How Your Temperament Influences Your Priorities As A Leader.

Temperaments And How Different Leaders Prioritizes What They Want To Achieve: A lot of persons often wonders why leaders behaves, acts and does things differently when in a leadership role or position. Sometimes, we compare one leader with the other at different times of leadership era. And we often expect them to perform like the... Continue Reading →

Top 4 Sales And Marketing Softwares For Different Temperament In Business.

Best Sales And Marketing Softwares For Your Business: As a follow-up to my previous post on 5 best sanguine temperament careers, I highlighted five major careers that best suits people with predominantly sanguine temperament. Among those careers, one of them is marketing and sales, because of the typical sanguine people-oriented qualities. But in today's post,... Continue Reading →

8 Keys To Improving Your Personality And Earn Respect.

Have you ever wondered why some persons struggles to make themselves appealing to others and subsequently wants to get their respect? And others never had to struggle, they effortlessly and quietly attract the respect of everyone. Every human being often desires to be respected and dignified by others. But not many knows what it takes... Continue Reading →

How Your Temperament Makes You Vulnerable To Infidelity.

Cases of Infidelity or engaging in illicit love affairs, and perhaps for couples, extramarital affairs has become very common in modern times. It has no doubt ruined so many marriages and of course erotic relationships. A lot of relationships are also experiencing breakups, and couples that were once love birds getting divorced as a result... Continue Reading →

Best Motivational Book On The Best Career Path For Your Personality.

Apart from being without a job one of the worst thing that could happen to anyone is to find him or herself in the wrong job or career. It's obviously not just annoying and frustrating , but it will also leave you totally dissatisfied and very unfulfilled in life. Now, your temperament is basically the... Continue Reading →

Best Motivational Books On Temperament & Marriage: That’ll Enhance Your Marital Life.

3 Best Books On Temperament And Marriage: Today, I want to recommend some of the best selling motivational books that explicitly dealt on temperament and marriage. There are quite a good number of books on marriage out there, but rarely do they talk about why different spouses behaves or acts the way they do. Which... Continue Reading →

Best Affordable Self-help Book On Sexuality: That’ll Boost Your Sex Life.

A lot of persons, especially men and to an extent women are often challenged by their sexuality when it comes to having sexual intercourse. Without denying the fact that one's primary temperament which is as a result of the genes they inherited from their forbears could no doubt affect their sexual responses and performance. You... Continue Reading →

The Twelve Temperament Blends And Combinations.

Discover Who You Are: The Four Basic Temperaments; In the study of temperaments and its related fields, it's definitely a common knowledge that no individual possess just one particular temperament. Our different ancestral backgrounds and upbringing, makes it impossible for anyone to be a full-blown sanguine or choleric, or full-time melancholy or phlegmatic without combining... Continue Reading →

How To Overcome Temperament-induced Depression.

Depression is one of the mental health disorders caused by persistent low- depressed moods, and its symptoms is usually loss of interest or withdrawal from activities. Depression is a common phenomena, and it's common to all temperaments. Thus anybody could feel depressed, regardless of how active or outgoing they may be. However, some temperaments often... Continue Reading →

How To Maximize Your Temperament Strengths For Career Success.

To sound more like a broken record, different temperaments has got peculiar strengths that serves or suits various career purposes, and also weaknesses that tends to hinder the actualization of such purposes and intents if allowed to holdsway. If you're conversant with the various temperaments and their peculiarities, you'll agree with me that the strength... Continue Reading →

How To Develop Your Emotional Capacity And Improve Your Intelligence.

Temperament Influences everything we do, and every action we take even how emotionally developed we are. Emotional Intelligence is the ability to detach your selfish desires , feelings and emotions from rational thinking and reasonings. It also means being emotionally sensitive to certain issues without letting your feelings have a better part of you. Every... Continue Reading →

How To Manage And Overcome Your Temperament Weaknesses.

Managing Your Temperament Weaknesses Through Influence: To sound more like a broken record, every temperament has weaknesses and strengths that are peculiar to them. Thus, there's no need being so much hard on, or very critical about yourself, because of your weaknesses. Inspite of the fact that these weakness impacts us negatively in diverse ways... Continue Reading →

How Your Temperament Influences Your Sexuality.

Temperament & Sexuality: The same way temperament naturally influences the character and behavior of different persons, which always makes them act, react and behaves differently, in similar way it affects and influences the sexual responses and behaviours of every individual. Temperament is the genotypical genes you inherited from your forbears. It's in the blood, thus,... Continue Reading →

5 Major Strengths And Weaknesses of Phlegmatics.

Typical Phlegmatic Temperament Major Weaknesses And Strengths: A typical phlegmatic lady: First off, let's consider some of the phlegmatic's temperament strengths that enables them to navigate through life and succeed in their marriage, career, leadership and interpersonal relationships. Phlegmatics has got some strengths and qualities that often enables them to succeed in various fields of... Continue Reading →

How To Discover The Temperament You’re Born With.

