Advantages and Disadvantages of Marrying a Sanguine Personality.

Major Pros and Cons of Marrying a Typical Sanguine Personality:

Today, we want to round up with discussing some of the major advantages and disadvantages you’d encounter tying the knot with the four basic temperament categories, which obviously is consequent of their inherent temperament strengths and weaknesses. It’s my believe that by now, you should be aware of the basic strengths and weaknesses of each of the four temperament categories, which also follows them into marriage. Being aware of these weaknesses and strengths, which could be a disadvantage or an advantage to us in marriage is very much important to enable us make an informed decision when deciding on who we want to spend the rest of our life with in marriage.

Having said that, in today’s post, we want to conclude by discussing some of the main advantages and disadvantages, pros and cons of tying the nuptial nut with a typical sanguine personality. But first off, let’s remind ourselves of who a predominant sanguine personality is, before we can begin to consider some of the traits they’ll bring onboard in their matrimonial home.

Who’s A Sanguine?

Straight off, a sanguine is one of the four basic temperament category. People of sanguine temperament category were described as air by the Greek physician, Hippocrates, who believes in the theory of humorism. Describing a sanguine as air, we mean that this temperament category is a very free, vast and ubiquitous personality in terms of their traits, and this also typifies their lifestyle.

They’re also being classified as extroverts, in fact the most extroverted of the four temperaments, by a Swiss Psychiatrist Carl Jung. The sanguine is the most outgoing, lively, charismatic, flamboyant and highly-spirited of the four temperament categories, but has got the least amount of self-discipline and control, which is their major weakness. No one loves and enjoys freedom and living very exuberant lifestyle more than a typical sanguine. His overindulgent attitude makes him neglect or abandon very important matters that they ought to take very seriously. He’s a people-oriented individual, who enjoys spending more time with friends and admirers outside his home, so he could freely display his blustery, exuberant and flamboyant lifestyle.

A typical sanguine personality has an uncommon desire for not just enjoying himself alone, but also loves to pass on his fun loving spirit to others. He is the life of the party, he often creates and attracts attention to himself wherever he finds himself. Most persons especially those of the phlegmatic category easily panders to him because of his friendly and people-oriented qualities, but may later begin to develop some feelings of apprehension in their relationship with him or perhaps stops taking him seriously, when they do discover how unserious and undisciplined he is. Even a very disciplined and serious choleric who may be at first averse to his lifestyle, may later just take him for who he is, but will rarely go to him when it’s got to do with serious matters.

A typical sanguine is very loquacious. He blusters so much about himself, and his achievements just to make you realize how big and important he is. Infact, listening to a sanguine bluster about himself, could make you feel very disappointed with yourself, without realizing that he exaggerates a lot of things just to make sure that you rate him very high. However, sanguines are very good story-tellers. They could keep you listening to them for a very longtime with their fascinating story-telling ability. A typical sanguine is never in want of what to say at any point in time. But the major problem is that he often talks too much, but with little or no action to back it up. This is just a brief description of who a typical sanguine personality is. To be more detailed about who a sanguine is, or any other temperament category for that matter and how their temperament influences their behavioural pattern in all aspects of their life, i will recommend you order and read why you act the way you do by Tim Lahaye. It’s one of the best books that discusses about the four basic types of temperament in details. Let’s quickly look at some of the advantages and disadvantages you’d experience getting married to a typical sanguine personality.

Major Disadvantages of Marrying a Sanguine Personality

Just like every other temperament, sanguines have also got some weaknesses which could be major disadvantages for both their spouse and entire family in marriage. Infact, i sincerely think that this temperament has got more disadvantages that often triggers marital conflicts, and sometimes marital divorce. It’s pertinent for you to know that, apart from a choleric, perhaps because of their high handedness and physical abuse, more marital divorces has happened in a marriage that’s involving a predominant sanguine personality. Although not easily an abusive person like his choleric counterpart, unless when his feelings or emotion is undermined but a typical sanguine’s lifestyle and attitude often no doubt overwhelms their spouses that they become so helpless in the marriage and possibly decides to give them a break. Let’s quickly look at some of these disadvantages one after the other.

1. Lack of Commitment:

Lack of commitment and giving substantial amount of attention to their family is one of the major disadvantage of marrying a predominant sanguine personality. Though a very lively person, who’s fun to be with, but friends and admirers outside his home often gets more of his time and attention than his family. The typical sanguine is a highly extroverted person, thus his outgoing and people-oriented lifestyle makes him often spend more time with people outside his home, where he could also freely display his very exuberant and flamboyant lifestyle.

