Phlegmatic Personality:

The first and foremost disadvantage of marrying a phlegmatic personality, which you must be aware of, is that phlegmatics are quietly revengeful. Like we stated earlier, eventhough a phlegmatic may not be aggressive and are rarely violent persons, but do not think or believe that they’ve let go or forgotten about any unpleasant action towards them. Believing that, would mean deceiving yourself.

Do not be deceived by a predominant phlegmatic person’s calm and quiet composure or his inability to react and respond immediately to your unpleasant attitude towards them.

For he may not react immediately since he hasn’t got the advantage, or what it takes to give you adequate and commensurate reaction. But be sure that when the time comes, he will for sure remind you of everything you’ve done to them and pay you back in your coin.

Phlegmatics rarely gets over a hurt or any unpleasant action against them. Unlike their melancholic counterparts who are also very revengeful, but may easily forgive and let go without any grudge if you show some remorse. A typical phlegmatic may let go, but will definitely still hold a thing or two against you, which they will not fail to remind you of, when they have the advantage.

I describe phlegmatics as opportunist. When they’re on the weaker side of life or position, they seem to be the weakest of persons to take any action against anyone who had knowingly or unknowingly hurt or offended them.

But if maybe they find themselves in positions of strength, and perhaps you’ve become the weaker person, they’ll not hesitate to give you the same treatment you gave them or they could often behave in ways that will sure make you feel ridiculed and full of regrets.

Even in their marriage or relationship it is difficult for a typical phlegmatic spouse to wholeheartedly forgive or let go of any unfavorable action that deeply hurts them, eventhough they may not make too much problems out of it or become very violent.

But you have to be careful, infact you ought to be more wary of a typical phlegmatic’s silence in the midst of provocation. For not only is he deeply hurt inside, but he’s definitely waiting for the best and right time to pay you back.

Unless they have another secondary temperament, that’s more forthright, plain-spoken and forgiving, a typical phlegmatic person will be the most unforgiving person. Who rarely let go in their hearts, or forgive from their hearts those who had offended or hurt them in the past without having to sometimes make reference to, or remind them of their negative actions towards them.

Remember, these disadvantages are definitely not intended to make you rescind your decision of marrying a Phlegmatic or any other temperament for that matter. It’s basically to show you some of the oddities or negative traits you’d encounter tieing the knot with any particular temperament.

Which also further underscores the fact that different persons has got various strengths and weaknesses that are no doubt inherent in the temperament they’re born with. Having said this, let us consider the next disadvantage of marrying a phlegmatic personality.

The next disadvantage of marrying a phlegmatic is that, phlegmatics are very envious persons. Envy is a natural negative trait in every human, and it is common to all temperaments.

While it may not so much dominate or overwhelm some temperaments like the choleric and melancholy, but it often overwhelms and dominates, and also very much glaring in others like the sanguines and phlegmatics.

Apart from a sanguine who comes close, but who could easily overcome envy because of his achievements and perhaps flamboyant lifestyle. No other temperament battles with envy more than a typical phlegmatic.

Some factors that often makes them easily become envious are; inferiority, their quest to be noticed and be seen to better than others, their lack of contentment, and also their inability to measure up with you in any aspect of life.

A phlegmatic is a naturally shy, low-in confidence and inferior person. This natural traits often makes them cringe before other more confident and bold persons if perhaps they can’t measure up to their charismatic, courageous and flamboyant lifestyle.

Especially if these persons are not their friends or very close associates. Subsequently, they become so envious of them, which could further lead to hatred and malice.

In same vein, the typical phlegmatic’s quest to often be seen as the best or the nicest person by everyone, and also to be applauded for that, plus lack of contentment, consequently leads them to become very envious of those who seems to be getting all the accolades, and will thus see them as their rivals.

Eventhough phlegmatics don’t accept the fact that they have a problem with envy, and could sometimes pretend about it, but you will easily figure it out from their countenance and very unfriendly attitude towards you.

Infact, typical phlegmatics are the temperaments that do not know how to hide their resentment against you, if it was borne out of envy, since you cannot remember having any sort of conflict or misunderstanding with them.

They will often display it through avoiding or ignoring you, being rude and impolite, and more importantly, by indulging in backbiting or saying very unprintable things behind you, just to disparage you, make themself feel better, and for those listening to them to start feeling bad about you.

Because of lack of contentment and the desire to be seen to be better than you, so they’ll get people to commend or appreciate them, or to just attract their sympathy. A typical phlegmatic has already made you his or her rival in their hearts, and is already secretly in competition with you, without you knowing about it.

