About Princewill Ejikeme

Princewill Ejikeme is a multi-talented

blogger, writer and author. A human psychology expert. He writes and expresses his thoughts on how our inherited temperaments influences our individual traits in leadership, career choice, personal development, lifestyles plus our relationships and marriages.

I choose to blog in this niche with the objective of proferring solutions, and also helping people to overcome the various challenges they may honestly be facing, in all these areas of their lives, which could be more or less as a result of the temperament they are born with.

I’m currently working as a real estate digital marketing agent. Deploying my experience in the digital marketing sector to help realtors and property owners attract the global market to their business through my effective digital marketing campaign and SEO services at maradcopy services.

I have a bachelor’s degree in chemical and petrochemical engineering. But you know what they say? Everyone must one day discover their passion, and at some point in their life, choose the path they want to take. Until that happens, success is still million miles away from you.

Thus, the passion to impact positively on people’s lives and add value to the world through my creative writing ability, and knowledge of how the four basic temperaments influences and control our individual traits and behavioral patterns, is the reason for creating this blog.

I am happily married with two beautiful kids. I’ve also written two books: “Who Hurts Most” and “Why Temperament is Everything”. I am basically passionate about adding value to people’s lives and helping them maximize their potentials for success.


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