10 Best High-paying Digital Career Opportunities For Predominant Melancholics and Blends.

High-Paying Digital Career Opportunities For Predominant Melancholics and Its Blends.

In these days of technological advancements and innovations, where a lot of jobs have been automated out of existence. It’s important we not only focus all our attention on getting the traditional analog jobs which may be non-existent, but to also consider acquiring some digital skills in order to land some high-paying evergreen digital jobs or careers. In today’s post, we want to take a look at some of these high-paying digital careers that specifically suits a predominant melancholic or blends of melancholic temperament. These jobs will be considered with respect to the melancholic’s natural temperament strengths that will enable them to easily advance and become successful in these careers. You may want to check-out some of these careers, know more about them, and see if they rank even with your basic natural temperament strengths.

High-Paying Evergreen Digital Careers For Predominant Melancholics and Melancholic Blends:

Any of the four temperaments may decide to go into any of these careers, and could be successful in them after much struggle, but a predominant melancholy or blends of melancholy will rarely struggle to become successful in them, and will also find fulfillment and satisfaction in these careers in the long run, since they already got the natural strengths that’ll enable them to easily advance in these high-paying digital careers.

1. Data Science:

The job of collecting, analyzing, testing and interpreting data sure requires analytical and critical thinking ability, problem-solving and also detail-oriented skills to become very successful in it. There’s no other temperament that naturally embodies and typifies these skills and qualities more than a typical melancholy. The data scientist is a professional analyst who collects, assembles, analyzes and also interprets data to help business organizations in their decision-making process. They work with large amount of complex data to develop and test hypothesis, make inferences and finally analyze some things as market trends, customer behavior, cybersecurity threats, financial risks, stock trading, financial markets and various investment opportunities. They mine data for information that could be used to predict market trends, customer behaviors, identify and innovate revenue opportunities, detect any fraudulent transactions and also meet other business needs.

The role and responsibility of a data scientist is to collect huge amount of complex data and information, and analyze it in such a way that it becomes easier for decision-makers in a business organization to understand it, and make relevant decision based on these data, in order to improve their business. The role of a data scientist is becoming increasingly critical and important in today’s data-driven environment. Like i said earlier, there’s no other temperament that’s naturally gifted and talented in analytical thinking, detail-oriented and problem-solving ability. As a typical melancholy, you’re very analytical, you’re a thinker, and passionate about bringing solution to problems. Therefore, a career as a data science is one of the best high-paying digital career you may consider going into because you’ve got all it takes to succeed in it. Other technical skills you may also need to succeed as a data scientist are; mathematical, statistical, technical competence and computer skills.

2. Coding/Programming:

The ability to write codes for computers that’ll be very difficult to understand and decode, and also write programs that are executable in a computer and very easy for computers to understand, sure requires high intelligence, critical thinking, detailed and organizational skills. Computer programmers write codes for computers and mobile apps. They write, modify, and also test codes and scripts that allows various computer software and applications to work properly. They also turn the designs that were created by software developers and engineers into instructions that a computer can understand and execute. As a programmer, your job may also include maintaining, debugging, and troubleshooting computer systems and softwares.

Your natural high intelligence, critical thinking ability, organizational and also detail-oriented skills as a melancholy are the basic skills and qualities that are very necessary for you to without much struggle succeed in this career. You may also need to improve your mathematical and computer programming skills with this book by Joakim Wassberg, in order to easily advance your career as a coding specialist and computer programmer.

3. Search Engine Optimization, SEO:

The high competition among webmasters to be found on the first page of search engine results page, SERP and possibly occupy the number spot in search results has no doubt make a career in search engine optimization a very profitable one. A lot of website owners, even businesses and organizations are looking for efficient search engine optimization experts to make their websites appear on the first page of popular search engines like Google and Bing results, when people search for relevant contents about their business. To become a search engine optimization expert, you need creative and analytical writing skills, ability to write very engaging and interesting contents, solution-based contents that tends to solve your visitors and readers problems, and ability to use long-tail search engine relevant keywords to create contents.