Phlegmatics are very cunning and crafty just like their typical sanguine counterparts. They’re the category of temperament that you’ll never know what they’ve got in their minds until they’ve achieved their aim or maybe find themselves in an advantageous position.

Phlegmatics, just like the sanguines, if they’ve got a target they could be very pretentious about their dealings with you until they’re able to get what they want.

Therefore, if you’re considering tieing the knot with a phlegmatic, just know that you’re getting married to a very envious person, who feels that he or she must be seen to be better than the other person, and must no doubt be treated better than the next person.

You must also ensure that they’re able to measure up to their equals in terms of material things, else their complex will be accentuated. This is typical of, particularly female phlegmatics.

Another major disadvantage of tieing the knot with phlegmatic personality is that, phlegmatics easily panders to the opinions of third parties about their marriage. Like their sanguine counterparts, if a phlegmatic has got very close friends and admirers who they often confides in, then it is very likely that those persons will for sure know what often happens in their marriage or relationship.

This is because a typical phlegmatic believes so much in friends, admirers or those who gives them enormous attention, and perhaps those who also often sings their praises. In the event of conflicts or disagreements in their homes, because of lack of courage to on their own withstand difficult and challenging times, always looking for people to sympathize with them.

Thus, the tendency towards taking some of their marital issues to those friends, admirers or family members is not uncommon for them.

Apart from sanguines who comes very close, no other temperament exposes their marital issues to their friends, confidants and other third parties, just so they could seek their opinions or to just get their sympathy more than phlegmatics.

It’s basically for this reason that most marriages that were once peaceful and perhaps on the path of success, but have now become a theatre of war, and possibly hit the rocks as a result of third party interferences are basically those of the predominant sanguines or phlegmatics.

The next disadvantage of marrying a predominant phlegmatic is that, a typical phlegmatic is a very docile and indecisive person. Phlegmatics are very sluggish persons. Therefore, docility and indecision are the bane of their success in life.

The fear of taking decisions or being prompt in taking action has no doubt more often than not, resulted in more troubles for phlegmatics. Phlegmatics are rarely proactive type of persons, they’re more reactive than proactive.

Rather than take some very decisive measures to forestall any kind of bad occurrence from happening in their home, they will rather wait for it to happen, and sometimes go very bad, before they will begin to seek for the opinions of people about what to do. This trait often negatively Impacts their marriage and leadership role, both in their family and in the public.

In terms training their kids, a typical phlegmatic is easily the most docile, reluctant, indecisive and also the least motivated to instill discipline in their kids, even when their misbehaviours is very glaring.

It is either they keep procrastinating, talk without commensurate action, or pamper the kids until they grow up to become very stubborn and unruly to them. Phlegmatics needs to be more decisive and active if they want to raise very disciplined kids and build an organized home.

The next disadvantage we want to consider when it comes to marrying a predominant phlegmatic personality is that, phlegmatics are very fearful, and lacks self-motivation.

Typical phlegmatics are the least motivated temperaments to take on a difficult or challenging task, and also the most fearful of going to unknown and unfamiliar territories in order to accomplish a task, unless they are constantly being pushed or forced to.

They are like oysters, who are overly secured but not so much creative. To live creatively, one must be able to stick out their necks and tread on unknown and unfamiliar territories. But rarely do phlegmatics stick out their necks, nor tread on any path that is unknown to them.

This lifestyle undoubtedly hinders so many phlegmatics from achieving their dreams or getting to the heights of success they were meant to get to in life. It’s basically for this reason that it is very advisable for phlegmatics to marry other temperaments or blends of temperaments who are very much courageous, confident and decisive than themselves, in order to maintain a balance in the home.

The last disadvantage of marrying a typical phlegmatic temperament is that, phlegmatics are very sexually secretive persons. Although, a very remotely romantic person who often enjoys sex with the person they love and are passionate about, but typical phlegmatics are the most secretive of the four temperament categories when it comes to expressing their sexual feelings to the one they love.

A phlegmatic will rarely express how they feel, sexually or how they are sexually attracted to their heartthrob, and they’ll also hardly be the first to create or initiate the ambience for sexual intercourse to happen between them and their spouse. Sometimes, it could be shyness or perhaps trying to not make their spouse feel that they’re too corrupt or sexually sophisticated, that’ll make them restrain themselves from making such sexual advances.

Even when they clearly feel sexually dissatisfied with their heartthrobs or spouse, they rarely have the courage to speak up or tell them about it. They will rather conceal it in their mind, and perhaps pretend that everything is fine.