Moreover, the sanguine’s enjoying and overindulgent lifestyle outside his home often makes their spouses and kids feel lonely and bored, and could also make them become vulnerable. You can’t marry a predominant sanguine person and expect not to be lonely and bored in the marriage, you’ll obviously not be getting his attention or commitment when you need him. For fun and pleasure with friends outside his home will definitely be taking a better part of his time. He’s that person that could leave his house in the morning, comes back late in the night, not because he is working very hard like the choleric to advance the fortunes of his family, but just having some fun moments with friends and admirers. Then when he is back to his home, he tries to use expensive gifts and his fascinating storytelling ability to pacify his spouse and kids.

Persons married to a predominantly sanguine personality suffers more lonely and bored moments in marriage than the times they get their commitment and attention. This no doubt leaves them very vulnerable and perhaps susceptible to some subtle allurements by other persons who may be showing them more care and attention. Thus, if you’re contemplating tieing the knot with a typical sanguine personality, you should know that you won’t be getting enough of their attention and commitment, unless he’s got another secondary temperament that’s more introverted, in very considerable amount.

2. Lack of Discipline:

A typical sanguine is the least disciplined of the four basic temperament categories. This weakness often manifests itself in how the sanguine person comports him or herself in public. Basically lacks the requisite organization and comportment in public and also in their home. They’re often the first to talk in a gathering without first trying to conceptualize the topic being discussed. Being restless or seeing perambulating just for everyone to see and notice him is not uncommon for him. The sanguine often talks too much until he exposes all his weaknesses for everyone to see. His overindulgent lifestyle, makes him unable to draw the line between having fun and being responsible and responsive to his family, which often triggers marital crisis in his home.

Because of the sanguine’s indiscipline, their homes is the least organized and tidy. For when do they have the time to do their domestic chores when a better part of their time is often spent outside their home? The typical sanguine is rarely aware of the goings on in their home because he’s not thorough nor down-to-earth in whatever he does. It’s basically for this reason that kids raised by a predominantly sanguine parents are often the least disciplined, since they were raised by parents who lacks the virtue in themself. A typical sanguine parent will often hesitate instilling some disciplinary measures in his kids, and will often condone their kid’s misbehavior because of his or her unwillingness to let go of his or her fun and happy mood. The sanguine father could make some promises to his kids but will rarely fulfill it. He could also try to initiate a new policy or order in the family, but will rarely follow it through or perhaps be the first person to break his own rule.

For this reason, his kids grows up getting used to his very unserious and undisciplined lifestyle, thus, will rarely take him seriously whenever he says anything or makes a promise. And when he discovers that he’s not being taking seriously or if his emotions is undermined, the tendency to be vociferous in quick explosive outburst is not uncommon for him.

3. Impulsiveness:

If you are the kind of person that likes taking time to plan before doing anything, perhaps you are a typical melancholy or phlegmatic then a predominant sanguine may not be the best compatible temperament for you to marry, unless if he or she has got another secondary temperament of melancholy or phlegmatic in very considerable amount. For a sanguine is a highly impulsive or spontaneous personality, who often does things or makes decisions as his feelings or emotions rather than reasoning suggests. He could get paid at the end of the month, but will start shopping from the road even before getting to the house to discuss the family needs with his spouse. This attitude makes sanguines unable to meet up with the basic financial needs of their family, and perhaps makes them become financially broke before their next payday. The sanguine is rarely conscious of finance planning, saving and budgeting, thus the tendency to become financially extravagant is very palpable. Next to the sanguines when it comes to being impulsive or spontaneous and also being averse to finance planning and budgeting, are the cholerics. But unlike the sanguines, cholerics are less extravagant, since they’re more deliberate and decisive about what they want to achieve, rarely panders to frivolities or wasteful ventures.

4. Dishonesty:

Dishonesty is another major weakness of most sanguines, and obviously one of the major disadvantage you’d encounter tieing the knot with him or her. But unfortunately, sanguines often considers being dishonest as smartness especially when they often get away with their clandestine acts through their sugar-coated tongue or storytelling ability. It’s not uncommon for a typical sanguine to quickly change the topic or try to divert your attention from the subject matter that’s aimed to expose their secret ignoble acts. A typical sanguine exaggerates a lot. Never swallow hook, line and sinker everything he or she tells you, for they could change or deviate from what they said before or made you believe. His or her spouse will often find it difficult to trust him, because he or she had proven to be very unreliable overtime. Unless he’s got a more forthright and conscientious secondary temperament like the choleric and melancholy respectively, he’ll lie uncontrollably without caring a hoot.