Among all the four basic temperaments, none is better talented and gifted with creative and analytical writing skills, and often very passionate about finding answers to people’s questions more than typical melancholics. As a melancholy, you’ve got the requisite writing skills to create contents that search engines will be attracted to, and rank that particular website or blog higher in search results. Search engine optimization is a very profitable career because search engine experts are sought after all over the world by web owners, businesses and organizations to put their websites on the top page of search engine results. Therefore, if you’re a predominant melancholy, you may want to consider a career in search engine optimization because you’ve got the intelligence, creative and analytical skills to create contents using relevant keywords that will make search engines easily index the contents. Books like 3 Months to No. 1: the no-nonsense SEO playbook for getting your website found on Google by Will Coombe, will enable you to improve your content creation and writing skills and get your website found on the first page of search results.

4. Website Design/Development:

The ability to design and develop websites with the objective of making it more user-friendly and interactive sure requires high intelligence, creativity and problem-solving ability. Naturally, as a melancholy, these skills and abilities are innate in you and you can bring them to bare on your web design and development career. Website design is increasingly becoming a very lucrative career nowadays, because a lot of web owners and webmasters are looking for very competent web designers and developers to make their websites more interactive and user-friendly, and avoid high bounce rates by users and visitors. However, you need to upscale your skills in order to advance in this career, and become very proficient in it. It’s basically for this reason i’ll recommend foundational like HTML & CSS: Design and Build by Jon Duckett. This book will help you to gain relevant theoretical knowledge on website design and development.

5. Digital Marketing:

Digital marketing has become the lifeblood of modern businesses in this technologically-driven market. These days, millions of businesses all over the world now more than ever before depends on the internet to market and advertise their business. It’s mainly for this reason that digital marketing is gradually overtaking the traditional advertising and marketing methods. Most persons now depends on the internet to get information about their favorite businesses before going ahead to patronize them. Thus, a career in digital marketing will be a very lucrative and profitable one for anyone to go into. However, not everyone can succeed in this career because digital marketing combines all parts of online marketing to make a business become visible online, and also increase sales. Digital marketing comprises, content creation, email marketing, social media marketing, paid advertising, copy-writing and also search engine optimization.

You must be creative, innovative, enterprising and also multi-tasking to be an effective digital marketer , and overwhelmingly succeed in the digital marketing career. As a typical melancholy, you naturally embody this skills and qualities that are necessary to enable you advance your digital marketing career. Your creative writing ability enables you to create very detailed and also interesting contents that people will love to read. Similarly, your innovative and enterprising ability enables you discover new ways to engage your followers and subscribers with the objective of promoting your business. And lastly, you often multi-task to ensure that everything is done to keep your business afloat. Thus, as a melancholy, a career in digital marketing is one of the high-paying digital career you may want to consider because you’ve got the natural skills to succeed in it, and the market for it is very large.

6. Cybersecurity:

The need for business organizations to protect their network and software systems and online data from hackers or cyber-crimes has no doubt made a career in cybersecurity a very profitable one. Cybersecurity experts are one of the best paid security experts or personnel in the world, as a result of increasing cases of online data-base hacking and cyber-crimes. The job of cybersecurity experts is to checkmate and keep cyber-crimes at bay, by using their analytical, forensic and also technical and engineering skills to monitor and discover any threat to the security of an organization’s data-base, internet network and software systems. These experts are sought after by business organizations all over the world to secure their software systems and data-base, and protect it against any cyber-attack.

Thus, as a typical melancholy perhaps with a blend of choleric temperament, you’ve got the problem-solving ability, technical aptitude, attention to details, a desire to learn and also good communication skills to succeed in this career. Other skills you may need to acquire and improve on, are forensic skills, understanding of hacking and knowledge of security across different platforms, in order to become very efficient in the cybersecurity career. Books like exploring careers in cybersecurity and digital forensic will enable you to easily jump-start your cybersecurity career.

7. 3-D Printing:

The use of computer aided designs to create 3-dimensional objects through a layering method is sure one of the best innovations that has greatly and positively impacted the production and manufacturing industry. This career is no doubt revolutionizing the construction, manufacturing, medical, and also the design sectors of these industries. The increasing demand for 3-D printed objects in the world has no doubt created new career and business opportunities for graphic designers, engineers and artists. As a typical melancholy, perhaps with a blend of phlegmatic or sanguine you’ll find this career very lucrative and interesting, because it is a career in an emerging technology field. And more importantly, you’ve got the natural creative, analytical and detail-oriented skills, plus the innovative ability to quickly figure out new areas of opportunities you could diversify into, in this career field, and also the freehand drawing skills.

