How To Date A Predominant Melancholic Personality.

Tips To Dating A Typical Melancholic Personality:

As a result of the numerous inquiries and emails i often get about how to have and build a successful dating relationship with a predominant melancholic person. Today, i want to share with you some basic tips and guidelines to having a happy and fun relationship with your melancholic partner or heartthrob. If you are one of those asking this question, i want to believe that you are very much aware and convinced that your partner is a predominant melancholic person, and you are probably confused about the best way to date and relate with him or her. You may have probably been experiencing some very awkward traits and behavioral patterns that you don’t seem to understand from your melancholic partner, which had often left you confused or wondered about the kind of person they are.

In this post, i will show you some attributes or personality traits of a typical melancholic person, especially as it concerns and relates to their emotional and sentimental lifestyle, the kind of persons that they often pander to, and would want to date or marry, and finally the best way you can build your love relationship with them in order to have a very fun and happy relationship together. It is also important that you’re aware that not just the melancholics, but different temperaments has got specific secrets that makes them fall in love, things that often interests them about the other person, and will most likely be their reason for wanting to date and perhaps tie the knot with that person. But in today’s post, we basically want to focus on the typical melancholic person, and how you can successfully date him or her.

In one of my previous post about how to interest a melancholic on your first date, we did establish the fact that a typical melancholy is one of the most difficult person to get for a dating relationship or even get them to fall in love with you, next to them are their choleric counterparts. For a typical melancholic person, it’s difficult to know what they want or the things that actually interests and excites them. For they’re very introverted persons, who rarely expresses their feelings even though they’ve got some very deep inner feelings and emotions towards persons they are very much attracted to. Melancholics are rarely open to talking with strangers and someone who they barely know, thus you may not be getting their attention in your first advances at them. For a typical melancholy to give you his or her attention as a stranger, you must first of all approach them like you’ve known them before, and you must be very confident, and also intelligently conversational, only then would they be very comfortable giving you their attention, and maybe be in a convivial mood with you.

Let us leave how to get a melancholic for a dating relationship, and go back straight to our topic for today, about how to be successful in erotic dating relationship with a predominantly melancholic personality. Since getting a melancholy for a dating relationship has been extensively dealt with in my previous post. First of, let’s describe a melancholic person with respect to their emotional or sentimental psyche and also their human interpersonal relationship with others, which is the basis or foundation for their erotic dating relationship with their lovers and heartthrobs. Because a person’s behavioral pattern in their erotic relationship is also tied to their emotional psyche and also their interpersonal relationship with others.

Who’s A Melancholy?

Melancholics are the most difficult temperament to understand, thus you may find it difficult understanding the personality traits of your melancholic partner and the best way to relate with them. They’ve got a complicated nature that will definitely take you quite sometime, and being consistent in interacting and relating with them to fully understand their behavioral pattern. This is unlike their typical sanguine and perhaps their choleric counterparts who are extroverts by nature and are very expressive, thus you’d have no difficulty knowing and understanding their personality traits.

But for a melancholy, you’ll probably need to wait a little bit longer and understudy them for a while before actually knowing the kind of person they are, and the things they often panders to, that also interests and attracts them. This is because melancholics are introverts, who rarely expresses their real self, but has got a lot of personable qualities and potentials that needs to be brought to the fore.

It’s mainly for this reason that a lot of persons are sometimes confused about their inconsistent behavioral patterns, which more often than not seems to be influenced by their mood swings. Melancholics have very unpredictable mood swings. If you really want to know who a typical melancholy is, just ask their spouse and kids, or those who had had a long term relationship with them.

Melancholics are very idealistic in nature. They’re full of so many ideas that are sometimes ethereal, which often makes them see things differently from the way everyone sees it. They seem to place so much emphasis on tradition and the old order, rarely do they accept changes that could alter their belief. Thus, a male melancholy finds it very awkward for a woman to be the first to woo or make advances at him, he believes that is unnatural. Similarly, a female melancholy will hardly be the first to express her love or emotional feelings to a man no matter how attracted they may be to him. They often follow traditions and the natural way that things ought to be done. They rarely go out of the old order, but often loves to stick to custom and tradition, or whatever that they believe is natural and morally right.

Melancholics are the most disciplined and conscientious of the four basic temperament categories. Everything about their lifestyle self-moderated and regulated, rarely do they overindulge themselves in pleasure and fun moments unlike their typical sanguine counterparts. They’ve got time for everything they want to do. Planning and overthinking before embarking on any action is not uncommon for them. They are rarely impulsive in their actions, but does things according to reasoning rather than as their feelings or emotions suggests. For a melancholy, whatever that’s what doing is what doing perfectly. They are perfectionists. If they cannot get it one hundred percent done, then there’s no point starting it. Thus, if you’re dating a melancholic partner, you must be very thorough in whatever you’re doing and be near perfect, else they’ll nag uncontrollably.