But whenever they’ve got opportunity to narrate their sexual experiences to their close friends and confidants, they do not hesitate to do so, which is clearly not healthy for their marriage or relationship. It is for this reason that phlegmatics ought to marry other temperaments or blends of it, that are very much outspoken than they are. To improve your sexual performance, I’ll recommend you order promescent desensitizing delay spray for men. See reviews about the product on Amazon store.

Let’s briefly consider some of the advantages of getting married to a typical phlegmatic spouse.

Advantages of Marrying a Phlegmatic Personality:

The first and foremost advantage of tieing the knot with a phlegmatic is the peaceful and serene ambience they often bring to bare in your home and marriage. A typical phlegmatic’s peaceful, gentle and calm nature is often brought to bare. A phlegmatic will rather ignore or avoid you than create a scene over any issue that they are not comfortable with.

Although, they could be very callous just like their melancholy counterpart when pushed to the wall, but if all you desire in marriage is to have a very peaceful marriage and family, then a typical phlegmatic perfectly fits into what you want.

Another benefit of marrying a typical phlegmatic spouse is their, loyalty and respect. Just like the melancholy, a phlegmatic spouse is a very loyal and respectful person. And they will remain very loyal and respectful to you until you’ve given them a reason to stop.

And even at that, before they can be bold enough to become disrespectful and disloyal to you, they must’ve got friends, confidants and other third parties who must be on their side, and perhaps have some negative influence on them.

A phlegmatic is the easiest person to be easily influenced by friends and anyone who often shows them care and attention. Thus, the moment they begin to feel very comfortable with someone outside their marriage, then your marital relationship is at stake. Nevertheless, phlegmatics are very loyal and respectful persons, for as long as they’re nicely treated.

The next benefit of marrying a typical phlegmatic is their submissive traits. Typical phlegmatics rarely has a mind of their own. They’re not self-willed like their sanguine and also choleric counterparts. Thus, making a decision or taking actions without getting your permission and approval is often very difficult for them.

And even if they’ve got an opinion, they could easily put their own will into yours or have theirs subsumed in yours. So many phlegmatics often allows their spouses and heartthrobs to have their way in every decision without putting up any argument, especially if they had married a very domineering, assertive or influential spouse like the choleric.

Therefore, if all you need in marriage is a very submissive spouse, then a phlegmatic is sure one of the best person that perfectly fits into what you want.

The next advantage you’d get getting married to a phlegmatic is the fact that they know how to organize or behave themselves in public. Apart from a melancholy who comes close, there’s no other temperament that knows how to respectfully organize themselves in public more than a phlegmatic personality.

This no doubt makes them easily get or attract the respect and admiration of persons. Although, they are rarely lively persons, but you definitely can’t go out with a typical phlegmatic and get embarrassed. So if you need a very organized person in public, then you can rely or count on a predominantly phlegmatic personality.

Another benefit you’d get marrying a predominant phlegmatic personality is their commitment and attention to their marriage and family. Like the perfectionist melancholy, phlegmatics are also very committed to, and also gives attention to their marriage and family.

Barring any marital issues or any circumstances, a phlegmatic spouse remains very committed to his or her marriage until when may be some issues that makes them feel very bored and uncomfortable begins to find their way into the marriage.

Apart from that, phlegmatics also builds close relationship with their kids, especially a typical phlegmatic father with their female kids, and also phlegmatic mothers with their male children. Though, not a very lively and fun person to be with, but their gentle and calm lifestyle, rarely harsh to their kids, no doubt endears their kids to them.

The final benefit you’d get marrying a predominant phlegmatic personality is their management ability. Apart from a melancholy who comes close, no other temperament has got very efficient managerial skills more than the phlegmatics. They’re gifted with good human management ability and also conflict management. Phlegmatic knows how to efficiently manage any conflict or crisis situation and make peace between warring factions.

Even in their marriage, phlegmatics knows how to bear and manage any marital conflicts until they become overwhelmed by the situation. Once they’re fed up or can no longer bear, getting succour from close friends, admirers or perhaps, those who gives them attention and makes them feel comfortable is not uncommon for them.

Notwithstanding, phlegmatics are very good and efficient managers conflicts and crisis in their. They know how to douse the tension in their homes and make everyone feel very fine and comfortable.

When it comes to finance or money management, although a materialistic person, but phlegmatics often knows how to adjusts their expenditures to suit their financial situation. You can count on a typical phlegmatic spouse to manage the little available finance to keep the family afloat.

Finance or money management is an important trait that everyone should endeavor to imbibe, especially in these days of harsh economic reality. Apart from a melancholy, phlegmatic is another temperament that has got very good finance management skills or ability.

Feel free to leave your comments, questions and suggestions on this topic. If you find this post helpful, kindly buy me a cup of coffee or support me to maintain this blog’s running cost. Thank you.



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