10 Best Careers For Sanmel Temperament Blend.

Which Careers Are Best For A Sanguine-Melancholy (Sanmel) Blend?

Career and personality are no doubt two different words, that defines who we are as individuals. Thus, both must remain inseparable for one to have a very rewarding and fulfilling career, more so in these days of lack or scarcity of jobs. Even majority of the available ones are also technically being automated out of existence.

It’s basically for this reason that when one is trying to choose a career path in life or maybe contemplating a change of career, one must consider choosing a career that conforms to one’s own temperament, which also influences our personality.

The benefits of choosing a career that ranks even with your temperament is enormous and overwhelming. Firstly, you’ll always feel excited doing your job. Secondly, you’ll obviously not be mechanical about carrying out your task.

That is, you’ll effortlessly do your due diligence when it comes to your job. And lastly, you will also have a great feeling of fulfilment and satisfaction when you are able to successfully complete or accomplish the career path you’ve chosen.

In today’s post, we want to consider some of the best careers that sanmels will be best suited for, and which they will also appreciate. Because they’ll definitely not find it difficult doing a perfect job when pursuing these careers.

Apart from the financial reward you’ll get, these are some of the benefits of choosing a career that is in tandem with your temperament. Which to a very large extent Influences your attitude and behavioral pattern, also known as your personality traits.

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Who Is A Sanmel?

A sanmel is one of the twelve blends of temperament. He’s basically an ambivert, since he’s got the extrovert traits of the sanguine, and also the introvert traits of a melancholy. A sanmel is intermediate, in between extrovert and introvert.

He’s a little bit an outgoing person, and somewhat an indoor person also. But if the difference in blend ratio between the sanguine and of course the melancholy is large, say 70:30, he will be more an outgoing person than being an indoor personality.

A sanmel is a lively/Intelligent person. The sanguine aspect brings liveliness while the melancholy also makes him a very intelligent person. Therefore, sanmels are both lively and Intelligent personalities. They love having very cerebral conversations with people. A sanmel will hardly pass by or ignore any intelligent discussion. He must join in such conversations to express his or her own thoughts.

Because of the sanguine aspect in a sanmel, they tend to also be people- oriented personalities. But they also know when to keep their distance from you, since they’ve also got a secondary melancholic blend, which moderates everything they do. It’s for this reason that you could get really confused about their lifestyle, and what they really pander to.

When it comes to their job or career, a sanmel is an enthusiastic, happy and also a perfectionist personality. He’s very passionate about his job, and does it with excitement. Eventhough he could be a talker, fond of talking while working. But be rest assured that he’s going to deliver a good job, since he’s also a perfectionist. Let’s consider some of the careers they’re best suited for.

Careers Perfect For Sanmels:

For someone who combines the lively, flamboyance, enthusiasm and also the charismatic nature of the sanguine with a bit of the discipline, intelligent, analytical, detailed and perfectionist tendencies of the melancholy. There are numerous career path they could take in life and be successful.

A typical sanmel of say 60:40 or 55:45 percent blend ratio will do very well in both a private and people-oriented careers. They can work alone and just do their job without having to meet anyone, and also in such careers that requires talking to people. But they will more often than not pander towards some people-oriented careers since their primary temperament is sanguine.

It’s basically for this reason that some careers requiring very high accuracy, perfection and concentration will not be listed in this post, because those careers will be best for a melsan than a sanmel. Let’s get right into looking at these careers one after the other.

1. Marketing and Advertising:

Because of the lively and charismatic nature of the sanguine combined with the detailed and analytical nature of the melancholy, and their ability to engage anyone or a group of people in intelligent conversations in order to advance their opinions, a career in word-of-mouth advertising and also marketing is for sure one of the best for sanmels. These persons will not find it difficult converting people into paying customers and clients, because they’ve got both the charisma and intelligence necessary to achieve that.

2. Teaching/Education:

Sanmels also makes very good and efficient classroom teachers, coach, instructors and educationists. Their greatest strength which often makes them succeed in this career field, is the fascinating storytelling ability plus the liveliness of the sanguine temperament which often has a positive impact on their students.

When combined with the analytical, detailed and also the intelligence of the melancholy. Their students often enjoys and feels comfortable in their classes, and also understands their teachings and guidelines since they use illustrations and relatable things to drive home their points.

Unlike the other blends, especially melancholic and phlegmatic blends, a sanmel does not need to spend all the time writing lesson notes for what he or she is to teach. It’s already in them. All they’ve got to do, is enter the class, pickup a particular topic in a subject that they’ve got good knowledge and background in, and take off from there. Teaching is one of the best and highly rewarding profession or career that sanmels will find very attractive, if they decide to tread the career path

3. Guidance And Counseling:

Sanmels are very good and efficient guidance and counsellors. Their love for people plus their people-oriented qualities, combined with perfectionist tendencies, forthrightness and ability to quickly understand human traits and behavioral patterns, makes these career one of the best for them.