One major oddity about this temperament is that they’re very hard to satisfy, just like their choleric counterparts are hard to please. By nature, they’re perfectionist, who always feel that their best is not good enough. Even when they’ve got the best, they still often feel that the next person has got something better than his or her best. It’s basically for this reason that they are always drawn into unnecessary comparisons, which could make them lapse into self-pity or self-persecution. Melancholics are rarely confident or proud of themselves because they often believe that they’re not good enough and someone else could be better off, even when they’re by far better off. Therefore, you’d need to support and encourage your melancholic partner in order to bring out the best in them, and help them build their self-confidence.

Melancholics are very conscientious persons. Their conscientious nature do not allow them to disappoint you when you’re counting on them. They’re very loyal, faithful and trustworthy acquaintances, who’ll always stick by you no matter the circumstances as long as you’ve proven to be worthy of their trust and loyalty. Apart from that, melancholics are very self-sacrificing. They could let go of their comfort or pleasure just to make you feel very relaxed and comfortable.

When it comes to marriage or their erotic dating relationships, no one is more important to a predominant melancholic who’s in love than the well-being of their heartthrobs or loved ones. Melancholics so much values relationship, thus they’re very careful of offending those who have been nice to them or have proven to be worthy of their commitment. It’s basically for this reason that they could maintain a very good interpersonal relationship with others for a very longtime.

However, despite all of their personable qualities, typical melancholics still battles with moodiness and low self-esteem. It often amazes me that someone as gifted and talented as the melancholy, with all his personable qualities still battles with poor self-image or low self-esteem. The reason for this, is not far-fetched. Like i said earlier, their perfectionist tendencies often makes them feel that others are better off than himself, since they inadvertently often compare their best with the worst of others, instead of comparing his best with their best, so he can appreciate himself.

This attitude or negative thinking pattern often lowers their self-esteem and self-confidence. They often become too critical and hard on themselves over very little things, consequently, they become dejected and easily despair. Melancholics ought to learn to appreciate themself, and realize that no human is perfect, thus they cannot always achieve one hundred percent of everything they wanted in life. If you’re dating a melancholy, or you want them to be so much attracted to you, always endeavor to encourage them and lift up their mood whenever it is down.

For typical melancholics are very sad and moody persons. Their mood often fluctuates intermittently. Very little things could get their moods up, and they’ll behave like an extrovert sanguine. During this period that their mood is up, they are the best persons to relate with, because they often try to electrify you with their very happy and excited mood, and make you feel on top of the world. Similarly, very negligible things could also get their moods down, and they’ll become very moody and morose, and if this moody state is allowed to persist for a long time, it could lead them to manic-depression.

When a melancholy is sad and moody, they’re the worst kind of persons to relate, or get along with. For they’ll loose interest in almost everything, and they will become totally withdrawn from every activity. During this period, aggression, rudeness and pessimism will set in, that could make you feel terribly bad. It’s basically for this reason that melancholics ought to marry those who understands them well-enough, and are very patient with them and more importantly, are very much attracted to their strengths rather than dwell so much on their weaknesses or personal oddities. If you want to get the best from your melancholic partner, don’t be sad or become irritated when they are moody, rather be patient with them and try to see how you can quickly get them out of that depressed mood.

When it comes to erotic relationship or dating someone, a predominant melancholy personality is a highly emotional person, but could also be very intentional like their typical choleric counterpart, about who they want to date. However, for a typical melancholy, though very circumspect about going into a relationship and could also appear very hard to get to commit to a serious relationship, and perhaps also one of the most difficult persons to woo, but they’re the easiest persons you can actually get to say yes, to you and successfully date, if only you know what interests and attracts them, and the things they often panders to.

Barring some of their weaknesses, melancholics are one of the best persons to date or even tie the nuptial knot with. Because, when they love, they love very deeply and they’re very committed to their relationship or marriage. For them, their marriage and family is primary, while other things are secondary. Thus, they’ll do everything they can to protect it. Let’s quickly consider how to successfully date a melancholic person.