5. Infidelity or Extramarital Affairs:

Although, no particular temperament category is immune to indulging in infidelity or keeping extramarital affairs, but i honestly believe that sanguines, especially male sanguines have got a problem with this more than the other temperaments. Other temperaments may become vulnerable to engaging in extramarital affairs if some of the factors that often predisposes them to it are very intense. But for a typical sanguine personality, his lifestyle alone makes him already vulnerable to indulging in cheating on his spouse or partner. Cases and complains of infidelity in marriage is more common in a marital relationship involving a typical sanguine personality. For what could one expect from someone who fancies and enjoys hanging out and spending more time with friends and admirers, whether female or male outside his home. A typical sanguine man lively, flamboyant and also highly-spirited lifestyle, makes it very easy for him to get entangled in having sexual intercourse with his female friends and admirers. It’s basically for this reason that female phlegmatics, and sometimes melancholics easily falls for his antics or maybe becomes deliberately interested in him, since they admire his qualities. But sooner or later, they’ll discover that he’s every woman’s man. Thus, if you’re contemplating marrying a predominantly sanguine man, just know that you may have to battle with a very promiscuous person, which will always make you live in suspicion. Should in case this is your reality, i’ll recommend you order and read sexual betrayal sucks, but you got this by Becky Jones.

6. Listening to Friends:

Just to let you know, apart from a phlegmatic who comes close, there’s no other temperament that loves listening and pandering to the opinions of his friends and admirers about his marriage more than typical sanguines. Since the sanguine is a very loquacious person, discussing his private life in public is not uncommon for him. Sometimes, he does it unknowingly without even realizing or caring about the implications. He could only realize himself or decides to put a stop to it, if he considers that his friends and colleagues rarely does the same. The sanguine’s exuberant, blustery and flamboyant lifestyle and his desire to make his friends and everyone believe that he’s in charge in his home, often makes him want to pander to the opinion of his friends. In his home, he could be very calm and perhaps, submissive to his wife especially if he married a very domineering woman like the choleric or a very disciplined person like the melancholy, but could brag and boast to his friend that he’s in control. It’s pertinent for you to know that some of the unusual attitude you may see a typical sanguine display in his matrimonial home, like trying to force his authority and dominance, or become more brazing in his irresponsible attitude, are usually courtesy of the opinions of his friends. Since he often loves to please them, and make them believe that he is in charge.

It might also interest you to know that a sanguine is a very loud person, and most of the things he does are more often than not for show-off, just to make himself feel very comfortable and on-top of his game. Although a very charismatic person, but typical sanguine personalities often tries to use their blustery, flamboyant and vivacious lifestyle to force their relevance and acceptability, and if not given the needed attention and recognition. The tendency to become very resentful and emotional is not uncommon for them. Therefore, if you are planning to marry a sanguine personality, you must be aware that one of the major challenge you’ll encounter in your marriage, is the sanguine’s attitude of pandering to the opinions of his friends and admirers, just for the purpose of pleasing them and make them feel that he’s in charge. Let’s briefly consider some of the major advantages or benefits you’d get getting married to a predominant sanguine personality.

Major Advantages of Marrying a Sanguine Personality:

No matter how numerous the weaknesses of a typical sanguine personality may be, which are also the major disadvantages that follows them to their matrimonial home, but just like every other temperament categories has got their respective weaknesses and and strengths, so also a sanguine personality has got some strengths that are necessary to make their marriage an enjoyable one. In this second part, we shall be considering some of these strengths of a sanguine personality that enables them to at least make their marriage and family a very happy and comfortable place for everyone.

1. Highly Romantic:

Apart from a choleric who comes close, especially female cholerics, and perhaps melancholics in their ecstatic mood, no other temperament can be more romantic like the sanguines. The sanguine is a very lively, fun and funky person to be with. You’ll hardly be bored or feel dejected being with a typical sanguine personality. For he uses his liveliness, hilarious jokes and fascinating story-telling ability to keep you indulged for a very longtime. No one knows how to shower their spouses and heartthrobs with very expensive gifts and fun date moments more than typical sanguines. In the public places, he’s not shy of expressing his affection to his or her heartthrob, by way of kissing or cuddling them. They often do this to attract attention, and to become everyone’s talking point. This is not only peculiar to male sanguines alone, but female sanguines alike.