Other skills you’d need to learn in order to become a very efficient 3-D printing specialist are, 3-D modelling tools, managing and using 3-D printers. The 3-D printing career is an evolving field, and the technology is progressing. This will be one of the most profitable career for a very longtime, that a lot of manufacturing, medical and design industries will often want to hire to create a 3-dimensional view of their proposed design. Therefore, the earlier you take advantage of this career opportunity as a melphleg or melsan, the better for you.

8. Digital Forensic:

Digital forensic is a branch of forensic science that focuses on identifying, processing, analyzing and reporting of data stored electronically. It’s mostly useful in the electronic investigation, and evidence-base prosecution of almost all criminal cases and activities. It’s very important for law enforcement investigations. Digital forensic career is one of the most thriving career in the world today, especially in law enforcement circles, and in discovering and detecting crimes through electronic means. The skills you’d need to succeed in this career are; technical aptitude skills, analytical skills, attention to details, being proactive and also excellent communication skills.

As a predominant melancholy, perhaps with a blend of choleric temperament, you’ll find this career very interesting because you naturally have these skills, thus succeeding in this career will definitely not be a difficult task to achieve. Other skills you must have or things you must have basic knowledge and understanding of, are; cybersecurity, understanding of criminal investigation, and ability to conduct independent criminal investigations by tracking all electronic evidences. This career has a great prospect because crimes are becoming more highly digitized and sophisticated, hence the need to engage more digital forensic experts to help track this criminal activities. Foundational books like practical guide to digital forensic investigations will no doubt help you to jump-start your digital forensic career.

9. Digital Video Editing:

In this ICT age where videos, especially digital videos are used to pass information across the web, digital video editing has become one of the most thriving and lucrative careers that the movie and music industries, and other video producers are very much interested in hiring to edit and produce high quality videos. Digital video editing is basically the manipulation of digital video data to create a new quality video. As a predominant melancholic personality, perhaps with a blend of sanguine, you’d find this career very interesting because you’ve got the intelligence, analytical, detail-oriented and excellent communication ability to succeed in this career, by editing and producing high quality digital videos that people will love to watch. The pinnacle studio 24 ultimate advanced video editing and recording is a software that will make it easier for you to advance your digital video editing career.

10. Big Data Engineer:

The ability to work with extremely large data sets, especially a company’s or organization’s data, sure requires high intelligence, foresight, organizational, analytical and detail-oriented skills. A big data engineer is responsible for developing, analyzing, evaluating, testing and maintaining an organization’s data and keep up with their statistics. They gather, prepare and also ingests an organization’s data into a very big data pool or environment. They also work with data architects and IT teams to formulate project goals and build highly scalable data management systems. The big data engineer is also considered as the master of data in any business organization. This is because he’s in charge of collation of data of all sections in the organization, analyze, test and submit he’s observations and findings to the management for urgent business action.

For instance, the person that’s perhaps in charge of design and development of an organization’s data pipelines is known as a big data engineer. This person prepares all the data required to design and develop a pipeline, also tracks various data that makes a pipeline more or less productive. Therefore, as melancholy with a blend of phlegmatic temperament , a career as big data engineer is one of the best high-paying career you should consider going into, because you’ve got the requisite technical aptitude, analytical, organizational and detail-oriented skills that’ll enable you advance and succeed in this career. You also no doubt need to improve your mathematical and statistical competence in order to seamlessly pull through this career.

In conclusion, a melancholy is a highly intelligent, analytical, detail-oriented and solution-driven person. Thus, there’s no career or vocation that requires intelligence and brain work that he cannot succeed in. The above 10 digital careers are some of those you may want to consider going into as a melancholy, because they’re evergreen and high-paying especially in this digital age, and you’ve got the requisite skills to overwhelmingly succeed in them.

Feel free to post your comments, questions and suggestions on this topic. If you find this post helpful, kindly buy me a cup of coffee or support me to maintain this blog’s running cost. Thank you.



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