Every discussion about temperament and it's influence on everything you do in life, and also how to leverage on it to better your life and develop yourself personally will be a futile effort if you do not know the primary temperament you're born with. Temperament is an uncommon and unfamiliar subject to most persons in... Continue Reading →

Melancholy’s Major Strengths And Weaknesses That Affects Them In Life.

What Are Some of The Weaknesses And Strengths of A Melancholy That Affects Them In Life? In today's post, we want to consider some of the main weaknesses and strengths of a typical melancholy temperament and how they often impact him in life. First off, let us briefly look at some of the melancholy's strengths... Continue Reading →

Your Temperament And How It Affects Your Interpersonal Relationship.

Temperament And How You Relate With People. Temperament affects virtually every aspect of our lives. Among other influences, temperament has the most profound and overriding influence on who you are, what you do, and how you do them. It does not change, it follows you all through life and you'll be seen yielding to it's... Continue Reading →

How Your Temperament Affects Your Public Speaking Ability.

Your Temperament And How You Speak To The Public. At some point in our lives, everyone would get the opportunity or be confronted with a situation where they'll have no choice but to be the person to speak to others. Thus, if you've not started preparing yourself in building and improving your self confidence, you... Continue Reading →

How Your Temperament Affects Your Leadership Style.

Your Temperament And Leadership. In my previous post on "The Role of Temperament In Leadership", i did assert that different leaders with a specific temperament are needed at different times to solve a particular problem or achieve a specific objective. And no two individuals can lead in the same way or achieve the same goals... Continue Reading →

Best Temperament Compatibility For Business Partnership.

Which Temperaments Are More Compatible To Partner In Business? To achieve maximum success in area of endeavor in life, where you'll need to work with others to realize your goals, one must be circumspect in choosing the best person possible that will seamlessly work in sync with you, so both of you will be able... Continue Reading →

8 Best Digital Careers For Melancholies and Phlegmatics In 2022.

Best Digital Careers For Melacholies and Phlegmatics. Technological advancements and innovations has no doubt created so many digital opportunities for a whole lot of persons. Many careers and jobs had been automated out of existence, and increasing number of persons has had their jobs taken over by AI's and some digital trends. Gone are the... Continue Reading →

How To Overcome Fear And Anger.

The subject of temperament is so vast that it will run a whole gamut of the human race to exhaustively discuss it. The totality of who you are as an individual is all encapsulated in the temperament you're born with. But it's however unfortunate that the world had neglected this very important subject whose influence... Continue Reading →

Best Temperament Compatibility At The Workplace.

Which Temperaments Are More Compatible Working Together? I've worked with different categories of persons and have also encountered different temperaments in the course of my job. Thus, I discovered that some temperaments are very satisfied and comfortable working with each other to achieve a common goal while others do not blend or get along well... Continue Reading →

How To Develop Your Sexuality As A Man.

10 Things You Must Do To Improve Your Sexuality: A lot of men often associates sexuality with women alone and some ignorantly thinks being sexual is all about being good in bed. Well, that's how they understand sexuality and no wonder they can't get beautiful and sophisticated women to stick to them despite how nice... Continue Reading →

How To Rediscover Your Purpose And Overcome Depression.

Do you often get bored, frustrated and feel deeply dissatisfied with yourself for no obvious cause or reason? And it feels like something is missing within you that you cannot figure out what is, or find your rythym in life. Consequently, you've given up on life, no thanks to the debilitating situation you often find... Continue Reading →

How To Improve The Productivity of Your Employees.

You have taken time to set up your organization and your business is up and running, but the hard task is to get competent employees who can fit into various departments of your organization in order to enhance Productivity. It is not just about recruiting those who are qualified educationally, it's also about getting to... Continue Reading →

Seven Kind of Friends You Should Never Allow Into Your Life.

Avoid These Categories of Friends: Don't Take Them Too Close .Humans are created for connections, communication, companionship, and to complement one another's strengths and weaknesses for efficient interpersonal relationships. This was the initial thought of the creator. But over the years, there has been a breakdown of human relationship and a lot of these relationship... Continue Reading →

How To Stop Masturbation and Other Immoral Sexual Behaviours.

4 Key Steps To Stopping Masturbation: Masturbation and other related immoral sexual acts has become a social and moral burden to so many persons who has been caught in its web. Different persons have different beliefs about masturbation, bestiality, homosexuality and other forms of immoral sexual acts, some even have different reasons they hold so... Continue Reading →

How To Become A Global Leader In A Digital World.

Using Your Leadership Position To Impact The World: Leadership no dout has since evolved, and a number of factors can be attributable to this evolution. Prominent among them is the digital era we find ourselves, where information's are being transmitted and shared across the internet. Consequently, making more people becoming informed by the day. Gone... Continue Reading →

Humans are diverse in nature, and our diversity as human beings is undoubtedly the bane of our poor or lack of inter-personal relationship. We are diverse in race, culture, backgrounds, religion, beliefs, ideology, politics, and also in temperaments. Despite this, diversity is the beauty of human existence. All of these differences is intended by nature... Continue Reading →

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