How To Date A Predominant Melancholy:

First and foremost, one thing you must know about melancholics is that, a typical melancholy is a very jealous person, who does not like to be compared to anyone else. When he or she feels threatened or perceives that they’ve got a rival, walking out of the relationship becomes the easiest option for them. A melancholy does not like to be rivaled, they often want to be seen as the best, and be treated like a queen or king. Treat them like your king or queen, and you’re sure to get their undying love. Therefore, if you want to get the best from your melancholic partner or have a happy and fun relationship together, avoid making them feel that they’ve got a competitor. They’re not that kind of desperate lovers who wants to fight over you with anyone, especially when your actions suggests that you’re being intentional about making them feel jealous.

Melancholics likes one hundred percent loyalty and commitment in their relationship. When they feel depressed, showing concern, being very sober about feeling their pain, and also giving them enormous attention in a bit to getting them out of that depressed mood works more than pacifying them through getting them gifts or just trying to be hilarious, which a typical sanguine person will easily do. Melancholics often loves their partner’s attention when they feel depressed more than anyone else. This is because no one is more important to them than their partner or heartthrob, therefore they’ll be more easily pacified or consoled when they do get their attention and commitment. No one enjoys the love and affection of their heartthrobs more than typical melancholics, for it’s this show of commitment and attention that often encourages them to become more sacrificial in their love relationship.

Melancholics are also very much attracted to very confident and courageous persons, who has got good manners and etiquette, and often displays it, especially in public places. An inferior or low-in-confidence personality is a turn-off for them, since they also sometimes battles with this challenge themselves. They also need a very loving, caring, protective, responsible and responsive partner who places nothing or no one else above their relationship, marriage or family. Sometimes, a typical melancholy’s jealous attitude could be very annoying, but if they’re convinced of your love for them and how proud you are of them, whether in public or private, then it may not really matter to them much. However, a typical melancholy does not like to share his or her heartthrob with anyone, else that could be the end of the relationship.

For a predominant melancholic person, who’s in love, showing affection and attention must come before showering them with expensive gifts and fun date moments. For they’re more concerned about being in your heart than buying them all the material things, without them being so much in your heart. A melancholy wants to be very sure that they’re in love with the right person, hence they’re very circumspect and apprehensive about going into a new relationship. They’re very idealistic in nature, and could concoct or come up with a lot of strange thinking patterns, which are sometimes negative.

A melancholy will not hesitate to question or start suspecting every move you make if peradventure they see you with an opposite sex that they barely know, and they will begin to imagine what could be going on between both of you. They’re highly jealous persons, and jealousy makes them easily suspect their partners or become very apprehensive when they begin to feel that they’ve got a rival. For you to successfully date a typical melancholy, you must be very plain and sincere in your actions, and learn to build trust, that will make them trust you and repose their confidence in you.

Melancholics are very intelligent persons. In fact, they’ve got the highest IQ among the four basic temperament categories. Thus, you’ve got to be extremely sensitive and also meticulous when relating with them. Never, think that you can deceive or outsmart them, even though they may appear very simple and gullible, but watch it, before you make any move or take any clandestine action, they already know what you’re up to. Their ability to think ahead makes them to be able to preempt your actions and avoid being taken unaware.

They’ve got a very strong natural instinct that typically enables them have a foreknowledge of something before it happens. They’re very intelligent, analytical and detailed. A melancholy loves details, he’s a very curious person who often wants to get detail of everything that had happen. If you’re dating a melancholy perhaps as a choleric or sanguine personality who hates details and analysis, then you must be prepared to adjust, because a typical melancholy is a very detailed and analytical persons.

When it comes to a melancholy’s sexual and emotional responses, a predominant melancholic person is highly emotional and sexually active person. However, their emotional and sexual responses is often connected to their mood swings. When their mood is down, it negatively affects their sex life, such that no amount of sexual advances will make them yield or jump on it. But when their mood is up, and they feel very happy and excited, they’re the most romantic and sexually active on bed.

Thus, if you want your melancholic partner to be sexually turned on, and have their libido effectively sustained, so as to get the best from him or her on bed, then you must do everything to ensure that their mood is up, and that romantic ambience is created. Apart from a phlegmatic who comes close, no other temperament loves getting the affection, attention and care of their heartthrobs more than typical melancholics. Although they’re not as demanding or materialistic as their phlegmatic counterparts, but taking them out on unexpected fun dates, and surprising them with gifts when they least expect it, actually makes them feel appreciated and loved.

In conclusion, barring their personal oddities or temperament weaknesses, melancholics are one of the best temperaments to have as a dating partner, or even tie the nuptial knot with. But you must be trustworthy, caring and show them enormous amount of attention and commitment in order to win their heart, and get their undying love.

Thanks for reading. Feel free to post your comments, questions and suggestions on this topic. If you find this post helpful, kindly buy me a cup of coffee or support me to maintain this blog’s running cost. Thank you.


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