When it comes to nurturing, building and consistently giving you guidelines and counsels about achieving your goals, a sanmel is the best person to meet. For they rarely get bored or tired of giving you positive advice and answering all your questions, as long as you’re very willing to follow their guide and lead.

4. Registered Nurse:

This is another career that sanmels will do excellently in. Nursing is a humanitarian career. Which requires caring for people, having compassion on people, and seriously feeling the pains of others, and also working to helping them get better.

It’s also not uncommon for sanmels to become very emotional about other people’s predicament. Infact, there’s no other temperament blend that feels more emotional getting to see people going through pains or tough times than typical sanmels.

They could abandon every other thing  to help them get out of that painful situation. A sanmel is always willing to render assistance or help to those who’re going through difficult times and challenging times.

Apart from a sanphleg nurse who comes close, no other temperament blend nurse attracts the love of their patients more than a sanmel. For he or she often gives them a grin while administering treatment, cares much about their well-being and encourages them with very encouraging, highly- spirited words.

Therefore, if you’re a sanmel, I believe one of the career you’ll find very appealing, and which you’ll also without so much struggle succeed in, is nursing.

5. Doctors/Physician:

A sanmel of 60 or 55 percent sanguine and 40 or 45 percent melancholy will make a good and efficient physician. But I will not recommend being a surgeon, because this needs high level of concentration, accuracy and also perfectionism, which a sanmel may not have in full.

Unless if their basic or predominant temperament were to be melancholy. However, a sanmel will be a good medical doctor because he’s got the sympathetical and caring mind, and also highly spirited. His intelligence and analytical mind enables him to diagnose ailments. to help people live happier and healthier life.

6. Public Relations Specialist:

The ability to market and sell a brand to the public, such that people tends to see some positive aspects of the brand and begin to believe in it, sure requires the oratory and excellent communicative ability of a sanguine plus the analytical and detail-oriented skills of the melancholy.

It is for this reason that a career in public relation and marketing is sure one of the best for a sanmel. There’s no other temperament that has got oratory and communicative ability of a typical sanguine to woo prospective clients or customers. So when it is combined with the analytical and detail-orientedness of the melancholy, it makes sanmels good public relation personnels.

7. Biochemist and Biophysicist:

Biochemistry and biophysics are two careers in the field of science that sanmels will also do very well in. These careers also suits their blend of temperament. Because a sanguine who loves to attempt new things in order to discover what’s involved or what something is composed of.

Thus, when this passion is combined with the natural intelligence, creative, analytical and also innovative ability of the melancholy and channelled in the positive direction, it will make the sanmel a very good and efficient biochemist and biophysicist.

8. Political Science and Public Administration:

Sanmels also finds a career in political science and public administration very attractive. They make very good political scientist, become a thorough breed politician and quintessential public administrators.

The people-oriented qualities, good communicative ability and also the charismatic nature of the sanguine is combined with the intelligence, very disciplined and organized nature of the melancholy, to make a sanmel become an efficient political scientist and public administrator.

9. International Relations:

Because of their lobbying ability, carry out diplomatic works, adeptness at analysing international politics and also their knowledge of international law and intelligence. International relations career is sure one of the best career that a sanmel will do perfectly well in.

Three focal points of this career are: 1. Being a diplomat. That is maintaining good relations between countries. 2. Intelligence specialist. This means gathering state-critical informations and data. 3. Political analyst. That is, often explaining and also reporting the political climate of different countries. These are the core areas you will focus on, as a sanmel who desires a career path in international relations.

10. Hospitality And Tourism:

Because of the natural convivial, people-oriented qualities of the sanguine, plus the accommodating and very hospitable strengths of the melancholy. A career in hospitality and tourism is no doubt one of the best you’ll find very interesting as a sanmel.

Providing lodge and guest houses for visitors and guests, plus some recreational activities, travel advice, flight bookings, and also local and international dishes are some of the services you’ll be offering your guests as a person who has chosen a career in hospitality and tourism.

You have the basic natural strengths to succeed in this career as a sanmel. Moreover, this career isn’t going away any time soon because people loves to travel and visit different tourist sites around the world year on year.

In conclusion, there are numerous careers different temperaments could engage in, and become successful. The list of careers a typical sanmel can fit perfectly into, which matches his or her basic strengths does not start and end in this post.

But these ten were chosen because they’re formal nature and they readily come to mind when considering who a sanmel is. You can also add to the list in the comment section if you like, having had an idea of the sanmel personality.

There are also some informal careers in the entertainment sector, such as music, songwriting, acting, fine arts that sanmels could very well become successful in. It all depends on what you want. Knowing whether you prefer to go formal or informal, and also being aware of your strengths as someone who has got sanmel blend of temperament.

Thanks for reading. Don’t forget to leave your comments, questions and suggestions on this post. If you find this post helpful, kindly buy me a cup of coffee or support me to maintain this blog’s running cost. Thank you.


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