There’s no other temperament that derives pleasure in taking their spouses or loved ones out for shopping or for some fun date moments more than typical sanguines, especially when they’ve got something they admire about them. Probably, their looks or glamorous dressing, since they’re so much attracted to fine and beautiful things, or perhaps their physique. A typical sanguine must have something to showcase to others, so he can brag and bluster about it. Whenever they’re at home, their spouses and kids tends to easily forget the few moments they were left lonely and bored because the sanguine spouse must find away to pacify them through his warm and lively attitude, or perhaps get them gifts on his way back home.

When it comes to fulfilling their marital sexual obligation, the sanguine is the most romantic person bed. He’s rarely shy of telling or opening up to his or her spouse that they’re sexually attracted to them and would like to have intercourse with them. The typical sanguine is a very adventurous person on bed, who employs or uses new sex ideas to satisfy their spouses. Apart from a typical melancholy who comes close, a sanguine is a more sexually creative person on bed. Thus, if your desire is to marry a romantic person, and you think this can keep you interested in them regardless of all their weaknesses, then the sanguine is the best person to tie the knot with.

2. Business Success:

The sanguine is rarely a productive person. But one of the ways you can make your sanguine spouse to become productive, and perhaps bring financial success is by making them go into sales and marketing business. The sanguine is a highly efficient person when it comes to sales and marketing, and this is one of the best careers they often thrive in. For their charismatic, lively and also people-oriented qualities enables them to easily turn prospective clients or customers into paying ones, through their word-of-mouth. This is obviously one of the advantage or benefit of marrying a typical sanguine personality. Therefore, if you are planning to get married to a sanguine, you may want to encourage them to go into business. So, rather than while away all their time giggling and amusing with friends and admirers, they could be more productive in marketing and advertising their products and services to them. This way, you can convert their seeming weaknesses of indiscipline and lack of focus into a money making opportunity.

3. Simple and Easygoing:

The sanguine is the happiest person of all the four basic temperaments. He is a jolly-good fellow and happy-go-lucky person. He’s the simplest of the four temperaments, very easy to understand his or her temperament and what he often panders to. By having your first interaction with a sanguine, you already know how easygoing and simple they are. A typical sanguine rarely gets sad or moody, or becomes resentful and irascible unless when his feelings and emotions is undermined. It’s difficult to get a sanguine upset nor make them dwell in anger. Their philosophy about life, that life ought to be enjoyed to the fullest, and there should be never a dull or unhappy moment, actually makes them easily get over any hurtful or unpleasant situation. His simplicity and easygoing traits enables him to let go of any negative action or attitude towards him, without bearing any grudge against his offenders. Barring the other weaknesses they may have, if you need someone who’s very simple and easygoing, rarely harbors animosity and resentments, then a sanguine is one of the best. The only time a sanguine may become very angry and aggressive is when he or she is not allowed to freely express his or her emotions, which they do not hesitate to be very vociferous about in quick and explosive outburst. But the moment he’s able to express himself and get it off his chest, then you can be sure he’d become a much happier person.

4. Apologetic:

One of the qualities you’d admire in your sanguine heartthrob is their apologetic nature. A typical sanguine is easily apologetic when confronted with his very obvious wrongdoings. Unlike the other temperaments who often tries to bring up excuses or become diplomatic about taking responsibility for their wrongdoing, a sanguine will quickly apologize when they’ve got no other means of trying to deviate or divert your attention. However ,typical sanguines, because of their indiscipline and lack of self-control apologizes too many times too often. This consequently makes people take their apologies less serious, since he has proven overtime to be a serial defaulter. But on a face value, without trying to be so much critical of them, a sanguine is the most apologetic of the four temperaments. But whether their apology is borne out of a penitent heart or not is a different kettle of fish.

In conclusion, we’ve looked at the advantages and disadvantages you would probably encounter marrying any of the four temperament categories. And these pros and cons are obviously linked or tied to their respective temperament strengths and weaknesses. But just like the strengths or advantages are meant to motivate you to go ahead with tieing the knot with your potential spouse, if they’re the qualities you desire most in them, the weaknesses or disadvantages aren’t meant to discourage you, but to make you become aware of the personality traits of the four temperaments, so you’ll be able to make an informed decision and know how to manage these weaknesses if peradventure you marry any them.

Thanks for reading. Feel free to leave your comments, questions and suggestions on this topic. If you find this post helpful, kindly buy me a cup of coffee or support me to maintain this blog’s running cost. Thanks again for your support.



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